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Scottie D

Juggalos, juggalettes! Faithful Faygoluvers frequenters! It’s BeZerkaveli, and I’m back with something fresh for your Faygoluving luving luv luvin’. I have a relatively different interview for you guys today. I hit up webmaster Scottie D and did a surprise interview with the dude who runs most of Faygoluvers, and has been busting his ass of for this website for years.

Coming from where it’s warm right around this time (like it’s supposed to be, but Minnesota for some reason… it just doesn’t quit), Scottie D started on Faygoluvers in 2001, two years after the website was founded by Faygoluvers and JugglaFaygo. This was a good decade before I was ever around, and when I came to this website, each time I did a Spotlight, I’d first have to send it to Scottie for coding. Sometimes I was pumping them out faster than I probably should have, but Scottie still always got them up in record time.

Scottie D has also been featured in a few other exclusive interviews, some of which you can find on the YouTubes. So juggalos take an exclusive inside world of Faygoluvers.net. I’m still working on getting this blackjack gig, hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys some good new soon. Until then juggalos…. enjoy

Interview: Scottie D
From: Sachse, TX
Rolls With: Faygoluvers.net

BeZerk: Well, I think it’s obvious where you got your name, but why did you choose to go as Scottie D versus a multitude of other aliases you could have used?

Scottie D: Back before I started working on Faygoluvers, I really wanted to do something to contribute to the Juggalo community on the web.  I started a little blog site (ScottieD.freeservers.com), and my homie at the time wanted to work with me on it. He came up with the name Toxic D (his name is Daniel), and me, being the uncreative person that I am, just stuck with my first name and last initial.  It works out though, because both people in and outside of the Juggalo world call me by my actual name, and don’t get confused if they’re both in the same room.  If a Juggalo was calling me “Strangla”, or “Wicked Murdera”, then that may raise questions to my non-Juggalo homies.

BeZerk: Who do you consider as an inspiration?

Scottie D: I am truly inspired by great minds like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, and anyone else who questions everything and looks for substantiated evidence for it.  I’m also a huge fan of Joe Rogan for his comedy and inquisitive thoughts on his podcast, Howard Stern because I’ve been a lifelong fan of his crude humor, my mom for holdin’ down 3 jobs to raise her three kids as a single parent, and my wife who takes unbelievably great care of our son and myself.

BeZerk: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

Scottie D: I used to say Rock N Rye, until Candy Apple Faygo touched my lips.  Since then, I crave that shit! Rock N Rye is still a VERY close second though, and you can get it at any Dollar Tree!

BeZerk: Faygoluvers was started by Faygoluver and his homie in 1999. When did you start on, and how did that all come about?

Scottie D: At the time, Faygoluvers was state-of-the-art, and well ahead of most other sites on the Juggalo scene. The problem was that they had no recurring content, and didn’t keep up with the news on the daily.  Faygoluver (Ricky) saw what I was doing with my blog, and how meticulous I was with my posts/news updates that he wanted me to come join him and JugglaFaygo on the site.  I joined in 2001, and after a few years, took over the ownership / management role.  College and life got in the way for the founders, but I have always been so passionate about this project that I wanted to keep it alive as long as possible.  Here we are, over a dozen years later!

BeZerk: Why do you think Faygoluvers survived all most of the other juggalo news sources and came out on top?

Scottie D: The key to this is persistence!  When I had my blog site, I was getting 50-100 hits a day at the top of my game. I loved the fact that even that many people cared about what I had to say.  There probably hasn’t been a week where I’ve done less than 2-3 posts since I started, and that’s what I always tell people who want to start their own websites.  You’ve GOT to keep the content coming…even if nobody is looking at it to start.  Time, money, and other shit got the better of some of the other “original 6” Juggalo sites in the early 2000s, but we kept pressing on!

BeZerk: Before you were with FLH, be honest, was there other juggalo website’s you’d visit regularly?

Scottie D: Why wouldn’t I be honest?  I was all over Rydas.com, TheSixth.com, RealJuggalos.com, JAJS, Down4Life.com, and of course all of the official Psychopathic websites.

BeZerk: FLH and True Juggalo Family have been close for years (even pairing up at the Gathering). How did that all come about?

