April 20, 2024
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What Up and welcome to My Gathering Review!

First off I wanna give shouts to, Raizer From Ohio Juggalos, For hookin’ Scottie, and Myself up PHAT!, also maaaadddd love goes to Scottie D, finally getting to Chill with you was the bomb!, then I wanna send shouts to my homie Chet (eastside ninja) you’re the shit homie, Sexy Illusionist, even though I only saw you the last night, it was fresh, Steve, Cierra :-\ I’m really truly sorry, and i hope you can forgive me, Jeff, Bri, everyone else at Camp Site 10, also much love goes to Jay of the HRCC, and I hope nobody got a hold of that wig, also MAAADDDDD Props to Kelly, Nathan, and Vance you 3 were the shit, you showed Juggalo Love like none other, on top of bein’ the shit to hang with, the drunk dude at camp site 33 we chilled with, and last but not least, Jumpsteady deserves more props than ANYONE! I’m goin’ on pure speculation, but I heard during the gathering he was doing Multiple 12 Hour Shifts to keep the shit in order, so that the gathering was going off without a hitch, and finally, the fine people of Garrettsville, and the owners of Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, even though they were kinda iffy on having us in their town, none of the papers had any bad news to report.

Ok, Now onto the actual review.

Thursday: It’s about 8 AM when I leave, according to Map Quest, the trip there would take….3:43….wanna know how long it took me to actually find the place, it’s a ton of shit, it took upwards of about 8 hours to get there, I mean, I was in the area at around noon or so, and can’t find the parking lot, so i’m like…damn hold the fuck up, stop for directions, they send us going west on the 422, and in about an hour we realize that dude was an asshole and sent us back to cleveland, seriously, street lights, stop lights, construction all that, finally we get in the right direction and finally reach the gathering around 4 PM, and quickly went to find camp site 10 in the Diamond Rain district, dropped my shit off, and 10 minutes later up walks my homie,Eastside Ninja, listen that’s one of the nicest ninjas I’ve ever met, don’t be hatin’ on him. so after I had a few words with Chet, and the rest of the people at the camp site, I took a walk over to where we’d be holding the Pudding Wrestling! over at 33 in the Chaos district, i swear that camp site was THE BOMB!!! it was totally secluded, own little section in there, it owned, anyways, I head on over and meet up with Raizer, he was the shit y’all he was steady hookin’ us up like crazy, anyways, ask anybody Thursday wasn’t too much going on. So about 7 PM they start having bands do live performances on the main stage, MOST OF WHICH SUCKED!!! and lemme say his, the ninjas that played before V-sinizter were fresh, but they were getting maaadd hated on, which wasn’t near the case of what happened, lets say Oct. 31st at Hallowicked, Not sure if anyone noticed but it was the same band that opened the show on halloween night this year, anyways they fuckin’ rocked it, I enjoyed their set, they’re the shit. After them, V-Sinizter came out to do a set, It was ok, except for the fact someone was seriously injured, or something in the middle of the crowd, I heard a couple people say somebody had a Seizure (see ax. you weren’t the only one that flipped out) but anyways I’m not 100% sure about what happened, all I know is a ninja went out on an ambulance, and it was only the first night so I was expecting a lot more of that. Finally the Opening Ceremonies began, there were people swingin like balls of fire on each side of the stage, hippie bongo players, I mean, they went all out, then the Rude Boy appears from the backstage area to greet us, welcome us, all that, then he introduces the masterminds behind this years gathering Jumpsteady, and Alex Abbiss, they put in their words welcoming everyone, and getting the props they deserve, then they introduce, ICP, Zug Izland, Esham,, and ABK and they introduce the Gathering in the only way they can, with a big 10 minute longJuggalo Chant. After the Opening Ceremonie’s it was just steady chillin’ atDiamond Rain, Site 10 waitin for Scottie D, and Damn a lot of people were askin’ where the fuck he was! I was sounding like a broken record “no his flight left at 4 and won’t land in CLE ’til around 10.” So I chilled with Chet a.k.a. Eastside Ninja and his homie Cierra, I can’t stress enough how fresh of a ninja Chet is, to pass the time, we’d walk around with this “penis water pistol gun type thing” Chet or Cierra’s brother Jeff would stick it hangin out their fly’s squirtin’ people while we walked by, finally Scott got to the park, and we gave him directions to the camp site, his ass was right across our campsite just over behind a truck in-front of a lemonade stand (the one by the seminar area if y’all ninja’s remember right), So we start playin’ Marco Polo to fuckin’ get his ass over where we were, so Scott came over, Chet, Scott, and myself