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Kardiac - "Nothing Special featuring DJ Arkane" Kardiac - "Science vs. Religion" Kardiac - "At Knife Point" Kardiac - "Play God"

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Freak ninjas of the night! BeZerk is back out of his Minecraft slumber to bring you something unique that I fell behind on.  This one you need to experience it, maybe once, maybe twice, but hopefully you won’t be disappoint.

Coming from the New York, Kardiac has been doing his production and crafting his flow for over 15 years now. His roots date back to his playing in local hardcore punk bands, Kardiac has now ventured into dark horrorcore rap. The production quality and engineering is dope with the effects that horrify you. Some of his tracks though, you have to listen to more than once before they hit you.

Kardiac has been able to work with some of his boys from back in his hardcore punk days, and he’s been able to share the stage with Ill Bill, Immortal Tech, Jedi Mind Tricks, Boondox, and more. Hopefully he’ll be able to come to a stage near you.

Well juggalos, I do have quite a bit more lined up, but I am currently working on a few other things as well as trying to get back on my feet. Hopefully soon I’ll have my own Minnesota hip hop based website up and running, which if you’re interested, is going to be a little different than the Underground Spotlight, and once again, is pretty much going to be heavily Minnesota based (but it will give underground artists from around the world a chance to connect with Minnesota artists). There’s going to be a cooking program and everything. I’m kind of excited for this, even though it’s probably going to drive me nuts. So juggalos, until next time….. enjoy.

Artist: Kardiac
Real Name: Corey Jennings
From: Middletown, New York
Rolls With: Unrestrained Sounds

BeZerk: Why did you choose the name Kardiac?

Kardiac: There were many reasons why I went with the name “Kardiac.” I have been running with this name since 1998. Overall, the heart is one of the most important organs in the human body and without it you wouldn’t survive. My music has a big effect on the heart, as most would say emotions are born there. In my case, I like to take those emotions and tear them right out of your chest plate–in ways of its own causing a Kardiac Arrest of the music. Plus, I was watching trauma in the E.R on TLC one night as a young teenage boy and they were explaining that a women in labor was going through a Kardiac Arrest and the name Kardiac itself sounded unique to me so I went with it. I put the K at the beginning and left the C at the end, and in my way of looking at the name it’s a darker side of me which overall means “K.ILL A.NY R.EAL D.ECENCY I.NSIDE A.ROUND C.OREY” so the K is for Kill and the C is for my real name Corey= KILL COREY.


BeZerk: Who do you consider as an inspiration?

Kardiac: I would say my brother, Shawn. He’s been in a few different metal bands before, and has gone through a lot in his time with the music industry. He was signed with a major record label and toured all over the country–he’s done it all. When it comes to my music, he always gives me the brutal truth even when they’re times I do, or don’t want to hear it–I always need to hear it. It’s good to have someone like that around because most of the time people are afraid to tell you their honest opinion. Plus, it keeps the ego grounded.


Kardiac spitting bloody flows

Kardiac spitting bloody flows

BeZerk: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

Kardiac: Honestly I don’t have a favorite.


BeZerk: How long have you been doing music for?

Kardiac: Music in general, I started out playing drums in hardcore/punk bands in New York when I was like 11 to 12 years old, and was going to shows even before then. I started producing beats & writing lyrics when I 15 years old. I’ll be 30 in July of 2013, so I’ve been doing this rap thing for about 15 years although it feels way longer than that.


Kardiac live in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Kardiac live in Poughkeepsie, NY.

BeZerk: What do you think makes you unique or stand out from other artists?

Kardiac: The thing is with my music, it can’t be put into a category. Most of it is yes, real dark, brutal, and horrid, but I tend to get bored of the same shit after a while and venture off into other aspects of music. The last “Solo” album I’ve done was called “The Afternoon of Extravagant Delight,” and most of the songs on that album are not even rap. It’s in a league of its own. If you want to get the idea of what I’m talking about, check out my music video “The Nest” on YouTube. So, I feel what makes myself unique from the rest is that you’ll never know what to expect from me–my music is always changing and I guess that’s what helps keep the interest alive…. for me anyways.

