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So you wanna know about the 2006 Juggalo Gathering, huh? Well if you said no, then trust me…you do. ESPECIALLY from our standpoint. Naw, I’m nobody special, but let’s just say that some rather interesting things happened while I was there this year. Overall was it a good time? It had it’s highlights. Worst Gathering ever? I’ve been to all 7 of them now, and from my perspective, I’d say yes. However, Psychopathic DID pull it off. Getting a new place to hold the Gathering, even if the locals do call it “Flood Valley”(true story!), took a lot of work and preparation in a VERY short amount of time. So on that account, gotta send props their way. The people in the Columbus/Pataskala/Hebron area were all the shit! We may have gotten a few looks by rednecks in the Cracker Barrel restaurant that 30 of us piled into on Thursday morning, but anyone who actually conversed with us was the shit! Now, let me get into a day by day breakdown of everything that happened:

Tuesday, July 11th
After Mandie and I got off of work, we packed up and rolled over to G Dub’s (of place and met up with him, Shangri-La, and Three-Ring. We loaded up into Three Ring’s Blazer, and headed out to Fort Smith, AR. Our homies at have their Foundation Venuethere, and also have a nice house to stay at to cut down on the drive. After getting there and staying overnight, it was Wednesday morning around 8 AM, and time to get on the road to the Gathering!

Wednesday, July 12th
I’ve said this time and time again. The drive to the Gathering, or anywhere cross country with a crew of your closest friends, is ALWAYS the shit. In fact, this year, it may have even been the best part of the Gathering experience. There’s nothing like spending 20 hours in a car together to catch up on your homies’ latest happenings. I spent some time on the laptop (pre-death) keeping you ninjas up to speed right here on Faygoluvers. There wasn’t a whole lot to post about, but answering emails and doing posts at least took up a little bit of the time. There were arguments over what songs on G Dub’s IPOD sucked, and what songs didn’t. I still say “Fuck Everlast”, but that’s just me. There were some traffic issues over NOTHING that pissed all of us off. I swear there was like a 10 mile backup because cones were blocking the entire left lane. What was the result of the cones? Was there any construction or anything? Hell no. Well, we saw that this shit was pointless about 5 miles into it, so we said fuck it and just went through the cones. Just a few car lengths ahead, an 18 wheeler pulled over into our way just to prevent us from getting by. Asshole. Yeah i know we should probably just wait in line with everyone else, but when the cones are there for absolutely NO reason, why bother? So that was about the only stale thing we ran into on the way up there. When it got closer to night time, we started hauling ass! There were 4 vehicles in this convoy. A big Suburban, a Trailblazer, a Prelude, and a Silverado. ClaAs and T were in the Prelude, and me, Mandie, Three Ring, Shangri-La, and G Dub were all in the Trailblazer. There was a WAR going on on the freeways between the Prelude and the Trailblazer. I Anything that wasn’t attached and/or needed for the Gathering was thrown out the window at each other. I’m talkin food, bottles, Mickey D’s bags, full cups of soda…look, all you treehuggers out there, don’t flip out. I don’t condone putting your trash all over the roads, but I can’t lie…I couldn’t help but laugh! PsykoScott was driving the Suburban in front of both of us (with Kevin, Oxi, Alex), and these ninjas Chris and Billy were behind us in the Silverado. They were probably wondering what in the fuckin Fuck was goin on. I’m sure a cop would have had a field day with us if they saw it, but luckily, none were in sight.

So we bought a hotel to stay the night at for Wednesday, and we were all pretty glad that we did. We rolled into the Hebron Deluxe Inn at a little after midnight, and were pretty much just ready to crash. On a side note though, there’s an amusing story to go with the “Hebron Deluxe Inn”. Apparently, Google has the Red Roof Inn in Hebron listed with the Hebron Deluxe Inn’s phone number. I called it thinking it was the Red Roof, and when I found out they were only 40 bucks a night, I jumped on it! Well, Come to find out, I had just made a reservation at the Hebron Deluxe, not the Red Roof. I got the actual number to the RRI, and they told me about the issue with Google. I asked them “So what hotel did I just book at?”, and they said that it was the “Hebron Deluxe Inn”, but there’s nothing “Deluxe” about it. I then asked how much they charged per night, and he said $160.00. And that, my friends, is why we stayed at the Hebron Deluxe. Was the hotel shitty? YES. They had old ass beds where springs popped out and poked you in the balls, sheets duct taped together, unfinished sheetrock walls, doors that looked like they had been kicked in a few times, and more! Plus, I had this rash behind my ear when I got back, and I don’t know if it was from poison ivy in the woods, or scabies from the pillows at that hotel. lol. Either way, it’s cleared up now, so I won’t ask any questions.

Basically, the rest of that night consisted of shootin’ the shit with everyone who was there, and getting reports back from the Lotus Fields parking lot by friends of ours who were camping out there for the night. They said it was an all out party, and people were hella hype for everything to officially start the next morning! Then we crashed for the night, trying to sleep off the long ass drive we just made.

