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So you want to know what went on at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2001 huh? Well you’re in luck because in this review of the freshest event to ever hit Toledo, you will find hella info and 150+ pics from it! I hope you ninjas enjoy this shit:

Thursday, July 12th 2001: Me (Scottie D), Tox, and Billy Bill (our ride to the airport) woke up at about 5:15 in the morning. If you remember last year, we took a 29 hour trip on a GreyHound Bus to Detroit. Well, never again will that happen cuz it was hella stale! So, thank God for a hookup from a friend’s mom, we got standby plane tickets like whut! Anyway, we got all our bags and shit and headed to the airport. There were a few Juggalos already roaming the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport ready to get the fuck outta Texas. Now just to let you ninjas know if you don’t already, on a Standby List, you have to wait until everybody and their dog gets on the plane before you get a seat…hence the name STANDBY, but luckily, we got on the first plane out of D/FW. It was a 2 hour plane ride to Chicago O’Hare where our flight was connecting to Toledo. When we arrived there at about 9 AM, there were masses of Juggalos already waiting to catch the next flight. Me and Tox didn’t think the odds were too good of getting on this plane…especially since the piece of shit plane only carried 50 passengers, but as luck would have it, we DID get on that flight! So after about a 40 minute flight to Toledo, it was time to play the Waiting Game. Some friends of ours from ArlingtonAmber and Steve, were meeting us at the Toledo Airport so we could all take a cab ride to our hotel. Luckily there were a few Juggalos to chill with while we were waiting, and time flew by. So when Amber and Steve showed up, we caught a cab to our next destination: The Ramada Inn! This is one of the 2 hotels that is actually connected to theSeagate Center. So even though it was a pretty expensive telly (100 bones a night), splitting the bill 4 ways was cheap as hell! When we were checking into our room, we ran into some of the Dallas Juggalos from the Church Of The Dark Carnival, and we exchanged room information. Now here’s where I start getting to the parts of the Gathering that you actually care about!

Ever since I heard about a MARZ Instore that was taking place the day before the Gathering, I was hyped about going to meet that ninja! So I convinced a small crew of people to come with me to the Instore Signing that was about a 10 minute drive from the hotel. I gotta say thanks toPhatty for making that trip for us. Anyway, we got to the CD store that was hosting the instore, and we all finally got to meet MarZ! He was signing autographs and taking pics with his sidekick, Kaos. Needless to say, these two ninjas were Cool as Fuck!

After signing our shit, Phatty asked MarZ to come out and sign his van with shoe polish! MarZ and Kaos actually left the CD store, went outside, and signed the rental van’s window! It was the shit! While we were all out there, we asked MarZ if we could get a snapshot of the FaYgoLuVeRs that were there…and he was more than happy to. So after chillin with them for about 10 minutes, we were all back to the hotel and gettin hyped as hell for the Gathering!

About 1/2 of the COTDC Dallas Crew stayed outside overnight to wait for theSeagate Center to open it’s doors. I, however, took advantage of having a hotel room and actually used the motherfucker. hehe. I went to sleep pretty early on Thursday night just so I could wake my happy ass up early the next morning.

Friday, July 13 2001: Tox, Steve, Amber and I woke up at like 7:30 or something like that to go get in line. Juggalos were already starting to get restless. One ninja was getting on everybody’s nerves because he kept running around, bumping into people, screaming, and just being a flat out nuissance. So what did Juggalos do about it? They took his 100 pound ass and started powerbombing and piledriving him onto a ragged mattress that my homies from Dallas left there. Yeah, you’re probably saying “Oh Wow…a Mattress”…well yeah you know what? Try a mattress with a metal chair on top of it. hehe. Anyway, Juggalos were setting off fireworks, writing on the walls of the Seagate Center with sidewalk chalk that was GIVEN to us by the Staff of the Seagate Center, and just getting restless. The bad thing is, we weren’t supposed to be let into the Gathering until 1 pm on Friday. Anyway, while we were chillin outside, we ran into Roddy Hogan who hooked us up with some fresh shit back when ICP was in the WCW. He was the fuckin shit! We chilled with him for a while outside and then soon got back into line. Tox was getting especially bored, so he busted into ninja mode.

