April 20, 2024
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Hi Juggalos and Juggalettes, and welcome to Scottie D’s official review of the 13th annual Gathering of the Juggalos!  Before I get this officially rolling, I want to thank my wife Amanda for sacrificing her trip to the Gathering this year to stay back and watch our 10 month-old son.  I wish she could have been there to experience everything I did this year, but that will happen in the very near future!  I am actually writing this introduction after I finished writing the entire review, so just know that this one may be the longest review yet! I apologize for those who aren’t into the whole reading thing, but I know that at least a handful of you dig what I have to say about my yearly visit to the Juggalo Gathering! So because I know you have so much more to read, let me go ahead and get this adventure started!


After spending the entire weekend with my family, I left Dallas late Sunday afternoon to head to Fort Smith, AR. That’s where PsykoScott lives, and also where the RV that we own stays. It took about 4-1/2 hours to get there, I slept at his house, and we were on the road towards Cave-In-Rock starting at 10 AM Monday morning. I don’t know how we did it, but we got to the Gathering at about 6 PM Monday night, so we made damn good time! The lot outside of the gate was already packed with Juggalos and Juggalettes waiting to get in, but there was still plenty of parking lot left for others. Hazin of TrueJuggaloFamily.com was over by the will-call gate, so we were texting back and forth with any updates we had heard. We kept hearing word that the gates would 100% not open until 10 AM Wednesday morning.


Tuesday was a hot motherfucker. We wanted to make sure we conserved our gas in case we had to use the generator for the entire weekend, so we spent a majority of Tuesday chilling outside with random Juggalos and Juggalettes. We spent the most amount of time with this 3 person crew out of Chicago. I’m HORRIBLE with names, so if you’re reading this, hit me up! Anyways, there were a few false alarms where cars started to move towards the gate, so EVERYBODY piled in and made a run for it. They thought the gates were opening early, and wanted to ensure a good spot for the week! The gate actually opened up at around 7 or 8 PM Tuesday night. We went inside and luckily the TrueJuggaloFamily crew (minus Hazin who was still stuck at will-call) was already inside holding a spot for us. We got the exact same spot we had last year behind the old ferris wheel along the tree line. We got all of our stuff unpacked, and made up our home for the weekend. Unfortunately, the electricity wasn’t turned on yet like it normally was, so we just used the generator that night figuring that our post would be turned on later…


This was the first official day of the Gathering, and they had a hell of a lineup already planned for the night! I mean we had Dark Lotus headlining the main stage, and acts like (hed)p.e., and the Psychopathic Rydas scheduled to perform later that night!  The first rule of order though was to pick up merch from the merch tent that had just opened up.  I was pretty shocked to see that each edition of the Mighty Death Pop was only $10 each!  T-shirts were $20, other CDs were only $5, and everything else was pretty reasonably priced as well.  Last year they had jacked the prices up a bit, so it was good to see it back down to HatchetGear rates.  The initial line at merch was pretty fuckin’ ridiculous.  It didn’t look bad from a distance, but PsykoScott and I stood there and waited for well over an hour!  There were only 4 merch ninjas working the gigantic circus tent of merch, and hundreds of Juggalos standing there waiting with cash in hand.  I have to give it to the merch ninjas though…they held it down as best they could, visibly drenched with sweat but with a great attitude towards everyone!

At some point that afternoon, we walked by Hog Daddy, who was driving around his golf cart. I stopped him and asked him for help with the electric posts that were in our camping area. He said that there would be NO ELECTRICITY there this year.  He seemed a little stressed out before I even started talking to him, so he was pretty short with me and drove off.  I later found out from him that he couldn’t turn the posts on because the posts weren’t up to code.  A fire code inspector was out last year and saw extension cords with frayed / exposed wires, cords lying in water puddles, and multiple connectors plugged together.  Needless to say, it was a fire hazard.  The Baller’s sites are maintained regularly, and will probably be the only spot for electricity from this point on.  So yeah, you should probably look for us there next year!

Back to Wednesday…we were going to have to rely on our generator for the whole weekend.  Unfortunately for us, that was on the fritz as well.  It would start up with no problem, but then just die on us after a few hours of running.  We thought it was just getting too hot.  We got through Tuesday and Wednesday night OK, but some time during the day on Thursday, we really started to have some major issues.  It would start up, make a knocking noise, and then shut off.  It got to the point where it just wouldn’t start.  We knew the battery was weak, but didn’t really have a chance or the knowledge to work on it.  That had us stressing, but then we decided to stop being such pussies because more Juggalos didn’t have RVs and air conditioning than did.  Luckily, the fridge and hot water ran off of propane, so our food was safe.

I know there were a bunch of acts performing on the Underground stage already, but Wednesday was still more of a setup day for us.  We had to plan things out, I had to get my Internet working, all my video editing software ready, emails answered, notes written, etc.  So unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to check the Underground stage out during the afternoon.

One fresh thing that I will mention is that Psychopathic Records provided FaygoluversTrue Juggalo Family, and a bunch of other national media outlets with press passes!  For FLH and TJF, it was our first time receiving these credentials, so we were anxious to get our hands on them!  I kept checking back at the media trailer that was there, but there was no sign of anyone inside.  With it being the first day, I knew everybody was busy as fuck.  On the way back from the media trailer, we ran into our Dallas homies Claas, Kenny, Tim, and Styles.  They were passing out the new Underground Avengers EP (Claas, Bukshot, and Boondox side project).  I picked up my copy, and chatted with them for a while.  Then, on a whim, we went back to the media trailer one more time, and Andy from Psychopathic Records pulled up on her golf cart!  PsykoScott and I introduced ourselves, and after having some issues getting into the trailer with the busted ass knob, we went inside to enjoy the AC.  Andy handed us our 3 passes (2 for us, 1 for Big Ian), and then we just chatted for a bit.  I had only talked to her occasionally via email, but never met her.  For anyone who has never had a business or personal dealing with her, she’s the shit!  We probably spent a good 10 minutes talking in the trailer.  She was busy handling all of the PR work for the Gathering, so her walkie was starting to blow up.  We parted ways at that point, but would run into her again a few times over the weekend.

On the way back from the press trailer, I saw a ninja carrying a big sign with a bunch of very familiar looking drawings on them.  I work for a printing company for my full-time job, and a Juggalette named Rachel Paul out of Philly hit me up about printing up one of her new projects: Dark Carnival Tarot Cards.  I was happy to help, and we ended up doing the job for her!  Anyways, we had never met in person, but I knew she had to be one of the people in that group of ninjas walking towards us.  So I said “Rachel?”, and she immediately knew who I was!  She hooked me up with a set of the cards, as well as my choice of one of her many paintings!  She met up with us later in the weekend and also hooked  me up with a giant Faygo bottle cutout that she had drawn all over.  Definitely dope!