Thursday, July 13th
We wake up from our luxurious stay at the Hebron Deluxe, and know that we need to make a trip to grab a bite to eat, and hit up the local Wal Mart. Well, we get off at the Wal Mart exit, figuring there’s GOT to be a ton of places to eat around there. Lo and Behold…there it is: a Cracker Barrel! I haven’t had that shit in years, and everyone was down for those tactics. I don’t know if anyone else is familiar with this place, but they made news back in 2004 for being some racist motherfuckers by segregating their restaurants and refusing service to African American people. ( Click Here if you’re even remotely interested in that story) Fuck the drama though, they serve up some delicious food, and a lot of us were in the mood for some breakfast! The service there, was HORRIBLE. I mean there were a few Juggalos scattered throughout the place, but we came in 20+ people deep, and most had tats from head to toe, piercings from brow to taint, etc. The only people that got their food quickly was ClaAs and his table. We were all in agreeance that it was just because they wanted him out of there the fastest given their previous history. lol. (Sorry, only about half of you will get that.) While we were eating, I got a call from Johnny C of He told us what condition the grounds were in, because they had just started to let people in. It was after 12 Noon at this point. He described the Lotus fields as “a river”. That was pretty accurate, but we wouldn’t know that until later. After that call, I got a call from DFENS, who was driving to Ohio from Denver with BonkoJuke and Rob. We worked out details, and ended up meeting over at the Wal Mart. After getting our Gathering Essentials (ie: throw-away shoes, liquor, snacks, Faygo, etc), we were on our way toPataskala, exit 118!

I’m guessing that it had been quite a few hours since they started letting people into the campgrounds, so we thought we’d get there and have no problem at all getting in. Fuckn Shit were we EVER wrong! The line stretched back for MILES, and it was on a small, 2 way road. All of the people who had homes in the area were officially FUCKED. lol. So we waited, and waited, and waited some more. I think it took 4-5 hours for us to wait until we got into the campgrounds. Oh, a bone happened to those stuck in the line too. A water truck broke down as it was trying to turn around on the 2 way road, which basically split the line in 2. The cars behind the water truck couldn’t get around it, so they got stuck there until the truck was fixed. Fucked up, right? Something else funny that happened while in line was that DFENS’ dumb ass decided to see if he could make it all the way through the line driving in reverse. Well, that lasted all of 10 minutes when a cop told him to turn around. He was surprisingly nice, and just laughed about it. The law enforcement in that area wasn’t there to fuck around though. I don’t know of anyone who had any issues with the police there, but they actually hadS.T.A.R. (Sheriff’s Tactical and Rescue) team members there. DFENS was quick to tell me that that’s basically a form of a SWAT team for those cities not big enough to have their own SWAT. We have footage of that in our videos (Pre Gathering BS), so check that out.

As we made our turn-in to where the campgrounds were located, we knew we were in for some shit. The mud just on the entry path was fuckin DEEP. The shit was already up to our ankles, and little did we know, it was about to get a LOT worse. We make it through the gate and on our way to our “VIP Campsite”. Let me just cover this with a sentence or 2. I don’t think we were checked for our tickets the entire time I was at the Gathering. I’m sure that there more more than a few people who just snuck in this year. Nobody was asked to get out of the cars, no vehicles were searched, or anything like that. I’m not saying this to suggest that you sneak in, or try to get away with something….just that I was surprised by it. OK, moving right along…we get to where our VIP site is supposed to be, and it’s a fuckin MESS. There are people scattered throughout VIP, more than a few cars stuck in the mud and unable to move, and 1 red Chevy Cavalier that was right in the middle of our campsite. Luckily, its owners were at the site next to us, so we got them to help us push it out of the mud, and out of our way. We noticed that Club Chaos had already pretty much set up across the walk path from us, and that our homies from were nowhere to be found. We knew that they were supposed to be next to us at VIP 62, but there were already people there. Who knows where they were at that point. So we start to set up our campsite. Well Juggalos, when PsykoScott and the American Juggaloscrew go camping, they don’t fuck around! We had a fuckin COMPOUND in the middle of the woods! G Dub and Three Ring supplied the 6500 watt generator, we had fans going, tarps over EVERYTHING, our banners hung with spotlights on them, lights strung out, George Foreman grills ready to go, and 4 or 5 tents set up underneath everything….including a canopy that housed the grills, food, etc. I swear, it was more like a hotel room than a campsite! So that was the shit. Since the grounds were so muddy, they were selling hay bails to spread out over the campsites to soak up some of the rain/mud/shit. It was literally THAT BAD. Just a little interesting note that we found out halfway through the Gathering. The local people have a nickname for the Lotus Fields: “Flood Valley”. I’m not making this shit up. lol.

We ended up finding out where the guys from JuggaloNews set up shop. Basically, the VIP campsites were the BEST sites that were there. Not just for space, but because they were the LEAST FLOODED of all of the sites. The 1 tent sites weren’t even touchable. That’s why there were so many people scattered about…because the people who had bought the campsites that didn’t stand a chance had all taken over other campsites. Our homies at JN actually set up their tent in the parking lot, and said that if they would have been able to get out of their parking spot without being stuck in the mud, they would have gone right back home. lol. Things didn’t look good for this year’s Gathering, but I was still optimistic.

By the time we had all of our stuff set up and ready to go, it was nearly time for the Opening Ceremonies as well as Dark Lotus! We hadn’t even had a chance to explore the campgrounds yet…but that’s ok. We had an entire weekend ahead of us, right?

