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Oregonized - "My Psychomentary featuring Jay-R" Oregonized - "Beef" Oregonized - "Good Man" Oregonized - "We Won't Stop featuring Dawna"

Sup Juggalos, BeZerkaveli up in this bitch. I’m back after a week for another fresh Underground Spotlight for your juggaballs. I got hit up a couple weeks ago with a different sound than I was used to hearing, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Now juggalos, I been going through a bunch of bullshit lately, so I didn’t do all my research and forgot a few questions, plus I was probably fucking high.  Either way, this next UGS is definitely something this whole segment was for.

So let me shine my spotlight down onto a duo group out of Grant’s Pass, Oregon. Just almost a year old, this group has already started doing shit. They have a music video out with Jay-R (which you can see in the interview), have a few shows lined up, and have a fuck ton of merch for you to spend your cash or bitcoins on.

Sorry juggalos, I really don’t have much more to say about that. On a personal note juggalos, I have to tell you about last week. It was fucking nuts. I’ll make it short and sweet as to keep most of the drama out, and I know how many of you fucks struggle with ADHD/ADD like me.

Day one: We go to Fortune Bay with a stripper. By the end of the night/early morning, stripper robs us.
Day two: Go back to the Bay after being robbed to spend night two with a sexy girl this time (not kidding juggalos, for a single mom, this girl’s got it going on lol). We get up there and guess who the fuck is in Tower, Minnesota… fucking Saint Dog of the Kottonmouth Kings, and to make it even weirder, he’s in the room right next to us.

So, on night two, I got to party with Saint Dog a little bit. Not going into major detail about what the fuck else happened that night that was a little fucked (Scottie already knows haha), but if you do wanna hear a fun story, and if you know me, hit me up. Shout outs to Saint Dog for splitting the last of your Skyy with me and sharing a couple beer.

By the end of the night, the alcohol and some other shit that happened got the best of me, and I made a total ass of myself in front of that girl. So now I’m in the dog house haha. Oh well, onto another I guess. Until next time juggalos…. Enjoy

Group: Oregonized
Members: Nautikal and Pozessed
From: Grants Pass, Oregon
Rolls With: Oregonized Entertainment

BeZerk: How did you come up with the group name Oregonized, and why and how did you come up with your stage names?

Oregonized: The name Oregonized was something that came along and fit perfectly. Once you worked with us and see how we function we are in fact very organized. We make it a point to always be prompt, on time, deliver a good show, set up fast and have all our information and everything we need ready to go. As a group we consider efficiency as key to making it in music.

Nautikal: The stage name Nautikal came from the artist having two tattoos of nautical stars on his shoulders and everyone always seeing him in a tank top. Everyone eventually started calling him Nautikal and the name stuck.

Pozessed: The stage name Pozessed came from a line in a freestyle he had once said. ”If Hip Hops dead then I’m Pozessed by the spirit.” Unsure of a stage name at that point, Pozessed just seem to hit with his messages and style at the time.

BeZerk: Who do you guys consider as an inspiration?

Oregonized: A lot of different inspiration for the music we make is taking from a lot of different sources. Artist like Tech N9ne, Vinnie Paz, Eminem, Tupac, Twiztid, Kurt Cobain, Hopsin, NickleBack, Ozzy Osbourne, Spice 1, Yelawolf, Hennessy(the Cognac) and many many more…

Oregonized rocking a show

Oregonized rocking a show. Click here to go to their website!

BeZerk: What is your guys’ favorite Faygo flavor?

Oregonized: Faygo Cola mixed with Hennessy of course

BeZerk: How long have you guys been doing music both as a group and individually?

Oregonized: The group Oregonized has only been around for almost a year since September 2011. As individuals, Pozessed has been writing and making music since 2006 when he was 16 years old and Nautikal started writing and making music 1997 around the age of 12.

BeZerk: You guys have been able to collab with a couple people. Who have you guys been able to work with?

Oregonized: We diffidently enjoy collaborations and enjoyed working with every one of them. Dawna Crocker, a singer also signed to Oregonized Entertainment, is one of our favorite people to work with because when we make a song together it always come out more magical then we expected. We hope to have a few bigger artist names on the next album scheduled to drop in December and as long as they deliver we will.

The Establishment

Album cover for The Establishment.

BeZerk: Who would you guys like to work with in the future?

Oregonized: We still have plans for the next album but we don’t want to mention anything just in case our connections fall through, but we would love to make songs with Tech n9ne, Beanie Segal, Haystak, Hopsin, The Jokerr, Celph Titled, Donnie Darko, Boondox. As for more mainstream artist I think and Oregonized Collab with Adele and Dawna Crocker would be legendary, also of course, Eminem would be incredible. Ludacris would be a favorite, and a Young Jeezy collab would be pretty fresh.

BeZerk: You guys did a music video with Jay-R. What was that like?

Oregonized: Tiring…..we spent hours recording scenes at the Ashland armory. We of course, like always, had way too much footage with way too many different scenes but in the end it was all worth it. Including artist, girlfriends, friends and camera men we had about eight to ten people at the shoot and bouncing ideas off of each other make the video turn out great but almost annoying while shooting it with everyone putting in their opinions and ideas when we were trying to shoot a scene. Also Pozessed still complain that he could breathe the whole time he was hanging by a belt. But none the less everyone loved the final cut of the video and people still continue to spread it around for us!

BeZerk: What do you guys have coming up? Any CDs, music videos, mixtapes, solo albums, merch, etc coming out?

Oregonized: We Just dropped our first album in may, The Establishment, and continue to push that out. We are currently working on our second album scheduled for release near the end of December titled “To the End Of The World”. The first album is currently for sale on cdbaby.com, amazon.com, iTunes and not to mention our website, www.oregonizedentertainment.com. We also have men’s and women’s T-Shirts, Women’s Tank tops, White and Black wrist bands along with posters all for sale on our websites and every time we do a show. Soon we will have sweatshirts, underwear and more clothing options.

BeZerk: When and where are your next few shows?

Oregonized: As of right now we have a few shows planned for this summer but it will go up.


On June 16th 2012, We doing a show in Eugene, Or at Diablos Night Club. I believe the show starts at 8 and goes until 2 am.

June 22nd, 2012 were doing a local show in merlin Oregon at a small friendly bar called Romar’s. That Show will start at 8 and go on until 2 AM when the bar closes. No cover charge.

On July 9th, 2012 we open up for Twista at the Ashland Armory in Ashland, Or that show will start at 7 pm and you can buy tickets online at www.brownpapertickets.com

We’re also planning to throw our own show towards the end of July and just got word that were opening up for ying yang twins again sometime in August.

For updates and more shows added go to www.oregonizedentertainment.com


Oregonized. Click here to like them on Facebook

Shout outs:

Oregonized: Special shout outs to everyone over at Faygoluvers for the opportunity. Not to mention every fan who follows Oregonized and those who have not yet jumped on the bandwagon! God, Shelly Larsen, Barbara Norris,Cody Shugart(Epik), Kyle Kelley(Dj Nemesys), JerseyLife beats, Dawna Crocker, Linda Fischle, Valley City Spitterz, Tripco, D-loc, our manager Noah Acosta, Melissa Acosta, Bumpy, Mandi Kelley, Shelby Acosta and everyone else who supports us!



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