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Tanqueray Locc (Updated)

Tanqueray Locc - "All Good"

Well juggalos and juggalettes, I’m back with another Underground Spotlight for your viewing pleasure. This time I brought back a former UGS to catch up with him. Tanq Locc is a talented artist that has been in the Twin Cities music scene for years, and just recently he signed to Brotha Lynch Hung’s music label Madesicc Music.

As I said, Tanqueray Locc has been on the Twin Cities’ music scene in Minnesota for decades. He’s a cool and humble dude in person. Tanq makes all his own beats and has been branching out to other producers for his up and coming work. I personally have seen Tanq at WickedLeaks a couple times, and I am always impressed by his performance in which he delivers hard hitting flows and great and real lyrics.

The Minnesota underground scene has been around for a while actually, and it’s great to be able to be able to highlight some of the artists that have been grinding for a while. Tanqueray also has some shows that are out of state, so if you’re in the area, be sure to check them out and see Tanquaeray live.

Well juggalos, it appears as though I got that Blackjack gig at Fortune Bay Resort and Casino. Feel free to check me out there if you are in the area or want to gamble. I also started writing for the Liquid Assassin‘s new website. Also, sometime in the next couple of weeks, a music video that I helped be a part of will be live and ready for you to check it out. We shot it in the ever haunted Buhl Cemetery, and I think you guys will all enjoy the track, and I’m sure you’ll like the music video.

So juggalos and underground junkies, it looks like BeZerkaveli is blowing up. I have a bunch more UGS’s lined up. Just trying to find the time to pump them out at a good rate. Until the next one juggalos… enjoy…




Artist: Tanqueray Locc
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rolls With: Madesicc Music, Heated Muzic

BeZerk: Well for the juggalos who missed our first interview with you and Heat Loc when we did our Heated Muzic interview; why did you choose the name Tanqueray Locc?

Tanq Locc: The name Tanq Locc (Tanqueray Locc) came from my big brother William A. Lacy b.k.a O.G K-Wood (r.i.p). The Loc part came from me being a crip. The Tanq part came from me always having Tanqueray Gin. Which was then and still is my drink of choice.. Tanqueray Gimlet =(Tanqueray with roses lime juice)


Tanq ballin'

Tanq ballin’


BeZerk: Who would you consider as an inspiration?

Tanq Locc: My Kids, my big brother William A. Lacy b.k.a O.G K-Wood (r.i.p), my mom, music its self, Brotha Lynch Hung, my life (past & present), pretty much all the movers & shakers that make something from nothing!


Tanq and Brockalicious

Tanq and Brockalicious

BeZerk: Does Tanq have a favorite Faygo flavor?

Tanq Locc: Peach everything man!

BeZerk: You’ve been on the Twin Cities music scene for a minute. What are some of the changes you have seen over the years?

Tanq Locc: Too much to really say. I mean, I’ve been a part of two different decades of music in the twin cities. I’ve seen artists and producers alike come & go. I can say this though. It’s not the same as it once was but that is both a good & bad thing. You can’t have one without the other, so it is what it is. What it all boils down to though, is I love Minnesota, Minneapolis & St.Paul and all it has to offer the world artistically. In a nut shell its a bunch of musicians. Some talented, some not so talented that haven’t learned to network or support each other yet. I aim to change that though!


Tanq at WWB2

Tanq at WWB2


BeZerk: You also do all your own production. Do you prefer using your own beats, or do you like to dabble with others?

Tanq Locc: I’ve always used my own beats but, for my new project I’ll be working with a few producers that got some hard shit.

BeZerk: You were recently signed to Brotha Lynch Hung’s label Madesicc. How did that come about?

Tanq Locc: Hard work, talent, and perseverance! Honestly, though I’m talented I think it was it was more about character & drive. I’ve been connected with Brotha Lynch Hung since 2006 & though I didn’t get signed then, bro saw that I keep shit moving. I’m about business & accountability, no excuses! Plus I’m a real humble dude that stands on mine.


Madesicc killing it

Madesicc killing it


BeZerk: You guys are set to go on tour soon too. Can you give the juggalos any info on that?

Tanq Locc: Right now Lynch and label mate Trizz are on tour with Tech N9ne & Strange Music. The Independent powerhouse tour. A don’t miss event so get you ticktets before they’re sold out! I’ll be touring as well, just not as big as the strange tour. Look for me & a few other Madesicc Muzicc artists be to killin shit from the Midwest to the West.

BeZerk: When we were playing Minecraft with Kamikazi, you mentioned you were in the works of making a new album. Is there any info you can give the juggalos on this up and coming album?

Tanq has arrived

Tanq has arrived


Tanq Locc: The album is called “Hyena Muzicc!” I chose this name because Hyenas are real savage beasts. They eat at all costs; I can relate. They are a big, solid, hungry, vicious, force that takes what they need. They are survivors in a harsh world just like me. The album will feature a few Madesicc artists, and a few MN locals, but not many features. I got bars and plan to deliver a sicc album.

BeZerk: What else do you have coming up? Any mixtapes, collabs, merch, music videos, etc in the works?

Tanq Locc: “Memoirs Of A Gangsta”! Which will be another K-Wood dedicated album like M4H (Murda 4 Hire). I will also be releasing a few of my unreleased classic albums on my website HeatedMuzic.com. Those projects are Crazy Dayz and Nightz, Dead Endz & 4Ever Dumpin. As far as collabs go, we’ll have to see.. But it wont be with anyone mainstream!

BeZerk: I’m going to guess the next few shows you’ll do is when you go on tour, but I know that there’s shows always bumping in the Twin Cities area; so when and where are your next few shows?

Tanq's album cover for Murda 4 Hire

Tanq’s album cover for Murda 4 Hire


Tanq Locc: Haven’t got any booked in the TC as of now. I’m just working on good music, that’s where my focus is right now. I have a couple out of state shows March 29th at @ Club Magic in Kansas City, Mo & March 30th in Des Moines, IA at Krazee Kafe. Both with underground gritter Pitsburgh Philthy.

Shout outs:

Tanq Locc: My Big Bro William “Big K-Wood” Lacy, my sister Victoria Lacy, Brotha Lynch Hung, Tallcann G, Don Rob Flixx, Madesicc Muzicc, Minneapolis & St.Paul, Mn. Heated Muzic, all the fans of my music that appreciate the pain I share with them, My Mom cuz she is a beast at business & it rubbed off. I’d also like to thank all the closet haters that don’t wanna see me succeed & the other artist in the TC that only fucc with you when it benefits them, but never mention how you’ve helped or influenced them when they get a little spot light… Last but not least, All my dudes -N- Tha Grave! R.I.P


Tanq and Jimmy Donn

Tanq and Jimmy Donn



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