So we go to the main stage, which is probably the biggest mudpit to ever grace the earth. It was pretty funny to see though. There were a few hundred people in front of the stage (ie: front row), and everyone else was just surrounding this pit of muddy, sticky, messiness. That wasn’t gonna stop Psychopathic though. The Rude Boy came on stage, and gave about a 5 or 6 minute speech to open up the Gathering of the Juggalos, 2006! Then,DARK LOTUS hit the stage, sans 6th Petal. They looked fresh as hell. They came out complete with samurai suits, and were sportin’ some killer face paint. I don’t know who was operating the sound that night, but it was, well, less than stellar. ICP, Twiztid, and Blaze all schooled it on stage, and other than the sound being pretty horrid, it was a good end to the first day of the Gathering….on the official tip that is.

What, you think the party ends at 11:00 PM? That’s when shit is just getting started! That night, it was all about Club Chaos! I’m sure that all of you remember that we heavily promoted our FLH Baby Oil Wrestling that would be happening at the campsite, right? Well Club Chaos had an area big enough to house our blow up swimming pool, some scantily clad Juggalettes, and several gallons of, well…”Baby Oil”. OK, the gig is up, and nobody seemed to notice, so I’m gonna spill the beans. That wasn’t Baby Oil. It was a type of oil though…lol. What better substitution to Baby oil thanVegetable Oil?? You heard right! We weren’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, but here’s what happened. We got to Wal Mart that afternoon, and see 3 tiny bottles of baby oil left on the shelf. Obviously, that shit isn’t gonna cut it. So Bonko, being the quick thinker (who knew?) that he is, immediately ran across the isles and found some economy-sized jugs of Vegetable oil! So we talked about it for a minute, and decided that after all of the muddy feet get in there, you won’t be able to tell the difference anyway. So if you partook in our Thursday oil wrestling extravaganza, and started to smell like fried chicken when you broke a sweat, then you now know why. Back to the Wrestling though. It was exactly as we thought…Juggalettes were extremely skeptical to be the first to jump in the poll of oil and water. But after making our rounds, we found some willing contestants! Every single girl that participated threw DOWN! They let the Tits and Ass fly, and threw caution to the wind! We’ve got footage of that too in our Gathering Vids section, so don’t miss out on it!

After the wrestling winded down, we chilled for a little bit at Club Chaos after cleaning up our mess. Soon though, it was time to go check out the one and only, infamous, Psychopathic Rydas! They were scheduled to be on stage at the Bomb House at 3 AM. We had JUST missed PotLuck by the time we got over there, so that was a shame. But we got in there, and the Rydas just ROCKED it! There were like 8 Rydas on stage, and I think only 5 had mics. So I have to assume that the other 3 were AMB and Boondox hypin the crowd. We got the whole set on tape, so catch that over in our Videos section too! One funny note on that is that Pickle thought that one of the 3 extra guys on stage was just some random fan, and was about to throw them the fuck off. I’m not sure if I caught that part on film, but it was funny to say thet least. After the set, and chillin at Chaos for a little longer, there were already signs of daylight. So we crashed in our tents so that we could be up the next day with plenty of rest in our systems.


Friday, July 14th
Alright Juggalos, this is where some shit starts to happen that isn’t exactly what you’d expect to happen at a Gathering. At around 11 AM, I was awoken by a knock at the tent flap. I can’t remember who woke me up, but someone said that outside, some guy was standing there sayin shit like “Fuck Faygoluvers” and “Fuck Scottie D”, you know…shit like that. By the time I got some shorts and shoes on and went out there to see what was going on, I knew exactly who it was. A mindless, pussy of a human being who calls himself Preach, and 3 of his boys. So why was he shouting this stuff? Here’s a little back story. I’m spilling the beans here Juggalos.

It started out with the Underground Psychos contest. This guy is a friend of AMB’s, is from Denver, and basically thinks that if you don’t like AMB’s music, you’re a “Juggaho”. Yeah, one of those people who thinks that you are REQUIRED to like EVERYTHING that Psychopathic puts out in order to be considered a Juggalo. If you’re not, you’re labeled a “hater”. Here’s the thing. DFENS supported AMB through the UP contest, and I believe helped them win through constantly talking about them here on FLH. We all stayed at the same campsite at last year’s Gathering, and everything was cool. I’m gonna come out there and say it right now…I’ve never been a fan of AMB…past, or present. I don’t have a problem with them personally, but it’s NOT my cup of tea. End of story, right? Not even the half of it. Without easily doubling the size of this Gathering review with back story, let’s just say that AMB’s local Denver homies started hounding us with requests to get a section up on FLH. What they DIDN’T realize is that DFENS had contacted them time and time again about sending us over some discography, pics, bios, etc to get the thing put up. Hey, I don’t like their stuff, but it’s for the Juggalos, right? Well, they didn’t ever get back to him, so we just kind of blew it off. No skin off our backs, right? At this point, I’m sketchy on the details, but KNOW that their close friends started taking the shit WAY too personally…even though they themselves never got us anything for the section. There were board wars, empty threats, etc, and then it just died down. I mean really, it’s stupid. We have a website that we pay for and maintain, and some people are pissed at what we DON’T have up? Does anyone else NOT think that it’s a little fucked up? Things got a little more personal between DFENS, AMB, and their crew, but I’m not gonna go into that because I’m really not at liberty too. I can only speak for myself. What I AM at liberty to say is that a few months ago at the JuggaloNews.comcomments section, there was some spirited chat going on, and some random guy with no email address shown says something like “If you thought last year’s Gathering was bad for you, just wait until this year Scottie”. Immediately, I knew it was Preach. He’s not that smart a person…and the “anonymous” internet threat was thinly veiled. Again, this all spurred over the fact that we basically weren’t pushing their homies, AMB, as hard as they wanted us too.