just chilled for a few minutes before me and Scott started puttin’ up his tent, took like 15 minutes before we went for a walk around the park. We started walkin’ over to where the pudding wrestling would be held on Sunday, and Scott and myself met up withRaizer from Ohio Juggalos, and anyways we chilled with him while he promoted some mushroom head, dope, and all his type of shit, seriously, I just don’t feel that shit, but it don’t bug the fuck outta me, we chilled, drank Pepsi Blue, and Pepsi Twist for a while, before me and Scott were off again, this time lookin’ for the JCW area (we couldn’t miss the big silva documentary). We walked right on past the turn. The shit was so hidden, and we went right up to the hospitality area, where a ton of ninjas were just passed out. So we agreed we’d gone too far and turned back. So we’re walkin’ back who rolls up in their fuckin’ golf cart, Joey I use that name instead of Shaggy because he HAD NO PAINT ON! This was the story most the weekend. After the concerts you’d see J, Shaggs, ABK everyone just drivin’ around havin’ a good time just fuckin’ chillin’ with the Juggalos (man no paint picture lovers are gonna have a blast with all the pictures ninjas took of them). I have no clue why people just go nuts when their not painted up, but eh, oh well. Anyways Joey rolls up to us with a couple fine ass bitches like “hey do either of you know how to get to camp site 78?” After we introduce ourselves of course, like “hi i’m Scottie D from FLH” and “hey what up I’m Jeremy from FLH” “what up ninjas I’m Joey” well we had no clue where camp site 78 was, so we bust out the map and give him some maaaaddddd in depth directions. For instance, go straight up this path, then take a right and it’s 2 sites down on the left, but whatever you do, DON’T GO PAST THE SHITTERS! If you go past the porta-pottie’s you gone too far! So he rolls off and we stroll back down in the opposite direction, still looking for where the JCW area was, because that was where the late-night movies were held. So we keep walking (eventually passing our exit once again) and then Joe, comes driving by surrounded by a crowd, rolling with some bitches, followed by Esham in his own golf cart. I can’t tell you how many times that mother fucker almost ran me down! J eventually rolls right by, but Esham’s headin’ straight for Scott and me like he’s got a grudge. My guess is though, Drunk as fuck drivin’ golf cart, let it be known, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! PERIOD…. Not even a golf cart. Anyways, we go back and find Raizer, and my brother Steve and go looking once again for the JCW area, and finally find it. By that time like the Big Silva documentary had been on for atleast 10 minutes. Regardless, we sat and watched on the grass. It was fresh! They smashed a computer, a box of 8 2-liters of faygo (faygo is big silva’s only challenge) and then 2 boxes of faygo, and then, a fuckin’ grill! YES A FUCKIN’ GRILL, Big Silva was gettin’ his BBQ on! After the documentary, we just decided to go back to camp site 33, and get a bomb ass fire goin’ and cook some hot dogs, that’s what we did! No one cared the hot dogs tasted like lighter fluid (cuz god damn we used a lot of that to get the bitch goin’) and we basically chilled all night there, ’til around 6 am, when me and Scott were like, shit, this place is the bomb! It was maaaaaadddddd secluded, surrounded by trees, and all that fun shit. So we’re like, why don’t we just take the stakes out of the tent at number 10, and head on over here with it? Raizer was cool as fuck for lettin’ us stay there, and hookin’ us up PHAT! Cuz we were obviously so un-prepared for a camping trip….So we just went back to 10, and took the stakes out from the ground like, lets Just carry the fucker back over to number 33. There was a lil’ game of HORSE we started playin, Raizer, Scott, and myself. Like half way through it, none of us had made a shot yet, and a lil’ ninja from Alabama i believe joined the game. His name was Chris, he was cool as fuck! If he’s readin’ this hit a mutha fucka up with an email, you can find it somewhere on the site! Anyways H-O-R-S-E wasn’t that fresh, ask Scott about the white boy skills I got! Man I wish I had the video camera rolling, that was some hilarious shit, I lost though, I’m not sure but I think Scott won. Finally we winded down by the fire some-what, and broke the fuck out of a wooden palette to create a bomb ass fire with, (we broke quite a few palettes that weekend). Then Raizer just doused the shit in lighter fluid! Flames were gettin’ so fuckin’ high we were gettin’ ninjas walkin’ by the main trail like, holy fuck forest fire bitch! But it was contained, anyways, after the bomb ass fire, we all just basically started dozing off around like 8 am, I slept in a chair by the fire, (see gathering pics and find my ass sleepin’ like a baby. Scott, you ass…) Sleepin’ by the fire wasn’t such a fresh idea. The bottom of my shoe melted. Anyways, that was about it for Thursday!