The carnival rides by the main stage are always an added bonus to the Gathering!  PsykoScott saw one that he really wanted to ride, so we jumped in line.  Guess who we saw sans make-up?  The Punkinhead himself: Boondox!  I know he was trying to keep it low key, but nobody made too big a deal about it.  He didn’t look like he would at a show.  He just had a wifebeater, hat, and pink/blonde hair poking out from underneath it.  We talked for a bit while we waited in line, and then it was our turn to get onto the ride.  I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s the ride where you are standing, have handlebars on each side of you, and it just spins the shit out of you for a good couple of minutes!  The force of the ride is so high that you can literally turn upside down while it’s spinning and not bust your head open.  I wouldn’t recommend that, but you could definitely do it!

After the ride, it was time for our trek back to the RV.  On our way back, we saw Syn in line buying a funnel cake.  He immediately recognized me, and wanted to do up an interview about their return to Psychopathic Records.  That interaction didn’t last long, but you can be sure that we’ll be hearing more from Syn and the Zug Thugs in the weeks/months to come!

I don’t remember exactly what point in the day that it happened, but I met my Polish Juggalo homies Sivolesko and Mures for the first time!  I’m not just saying Polish because that’s their heritage…I’m saying that because they flew all the way from motherfuckin’ POLAND!  Let me just give you an idea of what kind of dedication that takes. Their currency is worth about 1/3rd of what ours is.  So instead of a Gathering ticket costing $175, imagine if it cost you $525 each!  They also had to buy their plane tickets, rent a car, and still leave enough for merch and food!  They found a Wal Mart on the way to the Gathering and quickly fell in love with it.  Welcome to America homies!  They also hooked me up with a fresh scarf straight outta Poland:

Click the pic to enlarge!

We would run into Sivolesko and Mures several more times over the course of the long weekend, so I’ll tell you about those as I remember them.  I know that they are planning a review of their experience in America too, so look for that soon at WickedShit.pl!

I had a few thousand flyers printed up to advertise for the new version of Faygoluvers, and our show on Psychopathic Radio: Faygoluvers Anonymous!  We were handing them out to quite a few ninjas, including a crew that was posted up by the smaller bridge that led to the Underground stage.  They knew all about Faygoluvers, and asked if we wanted them to hand out more of the flyers.  I was MORE than happy to have them help us out, so I brought over a HUGE stack of them, and handed them some of the last few prints of my FLH t-shirts that I had to say thanks.  I’m not sure what your names were, but much props to you for helping spread the word!

I know my time and stories are probably a little bit mixed up, but let’s jump to the main stage portion of Wednesday.  We completely missed out on Kool Keith, but were there to see Static X pretty much in their entirety.  I’ve never been a fan of theirs, but for no other reason than the fact that I’ve never been exposed to much of their music.  After that live performance, I’m a new fan!  I couldn’t tell you the name of a song to save my life, but the whole performance was high energy, and had the crowd going nuts! Much love to them for putting on a killer show!

We got word that Big Ian got to the campground at about that point, so we headed back to the RV to help him set up.  He dragged his big ass suitcase, big ass bag of snacks with enough sugar to put a horse into a coma, and, well, his big ass into the RV!  We got things situated there, and made it back to the main stage in just enough time to see Dark Lotus perform!

Lotus came to the stage donning all white with white face paint, and black cross outlines on their faces.  They looked pretty fuckin’ awesome!

Click the pic to enlarge!

I’m almost positive that the Dark Lotus set was the exact same as last year, but they fuckin’ schooled it nonetheless!

After Lotus, we were dead-set on getting a good seat to see Ralphie May.  He came on and just murdered EVERYONE in the comedy tent!  I had high hopes for him after being a fan from his Comedy Central specials.  I’m happy to say that he didn’t disappoint!  This big motherfucker was HILARIOUS!  He went through his set, and after the first few minutes, he spotted Big Ian‘s “Proud to be a Fat Kid” shirt!   Luckily, Big Ian had one ready to give to him.  Ian gingerly threw it, making it nowhere close to the stage.  We all let that one slide.  To everyone’s surprise, Ralphie put the t-shirt on and performed a majority of his performance with it on!

Click the pic to enlarge!

Ralphie also took a 6 foot bong hit from the ninja that is ALWAYS holdin’.  To everyone’s surprise, Ralphie really knew his Juggalo shit! He said he had been down since ’98, and loved that he got to come out and perform for the family!  There was a huge tour bus parked by the comedy tent with a new BMW on the back of it.  He said that the bus got tagged, but he didn’t give a shit because it was all family.  Now that’s love right there!   Granted, Psychopathic may be receiving a bill in the mail, but it’s still the shit that he just brushed it off.

Soon after Ralphie’s set, (hed)p.e. was scheduled to perform on the Freakshow stage!  In previous years, the Freakshow stage was more of a tent.  It had a good enough sound setup in it, but this year, it was insanely awesome!  The Freakshow stage was like a mini main stage!  The sound was incredible, and we weren’t confined to a little fuckin’ tent!  I’m really hoping that this is the way it is set up from this year forward!

Anyways, (hed)p.e. was due up, and as I’ve said 100 times before, their performance is one of my favorite parts of the Gathering!  They always rock the fuck out of the stage, and their pits are insane!  This time it was even better due to having no restrictions or tent posts in the middle of the pit.  By the time their first note hit, it was pure craziness!  I was in the pit with CLAAS who was falling all over the place, drunk off his ass, but having a great time!  I actually spotted Sivolesko from the crowd, and during a song break, I told him that he HAD to come get buck wild in the pit with all of us.  He was hesitant to because he only had one pair of glasses, and he’s blind without them.  So he definitely didn’t want to fuck them up.  I said “come on, just one song!”  I was determined to get him out there for their performance of “Renegades”, which is one of my favorite HED songs ever!  Before I knew it, the intro notes to “Renegades” were playing, and everyone started flying around the pit! Sivolesko gave in and joined us, and it was 5 minutes of pure hysteria!

Later on in the night, we came back to check out the Swollen Members who were scheduled to perform.  The big question was: would MadChild be there?  The answer: No, he wasn’t.  He had mentioned having problems at with the border police due to his criminal record, so only Prevail was there.  He was still schoolin’ it on the stage, so I don’t think anyone was too disappointed!