Now, back to the situation I briefly mentioned. Preach had walked a little ways down the path with his 3 other friends, who hadn’t said anything at that point. (That will come into play later when I make a point about his actions vs. his “friends” actions.) He stayed where he was, and basically called me out right there…with 3 of his friends with him. Gotta have BIG balls to do that, right? So I give him the “hold on” sign, and by that point everyone is stirring from under our little camping compound in the woods. I peek my head under the tarp, see some of my homies up, and let them come out there with me. Now we’re a little more even. So at this point, yelling ensues, and big bad Preach ends up doing what was best for him…walking away. One funny point though…he mentioned something about not having the internet or a computer screen to hide behind now…to which PsykoScott promptly replied “This ain’t the internet, this is the sticks and mud bitch, bring it”…or something to that effect. I had to stop myself from laughing at that shit. Just so you know, at that point, his friends still hadn’t said a word.

Well, that was enough to get the adrenaline pumping that morning! After we had eaten and gotten situated for the day, it was time to head off to the 2 PM ICP Seminar. At this point, it was DFENS, ClaAs, Mandie, and myself. We ran into King Gordy on the way over there, snapped a few pics with him, and were on our way to the Seminar tent. As we were going through the concession line, Preach and some of his mute friends were there too. Naw, I’m not talkin shit about his friends…just saying that they never said a single word. Well, of course, dude had to start yelling again. He started pointing fingers at DFENS, making more threats, and never following through. I guess you’ve gotta be in a car on the freeway to follow up on anything, right? DFENS played it off like he didn’t know who he was pointing to, and that pissed the neanderthal off even more. But again, it was the “I know where you’re staying now, bitch!” threats, and then they walked off. Ahh what fun!

So we get into the Seminar tent, and wait…and wait….and wait some more. I’m pretty sure you could have looked at the schedule through the entire Gathering booklet, tacked on an hour to when things were supposed to start, and you still wouldn’t miss anything. I’m not sure what time it was before ICP came in, but it was to a HUGE uproar from the Juggalos, and what they said next probably blew a lot of people’s minds! Basically, they went into the ENTIRE Story of why Alex Abbiss stepped down as CEO of Psychopathic Records. I’ve gotta tell you ninjas reading this…they schooled that explanation! If I had already been planning to retire in a couple of years, and something traumatic like that happened where life was nearly cut short, then I’d probably walk away myself…no matter what the motive behind the shooting was. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I feel like J and Shaggy do a much better job explaining it than I can. So do yourself a favor and view it in our Gathering Videos section.

After the ICP Seminar (which they cut down to around a half hour due to a scheduled JCW match), we decided that since Twiztid would be coming in at around 4 PM, that it would be best to just wait so we could get a good spot to film it. Bonko was manning the camera, and had a good seat a few rows back, and in the center of the tent. So go watch that footage! Jamie and Paul were fuckin HILARIOUS! Paul admitted himself that he LOVED the seminars for the sheer fact that he can be a complete dick to everyone! The topics they covered were their upcoming album Independents Day, special guests that would be on the album, the Guillotine TourMonoxide’s Tooth, the Soopa Heros EP, and LOTS more! This is a review, not the news page. So if you want to hear that straight from the horse’s mouth, go hit up the Gathering Videos section.

On a REALLY fresh note, Bonko had the idea to go and catch Twiztid as they were about to roll away on their golf carts. He wanted to ask about FLH doing our Baby Oil Wrestling at the Twiztid Pajama Jammy Jam onSunday night. Surprisingly, he caught up to them in time, talked to Madrox about it, and he was ALL about it! It was undoubtedly ON! Or so we thought. I’ll tell you what ended up happening during the Sunday part of the review.

At some point in the afternoon, our homie Tim Wood finally made it to the Gathering! He stuck out like a sore thumb with his collared t-shirt and jeans on, but it’s all good. He took us on at our old hosting company, and wanted to see what all the hype was about among Juggalos. So what better way than to dive right in with a Juggalo Gathering?? He’s the shit though, and it was good to finally meet that ninja in person! Hope you enjoyed your stay Tim!

After we met up with Tim and got him all situated with a place to sleep, we basically chilled at the campsite for a lot of the time. At this point, my laptop was still working, so I attempted to do some video/audio updates for you guys. We grilled some food, talked for hours, and just hung out with all of our homies. In fact, we were having such a good time chillin’ at the site, that we completely spaced going to the Boondox and Blaze performances that night. Sorry to those of you who were expecting a review of Boondox’s set, but it just wasn’t happening that night. I have heard nothing but good things about his performance though, other than the fact that his mic was off for some of the time. That sucks, but it’s no fault of his, right?

We were asked by Club Chaos later that night if we wanted to put on another Oil Wrestling show. Well, we hadn’t been recruiting at all that day, so we kind of figured that we’d hold off until the next night and see what happened. I’m pretty sure that that’s the night that my laptop died. Luckily, DFENS had his Mac there, so we were able to transfer the audio from the seminars and upload it over our shitty cell phone connection. Hey, uploading 50 MB through your cell phone and a USB cable is no small feat! Show some love! We watched some more performances that night at Chaos, and just chilled a lot at our site. Hey, this was our vacation, right? A ninja’s gotta get a little R&R at some point. The night ended at around 6 in the AM for me, as I crawled into the tent with Mandie on our brand new air mattress…which was already halfway deflated. Good times!

