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Wagstrumentals - "W.C.Y.F. (Which Coast Ya From)" Wagstrumentals - "Rags to Riches" Wagstrumentals - "Vaniety" Wagstrumentals - "Outta Control"

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Underground artists! Fans! Haters! Whoever the fuck you maybe! Welcome back to the Underground Spotlight. It is the underground asshole himself, BeZerk to bring you some pre-holiday cheer, or maybe I’ll be a grinch. You never know. Juggalos, this is the 72 underground spotlight published on the new site, and you’d think after 72 posted (and pushing probably 200 unpublished for various reasons), shit would get stale, but somehow the underground always manages to pull up some flavor out of the wood works.

Coming from New Jersey, Wagstrumentals has been hitting the scenes since high school. Starting first as a rapper known as Wagz, Wagstrumentals turned to the more musical side of music, cranking out some beats that are out of this world. While doing this interview, I also learned that Wagstrumentals was also a radio DJ for the beloved juggalo radio website Hatchet Radio, which has been on the the interwebz since 2002 (and this FM DJ had been known to lurk that website since around 2002).

Well juggalos, if you don’t know me personally, I do also work in the underground with a few artists. I usually have to do some beat listening for the artists I manage or help out, so it’s always wonderful to hear from producers, and good ones at that. I think many producers are underrated, while many others are very overrated. So, please do check the mp3s provided for you to hear some audio freshness, and hopefully it will help any other underground cats with future endeavours. Just don’t fuck up the beat.

Well juggalos, I’m still a little drunk from the night before. I’d like to thank Millistaxxx and Uncle Brucie for the vodka kool aid last night. Why I’m up at 8 in the morning is beyond me, but I do have to go engineer the Vikings vs. Chicago Bears game today. If I had money, I’d say the Bears are going to win. Maybe the Vikings will show up. Maybe not. Either way juggalos, enjoy the underground freshness.


Interview: Wagstrumentals
Real Name: Matthew  Stillwaggon
From: NJ
Producer: Wagstrumentals
Rolls with: Wagstrumentals, Nameless, & real hip hop
Gmail: [email protected]

BeZerk:Usually I just ask this question to start off interviews, but I am curious as to your answer. Why did you choose the name Wagstrumentals?
Wagstrumentals: When I first started rapping, me and my crew were coming up with a name for me to rap under, and because it was part of my last name I used their suggestion, and started calling myself Wagz. In fact there’s people I met in different states, while going to gatherings, and shows, and people in my own area, that to this day….know me as, and don’t refer to me as anything other than Wagz…Crazy isn’t it? But I can’t escape it now. So I just accept it.
I named my sound click because it just rolled off my tongue for one, and for two it’s memorable.

BeZerk: Who would you consider as an inspiration?

Wagstrumentals: Life, Love, Hermetic Philosophy, Sacred Geometry,
Nature, Avenues & Alleyways, Oceans & Waterways, Xecutioner’s, 9th Wonder,  Loud Rocks, Trent Reznor, Portishead, J Dilla, J Budda, Antonio Vivaldi, The Roots, Polow Da Don, Necro- Non-Phixion (The Future Is Now) Gramatik, J. Cole, Mike E-Clark, Just Blaze, RJD2

BeZerk: What is your favorite flavor of Faygo?

Wagstrumentals: Damn, there are still to this day so many flavors I’ve yet to taste, but up until now Moon Mist.

BeZerk: You’ve said you’ve dabbled in all sorts of stuff, but your main focus now is on instrumentals. How long have you been doing music for, and what type of things have you been able to do in music?

Wagstrumentals: I’ve been doing music since high school.  The thing that seemed so counter-intuitive about this is that, by not following the rules and not paying attention in class, did I find myself in love with music. As true as that is being in NJC for the time the group was going, being a DJ for hatchet radio, and just meeting the collective counterparts of our unseen Hip Hop society at the gatherings, or just around the block, is what really pushed me to unknowable amounts of inspiration. I’ve been able to reach people through lyrics. I’ve been able to speak to others through the vibe of a beat, been able to network like I never knew I would, and I’ve been able to grow as a person.

BeZerk: What do you think makes you stand out from other beat producers out there?

Wagstrumentals: Somebody once said, “You know what makes you so great you have more heart than any of us.”
I personally don’t believe I have more heart than anyone, I have heart, but so do all of us, do we not? What I truly believe sets me apart from what you usually hear is that, I do my best, I take criticism, but don’t glue it to myself, I have eclectic taste in music, and when it comes to production I’ve been told I’m versatile.  More-over, the best thing to do would be: let the music speak for itself, rather than brag and boast.

BeZerk: Who has used your work for their instrumentals?

Playasville Entertainment
01 – “Intro to Resurrection” Mixtape
Pilz & M.V.P.H.C- “Bright Sky’s”
NJC- “Just Kill Yourself”
Honor & Respect Camp
“Which Coast Are You From” Featuring Dezzy
“Don’t Know About Me” Featuring Dezzy & SK
Rebelution-“Good Vibes Remix” Liz Cisco
#29-#45 Instrumental Side of NJC Presents: “Life Support, Revival Of The Emcee”
And more to come…

BeZerk: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Wagstrumentals: One who has a message of empowerment for the people.  I go out of my way to find emcees with subject matter, granted I won’t always have the choice. Sometimes I’m going to have to go for the money, but overall this is how I’d like to operate. With that being said I’d like to work with Knoxie Ty, Yasko, The Nameless, K-19, Twiztid, O.K.K., and Phresco. I say this because I’ve listened to their lyrics and I feel like we would equally inspire each other musically…..To me that is the best kind of artistry relationship. To be honest though, I want to be that producer who one day can do business with a pop artist, and the next a club track, and the following something hip hop, that and everything in between.