Scottie D: This is a pretty funny story.  The site’s creator, Mr. Hatchet (Jerry), came up to me at a few Dallas shows saying that we should work together.  He had some pretty awesome ideas, but was almost always pretty tipsy when he talked to me.  I talked about some things with him, but never made anything concrete.  Being around the scene for over a decade, there are ALWAYS people who hit us up with ideas but never follow through.  He was NOT one of those people.  He said that he thought I was giving him the cold shoulder, but I just didn’t know where to start as far as a collaborative effort.  He then started TJF, and poured a lot of time and money into it. TJF quickly blew up and is now among the top of ALL Juggalo sites out there, even though they have only been around for a few years!  I commend them for that, and for their persistence in the game.  Anyways, Mr. Hatchet and I became good friends, and have kept a pretty close relationship since then.  He has had to make some personal moves for the good of his family, so he has taken a step back and handed the reins to TJF to our Iowa homie Hazin, who is also a really good dude. We have camped next to each other for the past two or three Gatherings, and will be doing so again for 2013 in the Ballers sites!

BeZerk: Our website has been instrumental in helping push and promote some of the biggest underground names and even some of the smallest. Who  were some of the artists you got to see rise in the industry?

Scottie D: One of the names that I think FLH can take some credit for as far as making him bigger in the Juggalo scene is Tech N9ne.  I heard “Slacker” back in 2002, and though we weren’t pushing much that WASN’T Psychopathic back then, I thought Juggalos would dig it.  We started to cover Tech more and more, and now he’s a staple at the Gathering, and in the Juggalo community!  Another one is Hopsin!  He’s been blowing up for a few years now, and I don’t know a single Juggalo who doesn’t know who Hopsin is!  Kung Fu Vampire directly credits us for his relationship with Juggalos!  If you haven’t heard the story, Twiztid saw us put up the KFV “iCount” video, and asked him to join the Slaughterhouse tour shortly thereafter!  Rehab, Prozak, CLAAS, Intrinzik, the Strange Music roster, and countless others are among the artists we support, and like to think we’ve helped further their careers.  Don’t get me wrong, talent wins in this industry, and we have nothing to do with that.  However, our thousands of readers may not have been exposed to their brand of music had we not covered it.

BeZerk: What does Scottie D’s playlist look like?

Scottie D: As bizarre as it is, I listen to mostly talk radio like Joe Rogan’s podcast, Howard Stern, and some other random podcasts.  When the iPod is on Shuffle though, you’ll see (hed)p.e., ICP, Twiztid, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Lega-C, Snow tha Product, CLAAS, Grewsum, Rehab, Blaze, ABK, SOAD, RATM, HOK, King Gordy, Dirtball, Brotha Lynch, and a plethora of others rollin’ across the LCD.

BeZerk: Before we switched to our new layout, you used to have to Javascript every single UGS. What spawned your interest in web design and technology in general?

Scottie D: I actually have never been really interested in the coding portion of web design.  I’m a content guy…very left-brained.  As far as the old Underground Spotlights, and updates are concerned, I just worked with what I had, you know?  So I got to manipulate a ton of HTML coding over the years, and know my way around PHP a bit too.  Now that we’re a WordPress-based site, my job has gotten MUCH easier.  I have a true appreciation for graphic artists though because it’s something that I will never be able to be.

BeZerk: When you first started on FLH, did you ever expect it to take off like it did?

Scottie D: Absolutely not!  Again, I was happy with the 50-100 hits I was getting on my blog back in the day.  Now that we’re in the several THOUSAND, and a staple in the underground scene, I couldn’t be happier!

BeZerk: What do you think is next for FLH?

Scottie D: We’re constantly thinking of ways that we can possibly improve the website!  With WordPress and the thousands of plugins out there, it makes it relatively easy!  Especially when you’ve got a technical staff that’s always willing to help!  (Props Tim and AJay!)  We are actually about to have some shirts pressed up, and our homie Rachel Paul of the DC Tarot has been working on some new designs for us!  Expect those soon!

As for content, I continue to be the main news guy, but not for lack of trying to spread the wealth amongst other Juggalos!  It’s just a bit of a learning curve, and does take some time and dedication. That’s why I appreciate people like Big Ian who is always on the interview grind, BeZerk who is always flippin’ wigs with new underground spotlights, our Forum admins who stay on top of that game, and all of our contributors who pick up the slack where I leave off.  Much love to all of you!

Shout outs:

Scottie D: I guess I kind of started this in my last question, so much props to those people once again! Also to my mom and dad who have always supported me in any of my endeavors, my wife who continues to stick with me after dealing with the time drain that is FLH for over 8 years, my kiddo Pierce who always brings a smile to my face, anyone who has EVER been a part of Faygoluvers, or helped support us in any way over our 14 year existence, all of our loyal readers, and the artists who continue to make fresh music that we can tell you about!  Also, thank YOU BeZerk for even considering doing one of these on me.  (Believe it or not, I had no idea he would ask.  Trust me, I’m not vain at all.  Fuckers!)  Peace y’all…much love!



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