Scottie’s Notes from Thursday: This year, I flew, courtesy of my good friends Kel and Nathan, along with Nathan’s brother Vance. We flew out late Thursday afternoon…the first day of the Gathering. We figured that the first day wouldn’t have much going on…so all of us got in a miserable one more day of work in before we left. lol. It’s all good though…just more cash to spend there! After connecting in Milwaukee, we flew out to Cleveland. From there, we got a rental SUV (Suzuki XL-7…upgraded from a midsize sedan because of Kel struttin’ her stuff!) and rolled out to the Microtel hotel in Streetsboro Ohio. This was a good 40 minute drive from the Crystal Forest, but it didn’t matter because at least we had a place to shower after getting doused with hundreds of liters of Faygo! We got checked into the hotel, everyone but me toked up, and then we headed out to the Gathering! If I remember right, we got there at around 10:30 at night, and I set up my tent in the dark. Carnie and I hung out pretty much the whole night on Thursday and wee into the morning hours of Friday, so if I typed out what happened on Thursday, it would look almost exactly the same. On a funny note, when we were moving my tent, we moved it from the Diamond Rain District, all the way over to the Chaos District. Keep in mind, that it was still fully set up! We had like 4 ninjas (1 on each corner) carrying that thing halfway across Nelson Ledges’ 250 acres at about 6:30 in the morning! Some security guards stopped us and were like “Hey, are you guys stealing that tent?” I’m like “ummmm….No.” (all conspicuous like), and they’re like “OK, we just gotta make sure” while laughing. I don’t know….maybe you had to be there, but I found it funny that 4 juggalos were carrying a 4 man tent over 100 acres completely set up! As far as HORSE goes, you’re damn right I won that game! After Carnie crashed that morning, I went to do some exploring, and ran in to Tom Dub and Kodez from Twiztid.com. It was like 8:00 in the morning, they had just gotten there from driving hours on end, and we were chillin at one of the food stands eating ribs, cheese sticks, and chicken sandwiches. Tom seemed a hell of a lot more laid back than usual. He’s always been a cool ninja to hang with, but you can definitely tell when he’s working, and when he’s there just enjoying the scenery. The latter was definitely taking place at this year’s Gathering, so he was taking full advantage of it. He and Kodez had to run off somewhere after about a half hour of us chillin, and so I went off to the campsite at about 8:30 AM and crashed….for about an hour and a half. Friday morning started up at 10:00 AM, and I’ll let Carnie take over from here.

Friday: So we basically went to bed Friday morning, and I woke up around 3 hours later to Scott taking that picture of me sleeping that I mentioned, Anyways, first we just sat by the Main Stage, and watched the Faygo-Drinking contest The hosts were none other, than former ICP.comwebmaster, Jelly Nuts, and chubby homie Upchuck The Clown! Upchuck was the bomb, he’d go back and forth across the stage, dissin’ on faygo-drinking tactics. Not only were ninja’s pukin’ their ass off, but Upchuck was there to make fun of them! Anyways, about 9 minutes into it, only 2 ninjas were left, a hometown detroit ninja (whoo whoo) and a Canadian. Of course Upchuck was giving the canuck a hard time for being Canadian, and was giving the ninja from D-town a hard time for losing to a canuck! With shit like “what the hell canucks can’t chug pop what the hell?” shit like that just heckling the mother fucker. Anyways the Canadian won that day. After that, me and Scottie decided we’d jump off the cliff, which we kept forgetting about due to Bouncy Boxing (i don’t wanna talk about it, but expect scott to). HELLA ninjas stopping to chill with Scottie D (fuckin’ celebrity i tell ya!). By the time we finally made it over to the cliff, the shit was closed, so were like shit, we’ll catch the next session at four, meaning we had a couple hours to kill. We watched the ICP seminar, (you prolly read all that in Scott’s update from the Gathering). Well I watched some of it, Scott watched it all, but I just hung out with Chet, and some of his homies and listened in. Same with the first Twiztid Seminar. Anyways, finally we’d killed that time, and went to Jump off of the cliff. Right when we get there, My concert-goin’ homie Denny was on a bike, ready to fuckin’ jump off the cliff on that bitch! It was definatly funny. Myself and Scott both jumped a couple times, Chet jumped like once, and we were out. So let’s just fast forward past all the stops we got for ninjas talkin’ to Scott (yeah I just chilled like what up though til Scott’s like ‘yeah this is Carnie’ lol) and let’s go straight to the concerts. The first act was Jumpsteady he did his set with his homie Delusional. Delusional’s the shit y’all! He’s a fat kid of course, and shit, he brings so much hype to Jumpsteady’s show! For real, in all respects to Rob and shit, if it wasn’t for Delusional, I think his set would be pretty boring. Anyways Jumpsteady came out decked in Desert Storm Style, and did songs such as Mad Mad World, and The Chaos Theory. Also, what fuckin’ really hyped me was, he did that Secret song on the album with Samantha! Yes lil’ Samantha was actually on stage, with her Dad, and Rob had nothing but a big ass smile, literally