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Make sure to check out Insane Poetry at the Gathering Of The Juggalos. We hit up Cyco of Insane Poetry to get the lowdown and two scoops of whoop on his upcoming projects,his past and his relationship with Juggalos and ICP.

FLH: Cyco first off thanks for doing this interview and taking the time to speak to us. Let the Juggalos know first and foremost who is Insane Poetry?

Cyco: First of all, I’d like to thank Faygoluvers.net for having me on here and all the Juggalos around the world who support. I am Insane Poetry formerly named Cyco ..I have been in the game for 20 plus years now. I am from the west coast, I am one of the founding members of this genre, I’ve worked with numerous of artists such as Rodney O and Joe Cooley, Vanilla Ice, Ice T, Kid Frost, Coolio and lots more, I have been on G4TV, Faces of Death 2000, featured in Murder Dog, The Source and XXL magazine(formely Rap Pages) and countless of other shows and appearances.

FLH: What was the first release you put out and the response it got?

Cyco: My first release was ” Grim Reality ” which was on label called ” Nastymix Records ” home of Sir Mixalot and Rodney O and Joe Cooley, This cd was garnered as the birth of ” Horrorcore ” before the named was coined by The Flatlinerz. The cd was the first of its kind and I am proud of that. As far as response, Nastymix was known to have commercial artists on their label, so when they heard the single ” How ya gonna reason with a psycho ” they loved it, but didnt know how to market me. Today I have artists like King Gordy and Swifty from D12 who have told me, their careers began listening to my cd.

FLH: Whats the biggest difference from being on a major label to being independent?

Cyco: The biggest difference is that being on a major label, there is alot more revenue to put into your project IF they believe in that project. The downside is that you can sell 500,000 copies on a major(which is going gold) and generate that MAJOR label close 7.5 million dollars and after all the advances you got and recouping EVERY dime spent on your cd to actually get it to 500,000 in sales, you the ARTIST starts getting the profit from what was agreed to in your contract with the company which is pennies, you can end of making ONLY $40,000, most ppl get brainwashed by videos and seeing their favorite artists all the time looking good but in essence, they are in debt to their label, prime example; TLC, the sold 10 million cds and only made $50 grand a piece. Now with a independent, you can sell 5000 cd @ 8.00 a pop and generate the same $40,000, don’t be fooled, music is free these days, so selling 5000 cds isn’t that easy independently, thats why its soo important to stay grinding and building an audience, that is a recipe for longevity in the music business.

FLH: When was the first time you were introduced to icp anthe juggalo movement

Cyco: The first time I was introduced to ICP and the Juggalo movement was when I was in Dallas working Vanilla Ice’s cd at the time, He had got a call from Violent J saying they were playing a show that night in Dallas, V-Ice said, bro, lets go check out my dudes ICP tonite, and I was like okay, I used to see their cds in southern cali alot and we were living in the studio for a week and wanted to get out. We got backstage and I met Violent J and Shaggy, Ice introduced me to J and he was like ” Weren’t you the dude on the cd cover in a straight jacket with 2 other dudes? I was like yeah, thats me, It was a really good to meet them, ICP was hella cool with me and I knew they knew who I was too. We watched the show after and I was really like FUCK….they are entertainers and they are spraying faygo all over these kids and they were loving it. I was this is crazy. After that I started paying attention to the Juggalo movement.

FLH: What are your upcoming projects?

Cyco: My upcoming projects are: ” Creative Destruction Mixtape ” which I will have at the GOTJ which is a cd I am dropping w/ “The Best of Insane Poetry ” It comes out in October when I go on my tour also to promote ” The Legends of the Fall ” with Mastamind and Leaders of the Lost and then in early spring next year I will be dropping my full length cd ” Edgar Allan Holiman ”

FLH: You are performing at this year’s Gathering, tell us what are you looking most forward to

Cyco: The one thing I am looking forward to is hanging out with all the fam there, fans and friends alike, I did the GOTJ in 2007 and I didn’t know what to expect then, I now know what to expect out there now, I am truly excited about it this year.

What I have special for the gathering is the last song on my set is called ” No Mercy ” Its like we are having a home invasion on stage with a weird twist, I don’t want to expose what we are gonna do in detail, but ppl who have saw my show know that we shut it down with that song.

FLH: Why should Juggalos care for Insane Poetry?

Cyco: The reason Juggalos should care for Insane Poetry and see me at the gathering one is because, I have real juggalo fans that support the shit outta me and what I do know about juggalos is that they are loyal as fuck and they only support real shit. I am never fake with them and they respect my music and Insane Poetry already. So I am super pumped to rock the GOTJ for them and the ones who never get to see me or who have never heard of me

[youtube width=”560″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JME2wJf16BA[/youtube]

[youtube width=”560″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBXS0wUOPBw[/youtube]

[youtube width=”560″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1wEmBVmjso[/youtube]



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