Soon after the Swollen Members, the Psychopathic Rydas were due up on the Underground stage.  Of course there was no Young Dirt, but the rest of the crew had the crowd hype as fuck!  I am usually the one right up front getting crunk with the Rydas, but I hung out near the rear of the audience. Sorry, the (hed)p.e. pit just wore me the fuck out, and I’m twice as old as some of the kids in there. haha.  Anyways, that doesn’t take away from the show they put on…and it’s the one time of year you get to see the Rydas!  So if you ever make it to a Gathering, make sure you stay up late to catch them merk the stage!

That rounds out my first official day of the Gathering!  It was time to call it a night and get ready for the rest of the weekend, so I rolled back to the RV and hit the sack.


So far, things were looking good for this year’s Gathering!  Our generator has already bit the dust, but the weather from this point on was only looking like it would get to be a high in the low 90s, with a low in the upper 50s!  That’s chilly to me as a Texan, who came from 110° weather!

After breakfast, which consisted of pop tarts or something along those lines, I did my morning Gathering routine and got some pics and info posted for our loyal readers at FLH!  Then, it was time to make our way over to the Blaze seminar.   With Blaze’s seminars, usually he just comes out and straight up takes questions.  He didn’t have much to report, but some of the things that came out of the questions asked were the following:

  • New album will be called “A Day in the Life”
  • Zodiac Mprint and Drive By albums still being worked on
  • “Dub Sack” and “Blaze Up” videos are filmed but not edited. Call / email / Facebook Psychopathic and stay on their ass about it until it’s released!

I know there was a lot more said in the hour-long session, but we’ll have the video up very soon so you can take a look at it yourself.

Next up was the ABK Seminar.  Let me just tell you this…if you’ve seen or been a part of one ABK seminar, they’re usually pretty much identical.  He takes questions for the first 15-20 minutes, and then it’s a big ass party. There are herbal refreshments, and alcohol of course!  I know that Big Ian got up on stage for this part, and Killa invited me up too.  Since I don’t drink or smoke though, I ducked out.

It was already getting late in the afternoon, and my homie JDirty of Canonize Productions was scheduled to perform on the Underground stage a little after 5 PM that day.  I went over, snapped a few pics, and bobbed my head to the new shit he was spittin’!  He recognized me in the crowd and gave a shout-out.  After his set, I picked up his new album “Employees Must Wash Hands before Returning to Work” and am sure to be bumpin’ it soon!  (If you want to get your copy, hit up the Scrub Hop Shop!)

JDirty’s was the last set scheduled before the main stage acts, so it was time to get ready to head up there.  We thought that Danny Brown might be a candidate for the Tila Tequila / Bubba Sparxxx award this year, but he actually came out and held his own!  There wasn’t much of a crowd there, but the people who were seemed to be enjoying it.  I snapped a few pics of that cracked out looking motherfucker, and went back to the RV.

I was never a big Fear Factory fan, but they came onstage following Danny Brown. We went and chilled at the RV and cooked some food while The Game was scheduled to be up.  There was a pretty long break after Fear Factory had left the stage, so we were wondering what was up. To give you a clue on how loud the music is coming from main stage, we are over by the underground stage (where we stayed) and you can hear everything from main stage clear enough to know who’s playing. When we started to hear a rock band play we were like “WTF?” It was far too long a break for Fear Factory to come on for an encore. So what happened? Both The Game and DMX no-showed. So instead of having a gigantic gap where their set was supposed to be, they invided SOULFLY to play main stage!

I was disappointed that DMX decided to pull out of performing last minute, but I had never seen Soulfly live. They fuckin rocked it! There was a gigantic mosh pit during their entire set!  Men, women, and kids were a part of it, but as Juggalos do…if someone was knocked down, your ass was picked right back up!  Kudos to Soulfly for coming in and rocking the Gathering!

ABK was scheduled to be go up next, but my homie PsykoScott was so geeked to see Cheech & Chong at the Gathering, that he went ahead and made his way to the comedy tent.  They weren’t scheduled to go on until about 1:15 am, and he was over there by 10 PM!  Yes, nearly 2-1/2 hours early!  It’s a good thing he was though, because by the time Killa’s set was over, that bitch was overflowing!

I don’t want to skip over ABK’s performance, so I’ll just tell you that he committed a felony on stage by murdering everybody’s faces!  He had a plain black backdrop with “ABK” on it, and a green structure on each side of it. I swear to science that they looked like Massachusetts flipped on its side. lol. There was also a creepy alien on stage for part of the time he performed. He did a ton of Juggalo favorites (“Hollowpoint”, “Gang Related”, “Lose Control”, and lots more!). He had a pretty lengthy set and was live as fuck with no hype man! Killa truly knows his craft!

After the set, I headed over to meet PsykoScott at the comedy tent. Upchuck was keeping us posted about it, and said that Jamie Kennedy was running extremely late. He got on the mic a few times to keep the crowd informed about what was going down. Soon enough it was apparent that Cheech and Chong were going on before Jamie Kennedy even thought about showing up. The Comedy / seminar tent was completely revamped this year, and was actually super fuckin’ nice. The hay bales were replaced with actual folding chairs that were zip tied together in rows. It made it all really comfortable. We were front and center patiently waiting for 2 comedy legends to perform!

We were sitting next to a few people who were part of the So Sick Social Club crew (dancers, management, etc) who were really hoping to see Cheech & Chong before going to perform on the Freakshow stage. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t happen.

So here’s a side story before I get to Cheech & Chong’s performance. There was a crew out of Chicago probably 10-15 deep that were treating PsykoScott and myself like celebrities. They even asked if we got hookers a lot because of our “celebrity state” (wtf?!). Anyways, they had a dude there that was a homie of theirs. I won’t say what his name is, but he may or not be named after a motorized power chair. lol. Anyways, he was being pretty rambunctious. He was clearly fucked up on something, and was mean-mugging quite a few people in there. I kept my distance, but apparently he thought a kid 2-3 rows back looked at him wrong. He stood up on a chair, said “Fuck you!”, and just cold-cocked this ninja for no fuckin reason. We were all right there, and it was an unprovoked attack. He only took the one swing and the kid was just so shocked he didn’t do anything. The aggressor, we’ll call him asshole, was rightfully escorted out by some of his crew, and we were told that he sometimes just can’t handle his shit. That’s no excuse by any means…it was completely uncalled for. The ninja who got hit had braces, so he cut his lip up pretty badly. Everyone that saw it happen handed him cold drinks and ice to put on it, and he seemed to be ok. If you’re reading this though homie, hit me up!