from EAR-2-EAR. I did too, while Sam spit her sweet lil’ raps! it was the BOMB! Next to hit the stage was Esham. Even though I’m a pretty big fan of Esham, with TNT, I didn’t really pay much attention to his set, because well, any which way I was gonna see him the following Tuesday. Also, since December I’ve seen him like 5 or 6 Times, But he played a ton of classics, such as Comerica, Sunshine, 9 Dead Bodies, and the list went on. He also played Migraine Headache (i’m still pissed Violent J and Shaggy didn’t come out to do that song!) That’s the only complaint i had about the Gathering….whenever an artist played a song, that featured another artist, they wouldn’t come out and do the shit with them. The only exception was ABK’s set where J and Esham, and Blaze came out to do Sticky Icky Situations, and J for Gang Related, (but Jamie Madrox didn’t come out to do “Come Out To Play”). Oh well, I got over it. Anyways, last up that night was none other than Dark Lotus!, They played just about every DL song, and then they also played Spin The Bottle, and I’m sure a couple other songs, but I’m not recalling them. After the show I found Scottie, and we waited for his homies Kelly, Nathan, And Vance, I ain’t got NOTHING but love for these 3 ninjas, Y’all were definatly the fuckin’ bomb diggity! Even if Kelly thought I was a girl before she met me. (Glad to see you read my “about us” info! but it’s all good I see how Carnie can go either way but I’ll let it slide) Anyways we went back to the Microtel Hotel in I think Streetsboro? Seriously we went back cuz Both Me and Scott were prolly stinkin’ to High Fuckin’ Heaven and needed showers. After hearin’ the horror stories they had of the ones they got there, ain’t no way i’m riskin’ a case of herpes for a fuckin’ shower! After the shower, it was prolly like 3 A.M. or something like that (probably earlier, I think I’m exaggerating, but it sure felt like it after bein up 2 days straight with the exception of 3 hours that morning). So we hit up a Denny’s right by the Microtel. Anyways, the food was the bomb, the waiter was the shit, and when bill time came around, “together or seperate” was the question, but both me and Scott said seperate! Well, Kelly was like “fuck that, it’s all about Together.” She had some true Juggalette Shine goin’ on cuz she was hookin’ me and Scott up PHAT!!!! With the hotel to stay at, the food, and everything, y’all are definatly the fuckin’ bomb! After that it was back to the hotel, I basically read Behind The Paint ’til my ass was snoring.

Scottie’s Notes from Friday: First and foremost, I have to give much love to Kel and Nathan for showin’ us so much love! I had such a fresh time getting to know you guys better, and smoking out in the room wasn’t all that bothersome. I promise! lol. Friday was fresh…my first FULL day at the Gathering. Juggalos and Juggalettes were EVERYWHERE, roaming around always finding something fresh to do….like Bouncy Boxing. You’re damn right I’m gonna talk about bouncy boxing! I was up for the challenge against Carnie, and if you haven’t seen This Video yet, it was crystal clear who won that one, and who was wiping the slobber off his mouth with the oversized boxing gloves. lol. I’m just playin homie. ONE thing though, I got my ass STOMPED at Jousting by Carnie’s brother, Steve. First off, no excuses or anything, but it was my first time jousting…American Gladiator style….and I had NO idea that the posts that you stood on moved around. That REALLY fucked me over. I mean I’m not as bad as some people, but I’ve been known to have 2 left feet. So I got up on the post 3 times, and got knocked down flat 3 times. And to add insult to injury, I got a leg drop after my 3rd fall. Oh well..it was all in good fun, and I’ll take him on next year in the ring! ::raises 15 pound gloves in the air:: What can I say? Cliff Jumping was the shit! I went off twice, just going straight down like a little pussy. It was still fun though. And as you could see in that video, there was that killa Denny doing crazy shit off of the cliff on a bike. Friday was also the day that I bought all the merch I wanted. Selection was pretty disappointing this year….some fresh t-shirts, Behind the Paint, Wizard of the hood, and a few others worth mentioning. But that’s also ok, because I needed the cash I saved anyway to put towards other shit. So it all works out in the end. Jumpsteady did a pretty good set, like Carnie said, but you could tell that he had already been yelling at people ALL weekend. His voice was SHOT. It’s definitely a good thing that they had Delusional up on stage being the hype man. When Samantha got on stage, and did her line from “Sammy Song” that says “I’d like to say what up to all the Juggalos”, everyone went nuts over it! It was really cool to see Jumpsteady shining on stage like he was, watching his daughter do her thing. All of the sets that night were unbelievably hype! I mean if you haven’t seen the pictures, Click Right Here! I was all up in the mix snapping photos left and right. That night, since we didn’t get to shower on Thursday, we decided it would be a smart thing to go back to the Microtel Hotel and get our stank asses in the shower. We stayed up, went out to Denny’s, and the next morning, I posted that update to fill you ninjas in on what was goin down at the Gathering. Now, it’s time to get back to Carnie’s story.