Saturday, July 15th
Saturday didn’t start out near as eventful as the day before. DFENS had gone to sleep earlier than I did, but I woke up to him yelling rather loudly that we had the chance to go to a hotel right down the road and take a hot shower…separately of course. So Mandie, Rob, Brooks, Tim, and myself went off to the Fairfield Inn, where most of the artists, wrestlers, etc were staying at during the Gathering. Our homie Kevin Gill of Eidos, Interactive had called DFENS to ask if we wanted to use their facilities. I had been holding a log all weekend, so I went into the hotel lobby bathroom and just raped it. I hope to God nobody followed me in there til it aired out. lol. Anyway, after our stint at the nice hotel, we locked up the room and were back off to the Gathering.

It was Saturday, so combined, this was definitely the night that I most looked forward to for the main stage shows! I mean you’ve got PDM,REHAB, and Twiztid! That’s one hell of a show for a single night!

I’m pretty sure that Saturday was the first day I had actually gotten around to going over to the Merch area. By the time we had thought about it on the previous 2 days, it had already been closed, or close to closing. So we went and checked shit out. There were some fresh new designs from Psychopathic displayed, and you can check that all out in the Gathering Videos section too. I took about a minute long video of everything that was there. Hope it’s not too fast for you to catch everything. I picked up a few shirts, and then was about to head back to the campsite. At about that time, Rehab rolled up right by the main merch booth to set up their merchandise. Holy fuckin BALLS did they ever come prepared! They had crates of shirts, tons of styles, and these fresh new basketball jersies that you’re bound to see me sportin’ here and there. They’re made by the same company that does Psychopathic’s merch (SportsRock Shop), and the quality is even a little thicker than the original Dazzle jersies that Psychopathic sold a few years back. If you were there, you probably noticed that the ATM Machines were down for pretty much the entire weekend. Well, you were pretty much assed out if you didn’t have any cash on you…unless you wanted some of Rehab’s merch! They brought a portable credit card machine and everything. Those boys don’t fuck around! Anyway, we helped Demun set up their merch, told them that we were hype about their show tonight, and were on our way over to the Blaze seminar. We caught about half of it, of which is up in our section that I’ve linked like 5 times already, so go and check that stream out and see what he had to say about Clockwork Grey, the Soopa Heros EP,Fright Fest Tour, and more!

By that time, we just wanted to chill a bit at our campsite again before the shows that night. Before I get into Saturday night’s shows, let me tell you a little about something that we had worked out prior to the Gathering withREHAB. Both DFENS and I have some pretty badass video cameras (Canon GL2s). They’re not TOP top of the line, but they’re pretty fuckin close! Anyway, DFENS had mentioned this to Rehab prior to the Gathering, and they wanted us to record their set AT the Gathering! We were all psyched about it, and actually made that shit happen! Since we were gonna be backstage anyway, we had asked Prozak and Mike E. Clark if they wanted their set filmed too. They were ALL about that!

At around 5:30 or 6, Bonko, DFENS, Mandie, Tim, Jake, Rob and myself all went over to the main stage area. Prozak got most of us backstage, so we could start getting ready for filming that night’s shows. For those of you who are wondering what a Gathering Backstage is like, it’s probably better left to the imagination. You gotta remember, this isn’t the 80’s with Motley Crue, huge, sold-out arenas, and show riders 18 pages long. This is the Gathering! Everything was set up nicely though, and there were plenty of accomodations for the artists and crew. While we were all back there, Otisof the AMB asked me to come over and talk to him for a second. ( Click Here for a pic my girl Mandie secretly snagged) I’m doing this from memory, but basically, he said that despite our differences with everything involving FLH and AMB, he appreciated the fact that we weren’t all over the site like “Fuck AMB!” this, and “They suck” that. Look, doing that, instead of pulling a bitch move and finding a security guard to kick us out of the area got my respect. In fact, they as PEOPLE have ALWAYS had my respect. Did I vote for them in the Underground Psychos contest? No. Do I like their latest album from Psychopathic? No. Do I STILL continue to post their updates from their website and let you know what’s going on with their tours? Of course! So after he said what he did, I told him flat out that their music wasn’t exactly my favorite, but that wasn’t the issue at hand. I told him about the bullshit going down with his homies from Denver, namely Preach. He knows what’s been going on, but said that Preach was his own man, and that he didn’t control him. I called bullshit right there though, because if anyone, he could put a stop to it. Juggalos, don’t take that the wrong way. We were 20 people deep from Dallas/Oklahoma/Arkansas. We had 5 guys who were at LEAST as big as that neanderthal. If something were to go down though, after all the shit he had tried to start that weekend, that douche would have ended up like a Picasso painting. We didn’t come to the Gathering to fight…but apparently he didn’t either, because there were just gums flapping in the wind.

So after Otis and I finished our brief conversation and shook hands, DFENS and I got our cameras synchronized, and were ready to roll. Before I forget though, that’s the reason we missed the 2nd ICP Seminar…because we were getting ready for the night’s performances. Little did we know that we could have probably caught that as well, since the main stage shows didn’t start until around 8 PM anyway. Actually, Droch Fhoula went on prior toPDM, but I didn’t really get to catch their set.