BeZerk: In your bio, you said you helped influence some other people’s sounds. Who and how?

Wagstrumentals: Whether the local scene would like to admit it or not… NJC was the only thing popping around Ocean County NJ around 6 years ago with the exception of Dynasty Nasty 1z, or Chris Rockwell. I feel like we did a good job of bringing the focus of Hip Hop back into the minds and hearts of countless fans, and emcees, producers alike, and I believe good emcees need to stand up.
Me personally… I have influenced quite a few people.
My little brother for instance, he used to be quiet and reserved, and now he’s full of life, wonder, and curiosity. I’ve been free styling for years and he and his friends would just sit there and listening to me in my own world of cypher. It got boring rapping alone though so I started recruiting. My brother now is a pretty good freestyler and he can write his ass off. 2-3 years ago he introduced me to his friend. He loved my rap, and he a very artistic kid. He sketched like one of the great painters from the Renaissance period of art. He also told me he wrote, and it took a lot of beer, L’s, freestyle sessions, songs, and beats I showed him before he opened up. I realized this kid has got to be the second coming of Big Pun. He goes a whole page on the same rhyme scheme, like 60 bars sometimes!? And I’m like damn bro; I need to step my game up! So I did so thanks for that O.K.K.! My other little brother Colin who has always mimicked singer’s he’s liked, and wrote poetry. Up until February-2012 he only made one song prior, and it was just a demo. I inspired him, and he inspired me, and we collaborated on one called “Bright Sky’s”. In my opinion he has the potential for greatness. I sincerely hope anyone who comes into my life is changed in similar, ways when they leave it. I like experiences where I can feed off and help others, or learn something, and or teach something of value, you know what I mean?

BeZerk: What do you have coming up? Any CDs, mixtapes, merch, music videos, features, etc in the works?

Wagstrumentals: Well For the last 3 months straight I’ve been entering remix submission contests on   any artists, producers, and the like I highly suggest you check it out, because the opportunities are nearly endless. Anyways I’m working on my 1st Solo Instrumental Mixtape to help out the artists who love to rap, but can’t afford to. I think we’ve all been in that spot before. I’m in the process of building my website, and it should with any luck be up before late February 2013. Best thing to do is to LIKE the Facebook page, that way you can be kept on my mailing list, and I’ll tag you a direct link when it’s done.
I still spit hip hop music for fun, mostly freestyle but you can expect some work to be put out (Especially in the realm of rap contests) under the handle: Progress  www.hulkshare.com/21Progress12
My homie & your editor VoiceNameless is putting out his Solo LP this year, called “Devilstate Heavyweight” Let me tell you, it’s going to be really bad ass.
You might catch me doing features for this artist and that one.  I might even drop an EP after the web site is up because lately I’ve felt lyrically strong…but at this point taking it one day at a time. You won’t know until I know what’s going to happen next.

BeZerk: I usually ask when people are doing their next shows, but I don’t think that question applies to you. So you get this question I never have asked before. What do you think is good with the music industry now, and what do you think is poopy?

Wagstrumentals: The way I see it it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Like I don’t listen to pop rap, unless I’m at the club promoting or something, because then; I’m forced to. I listen to beats more often than not, so I leave it to the people who do like it.
I think this is the coolest time to be alive in the industry though. Right now we’re living in the information age, and it’s barely… even… gotten…. started. A few years ago I would only listen to select music, like I think the last CD I bought was Bang Pow Boom. I loved it. If you want the whole truth as of late I just listen to a lot of classical, reggae or instrumentals, and whatever super fresh material I find from the underground scene. I will occasionally listen to the most mainstream thing, just to know what is going on, as a producer it helps you stay fresh, and current.

Shout outs:

Wagstrumentals: I’d like to shout out the family, and to be clear
You just can’t take the fact that real people who stay true to themselves and others, just happen to appear to be in large numbers. Once and for all, GET OVER IT. =)
Shout outs to: Peace, Love, Compassion, Laughter, and Sacred Geometry, Meditation, Yoga, all these things in one way, or another have made me care that much more about beats….
Without you…I wouldn’t be shit today! So thank you.
It’s with your love that I am where I am. Thanks FAM
Shout outs to my homies 4 life in order in which we were sitting in the Chevrolet Malibu on the way home from Fright Fest 04 in Worchester MA:
Chest, James, Myself, and Keith Just like the accident (except are car flipped 5 times at 75 miles an hour
It’s sort of like this skit on Tech N9ne’s Everready The Religion!?!

I couldn’t be more grateful to be standing here today. And yes we feel blessed.
Big shouts to John Elliot who told me I was nice on the mic, and one of the most fun people to freestyle with. You helped me believe in myself bro, thanks homie.
Big Big Huge shout outs to my neighbors, who with the exception of an X g/f haven’t called the cops when the music or voices were too loud, and come on….let’s face it… It was always too loud. Love you guys
Peace to my brothers for always listening to the good the bad and the ugly beats that I would make.
All the haters, couldn’t have done it without your… uhhhh un-support….
Alas….Most importantly my undying gratitude for my ancestors who infused my DNA with the spirit of music.
Peace to you, and Peace to you Faygoluvers.net



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