Saturday: I didn’t wake up til, around uhhh 11 or so Saturday morning. I’m sure the Gathering was in full effect while I was snorin’ my ass away. Scott was busy with his Update from the Gathering droppin’ some fuckin’ bomb ass seminar news and such. Anyways, I woke up, immediately had to have somethin’ to drink…seriously y’all ever get that Morning breath, that don’t go away til you eat or drink somethin’? Not to mention I left my tooth brush in the car, parked like 30 miles away at Entertainment USA. So I bounced on out to get myself a Red Fusion Dr. Pepper, came back, Vance, and Nathan, and Kelly all took their showers over the next course of an hour or so. So after that, we pretty much chilled and waited to get the crap top online (actually it was a nice lap top, but I like sayin’ crap top,…hehehe ashie) Then we picked up a new person to roll back with named Wendy, Maadddd props to her for ridin’ bitch seat all the way to the Gathering. So Scottie gets his update posted, I grab most of my shit, and we go back to the Gathering, we got there around like 1 or 2 or something, but it’s all good, we really didn’t have too much to miss. The day was pretty much over for us anyways because we all just chilled and watched the seminars til the concerts started. First was the Psychopathic Seminar, hosted by Jumpsteady, Alex Abbiss, and Netmaster Gordon. They covered subjects such as why the fuck are all these things not happening such as Shockumentary 2, and The Shaggy Show, and WTF happened to Juggalettes Gone Wicked!?!?!?!?! The answer to all 3 are, Psychopathic gets an idea, and it’s such a fresh idea they can’t help but tell us, before it’s even confirmed for sure. They’re working on that, and are trying not to tell us shit unless it’s 100% for sure to go down. Also there was something about where the Gathering would be at next year! Jumpsteady answered like this, for this year they originally planned to buy their own plot of land for it, because you know how much of a bad rep shit is for the Gathering. The riots after 2001, the Cop/anti-Tittie war ’02, but this year was going so smoothly. There were hardly any arrests at all other than misdemeanor drug charges, and speeding tickets. Basically the cops were bored all fuckin’ weekend. Anyways, Jumpsteady found Nelson Ledges, and was like, well shit who needs to buy a plot of land when this place is already fully equipped, and down to let us have it here? He also said they might have a poll as to whether they should buy their own land, or have it right back there. I’ll be honest with you, my vote would go back to Crystal Forest, that place was the fuckin’ BOMB! It would save Psychopathic maaaaddddd work next year on setting shit up! There’s not really many places for sale with 2 lakes, and the bomb ass woods and location as Crystal Forest. So if you didn’t make it to the Gathering to experience the flavor, take my word for it, VOTE CRYSTAL FOREST!!!! So that was basically it for the Psychopathic Seminar. Next up was the Blaze Seminar. Iit was alright, not too much info was dropped other than, Blaze won’t never die! (again that is). Y’all can prolly expect him back in the game! He mentioned he would prolly be back, as soon as all kinds of his personal problems got worked out! Next was the Twiztid Seminar…well lets say Jamie Madrox seminar, cuz Paul was just sittin’. Jamie was steady takin’ questions and asking Paul “hey man you wanna take some of these” and he’d just nod no. Well anyways, to sum that all up, Jamie got pissed at Some kid sayin “ROC sold out why the fuck you back with him?” I mean Jamie flipped and almost beat his ass for real man, and kicked him outta the seminar tent. Some see it differently then others, Jamie saw it like this: If your video’s all over the place, you basically sold out. Regardless though, don’t go dissin’ on a ninja cuz he’s tryina make it big. Others see it like this (myself included)…If you change your shit completely around, like the ROC did when he joined Level Jumpers, 1 minute he’s spittin’ the wicked shit, the next he’s spittin’ save the world shit, you know what i’m sayin’? When you totally change your ways to try and make a name for yourself is when i say you sold out. But regardless I ain’t dissin’ nobody for bein’ in the game for the money (Take Snoop