OK so back to the comedy part of this story. The tent was completely overpacked, and there were Juggalos and Juggalettes huddled up as close as they could to it trying to witness history! Juggalos and Juggalettes weren’t the only ones hype about seeing them though. Guess who came out and introduced Cheech & Chong? Madrox and Monoxide! They looked like giddy kids when they came out to tell the crowd who was about to grace the stage!

Cheech & Chong did classic bits like “Blind Melon Chitlin”, Cheech came out and performed as his redneck cousin “Red”, they sang “Mexican Americans”, “Alice Bowie” (Cheech sang in a tutu), and more! Everybody was eating that shit up and they got a standing ovation after they finished performing! I know they said they were nervous about it, but we showed them absolutely nothing but love!

I asked Upchuck afterwards if Jamie Kennedy no-showed, and he said he was just still running way behind. We didn’t want to waste any more time on someone that may or may not eventually show up, so we headed to Violent J’s West Side Party. PsykoScott and I watched Warren G for a few songs and decided it was just about time to take a shower and call it a night. We passed the Freakshow stage and watched a few songs from Mushroomhead. Their live set was fuckin dope! I think they probably would have worked better with a main stage performance as they’re more of a theatrical band, but they were still schoolin’ it!

We ran into our homie Rachel Paul again on the way back to the RV.  In case you didn’t already know, she was one of the Juggalettes featured on the “A Family Underground” DVD selling paintings to passers-by.  She was doing live tarot readings for ninjas right outside the merch tent! She’s a true professional and asked if we could catch up with her later since a tarot reading is a private session between you and the reader. So we went back to the RV, each caught showers (seperately of course), and just chilled til we all fell asleep.

Speaking of falling asleep, I sometimes take a while to do it, so I get the pleasure of hearing anyone that snores. Motherfucking FUCK…Big Ian made noises that no human being should be capable of making. Every time he would shift and I thought the noise was about to be over, it got worse. It was so bad I recorded it and showed him the next day. Fool, you need to get that shit checked out!


I don’t think we got more than 4-5 hours of sleep each night, which for the Gathering is an eternity for most people. But we were up by 10 or so most days, including Friday.  Our first order of business was breakfast, and then it was to get to the ICP Seminar well ahead of schedule.  We hadn’t taken advantage of our press passes yet, so I decided that this would be the first day to do it. We still went there really early in case we had to get a good seat for me to film it.  Fortunately though, we were able to get directly to the side of the stage using our press credentials. ICP’s seminar was by FAR the biggest of the Gathering. You might remember that last year, they were roughly 2 hours late getting there. People were pretty heated about it. One good thing that seemed to resonate the entire Gathering was the fact that most things started pretty close to their scheduled time! With that said, ICP were a half hour late, but I’ll take that over 2 hours any day of the week!

Another thing that I noticed this year was the lack of trash throwing during seminars. I don’t know if a lot of the idiots who do that just stayed home this year or what, but it was a pleasant surprise. Don’t get me wrong, it still went on (especially during the ICP seminar with the “Fuck the front / fuck the back” chants), but that quickly died down. Maybe I was more sensitive to it last year due to being right in the middle of the crowd and trying to protect my pregnant wife….but I don’t think so. Props to everyone for being so cool this year!

You already know the cluster bomb that they dropped about suing the FBI in the name of Juggalos, but here are a few other notes that we took:

  • All new set list for the upcoming Mighty Death Pop? tour! Some of the classics will NOT be heard but you’ll hear all new shit!
  • Zug Izland‘s “Cracked Tiles” will be re-released with all new tracks!
  • Zug Izland will release an ALL NEW album cowritten by Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope on Psychopathic Records!
  • The American Psychos tour DVD will be out sooner than a bald neden’s hair grows back.
  • There will be a Joker’s Card box set featuring all 6 cards, old school tracks from each joker’s card will be included, and so will a documentary!
  • Violent J is well-versed in Shaggy’s penis area. (Just relaying info Juggalos!)
  • There will be some spot tour dates where ICP will play Joker’s card themed shows! The only ones mentioned were Riddle Box and The Wraith: Shangri-La. The entire venue will be in a Joker’s card theme!
  • The Riddle Box show will be available to watch for FREE online!
  • Talked about Boondox‘s status and how he left without talking to anyone. Said it was kinda bullshit, but they are all good and have talked since then.

ICP also announced that they would be suing the FBI over their classification of Juggalos as a gang! By the time they told us this, it was around 3:30 PM. They said that at 3:15, a press release was sent out all over the nation to let news outlets know about it. Word quickly spread! By the time I got back to the RV by 3:45 or so, there were already a dozen media outlets that had it covered!  If you have a story or incident that happened due to you claiming a “Juggalos”, go to JuggalosFightBack.com and share it with Psychopathic’s lawyers!  You could be instrumental in helping them take on the US government!

Click the pic to enlarge!

Anyone that has been reading Faygoluvers for any amount of time knows that I don’t give a shit about wrestling. So I didn’t stick around for the JCW seminar. Sorry ninjas, but if that pisses you off then you’re really going to hate the fact that I skipped the entire day Sunday because it was mostly based around Bloodymania.

After ICP’s seminar, we went back to the RV to chill in the AC a bit. We had a Kottonmouth Kings interview scheduled and were asked by Andy of Psychopathic to be by the main stage by 6 PM. KMK was in an autograph signing with ICP that was supposed to end at 6, and then we were set to do the interview with them.  That didn’t exactly happen. Due to ICP’s seminar running a little long, they didn’t get to the autograph tent until about an hour after their schedule. Due to the shift in schedule, the Kings decided to just wait and do the interview AFTER their performance.

It was looking like there would be another grip of no-shows for the main stage on Friday, because Mack 10 didn’t open up. Instead, Big B came out and did a surprise performance! It was fresh as fuck to see him school the main stage! Shortly after Big B, the Kottonmouth Kings came on and ripped that shit! Lou Dog was drumming for them, Bobby B was on the 1s and 2s, and D-Loc, Richter, Daddy X, and Dirtball had the crowd fuckin’ moving! I got some great pics of them during their first few songs, and then chilled with my homies in the crowd pretty close to the side gate. A few minutes after they got off stage, Andy from Psychopathic came out from back stage to get us. I jumped on the back with Big Ian while PsykoScott got shotgun. If I told you that the tires were scraping the fenders of the right side of the golf cart when Ian got on it would be a HUGE understatement. I’ve seen Wolfpac riding around on the same carts with like 9 people on them, so I figured it could handle it.

Click the pic to enlarge!