Most of the people that we met outside were cool as fuck! So what’s the one thing that i haven’t mentioned yet that is usually going on in an ICP line?FAYGO! Believe me, there was plenty of it! There were FaYgo wars in the parking lot across the street, and of course in the lines! Once somebody busted one open though, the cops were on them like Dre on Eminem. At one point in time, the crowd got so out of control that Vampiro came out and told us to chill out until we got inside. He said that once we got inside though that we could “Burn the motherfucker down!”. The cops didn’t like that too much, so they came up to him and then Vampiro retracted what he said and said to be good to the Seagate Center. Anyway, soon after that it was time to get into the venue! After being felt up by the guards, almost ALL of the Juggalos rushed for the Merchandise booths! I stood in different booths for Hours just so i could get all of my merchandise bought on the first day and not have to worry about it the rest of the time. After 500 bucks, and a quick trip to the hotel and back to drop off my shit, me and Tox went to check out the Neden Game. We watched 1 round of it, because the “prizes” looked hella good! But on the second round, we saw who the Juggalos were playing for, and we weren’t really sure if IT had a dick or not, so we left.

At this point, we walked over to the booths that they had set up. I saw thatBlaze Ya Dead Homie was signing autographs, and (no offense), but I knew that his would be the easiest one to get since Twiztid and ICP‘s lines were wrapped around the facility. Tox didn’t want to stand in line, so he went elsewhere. While waiting in line, I met a kick ass ninja named CoZmIc fromHectikJuggalos.com. We talked about a ton of shit and I found out he was only 14 years old. He was a newer Juggalo…but he was definitely down 4 Life! So we get to talking about MarZ, and you know what? There sure are a lot of fuckin HATERS out there! 1/2 of the Juggalos I talk to can’t stand MarZ for some reason. But then again, I don’t think anything of it because a lot of Juggalos didn’t like TWiZTiD or Blaze either at first. Anyway, I heard a lot of people coming by the booth where Blaze was, so i peeked my head out, and who came walkin by? TWIIIIIIIZTIIIIIID!

They were surrounded, so I just took a pic and got back in line. Time was winding down for Blaze to sign autographs and he had to bounce…so I got a few good shots of him and Anybody Killa as they were about to leave. So after about 1-1/2 hours of waiting, guess who didn’t get an autograph? Oh well…there’s always next year! Me and CoZmIc went to grab a bite to eat and chill after that. We waited for Tox to get his ass back from the hotel so we could go and see the Myzery show. When Tox showed up, we hit up the show! Now I know you Juggalos hate Myzery now because of the whole fight between his crew, Twiztid, and Blaze, but those of you who saw the show at the Gathering had to admit that he put on a Hell of a performance! He played some old school shit from Para La Isla, and then some newer shit from an upcoming album that he is working on. Minority was schoolin it on stage with him. I wanna say what up to InsaneFaygoKid who I met during the show too…it was badass to finally meet you! So after the Myzery Show, I went over to some of the stage props and took a pic because I’m aShameless Self Promoter.

Nobody really gave a fuck about the Suicide Machines show, so we headed back up to the hotel to rest up for TWiZTiD! After chillin and relaxing and taking a look at all the fresh merchandise that we had bought, we went back down to the Seagate Center at about 9:15, 45 minutes before Twiztid was due to start. I worked my way up to the front while people mingled so I would be assured some tight ass pics for you ninjas and myself. Let me tell you this…Twiztid’s set was by FAR the BEST set that I have ever witnessed them perform! You could tell that Jamie and Pauly were feeling the Juggalos on Friday night, because they got on that stage and fuckin Schooled it! They played a good mix of old school shit and new school shit…but i’m not gonna even lie….i don’t remember the songlist…sue me. One thing that I DO Remember that was funny as hell is that Violent J came onstage playin like he was a Janitor and shit before Twiztid hit the stage. Madrox’s Big Ass even decided to jump into the pit with us Juggalos! So after he pretty much landed on me, i snapped a pic of him. But nothing comes even REMOTELY close to seeing the actual show…those ninjas Rocked it!

So after everyone piled out of the venue, we were tryin to think of something to do. Well, i knew that RICK, or FaYgoLuVeR lived near Detroit, so i asked if we could stop by and see his scrubby ass for the first time. Everyone was down…and since we were already going to be up there, we decided that we should go get a ton of FaYgo and Throw Rocks at Canada! So we were off. 1 Minivan full of 6 COTDC members…or the “Fat Kid Van”, and then there was me, Haki, and Aaron in a Sunfire. After driving around for nearly 2 hours, the Fat Kid Van was starting to get hungry. Zodiac Killaeven tried to eat Toxic D. So we had to stop by a White Castle. 1 hour and 50 hamburgers later, we were off on our trek to see FaYgoLuVeR. We arrived at his house at around 4 AM. So we all went down to his Basement, he recorded Dark Lotus so we could post it right here atFaYgoLuVeRs.com, and about 30 minutes later, we had to bounce. His mom was yelling…at the top of her lungs…and as we walked out the door we all heard a *SLAM* sound. I thought that was the end of good ol’ Rick. But I wasn’t about to go back and find out. hehe. I can’t forget about the 50 pound Lawn Ornament that some of the Dallas Juggalos stole out of his neighbors yard….that went on to cause a lot of unneeded drama! So after leaving Rick’s house, we were off to Meijer’s to get some FaYgo. We grabbed a shopping cart full of that shit, and after getting lost in Toledo, found our way back to the hotel at around 6:30 AM. We were all tired as fuck…but that was only the end of Day 1!