Dogg for example, even on the song the shaggy show he says he’s all about the hoes and money, yet everyone loves his ass). But sell out or not, Twiztid/ROC is the bomb, and SWK is gonna be the fuckin’ shit! Anyways other than that, the truth was revealed…Jamie Madrox likes Pacifiers! A Juggalette said “you said you liked my necklace, so i went out and got you one last night!” She tosses it up to him, and it’s a pacifier with a blinking light, and Jamie took a look at it….”I said I liked pacifiers???? I musta been high as hell.” So yeah that’s it, the kid talkin’ ROC sold out’s a bitch, Jamie likes pacifiers, and that was it for that. We were off to see some fuckin’ CONCERTS! The concerts were the bomb, it was Blaze opening his Last Show! (or so he says he’ll be back, wait and see) He rocked it with Shadow, playing songs like Nasty, Maggot Face, Bitch Shut Up, Casket, Hatchet Execution, and another from Colton Grundy and a few others. Then Zug Izland played. Not being the huge fan of Zug that I am, it wasn’t that great for me. But they put on a hell of a show that’s for sure! They played, Fire, War Pigs, The River, Suicide, and a few others. Syn even climbed to the fuckin’ top of the Lights and shit (while i was off restin’ up for V-ICE, and Twiztid). So that wasn’t a bad show for them at all, they fuckin’ rocked the shit. Then Vanilla Ice came out to do his set. He came out to everyone chantin’ “go ninja go ninja go” and he came out and immediatly addressed that he was remaking the song with none other than ICP!!!!!! So that’s the fuckin’ BOMB, I can’t wait for it. I’m not too much on his new hard rock shit (not much of a hard rock fan if you didn’t notice) but he played a lil’ bit of the old school Ice Ice Baby shit! That was fresh as hell! His DJ, did some solo scratches, his drummer did some fresh Drum solo shit, and the crowd had nothin’ to chant but “HO-LY SHIT HO-LY SHIT!” hehe. So that was about it for him and me. Next was Twiztid, and this set was the fuckin BOMB! They opened with 2nd hand smoke, played diemuthafuckadie, Mutant X, We don’t die, Afraid Of Me, Fat Kidz (they threw twinkies and ho-ho’s out to the crowd) and Nikateen (they threw smokes and lighters out, lighters are collectable fo sheezy it They said Nikateen down the side, with a lil’ twiztid.com on there) hmmmm, they played How does it feel, Different, Wondering Why, and closed it with I’m Alright. I was hoping for a lil’ Marsh Lagoon myself, but that’s ok. The set was still off the hook! After the Twiztid set, I met up with Scott once again, and we just kicked it for a while. Jamie, Paul, and J were hangin’ at the Halls Of Illusions waiting for V-ICE’s autograph signing to end, so we just kicked it with them. I talked to Jamie for a couple minutes, Scott talked to Paul on the other side of the golf cart (prolly dissin’ on fat kids…fuckin’ skinny kids….) All while Joe told Us about how Linda Blair (the girl from the excorcist) encounter. So that was fresh hearin’ the story live from J’s mouth. So then V-Ice comes out of the halls, and we say our peace out’s and shit like that, and they bounce, and we bounce and go on over to the JCW area to watch Undercover Brother. We both ain’t feelin’ like pullin’ an all nighter again, and we decide to just kick it back at the camp site and fall asleep, which we did. hehe.

Scottie’s Notes from Saturday: Well motherfuck! I really don’t have anything to say…he pretty much covered it all! Jamie, Paul, and J were cool as hell to talk to, as usual! It was fresh finally getting to talk to them since they asked me to be on Twiztid.com. Anyway, all I can say is that every set I saw that night was the absolute shit! Everybody put 100% of what they had into their sets, because this is the biggest event of the year! Zug Izland rocked the shit outta the crowd, Vanilla Ice never disappoints (so don’t go dissin’ until you see him live!), and Twiztid…well what can I say? They didn’t have any stage props, and as you can tell from the Gathering Highlights vid at Twiztid.com, they had the crowd hyped as hell! As far as me kicking Carnie in the tent goes, if he’d stop trying to move closer and closer as the night moved on to grope me, then I wouldn’t have to resort to the kicking tactics! (lol..j/k homie). Aight, now to the last day of the Gathering.

