June 19, 2024
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James the Thug (Froggy Fresh’s Nemesis)

James the Thug - "Jackin Yo Bikes" James the Thug - "They Call Me James"

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Krispers! I have quite an entertaining and interesting interview for you this week. I know I was supposed to have that UGS with a model for ya’ll sexual deviants out there, but I’m still waiting on her to get back to me outside of personal convos. I was also supposed to catch up with the Hotbox Boyz, and a few other artists that had been hitting me up, but last night I stumbled upon something so fire that I had to share it with you guys.

Relatively recently on Tosh.0 (I am quite a fan of the show myself. One of the few things I do watch on TV), Daniel Tosh highlighted a rapper known simply as Krispy Kreme (his video that they highlighted will be at the bottom of my intro for those who missed it or do not like Tosh.0). Now, if you follow Krispy’s music outside of the Tosh.0, Krispy is always being hindered by his nemesis, James. James is a thug that jacks bikes and sells dope for a living. He is a wonderful role model for the youth.

Well after several cheap shots and constantly being foiled, James the Thug decided he too would come out with his own raps to prove that he is much better than his protagonist enemy, Krispy. First dropping a few mp3’s, then finally making a full length music video in which he deep fries Krispy and Money Maker Mike.

So juggalos, hopefully that got you caught up. Enjoy this interview because it’s funny as shit and will brighten up your day. Shout out to Krispy Kreme… or not… dun dun dun!!!! Enjoy….




Artist: James the Thug
Real Name: ? Not Specified
From: ? Somewhere in the US
Rolls With: Anti Krispy Krew

BeZerk: You simply identify as the name James the Thug. Why not choose a better alias when you steal bikes and sell drugs for a living?

James the Thug: Well you see, thing is, I didn’t really choose the name, the name chose me. Simple fact is, I really just got into trouble a lot as a kid, got in a lot a fights, stole a lot of shit…I guess it just stuck with me.


James The Thug

James the Thug is ready for Krispy Kreme at all moments


BeZerk: You obviously find Krispy Kreme’s success as nothing impressive. Who do you consider as an inspiration?

James the Thug: I take inspiration from everyone and everything around me.

BeZerk: Does James the Thug have a favorite Faygo flavor?

James the Thug: To be honest (and this might upset you guys or maybe even cause some of you to hate me right off the bat lol) here it is: I’ve NEVER tried Faygo or any associated product so therefore I can’t officailly say which one is my favorite flavor, I mean I’ve had like orange soda and fruit flavored sodas and there all pretty good but specifically I could not tell you, now if you had each flavor lined up as chaser for shots of hard A and I tried them all. I’d probably be pretty fucked up.

BeZerk: How long have you been thugging?

James the Thug: I was pretty much born thugging. I was slingin fat rocks by the age of 12, and stole my first bike in 3rd grade, and when I did that I was hooked. Ever since that moment, I couldn’t get enough of jacking bikes. I swear I should be on “My Strange Addiction” or some shit. My garage is full of miss matched parts, and I have over 62 custom built bikes in all styles on Craigslist right now. Oh wait this was a question about thugging right? Sorry, I strayed off, but yeah I guess you could say I was born on the edge. So thats how I’m livin. (insert that one cool classic rock track!!!)

[BeZerk: Click on that one cool classic rock track link damn it!!!!]


James the Thug

Pure concentration as he attempts to destroy Krispy Kreme lyrically

BeZerk: What happened to make you and Krispy hate each other so?

James the Thug: We been pretty much beefing our whole life. I can’t go into to much detail on it at the moment, but I do know one thing. You haven’t seen the last of our beef. This aint over just yet!

BeZerk: How long have you been doing music?

James the Thug: I’ve been doing music since 2012, let see, July to be exact. Thats when I dropped my debut track “They Call me James” on Youtube.


BeZerk: If James the Thug could do a track with anybody, who would it be?

James the Thug: Well there’s dreams like “Tupac,” but more realistically I would love to rip Krispy apart in a rap battle. I know I’m way better than him at rapping, and being a thug and just think that would be fun as shit to publicly humiliate him. Set this battle straight.

BeZerk: You’ve dropped an official music video called “They Call Me James.” Is there any more videos in the works?

James the Thug: You better believe it! As long as Krispy exists, I will exist along side him with the intent to take him out, also I am now taking applications for the infamous “Anti-Krispy Krew.” We’re already strong, but the more the merrier. The bigger we get the harder he falls.


BeZerk: What did you think about Krispy’s segment on Tosh.0?

James the Thug: Um, Yeah I saw that. I think Money Maker Mike got pretty upset that Krispy was calling Daniel his best friend in the music video cause we all know that Mike is REALLY his best friend. Buuuut he did let Mike hit him in the face for it though and apologize. So that’s cool, but no really, I’m happy for him. (not) “Tosh.0 is where internet sensations go to die.”


BeZerk: What if Krispy does find you?

James the Thug: He won’t. I can assure that, here at the Trap, me and my minions are on watch 24-7, and we are prepared for a battle of epic proportions.

James the Thug

I know he’s all up in your face Krispy, but you can’t see him.


BeZerk: How many bikes have you stole?

James the Thug: Are you really asking me that? Can I even answer a question with a question? Haha ok. I guess if I had to estimate, somewhere between 5-6000, just in this last year… alone.

BeZerk: How much and what kind of drugs have you sold?

James the Thug: I can’t disclose that type of information in a public interview. PM me your personal number and I can give you the down low. (And possibly hook you up fat)



BeZerk: Why did you kidnap Mike? Didn’t you know he and Krispy were homies, and he always has Mike’s back in a fight?

James the Thug: Yeah, I know I should have known, that didn’t turn out too well for me. I do have to say I did get them back tho pretty good on Halloween with that Mike Myers prank hahaha!!


BeZerk: Do you have any other work coming up in the future?

James the Thug: You can certainly expect more music from this guy. Might release a free download mixtape of all my tracks, but right now all my tracks are free. Just look in the descriptions in the videos in my channel and download em! But as far as merch, probably not. I mean unless I get a shit ton of people who want some James the Thug products, but really I spend enough time flipping drugs I can’t imagine adding merch to the list of available products.

BeZerk: Will Krispy and James ever get along?

James the Thug: You know that a really hard question, that’s kinda like asking, will the Ninja Turtles ever be friends with Shredder? We kinda already know the answer.



Shout outs:

I wanna give a shout out to the entire Anti-Krispy Krew. You guys make this shit possible! Right now, I can’t give any more shout outs, but hit me up in the future again and I’d be happy to give you guys an update!



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