When it was time for Project:Deadman to hit the stage, we were all set. We had 3 cameras on stage, and 1 out in the crowd next to the sound booth. Tim was also out there making sure everything was good with the audio that was feeding into DFENS’ Mac. So then, it was ON! Mike E. ClarkProzak, and their hype man came out to the stage while DFENS, Rob, and myself caught every shot we could think of! Let me remind you that the entire mainstage crowd area was a mud pit. That comes heavily into play. PDM was gettin the crowd all kinds of crazy! They were throwing out t-shirts, CDs, and mud that had been flung at them by some Juggalos in the crowd. Once PDM started throwing mud their way, they responded 100 fold! Mud was fuckin flying EVERYWHERE! I know some of you motherfuckers were aiming at me, but that’s ok. It was funny as hell dodging all of those shitty mud bullets! One caught me in the neck, and a glop or 2 got on my camera. All in all though, I’d say we did a good job capturing the moment, and that PDM did a HELL of a set! Oh, let’s not forget about KING GORDY who came out a few songs into the set too! Juggalos and Juggalettes…the man lives up to his name. That fucker is FAT! And what did he do? Took his shirt off to spread that fat love! If you’ve never seen Gordy perform, then you have no idea how animated this huge motherfucker is! And with every movement, came every ripple and wave of fatness. lol. If you don’t believe me, then you haven’t seen This Picture! After they had performed their last song, PDM and Gordy walked off stage for a second. Then out of nowhere, and before I cut my camera off, Mike E. Clark came back out and screamed at the audience: “So you wanna start some shit??!?!” I have NEVER seen a faster response, or more mud thrown at one person in my entire life…and doubt I ever will again! IT was insanity, and I’m pretty sure it was all caught on film. (DFENS has that footage, and I don’t know that we’ll be able to release it to you at all. We’ll see what they say.)

Next up was REHAB. Yes, we got the opportunity to film their entire set too! Now I have been to and filmed a TON of rap shows, but getting a 7 Man Band (including the DJ and Demun Jones) was a new experience for me. Hopefully I did the show justice, because I was moving around everywhere trying to get good shots! To be completely honest with you, I was nervous for Rehab that night. They had never performed in front of a crowd that was exclusively Juggalos, and I didn’t know how the crowd would react to their Southern Rap/Rock sound. Juggalos who weren’t there: They KILLED IT! They started off performing the track “It Don’t Matter”. That’s one of their slower tracks, and I was afraid that if it went on for too long, they’d get the Bubba Sparxxx treatment. After that track, there were some cheers, but then Danny Boone won them over with his lightning fast acapella rap flow! From that point on, there were no worries on my end. The entire audience was in it, and barely a single piece of mud, trash, or anything got thrown. There are always a few hecklers, but that’s to be expected anywhere.

After REHAB owned that bitch, it was time for Twiztid to take the stage. I actually ran into Matt Nipz back stage and since we were there with camera in hand, asked if he wanted us to catch Twiztid‘s set on video too. He said he’d ask about it, but he was running around doing so much that I don’t think he ever had the chance to. But we were all still back stage, and actually on the sidestage at that point. So we kinda just chilled there until the show started up! Twiztid came out, projectors and all, and just demolished the crowd! We got to watch about half the set from the side stage, which was a really fresh experience. It was getting hella crowded over there though, so I knew it wouldn’t last long. Before you knew it, there was a security person up there checking people’s badges, and we were all badgeless. So off we went into the crowd. We met up with our crew (G Dub, PsykoScott, etc.), and enjoyed the rest of Twiztid’s set from there. From what I remember, it was pretty much the same set as the Guillotine Tour, but seeing Twiztid live is always the shit.

After Twiztid’s set, it was time for the afterparties at Club Chaos! As you can tell, we spent a ton of time there…but it was all of 10 feet away from our campsite, you know? A bunch of people came by our campsite to say what’s up to us on that night. It was fuckin nuts! We had Danny from Rehab there, most of the Filthee Immigrants, our homie Kevin Gill, the Rude Boy, and one of the cameramen from Hatchet Action News even swung by to see what was goin on! I was filmed, so who knows…maybe a clip will end up in a post-gathering Weekly Freekly Weekly!

While we were all at the campsite, we heard all kinds of commotion outside. A fight had broken out, and these 2 white, shaved head motherfuckers were brawling on the hood of PsykoScott’s suburban. Him being the big ninja that he is, basically pushed them elsewhere, and let them finish up. I don’t know what it was about, and really didn’t care. That wasn’t the last of it though. There were like 3 fights right within the span of a few minutes there! 2 guys were mouthing off to each other, and one of them got their nose straight broken. It was 1 hit, and dude was down and bleeding. I actually pulled the guy back who hit the other ninja to keep it from going any further. He had proven his know? Now why did these fights all start? At that point, there was a TON of speculation. I won’t even go into it though because I don’t want to get the story wrong.