Sunday: We awoke the next day around 11 AM. I have no clue how i got to sleep between getting kicked, no blankets, no pillow (other than my bag of clothes…i told you we pretty much came un-prepared for a camping trip). Of course with my fuckin’ hair, I musta looked Ridiculous waking up. Anyways, Sunday was pretty relaxed. Most the day we just walked around, gettin’ stopped by ninjas, askin’ about FLH and if they can get a pic with Scott, but it’s all good. That’s about all it was. We caught the ABK Seminar. I couldn’t stand it! I’m sure for some it was fresh, but all it was, take 5 minutes to roll your shit, and then smoke with me pretty much. Neither me or Scottie Smoke down, so it was basically an hour of boredome for us. We were basically just waiting for the mystery seminar up next. The mystery seminar was kinda stale too, I was way too physically exhausted for this. It was another contest (they went in a circle). The first Gathering was a contest, second was ICP with no makeup and home movies, 3rd was Shaggy and his brother John, and basically, startin’ over again. The prizes were $1000 dollars and a backstage pass for first prize, second prize was $500 to spend at the Gathering, with a backstage pass and 3rd place was$200 for the Gathering and a backstage pass. The contest was this: They’d hidden 8 posters (the ring cards from JCW) each with a different number (match 1, match 2, match 3, etc.) Whatever number was on the card was a point value, and whoever had the highest point value won!. Also there was a Flag hidden somewhere, worth 10 points. So basically if you found the flag, you’d prolly win. But you never know, people could find 2 flats like numbers 5 and 6 you know shit like that. We weren’t in the mood to search Crystal Forest so we just went and got some food. I was in line for one thing, Scott went for a Turkey Leg (haha eatin’ that meat) Anyways, in front of me, was Nosawa, and Lenny Lane from JCW. Lenny Lane was the shit, all throughout the line pretty much we basically talked wrestling and shit. I wasn’t houndin’ or nothing, but I’m like “daaaammmnnnnn I used to watch this killa all the time in WCW and here he is standin’ next to me! there’s one to tell my old monday night wrestling homie Josh about” Lenny Lane was a real fuckin’ cool guy. So I got my food, and went over to chill with Scottie, and some English ninjas from UKJuggalos.com. These ninjas were the fuckin’ BOMB! I wish we woulda hung out a lil’ more at the Gathering. They even had the fuckin’ British accent! I was fuckin’ Trippin’! It was cool as fuck hangin’ with ninjas with accents, them things crack me up all the time. It was great they were hella crackin’ on Scott like “eat that meat” shit like that cuz he had a huge turkey leg, so that opened up a whole ‘nother line of jokes! like “yeah right your keeping them for yourselve” and “do they fit?” shit like that. We were just fuckin’ with ya havin’ a good time. So we just pretty much hung with them for a while up until we felt like goin’ to the concerts. We didn’t care for Killah Priest (apparently neither did anyone else). Then KMK hit the stage, I’ll be the first to say, I like little to no KMK music, but they put on a DAMN GOOD show, and Pakelika can dance like a fuckin mutha fucka! After KMK was ABK. He did songs such as While Your Sleepin’, Come Out To Play, Ghetto Neighbor, Your Neden’s Haunted, Sticky Icky Situations (with Blaze, Esham, and Violent J), Now You Know, Gang Related (with Violent J), Foo Dang, Close Call, Kill Me, Hollow Point, A new Song, a couple others, and In The City (decked out in indian vs. gang outfits). After ABK, was Bushwick Bill. Everyone was hatin’ on him for the shit with Twiztid! I don’t see why though, that’s their beef not ours. Plus, he’s a midget, come on, how you gonna hate midgets? Him and Geto Boys pretty much laid the fuckin’ track that all our favorite Psychopathic stars have followed. He even did a few Geto Boys Tracks like Childs Play, and Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta. His set was prolly my favorite Non-Psychopathic set, because damn, there’s nothin’ as fresh as a midget runnin’ across a stage rockin’ a show! Finally ICP finally was about to take the stage. The Intro to Walk Into Thy Light played, I fuckin’ love when they do that live! I saw it twice on the Diamonds Raining tour, but after the intro, Shaggy steps in from the back and kicks down his part. Then Violent J, all while the fuckin’ sparkle shit is rainin’ down on us (i hate gettin’ that shit in my mouth!) but it’s all good. Anyways, they fuckin’ just rocked the hell out of the stage, with songs like Murder Rap, Blam!!!, Thy Staleness, The Chorus to I Want My Shit, Everybody Rize, Assassins, Dead Body Man, Cemetary Girl, 3 Rings, Toy Box, Pass Me By, Down With The Clown, And they ended it with I’m Coming Home, (also a few other songs were played but i can’t remember the shit!) After the Show me and Scott stuck around for a couple minutes of the Faygo Armageddon, but After that it was off to the pudding wrestling! It was OK, but not all it was hyped up to be (atleast what i saw). Basically we got a pot goin’ for the winner to try and give the Juggalettes an Incentive to wrestle. There was about $110, a box of Frankenberry, and Boo berry cereals, but the winner, straight up she was bein’ a bitch talkin’ shit to me. Too bad she didn’t get that full $110 cash prize too. So fuck her! But anyways after that, no one wanted to wrestle. I grabbed my shit and Me and Steve bounced and decided to head home. We stopped at a service plaza for about 2 hours, and there were 3 ninjas chillin’ there by the entrance! They were from Minnesota I think. Then my homie Stephan The Retard rolls up…holy shit a retard in cleveland! damn! We just chilled for a couple hours, and then we pretty much just bounced on out, and I pretty much just passed out on the way home. We got home around 8 am, and pretty much I slept all day long. When i got back online, all these stories “man Rudy and J moved the pudding wrestling to the main stage” shit like that, and we missed it. But I don’t really mind I was desperate to sleep in my own bed, and that was pretty much how the Gathering went for me. It was MAAADDDD fun and it couldn’t have went off any better. It was perfect! No problems in the park at all! And if they have a poll, My vote’s goin’ to have it back at Crystal Forest! So until I see ya next year, Much Family Luv to all the ninjas I chilled with, Scott, Raizer, Kelly, Vance, Nathan, Komodo, Chris, Chet, Cierra, Jeff, Bri, Peter, and his homies fromUKJuggalos.com Bonko The Insane from ICP4Ever.com, Gino, Mike, Jay From the HRCC, and the Most love goes to Jumpsteady, and the Psychopathic Crew for puttin’ together the best fuckin’ weekend EVER! and anyone else I forgot, MMFL!