We went over to the KMK tour bus where Big B was hanging out with D-Loc. The rest of the group were on the bus finishing their clean-up after the hour-long set. Daddy X got off of the bus to see where we wanted to conduct the interview. It was dark outside, so Andy walked us over to the trailer that was set up for the Kings. It ended up being a perfect location with just enough room for everyone who was partaking in the interview, Big Ian (interviewer), myself (cameraman), and PsykoScott (still photographer). We haven’t posted it yet, but I’m telling you this is by far THE best Kottonmouth Kings interview we’ve conducted, and possibly one of the best interviews that we’ve ever done, PERIOD. We’ll see how it turns out once it’s posted, but that’s my first impression.

While Big Ian was conducting the interview, both D-Loc and PsykoScott smelled DJ Bobby B’s weed from the other room in the trailer. Without saying a word, PsykoScott flashed a prerolled blunt he had stashed away, and D-Loc made what I assume is the universal sign for rollin’ it up. lol. So the blunt was lit, and passed around throughout the interview. Everybody in KMK’s crew was really fuckin fresh an down-to-earth as they always are. I think what made the interview so good was the fact that their adrenaline was still flowing from the high-energy performance they just did! We’ll see if you agree once we get it edited and posted!

Click the pic to enlarge!

After the interview, we went outside where Andy was waiting to escort us out from behind back stage. This time, we fucked up. I sat shotgun, PsykoScott sat in the back, and Ian was supposed to climb on afterwards. I was already in the cart and that shit SUNK when Ian got on. We thought everything would be ok, but as soon as we took off, the front wheels came off the ground! I think Andy saw her life flash before her eyes! I said “Sorry Ian, you gotta walk over there”. Andy felt bad but it was all good. It wasn’t her fault that he’s the size of 2 grown men and a toddler. lol. At any rate, while we were back doing the interview. Mack 10 apparently decided to show up and did his entire set. I didn’t get to see any of it, but hopefully it went over without a hitch.

Before continuing, I want to make sure I don’t forget to include this in my review. At around this part of the day Saturday, it was announced that long-time Kottonmouth King Pakelika was rushed to the hospital and was in a coma in ICU. Later that night, we found that he had succumbed to an asthma-related siezure. I always enjoyed Pak’s presence during a KMK show, and I know he brought happiness to many a Sub Noize rat. So with that said, farewell Pakelika. RIP

Click the pic to enlarge!

We went back to drop off the camera in the RV where I actually met up with Cross-Eyed Joe who is on tour with KMK and Prozak! He said after Prozak’s performance at 3:30 am, they had to go from there to Detroit for the next show. So he asked if he could crash out in our RV for a couple of hours. We were more than happy to help him out, so we hooked him up and then headed back to the main stage. Three 6 was about off by the time we got back, so we missed their shit too. It’s all good though. We had heard that Master P no-showed earlier and it was already 10:50 when the next set was getting set up. They put some turntables out on the stage, and everyone was looking at each other like “when has Twiztid ever performed with a DJ?” Well, guess who else decided to come and put on their set hella late? Master P.

He opened up with “Make Em Say Uggghhhh“, which I think was a mistake because he pretty much blew his wad early. He had a crew of 10-15 people out on stage with him at one point, but had 2 other rappers and a DJ for his entire set. He wasn’t getting much love, even throwing out t-shirts and $1 bills. Then, his white rapper hype-man said something like “I heard we had a bunch of white trash out here!” Seriously dude? After that, it was pretty much downhill. I saw those 55 gallon plastic drum trash cans being crowdsurfed towards the stage with Master P as the target. The Tenable staff took care of it before it got there, but that tells you how the set was going. To Master P’s credit, he stuck it out and finished it up.

Twiztid didn’t go on until after midnight, but the crowd was more than ready! They ended up doing a pretty long set, and then talked to the audience for 10-15 minutes just being funny as fuck! They didn’t end up doing some of their staples like “We Don’t Die”, but later explained in the seminar that they just wanted to change it up. I get that, and I honestly didn’t even think about it until it was brought up as a question in the seminar. It didn’t matter though because they blew ninjas away with their energy! Much props to Monoxide and Madrox for another crazy fresh performance!

Click the pic to enlarge!

Bobcat Goldthwait was the last comedian scheduled for the weekend, and after hearing him on the Joe Rogan podcast, I definitely wanted to see his live show. He was running pretty much on-time according to Upchuck, but there were literally maybe 40-50 people there about 15 minutes before he was supposed to go up and perform. Again, Twiztid ended super fuckin late so by 1 AM, when Bobcat was supposed to be on, Juggalos were still coming from main stage. It quickly filled up, but you could tell a lot of people hadn’t heard this dude’s name before. Hell, we’re like 25 years removed from the Police Academy movies, which makes me feel old as fuck!

Now what I’m about to say may sound controversial if you weren’t there for all of the comedy performances, but it’s just my opinion so fuck off if you don’t like it. I think that Bobcat Goldthwait was the funniest of ALL of the comedians who performed this weekend. His delivery was fuckin’ solid, and only about half of the set that he did was prewritten. The rest of it was him riffing with the audience. I’ve got a lot of respect for him on that one. He kept fucking with a guy who had a bull horn saying he had the worst pick-up game on the planet. There was also a guy at the very front of the audience who was filming the entire time. He didn’t smile when shit was funny, and it was obvious to Bobcat that he was just looking to bootleg his set.  So he kept going back to the guy and saying half-jokingly that it was how he made a living, but fuck it, who cares right?  lol.  I filmed the set, but only to share some clips with you ninjas later. It’s all good! Much props to Bobcat on his set, and to Upchuck for heading up the best comedy weekend of the Gathering yet!

Speaking of Upchuck, you motherfuckers need to cut that dude a break! He’s good people, and busts his ass to bring you the best comedy possible! He also helps pass the time in between seminars or comedy sets. So stop throwing shit at him while he’s on golf carts. I mean the “Fuck you Upchuck”‘s are admittedly funny when unprovoked, but let’s draw the line there. lol.

Click the pic to enlarge!

Friday night was a big night for music on both the Underground and Freakshow stages! Performances by Project Born, Rehab, Zug Izland, King Gordy, Bizarre, Awesome Dre, and more were all on the schedule, so we were trying to make it to as many of them as possible! We went from Bobcat over to the Underground stage and saw a little bit of TwistedInsane’s performance. PsykoScott chilled back at the RV for the night but I was just getting started. I went to check out Project Born for a minute, and then headed over to see my homies from REHAB! They had a decent sized crowd for 3 AM. While the group before them was finishing up, I went and talked to all of the guys in the group…Danny Boone, Demun Jones, Chris Crisis, Chris Hood, and Doyle Williams. They were excited to be playing and even showed love after the show on their Facebook feed. They had the crowd hype! There were a few haters throwing occasional bottles, which I’ll never understand. But other than that, they played all of their classics, new tracks Fixtape tracks, and ended with the Bartender song! Much love to the guys from Rehab and to Psychopathic for having them out for their 3rd Gathering!