Saturday, July 14th 2001: We woke up hella late today, at about 11:30 AM. But on Day 1, Tox found a foolproof way into the Gathering without having to wait in line! We went up through the elevators in the parking garage which had No Security whatsoever! So we got in with no problem. I don’t know what prompted us to do so, but today, we went straight for theJoker’s Card Booths. They had some hella fresh shit in there! Anyway, We were supposed to meet up with Amber and Steve at the Street Team Seminar just so we could hear some of the shit that went down on the road. Well we got up there about an hour early, so we just waited around and chilled. We didn’t know it, but at the time they were still letting ninjas in for the Twiztid Seminar! Amazingly, there was still room left, so me and Tox squeezed in there only to find Amber and Steve there too. Ninjas, this Seminar was the fuckin shit! Along with Twiztid…Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope made a special appearance inside of the seminar! It was Monoxide‘s birthday! We all sang him Happy Birthday, and then started a series ofJuggalo Questions. Nothing really came out of them besides shit that we already knew.

When everyone got up and left, we stayed there so we could get ready for the Street Team Seminar. Well it ends up that they asked us to be a part of it…even though we were only on the street team for 1 day in Dallas. I’m sorry to say…but except for a few high points, and good pics on the projector, that seminar was pretty STALE. It’s all good though because only 1 or 2 ninjas ended up walking out in the middle of it. From there, we all pretty much split up again…

I went to catch a little JCW Action! Today, Big Stank and Lil’ Poot were the guest ring announcers! It looks like I came on a good day because they were funny as hell. It was actually pretty pathetic watching Has-Beens like the HonkyTonk Man and Greg The Hammer Valentine wrestle…but I Wasn’t complaining.

I stayed there for about 30 minutes, and then decided it was time to go chill up in the telly for a few…MarZ would be on in a short while! As I was going through the lobby of the Seagate Center, I bumped into the RudeBoy and got a pic with him. Afterwards,I met up with Tox and his Concert Buddy Melissa to head up to the hotel. Soon it was time to head back down because even though a lot of HATERS are bagging on MarZ, I love his shit, and the Flavor he adds to Dark Lotus! He had a helluva surprise for us during his show! 30+ topless Juggalettes were on stage with him during his whole set! Lemme tell you Juggalos something…MarZ ripped that stage apart! Unfortunately though, Missy decided that she would go onstage and bare ALL too. Damn, she’s FAT as HELL!…”She IS Phat!” After the MarZ, we weren’t about to leave because Blaze was coming up next! So we waited around for him, and, again, this was the absolute BEST show I’ve ever witnessed by BLAZE! He’s really come around since last year’s Gathering! He and Anybody Killa did some tracks from his EP, and a few from his upcoming album 1 Less G in Da Hood! That album is gonna tear us apart ninjas….no lie! ICP and TWIZTID even came out during his set! That shit Killed! After Blaze left the stage, Me, Tox, and Melissa met up. Everybody knew that the Mystery Guest was Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, which is cool…but i’m not into their shit. DARK LOTUS was tonight…and everyone knew that the crowd would be rough with that! So after killin time with a few ninjas and shit, we went back in to get ready to hear Dark Lotus for the 1st time: LIVE!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that this was BY FAR the High Point of the Gathering for me! Dark Lotus‘ stage set was amazing, their makeup was the shit, and they even had some Synchronized Choreography in the show! I’m not talkin any gay ass N Sync shit…this actually looked fresh! They played some tracks from the new album: Tales from the Lotus Pod, and then they started playing Old School ICP and TWiZTiD songs! It was the fuckin bomb ninjas! After the show, we were all starving, so we went and ate at Kip’s Big Boy. Both the service and the food there SUCKED! But it was just about the only thing open past 6 PM in the shitty town of Toledo. After walking to the hotel from there, I pretty much just crashed. I was exhausted, and the last day of the Gathering was tomorrow…so I had to get some sleep.

