September 22, 2023
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The Lifted Gifted

The Lifted Gifted

What’s up juggalos and juggalettes, I’m fucking back again like herpes. And just like herpes, for the UGS, I’m a life long infliction that never stops giving. Fortunately, instead of destroying your sex life, I make yours better. How? By giving you awesome music to fuck to or just to bump. And if you’re cool enough, I may even give you the super secret of how to get into women’s pants. Just kidding.

Well juggalos, I’m back from busting up the last piece of Target shit engineering. Now Scottie D has gotten me hooked with with the XP again, and I’m ready to let shit fly again. And now that I’m back, I brought you guys another treat for the UGS. This time I got some more California artists you guys need to check asap.

Working with GrewSum, Lil Wyte, and sharing the stage with people like Kottonmouth Kings, AMB, Twiztid, Vinnie Paz, and some more, The Lifted Gifted have been trying to do shit individually for at least a decade, and then became a group after working together. I also linked up some of their music videos, and got you a couple tracks including one from the corn field slaughter GrewSum.

Well juggalos, I can’t break this computer, so expect to be hearing more from me. I have an interview with beat making extraordinaire Stir Crazy coming up soon. If you are interested in asking Stir Crazy a question feel free to hit me up via [email protected] (please no business questions. Deal with that on your own time.) I also have a couple more lined up, but forgot the vast majority of others.

Until next time my ninja brethren, enjoy…

[Juggalos, here’s an interview and minidocumentary filmed shortly after this interview]

Group: The Lifted Gifted
Mith and Moz
Real Names:
Nick and Dom
Riverside, CA
Rolls With:
ThunderGround Music

The Lifted Gifted

The Lifted Gifted. Click here to go to their website.

BeZerk: Where did you guys come up with the name The Lifted Gifted and your stage names?
TLG: Mith (the white guy =) came up with TheLG as the group name due to the fact that if the blunt is out, then we’re rolling the next!
Our stagenames generated from our younger days, as we used to spraycan our monikers around the city. Dom’s last name is Mosley… hence Yung Moz. Mith popped a good percentage of cherries at his middle school, earning the spinoff of the word Myth. I believe they still talk about me!
BeZerk: Who do you consider as an inspiration?
TLG: Anyone who stands up for what they believe in, helps out their peers, and keeps truth in their word.
We’re inspired by everyday people who strive to be at their best.
BeZerk: What are your guys’ favorite Faygo flavors?

TLG: ROCK AND RYE!-Moz. Mith prefers Moon Mist

BeZerk: How long have you guys been doing music as a group and as individuals?
TLG: Yung Moz has been in the LA/IE local rap scene since his first mixtape Starstrucc in ’02.
Mith was known as a freestyle rapper, releasing tracks and short mixtapes/visual productions throughout high school.
Mith: Moz was somewhat of an inspiration to me… I used to watch him rock crowds, and it looked like a lot of fun.
I asked him one night if he’d like to collab on our group, and the momentum we gained in a few short months contributed to us putting off our solo work.
BeZerk: What do you think makes you guys unique from other artists or groups out there?
TLG: TALENT and a KILLER stage show! We bring a hyped ass performance from start to finish… we don’t preform songs we BUILD A SHOW! Involving lights, theatrics, fog and whatever else we think of. Our whole crowd gets drunk, half the time dancing and the other hald moshing. We’ve noticed a lot of our local scene has been doing this for over a decade and not made much progress.
Kill yourselves! haha just kidding but we’ve been doing this for only a year and have been building our movement rapidly. If we were in year ten and still never made significant money let alone created a fan base I’d find another profession… you know who you are ;-)

The Lifted Gifted rocking a show

The Lifted Gifted in action.


BeZerk:Who have you been able to work with?

TLG: Working on tracks with Dizzy Wright and Pawz One. Released tracks with Grewsum of Mission Infect, Lil Wyte or Wytemusic, Absoul of Top Dog.

BeZerk: Who have you been able to share the stage with?

TLG: Preformed with Kottonmouth Kings, Twiztid, AMB, Boondox, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Swizz, Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, Diolated Peoples, The visionaries.

BeZerk: Who would you guys like to work with in the future?


BeZerk: What do you have coming up? Any CDs, mixtapes, music videos, merch, etc coming out?
TLG: Just released our debut album END OF DAZE
This was a darker album, speaking heavily on our troubled past, and coudy future. We strongly oppose the government interfering more and more in people’s everyday lives, and wish our population would educate themselves more.
Our new album will be much more light, having a reggae type feel more songs for the ladies, feelgood party music, and positive vibes.
Another show TLG is rocking

Up close and personal with The Lifted Gifted

BeZerk: This is the first time I’ve ever asked this question, but where do you guys see yourself musically in 5 years?

TLG: We respect Funk Volume heavily and see ourselves being in about the same position. We don’t care too much about the money, just want to maintain a solid fanbase of people who truly feel our shit. I recently came accross someone who had some of my lyrics tattooed accross their collarbone… It meant a lot. Honestly it made paying dues all worthwhile. -Mith  Everyone who’s ever heard Mith open his mouth and start chopping has become an instant fan, and people who catch a show continue to come and bring newcomers. We refer to our people as TheLG’s, an keep it as tight as possible. #NoFansJustFam

BeZerk: When and where are your next few shows?
Boondox, Cousin Cletus, Dark Half and Chop Shop
31579 castaic rd, castaic, ca
9/22 Mission Tabacco Lounge in Riverside, CA
10/19 At Rack’s in Corona, CA
11/26 Key club Hollywood with Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill. Tickets 17
contact us for tickets/kickits at
Shout outs:

Mad love to our families and all the crazy ass LG’s who continue to support us and catch everyshow. It always feels nice to have the biggest squad of people there, and at the rate it’s increasing we will soon have an army!



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