Unfortunately, by the time REHAB was off the stage, Prozak had already wrapped up his performance. It was actually close to 5 AM and I was exhausted from the day. We had heard that King Gordy had canceled his performance this year due to some family issues, and Bizarre just didn’t show up either. I assume they were traveling together, so that’s probably what happened. Yes, Zug was still scheduled to perform, but again, I was out of it. So I went back and called it a night.


So Saturday was the last day we were going to be spending at the Gathering. At the time I’m typing this, we’re on our way back and BloodyMania is probably happening right about now. I’m sorry I’m missing it, but I already had to take an extra couple of days off for the extended Gathering, so those are the breaks when you have a 9-5 job.

To start off today, we woke up at about 10 AM and hung out around the camp site. We knew that the first event we wanted to be at was the Twiztid seminar, so we had some time to kill. I know a lot of you are probably like “What the hell did you do for all of the time you’re not accounting for in this review?” Most of the time I was online answering emails and keeping you ninjas posted on goings-on at the Gathering, fool! That’s what I did for most of Saturday morning…ate a little breakfast, and jumped on the laptop. I actually ripped the audio from the seminars and posted those since it was too much of an undertaking to upload HD videos. You’re welcome!

Knowing that we had the power of the almighty press pass, we waited around until noon to head over to Twiztid. We had roughly an hour to kill and Upchuck was back there holdin’ it down. I also met up with my new Polish homie Sivolesko and pulled him to the side of the stage. I introduced him to Upchuck and told him about their trek from Poland! Upchuck was amazed at how far they had traveled and told them to stick around after the seminar was over. Twiztid came on and was right on time! Again, everything at the Gathering seemed to go on relatively close to the scheduled time so much props to everyone involved for keeping shit together!

Twiztid were stand-up comedy worthy as usual. They brought out a big ass bucket of about 100 strips of cooked bacon.

  • Coffee table book instead of a regular 300+ page book because you don’t like reading
  • Big Stank / Lil Poot’s travels in Mexico…Big Money Rustlas spin-off
  • Paul Andresen has brought them 3 scripts that are perfect for them, but they don’t know when they’d have time to film it.
  • Discussed Lotus and why it hasn’t happened yet.
  • Possible House of Krazees box set so they can put it out and be done with it
  • AbominationZ is completely recorded – Out October 23rd! They are hype about everyone hearing it!
  • Fright Fest tour starts on October 23rd and is going West this time
  • AbominationZ tour starts the day after Halloween
  • They would like to continue doing the Batman/Robin videos like they did during their 2011 Gathering set.
  • No beef between them and Boondox. He’s free to do his own thing.
  • Threw out AbominationZ t-shirts at the end.

I’m doing this all from memory, but you can check the Twiztid seminar on audio and video!

Click the pic to enlarge!

So let me cover a little bit of a story that was prevalent among certain circles at the Gathering. There was a seminar scheduled for 4 PM that was supposed to be Rude Boy vs. Corporal Robinson. Rudy has been heated about Corp for weeks leading up to the Gathering, and was pulling no punches about how he felt about him personally. I can only talk about this because I was affected by it too. Corp has been selling Gathering tickets for year. Nobody knows how he got a hold of them, but from what I know, they were legit tickets. I heard via email and in person this week at the Gathering from a TON of people that he was paid THOUSANDS by Juggalos expecting Gathering tickets. They were never shipped. SO many ninjas were assed out of cash. I was told by several witnesses that Corp even showed up to the Gathering gates this year with a gigantic list of names for his “guest list”, and was immediately escorted off the premises. Corp has always been pretty cool to me and the entire crew at FLH and I’m not getting into specifics anymore than what I’ve told you. Just know that if you want to make sure you get into the Gathering, you need to snag your tickets from JuggaloGathering.com, or at a location of “Down with the Clown” stores.

I told you all of this because the Rudy vs. Corp seminar was of course cancelled. I also just got word that Violent J came down during BloodyMania and announced that Corporal Robinson was no longer affiliated with Psychopathic Records, and that the match vs Rudy would NOT happen. Not much else was said but now you know the truth.

I didn’t know that the seminar was cancelled until I saw Rudy driving down the road on a cart 5 minutes after it was supposed to start. I ended up stopping him and he was so fuckin’ happy to see me. He wanted to do an interview about the whole situation, but had a laundry list of things he needed to do before tonight’s main stage shows. Our schedules never meshed, but you can bet that we will be talking to him about it REAL soon!

I made my way back to the campsite to eat and get ready for the main stage festivities. Earlier in the day, I ran into Sivolesko and his homie Mures from Poland.  Anyways, I saw them in their car writing a bunch of stuff on paper towels, and using a Polish > English dictionary. I asked them what they were doing and they said they were preparing an interview where I was the subject. I thought that was pretty dope, as I’ve never really done anything like that. So now this was the last day we were going to be spending at the Gathering, and they wanted to sit me down for a few minutes to ask me these questions. Juggalos and Juggalettes, they REALLY had their shit together! They asked me about 15 questions, and I just talked my ass off. I’m sure they’ll have the video up soon, and we’ll make sure to post it when it does go live. I DO feel bad though because I had diarrhea of the mouth, and he’s going to have to go back and translate it all for their Polish Juggalo website. So Sivolesko, my apologies! We hope we showed you a great time while you were in America though! Much love ninja! Homies for life!

After the interview, it was time to head over to the main stage! We unfortunately missed the entire Cold 187um set, so I hate that we didn’t catch what he brought to the table. P.O.D. was performing though and had the crowd moving! It was pretty nostalgic to see them perform songs like “Alive” and “Youth of the Nation” live! CLAAS and I were in the audience reliving the 90s while belting out the lyrics with the rest of the “old” ninjas in the audience. I had never seen them perform prior to the Gathering, so much props to Psychopathic for giving me yet another first! I have come to a conclusion about the acts booked for GOTJ. Any of the rock bands that performed went over unbelievably well on the main stage, and on the Freakshow stage. Only some of the rap acts got shit from the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, there was an occasional bottle thrown at P.O.D., but nowhere near the onslaught of trash that Master P and even the Geto Boys received. So take that for whatever it’s worth!