Scottie’s Notes from Sunday: Ahhh Sunday. The last day of the Best Juggalo Gathering yet! I can honestly say that being that I’ve been to them all! Sure, the first one may always be my favorite as far as memories go, but as far as the setup, activities, and all around layout of it, this one dominates all others! Anyway, back to Sunday. As Carnie said, this was a day that we chose to relax and just take it easy in preparation for the onslaught of concerts that were to be happening that night. Carnie was right though, unless you were a smoker, or were just there to relax, the ABK seminar bored me to tears! The only funny thing about it was when he got so high that he started giggling. lol. I actually thought that the Mystery seminar contest was a very fresh idea! And if I had the energt to exult on that, I just might have. But like I said before, Sunday was all about relaxing…like the calm before the storm! Those UK Juggalos were a trip! You can see pics of us and them in the Gathering ’03 Photo Gallery. Apparently, they have an obsession with the “meats” over in the UK. I mean they say that they are just playing, but my gay-dar was going off loud and clear. lol…j/k guys. The Concerts were SO fuckin LIVE that night! I mean like Carnie, I’m not a big fan of KMK’s music. But once they started playing, and gettin crazy on the stage, I was up in the mix like any other show that I’ve ever been to! If you’ve never seen them live, be prepared for the Wicked Wonka Tour! ABK’s set and stage setup was dope as well. The whole Indian theme was done over really well…totum polls and all! It was a big surprise to see everyone come out for a few of his tracks too! By far, it was the best ABK set I’d ever seen. Now for Bushwick Bill. Carnie said that the crowd was hating, but I don’t see it that way. I mean a bit of trash was getting thrown (making the 400 pound bouncer on stage bend over and show his asscrack to 5,000 Juggalos….it was not a pretty site. lol), but everyone around me was pretty hyped up to the music, especially when “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta” started up. The set wasn’t all that great, but seeing Rudy on stage showin’ love to Bushwick was cool. Then out of nowhere, some other guys came out and started rapping. I’m not talking about the guys who were with Bushwick…but 2 (or 3) other guys. They lasted all of 5 minutes. I don’t think it was because the music was bad or anything…Juggalos were just getting hella restless waiting for ICP’s set! They were just placed in the wrong spot at the wrong time, so no hater tactics go out to them…at least on my part. ICP’s set, well, it stands on grounds far above anything else. There is nothing else like an ICP show to me! The intro was great and started off the mood, and the songs picked couldn’t have been better! Holy shit were there ever a ton of chicken feathers and confetti! You can see that from the pics that I took! Post-concert pics after an Insane Clown Posse show are always the best! After the shows, it was off to Chaos district #33 for our hyped up Pudding Wrestling event! We had so many ninjas there to watch! But there weren’t a lot of girls who were willing to participate. Finally, this big, bad attitude bitch got in, and wanted to get into battle mode with Eastside ninja’s friend, Cierra. Keep in mind that Cierra only weighed probably half as much as that one girl, and put up one hell of a fight. After that battle though, and a lot of waiting, another girl who outweighed the current winner stepped in the ring! Rudy even came over, along with M Dogg 20 to see what was going on! They both put up great matches, but like Carnie said, the bad bitch took the pot. At this point, Kel, Nathan, and Vance were ready to head out to the hotel, and I definitely obliged. That weekend wore me the fuck out, and it was time for some sleep. So i said goodbye to everyone, and we were off. We woke up the next morning to some POURING ASS rain! I have to say that I felt sorry for anyone still out in the Crystal Forest, but at least it held off long enough for the Gathering to finish up! After dropping the rental car off, we went to the airport, and met up with a few Juggalos there! I know you don’t wanna know about my plane trip home, so I’ll end my review here. I gotta say thanks to Kel, Nathan, and Vance for everything they did for us! And what up to Haki, Raizerblades, Carnie, all the UK Juggalos, the HRCC, Eastside, Milenko500 crew, OhioJuggalos crew, Steve, Whacky, Nicole, Burn, OD, Tom Dub, Kodez, Chris the Alabama Juggalo, all of Psychopathic (Especially Rob), Phatty for letting me borrow his camcorder, and anyone else that I didn’t think of! I just want to get this review completed and posted! So that was everything that happened this year. I hope to see even more of you next time! Much Family Luv! 


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