I don’t know what point in the night it was, but more drama happened involving Preach, and some of the people he was with at the Jump Off. I heard all of this second-hand but feel the need to add it in to tell you why things escalated the way they did. Three-Ring, our homie from Dallas, was drunk as all fuck. And when Three-Ring is drunk, he’s a happy drunk. He knew that we had talked to Otis that night, and that we had pretty much set things straight. I don’t know who all was with him, but Three-Ring went up toPreach and his people to try and talk some sense into them. Keep in mind, he was stumbling over drunk. He actually told me that he tried to squash shit with them before things got outta hand. Three-Ring mentioned that I had talked to Otis, cleared the air, and that it was stupid for anything to go further than it had. From what I was told, everyone there was cool with that, except for Preach. He responded to “Fuck Off”, and then some pussy out of nowhere came and sucker-punched Three-Ring. That is the most bitch-ass fuckin move ever. If you’ve got a beef with somebody, be a man about it. Don’t hit them and then run off. Well, immediately after that happened, security got in between the people who were with Three-Ring, and the people who were with AMB’s boys from Denver. Needless to say, after that entire situation, Three Ring was pissed. He isn’t someone you want angry at you. This killa played linebacker for Kansas state, and just annihilates people in a pit. That’s when he’s having FUN…

On a better note, everyone at Club Chaos was more than kind to myself, and everyone at our campsite. I spent a lot of time at their “VIP” area that night, and ended up talking to Underground Psycho contestant HaVoK, theRude Boy again (who promised us a shoot interview, where NO question would be left unanswered), and my homie, Kevin Gill and his girl Barb. Gillwas set to spin that night at Club Chaos, and I wanted to check that out for myself! He went on for over 90 minutes, and the party didn’t stop! There were drunken naked chicks dancing in front of the DJ booth until they literally fell over! I know that Delusional, J, Rudy, AMB, and a few others were back there checkin shit out. Kevin knows what the fuck he’s doin’ on the boards!

That just about ended our night after Kevin was finished. I dragged my tired ass over to the campground, and called it a night.

Sunday, July 16th
It was here, it was HOT, and it was the last day of the Gathering. Everyone woke up that day, and it was a fuckin SAUNA underneath our tarps/tents. Everyone woke up drenched with sweat, and decided that we didn’t want to spend another night out there…especially after an ICP show. So we tore down the campsite, loaded up our rides, and booked another night at the glamorous, luxurious Hebron Deluxe Inn. lol. Man I wish I had thought about getting pics of that place. But it was a hot shower, and a bed (of sorts) to sleep on. That’s all we cared about. Everybody pretty much decided that they were going to wait until later that night to return to the Gathering. Tim had actually decided that he would take off from there so he could make it back to work the next morning. It was the shit seeing you though homie! After chillin at the hotel for a few hours, G-Dub took Mandie and I back to the campgrounds, because I wanted to get the Mike E. Clark Seminar on film. I thought that maybe they would do something special…like play a Tempest beat, or even have ICP as special guests there. We waited there at the seminar tent for all of 10 minutes, and then found out that the Mike E. Clark Seminar had been Cancelled. Fuckin balls. So there went one of the only reasons we came back that early. However, it ended up being WELL worth it!

We went over to the Info Tent, where Nathan Extra and Tall Jess were getting ready to judge the Scavenger Hunt contestants! For those of you that don’t know, there was a scavenger hunt going on that ENTIRE weekend! There were crazy things that you had to find like a wad of gum put together that was bigger than a softball, a dirt rendition of Violent J’s head, a virgin over the age of 21, 12 pairs of panties, Otis freestyling about you, and more! There were over 40 items on the list, and my homie David aka RamGoGof Florida was on the team that fuckin SCHOOLED IT! Our homie Johnny Cof also teamed up with him. They got all kinds of extra points for the sculpture of J’s head that he made completely of mud, straw, soda can tabs, and tissue paper! It was fuckin amazing! The winners of the Scavenger hunt had choices of the mic stand from thet Hell’s Pit Tour, a standup scooter that J rode around during the AJB Tour, a Shaggy’s Laundry Bag pack with 6 or 7 jersies that had all been worn by Shaggy, and all had his name on the back. There was also the Dark Lotus Football Team set, where you got the shoulder pads/jersies that were worn in the 2004 Lotus photo shoot, some HatchetGear prize packs, and some other stuff I can’t think of. We stayed around there for more than an hour, until it got to be close to the last Twiztid Seminar of the Gathering! So we of course had to go over there and film that to hook all of you up!

Twiztid’s seminar on Sunday was funny as ever, but unfortunately we had to miss ClaAs‘s set at the Bomb House, since the seminar ran long. So we just walked back over to the Info tent, chilled with a few people who were still over there hangin’ out, and then ended up meeting our whole crew before Digital Underground‘s set that night. On the way over, G Dub had noticed that Preach and their entire crew were standing around by a concession area in the crowd. Everyone was sober now, so instead of getting sucker punched, we just moved our entire group of people right next to theirs. It was dark, so nobody had noticed. I don’t remember who said the first words, but there were definitely many exchanged. People who I hadn’t seen the entire time were there…but not talking shit. There were a ton of verbal exchanges…mostly cool heads were prevailing though. Basically, the biggest exchanges of words I noticed were between PsykoScott and Adam Anthraxe, of Pueblotus. Anyone who has seen Adam posting on boards and whatnot know that he’s an avid fan and supporter of AMB’s music. We have had our words over the stupid shit mentioned WAAAAAAY at the top of this review, but nothing recently. Scott basically told him that their douchebag friend had been talking shit and skating away from it the entire weekend. Now that everyone was there, there was really nowhere to go for Preach. Basically, Preach has good friends. They know he’s a dumb shit. They didn’t say it in that way, but it was something along the lines of the fact that they don’t agree with some of the shit that he does or has done, but if it comes to blows, they’d side with him. Just on a side note, at that point, he was about 10 feet away from anyone behind his people. Yes, he was still pointing and carrying on like he was going to do something, but ended up saying “You’re lucky I talked to my bosses” (ie: AMB). It’s just funny that it came to that, he had his chance, and he didn’t take it. Fuck that guy. Oh, the speechless guys who were with him during the first time he came by our campsite were all there too…not saying a word. Honestly, I think that they wanted no part of the shit that he was trying to start. In fact, nobody there seemed to want anything to do with it. Again, it’s a stupid reason. We don’t like your boys’ music…so what? Leave it at that.