Next up was one of my favorite artists…not only on Psychopathic, but one that I bump repeatedly on the regular! I’m talking about Blaze ya Dead muthafuckin Homie! Instead of him just coming out to his first track and starting the show, his set was a little more elaborate. Jumpsteady came out as a minister conducting a funeral, and Blaze was laid on an elevated platform onstage dressed in funeral attire. There were flowers and pictures on either side of him memorializing ya dead homie. He arose from the dead and put it the fuck down! He did all of the dead homie classics like “Real G Shit”, “Hood Rats”, “Juggalo Anthem”, and a grip of others! It’s kinda fucked up because he was getting hit with some random bottles and shit and he was getting heated about it. At the end of his set, he said that he had 3 things to say. I remember 1 was a Whoop Whoop to the fam, and the biggest shock was that he said if you’ve got a problem with him (as far as the assholes throwing shit), then he’s not hard to find. So a heart-felt “fuck you” goes out to whoever was throwing shit at him. Seriously? get fucked.

Click to enlarge!

Moving right along, Ric Flair was the host for the night, and was getting shit all night. He came out and was about to introduce Tech N9ne. He was doing a decent job dodging any shit that was getting thrown at him, but then a water bottle pegged him in the head. I don’t remember his exact words, but it was something along the lines of “Hope you have a good night”, and he walked off stage. Now I know there are always going to be assholes and hecklers in the crowd, but come on Ric, you take chair shots for a living. You can’t handle 1 water bottle? Much respect for being a legend but grow a pair Mr. Flair.

Click to enlarge!

It was now time for an all-time Juggalo favorite: Tech N9ne! God DAMN what a stage show! I swear he performed for 90 minutes! With us having press passes, we were able to go in front of the barricade for every main stage performance to snap however many pictures we could during the first 3 songs. That’s how we got such epic pics this year! Tech rolled through a TON of his arsenal including “Midwest Choppers”, “Worldwide Choppers”, “Psycho Bitch”, “Psycho Bitch II”, “Bout To Bubble” and of course wrapped it up with “I’ma Playa”. Krizz Kaliko did a few solo tracks himself including the new one from “Kickin’ & Screamin'” called “Kill Shit”! Talk about a song you can get hyphy too! I also have never seen more titties at a Tech N9ne show than this one! “Areola” by 816 Boyz came on and there were Juggalettes on shoulders everywhere with their tops off! Some were making out, some were called up on stage, and at least one disappeared back stage. Tech N9ne has become a staple in the Gathering lineup, and I don’t see him NOT returning anytime in the near future!

Click to enlarge!

After Tech, the audience cleared the fuck out. We still had performances by the Geto Boys and ICP, but I think that most of the young ninjas didn’t give a shit about seeing Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill. This was my first time to see them live as well, so I was anxious to check it out! Juggalos and Juggalettes, the Geto Boys were “horrorcore” before it was even a word! Without them acting as pioneers to this genre of music, there may not even be an ICP or Psychopathic Records. It sucks that they weren’t getting the respect they deserved from quite a few people in the crowd, but throwing shit was kept to a minimum. We got to hear classics like “My Mind is playing Tricks on me”, “Mind of a Lunatic”, and “Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta”! I do have to admit, by the end of their set I was ready for them to be off, but I think it was just because of the anticipation of Saturday’s grand finale: the Wicked Clowns!

Before I start with ICP’s set, let me give you a little bit of back story. I had asked earlier in the week if those with press passes would be able to get onstage during the final track for “Faygo Armageddon”. I was told YES, point blank, so I was hype for me, Big Ian, and PsykoScott. We were told to just hang by the gate around halfway through the set, and we’d be given more instructions on what to do when time got closer. When ICP’s set started, we were stage left where all of the guest artists and Psychopathic employees entered the main stage area. Hazin of TJF asked one of the security guards about getting onstage for the last song, and they told him that they were told that any Press credentials were no longer valid. We started to get a little bit worried. After asking several different guards about it, we kept being told the same thing. Everybody was busy back stage and to their credit, letting a few people from the media onstage to spray Faygo on everybody probably wasn’t high on their priority list. However, this Juggalo was bummed out about it! PsykoScott and I talked about it and were trying to decide if we should just go in with the rest of the crowd to witness the show and go nuts like we always do, or if we should stay over there on the slim chance that we would be able to get onstage. Before we could think about it, my homie KG was walking through. I asked him what was up on Faygo Armageddon and he said that as far as he knew, only those with “Wrestler” and “Artist” badges would be allowed through. Again, major fucking bummer. However, he did tell us the song to wait for when anyone who could get back there would be allowed through the gate. (If you were wondering, you needed to start lining up during “To Catch a Predator”, and were let through during “Three Ring”.) As soon as “Three Ring” hit, wrestlers, press, artists, etc piled up against the fence to try to get back. KG was waving those with valid passes through, and denying those who were trying to snake their way in. Just as I thought the gate was about to close, he saw me and dragged me back! I was officially going to be up on the stage during Faygo Armageddon!

Now hold up…yes, I felt like shit because my homies Big Ian and PsykoScott weren’t back there with me. I asked them before that if on the slim chance I got back there, if they’d be upset by it. They said “Fuck no” and told me that they’d do the same thing if they were given the opportunity. Still, I felt a sense of guilt about it, but we didn’t have much time for that.

Before rushing us over to our spots, I spotted KG and thanked him profusely for the hook-up. He told me that it wasn’t his call at all, but rather BILLY BILL himself said to make sure that I was up there! That in and of itself was completely insane to me! Why did he care that I got up there? I don’t know, but Billy, if you’re reading this…THANK YOU HOMIE. He may not have given it a 2nd thought, but it was the cherry on top of the cake for this long-time Juggalo!

So we lined up stage right, grabbed our first bottle of Faygo, and as soon as “Bang! Pow! Boom!” started blaring through the monstrous speakers, we ran up the ramp and joined Violent J, Shaggy, and Mike E Clark to close out their set! Here’s the freshest part of the story for me though. I was just through my first bottle of Diet Faygo (Root Beer for those keeping tabs). I turned around to get the next one, and who do I see? PsykoScott! He grabbed 2 bottles and joined me on the front of the stage! Not a minute later, here comes BIG IAN! We were up there for at LEAST 10 minutes launching what seemed like an endless supply of Faygo into the crowd! I sprayed Upchuck, PsykoScott, Big Ian, and KG! I poured Faygo over my own head, and also took a queue from Violent J and launched the bottle off of my thumb several times! I do know how lucky I am to be able to experience this, but that’s why I want to share everything I went through with you ninjas reading it!