“The Nest” Music Video



BeZerk: Who have you been able to work with in the past?

Kardiac: I’ve done a song with a good friend of mine Tyler Guida. He used to sing in the metal band, “Dr.Acula.” They’re a pretty huge band and signed to Victory Records. Now, he’s working with another group of friends of mine in a band called “My Bitter End.” I’ve also worked with former “Definitive Jux” artist, Masai Bey. I did a track with him entitled, “Planet Lets Rap,” which he produced, and the song can be heard on my older album “The 5 Myrtle Massacre. I’ve done a group project called “Night Shift M.D” with Space who was down with “The Weathermen.” A lot of people have heard of his stuff that he’s done with Cage & Camu Tao. He was featured on the “Night Hawks” album on the track called “Count Crackula.” I have many tracks with Castro the Savage, which we are slowly working on a project called “Hollow Moon.”  I worked with one of Goretex’s artists who is a part of “Supercoven,”  Jakprogresso.  Plus, I’ve done a few tracks with my good friends from AUS, Mc.Bushpig & Mc.Cumblood from “Butchers Harem.” All of these artists I’ve mention you should definitely check out.


BeZerk: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Kardiac: I think if I had the chance to, I would love to get something produced by the band Portishead, and within the track do some kind of collaboration with Marilyn Manson. That track would turn out amazingly horrid but in a good way.


Kardiac outside

Kardiac outside

BeZerk: Who have you been able to share the stage with?

Kardiac: Well I’ll give you the first few that pop off the top of my head: ILL BILL, Jedi Mind Tricks, Boot Camp Clik, Immortal Technique, Outerspace, Boondox, 7L & Esoteric, Life Long & Masai Bey.


Kardiac live in New Mexico

Kardiac live in New Mexico


BeZerk: What do you have coming up? Any CDs, clothes, merch, mixtapes, music video, etc in the works?

Kardiac: I just released a group project with one of my main producers, Zehl, called “Blood Hoarder. He produced all of the beats on it, and I did the writing. It features Tyler Guida of Dr.Acula, Jakprogresso, Mc.Bushpig, Sodoma Gomora, Mc.Cumblood & more. You can purchase the album right now at www.kardiacmusic.com along with my label’s website www.unrestrainedsounds.com. Every order comes with a free signed poster. Blood Hoarder can also be purchased in any online retailer for anyone who wants it instantly as a digital download. I’ll have some new t-shirts up very soon. I just sold out of my last t-shirts, but I do believe I have a couple girly tee’s left going for $5.00 plus S&H.  Look out for the Kardiac & E.coli group project Filthography “Thought You Two Were Dead” dropping on Unrestrained Sounds in 2013. It’s been 9 years since our last release in 2003, and we went in a total different direction with this album. It’s very distributing and guaranteed to turn a few heads. I produced the entire album and created the artwork as well.


BeZerk: When and where are your next few shows?

Kardiac: Right now I have nothing scheduled and it’s not that I can’t get shows, but I’m just trying to focus on a few other projects I have lined up. When the time is right, I’ll then step back on stage.  I’m planning on building a totally disturbing atmosphere for my live shows to give the people a little more visual experience to go along with my music. If things go well, I should have something setup and ready for the summer of 2013. Remember, everyone can always stay posted on all my updates at www.kardiacmusic.com or check out www.unrestrainedsounds.com for other related updates.


Crowd shot of Kardiac

Crowd shot of Kardiac

Shout outs:

Kardiac: Just want to give a big thanks to Faygoluvers.net for taking their time out and showing their interest in Kardiac and Unrestrained Sounds, everyone who supports my movement, My Manager April Bedan for all of the continuous help, and to anyone who may have read this and then checked out my music. There’s a bunch of stuff on the websites you can stream for free, so check it out and buy stuff! I’m pretty much giving it away for the prices. KILL 4 GOD KARDIAC!



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