Then, things got out of hand. We turned around to walk away, and someone threw out one last parting shot. You know, those guys who HAVE to get the final word in? Well, I don’t know who it was, but it pissed G Dub off. He spat in their direction. After that, a beer can came flying at us. PsykoScott’s girl Oxi saw who threw it, smacked the bitch, and then my girl Mandie, of all people, got in the way so she couldn’t retaliate. That’s when the pussy shit came in. One of 2 girls (we don’t know which one) clocked Mandie over the head with a fuckin flashlight. Hey, I understand defending your girl if she’s getting pounced on, but she wasn’t. It was a cheap shot, which seems to be an ongoing occurrence on their end. At that point, Three Ring jumped into the cat fight, and just started flinging bodies left and right. He got the chicks separated, and everything had simmered. I’ve gotta tell you this too. I heard all of this second hand. My girl doesn’t bullshit though, so that’s what happened. After objects start flying in our direction, I tend to watch my back. G Dub mentioned to me that Mandie had gotten hit in the head. Everyone involved in the chick squabble got their licks in, but nobody was seriously hurt. The flashlight put a cut over Mandie’s forehead, and you know how head wounds bleed. Before I go any further, because I know I’m all over the place at this point, I wanted to point out a fun fact. One of the bitches who initiated the entire thing and was quick to throw down is a young, married woman, with more than 1 child. Yes, they would be so proud of you throwing yourself into harm’s way over some stupid bullshit.

When I saw Mandie bleeding from her head, I was just enraged. It wasn’t a serious injury by any means, but how it happened was just FUCKED. And all because some caveman lookin motherfucker couldn’t help from Flappin’ his gums the entire weekend. There were further means to make sure everything was straight after that, but I won’t go into it for the sake of anonymity.

We went over to our chill spot in time to see ICP hit the stage. Everyone’s adrenaline was all pumping at that point, so you’re all kind of lucky that you got even a few distant pictures of their set. The set was pretty much the same as the last 2 years at the Gathering. The HUGE ICP lights, faygo bins, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that though, just worth mentioning. One disappointing fact worth mentioning is that Violent J promised someTempest Tracks during their set, and not a single verse was ever delivered. Stale.

On a lighter note though…remember that pool that we used on Thursday Night to do the FLH Baby Oil Wrestling in? Well, we had forgotten to pack it up on Sunday morning when we had left. Towards the end of ICP’s set, what do we see making it’s way across the mosh pit? Our Baby Oil Wrestling Pool. So Madrox, if you’ve read this far, that’s why we didn’t set up thet Baby Oil Wrestling to take place at the Twiztid Pajama Jammy Jam. It was a victim of an ICP mosh pit. lol. At that point, no matter what had just transpired, I still had to crack a smile at that one!

After 5 days of ups and downs, most of us didn’t even stay late for the after parties. It was all about the hotel, getting a good night’s rest, and hitting the road early the next morning. The drive back was pretty fun…but definitely seemed longer than the drive to Columbus. Ahh well, it’s usually like that.

So, now to wrap things up on this gargantuan review. After reminiscing through the fresh times we had this year, the Gathering wasn’t bad at all. It DID seem to be put together last minute, and even ICP and Twiztid made references to the place not being up to par. Was the mud a factor? Yeah, maybe the first day or 2. But it dried up a lot towards the latter part of the Gathering, and was close to bearable. There are some talented, creative Juggalos who were at the Gathering. Between some of the Scavenger hunt items, and some of the Morton’s List quests I heard about…you guys fuckin Freaked it! As always, I had a great time spending nearly a week with some of my closest friends. I also met a TON of people that I hadn’t before, and only knew through their email aliases. Much props to all of you showin’ love! You guys at Club Chaos are the shit. Everyone that rode in our 4 vehicle caravan were nothing but cool. Everyone at Psychopathic that I ran into couldn’t have been nicer, and more appreciative of what we try and do here at FLH! I don’t really want to do a shoutout page here at the end, but you all know you’re the shit!

I know there are some things that I experiences that I probably just didn’t think about at the time that I typed it up. But this is fresh enough! I know it’s by FAR my longest Gathering review to date, so hopefully some of you get to this point in reading it. Thank you for your time, and much love for your support!

PS: For those of you who were offended by any part of this, you know how to Get A Hold of Me.


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    sup homie just wanted to say i was there man the mud was fucked not to mention the giant lake that me and my boys had to navigate the weekend in the parking lot and the pit by the mainstage was crazy and deffinatley smelled like shit haha so nasty man nobody was even tryin to touch that shit lol but i gotta tell ya somthin remember when you were talking about the mud flyin like a MOTHER FUCKER dude i was throwin that shit and im pretty sure your the guy i hit on stage with that camera man im 95% sure it was me lol im sorry man!! mcl stay true fam~!!!

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