So how did PsykoScott and Big Ian get up there? One word: Andy. She had treated us like VIPs the entire weekend, and made this happen for Scott and Ian. After the insanity of Faygo Armageddon, PsykoScott told me that she came to the gate shortly after I went through and called Scott by name to come through! Scott snagged Big Ian, and they were both allowed up. Again, this may have been no big deal to her or Billy, but it made what was already what was shaping up to be one of our favorite Gatherings all that much more memorable! So while we did sit by idly watching 90% of ICP’s set, those last 10 minutes of it made it all 1000% worth it!

Click the pic to enlarge!

I didn’t want to interrupt that part of my journey with any negativity, but I think this is too shitty not to tell you about. While we were waiting on our answer about whether or not we’d get to get backstage, a Juggalo and a Juggalette had some medical issues. The Juggalo was standing 20 feet or so in front of us leaning against the barricade, and he just flat passed the fuck out face first. It was apparent that security had no idea what they were doing because they just sat there and looked at him…shaking him occasionally. PsykoScott is recently CPR certified, so he ran over to see what was up. He opened the Juggalo’s eyelids, and sure enough, he was having a siezure. Scott rolled him on his side and waited for the medic cart to get there. In the meantime, a Juggalette was brought out from the crowd, and seemed to be hyperventilating. I don’t know what her case was, but I’m guessing it was probably dehydration. The reason I’m telling you this is because one of the people with a press pass who had been there all weekend started sticking his camera between people trying to help them and snapping pictures. Yes, ruthless shit. I don’t know what publication he was shooting for, but seriously, fuck you dude. The friends of the passed out Juggalo and Juggalette immediately got into his face. He fake-ass bowed up on them but was already behind the guards so he knew he wasn’t gonna have to defend himself. I have never witnessed that kind of heartless act in person, but whoever you are Mr. wannabe TMZ, please kill yourself.

OK, back to the good stuff! We were drenched with Faygo from head to toe, and were in serious need of a shower! It was only 60 degrees that night, and we had no hot water ready back at the RV. So we took turns taking ridiculously cold showers and cleaning the Faygos out of every crevice. Some of us have far more crevices than others. (*cough* Big Ian *cough*) Unfortunately for him, Insane Poetry had the first set on the Underground stage that night, so it started as soon as ICP’s show was over on the main stage. I heard most of his set from inside the shower and while cleaning up the mess that Violent J and Shaggy had created on all of us. lol.

After we got cleaned up, it was time to go to the Underground stage to see CLAAS perform! Everything was running way behind, so as soon as we heard the first note play, we went that way. Bukshot was in the backstage area of the Underground stage because he was going to go up and do a track or 2 from the collaborative project The Underground Avengers (Boondox, Bukshot, and Claas)  (For those wanting a copy of the Underground Avengers EP, click here to get it!). While we were back there, guess who showed up on their cart? Tech N9ne and Big Krizz Kaliko! Travis O’Guinn is good friends with Bukshot, so they were invited over to watch him perform with Claas. They were both kickin’ it, and Ian got into a conversation with Tech who recognized Big Ian immediately. Tech told him that some of the artists on Strange Music weren’t really feeling his interview style, but Tech personally LOVED it. He said that it gives him a chance to vent about anything and everything that’s on his mind at the time. So I give kudos to Big Ian for that one, and to Tech for consistently showing us love!

Shortly after their conversation, Tech and Krizz split, Claas’s set was over, and all of us were nothing short of exhausted from the long weekend. Even though I really wanted to see Rittz and Lil Wyte at Twiztid’s Down South party, I decided against it because it may have already been over at that point. Like I said, everything started up hella late, and I’m an old ass man at this point. haha.

PsykoScott was out like a light that night, but I had things I needed to post about on the FLH Facebook and website, and then Ian and I just stayed up and chatted for another hour or so. It was our last night there, and everything was so fast-paced for that entire weekend that it was literally the only time we had to just kick it and chat. That’s my dog!


I don’t even remember falling asleep the night before, but I do remember waking up at around 9:30 and starting the process of getting ready to leave. Yes, we left Sunday morning. Like I said way earlier in this review, I am not a wrestling fan…and while I really wanted to see the Deadly Medley, we all didn’t think it was worth waiting an entire day for. So by 10:30 or so, it was off to the races for our 10 hour drive to Fort Smith. The drive was pretty uneventful. I worked on this review for a majority of the time, and we spun “The Mighty Death Pop” at least 4 more times! After getting to Fort Smith, I decided to make the additional 4-1/2 hour trek home to Dallas that night, and ended up getting home at about 3 AM. I basically fell through the door after the week of epicness that I had just experienced!

So that’s it…my official review of the 13th annual Gathering of the Juggalos! For those of you who read or skimmed through the entire novel, thanks for checking it out! Before I end it, I want to give a shout to a few people I met or chilled with over the course of the week:

PsykoScott, Big Ian, Claas, Kenny D, Styles, Ronnie Blaze, Melissa, Blaise, Tinman, Kristy, Jacinda, Sivolesko and Mures (both from Poland), Rachel Paul, Hazin, Oreo, Trenchfoot, Hashly, Mastamind, Pixy, JDirty, Twisted Insane, The ROC, Big Troxx, Wolfpac, Liquid Assassin, Head Hurtz Music, Psychopathic Records, Andy, George, KG, Billy Bill, Upchuck, Strange Music, Cross Eyed Joe, Sandman, Bobo, Matt, Bliss, the Chicago crew that we chilled with, Skitzo, Syn, Danny Boone, Chris Hood, Demun Jones, Chris Crisis, Doyle, Otis, Bonez Dubb, Tech N9ne, Bukshot, Boondox, King Gordy, Project Born, the merch tent ninjas, Rude Boy (still looking for you on that interview homie!), Ralphie May, the Kottonmouth Kings, and anyone else whose path we may have crossed! Sorry if I didn’t include you in the list, but know that it wasn’t intentional!

Click the pic to enlarge!

With all of that said, thank you again for reading, and I’ll see you next year!


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    I’m commenting just to let you know I read the whole thing. And it was super fresh. It felt as if I relived my weekend all over again. Big props on getting into armageddon. I’ve made it on stage at shows, but never at the gathering. Trust me, it isn’t for a lack of trying haha. Much respect.

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    forgot to tell you guys the 1stday names Oreo ^_^ Hope to be camping neighbors next year if i go. and thanks for the inside info cause being lost in all the rumors sucked.

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    Awesome review. Pretty jelly about the Faygo!! Cool they are showing you respect for all the years of dedication.

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    Yeah i know you Oreo. lol. I forgot to mention you, and that’s my bad! Thanks for holdin’ our normal spot though! Definitely see you next year!

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