Sunday, July 15th 2001: I remember waking up Semi-early on Sunday, but the stale thing is that security found out about people using the elevator to get into the Gathering, so we had to actually wait in line that day. Once we got into the Gathering again, we headed to go see the Miss Juggalette Pageant95% of these Juggalettes had NOTHING…but there were a few that were Talented. I’ll just leave it at that.

Since we had already seen pretty much everything there was to see inside of the Gathering, we decided to go outside of the Seagate Center and chill with Juggalos out there. We walked to a convenience store to see if they had any more COLD FaYgo, and then we ran into a group of Juggalos that were just fuckin around outside. So we got camera happy and decided to take a pic of all of us. We went back inside the Gathering and started lining up for the Mystery Seminar about 1-1/2 hours early. Believe me though ninjas, it was WELL WORTH the wait! When we finally got in there, we got to see an OLD SCHOOL home video…from the Dog Beats era, of the Psychopathic Records Crew goofing off with a video camera and shit. It was fresh…and after about 10 minutes of that, guess who walks in??? Violent J, aka Joe Bruce, with no makeup! The lights were dimmed, and Jumpsteady told us that he would personally kick our asses if anyone snapped a picture. So nobody, that I know of, did. The WHOLE ROOM started chanting “JOE BRUCE, JOE BRUCE, JOE BRUCE”! You could tell that J was touched, because for real he was talkin like he was about to cry. He told us that he came to the seminar with the makeup off just so he could be REAL with us. Ninjas started asking him questions…2 stuck out in my mind. One ninja asked “What is the Butterfly?”…people were relentless on that ninja and started chanting “YOU FUCKED UP! YOU FUCKED UP!” (seeing as how J already told us what it was). And another ninja asked if ICP would ever do a No-Makeup Tour. Now i’m sorry, but that was a wack question. Shaggy also made a special appearance…the crowd started chanting “JOEY! JOEY! JOEY!”. Shaggs was like “What the fuck is goin on?” hehe. J and Shaggy left shortly after that to go get ready for the Rydas Show, and we watched the rest of that home movie. 2 Backstage passes were given out, and we all ran off to catch thePsychopathic Rydas show.

The Rydas put on a tight ass show! But the only problem I had with it is that it was only a 4 song set. After their short ass set, there was nothing to do except for wait around for Vanilla Ice! So that’s what we did! It took for-fucking-ever for them to get set up and he didn’t end up starting until 30 minutes after he was supposed to…but SURPRISINGLY, the Juggalos were really into his shit! He even busted out with 2 songs from his OG disc: “Havin A Roni” and “Ice Ice Baby”! “Ice Ice Baby” was half the old school version and half the heavy rock version…but it was the fuckin BOMB no less!

None of our crew is really into Three 6 Mafia, so we headed back up to the hotel for 1 last break before the big ICP grand finale! We headed down to the show after about an hour. I got up as close as I could without pissing ninjas off, and Tox stayed close to the back with Melissa. The curtains opened up, and the crowd went fuckin nuts! ICP used their Bizzar/Bizaarstage set, and they came out to the song “Carnival of Carnage”! Violent J had informed us earlier that they were going to do ALL Old School songs! So We were ALL hyped about that shit! After that, MASS CHAOS erupted! Security was called away from the baracades, so that gave Juggalos a cue to get on the stage. Well, whether or not that was ICP’s intentions, i have no idea.

I was eventually up on the stage…but not to tear everything up, just because there was no other way to go but up! So i got up there, found a FaYgo bottle, and was content. Then, tear gas started being shot off. This was WAAAAACK! Jumpsteady was telling everybody to get off of the stage and so we all chilled back in the crowd. After an excruciating 20 minutes of waiting, Alex Abbyss came on stage and said that the 6th card would not be revealed because people fucked up the equipment that was needed. He blamed none of us for the actions, and said that the next Gathering would be held in Las Vegas, Nevada…ONLY if we didn’t go outside and tear downToledo. So thousands of disappointed Juggalos piled out, and the Gathering was officially over.

Me and Tox had to catch a cab at 4:30 AM to see if we couldn’t get on the 6 AM flight out of Toledo. It didn’t happen. So for 19, yes, NINETEEN HOURS STRAIGHT, we waited in a stale ass Toledo Airport for a standby ticket outta there. Finally, at 9 PM, we got one. From there on out, we caught a flight in Chicago back to Dallas with a ton of other Dallas Juggalos, and we made it home by Midnight.

So ninjas, that was my story this year. I hope you enjoyed the hell out of it because I put a lot of time into it. I hope to see some more of you ninjas next year!


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