September 28, 2023
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Malaki Macabre

Malaki Macbre

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Zombies high off bath salts! Come one come all. It’s is your ringmaster BeZerk, here with a delightful show for you tonight. We have lions, tigers, and bear, oh my, and what do you know, a new Underground Spotlight too. This time juggalos, I sat down to do another UGS with Malaki Macabre.

Coming originally from Massachusetts, Malaki has been blazing trails in Maine now. Working with like half of the underground, it’s no wonder we didn’t do this interview any sooner. To date Malaki has been able to work with the Austrialian underground wicked horror guru himself KidCrusher, as well as GrewSum, the Bay Area killer Mars, Fury, Lo Key, and even Ron fucking Jeremy. That’s right juggalos, the dude that very well could be your father could be rapping to you through a Malaki Macabre track, and you wouldn’t even know it.

Malaki just dropped a new album this year, and I got some samples for you to check. So be sure to check “Hearse N Hottes” when you get the chance. I’m sure you won’t be disappoint.

Well juggalos, time to finish recovering from my hangover. Fortune Bay fries are pretty good going down when your drunk. Not so good when they’re coming up the next morning. As a heads up though juggalos, in the past couple weeks, I have been hit up with quite a few good groups and artists, so of coarse I’ll be having more flavor heading your way soon. Until then fam, enjoy…

Artist:Malaki Macabre
From: (Lynn, Mass) now lives in Oxford, Maine
Rolls with: HellRazors Crew

BeZerk: How did you come up with the name Malaki Macabre?

Malaki: At first I just liked the way it sounded. Upon further research I looked up the meanings to both names. Malaki = my messenger and Macabre= from the grave. So, I am my messenger from the grave.

BeZerk: Who do you consider as an inspiration?

Malaki: Life wise I would say both my father and my son are my inspiration.
My father for helping mold me to the person I am and my son for being the inspiration to keep going with my goals.
Musically I am inspired by all sorts of music from the obvious Psychopathic and Strange Music to more metal and industrial from Avenged Sevenfold to Psyclon Nine.


Malaki rocking a show

Malaki Rocking A Show. Click Here to Like Malaki on Facebook.

BeZerk: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

Malaki: It’s a toss up between grape and red pop.

BeZerk: How long have you been doing music for?

Malaki: I have been messing with music sense I was in middle school so sense about 13. I’m 26 now, but taking it seriously sense I released my first album “From the Grave” in 2008.

BeZerk: You have worked with a fuck ton of people. Please fill the juggalos in on who you’ve been able to work with in the past, and which artist was your favorite to work with.

Malaki: God there’s so many. Kidcrusher, Grewsum, Mars, Ill. e. Gal, Scum, Ikkurruz, DZK, Fury, Lo Key, Whitney Peyton, Ron Jeremy (while using the name Sonnie Long), Sullee (vh1s white rapper show) (while using the name Sonnie Long)
Dylan Dillinjah (mtvs making the band and Badboy records) (while using
the name Sonnie Long). As far as my favorite to work with I would have to say Ill E Gal on the song “Fight Music.” Her verse on that just blew me away because it’s so different from her regular style.

BeZerk: Who have you been able to share the stage with?

Malaki: One of my favorite on stage moments with another artist was at Tammany Hall in Worcester , MA with Ill E Gal and a bunch of members of D.R.K. All of us with our masks on, it was a very powerful feeling to have that many masked people on stage. One moment I will never forget.

Malaki Masked

The Masked Malaki. Click here to listen to Malaki on Reverb Nation.


BeZerk: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Malaki: I would love to work with Tech N9ne , Hopsin , Jay Rock , AMB , Twiztid. But really I will work with anyone I just love making good music.

BeZerk: You just dropped your third album “Hearse N Hotties” this year. What can the juggalos expect from this album?

Malaki: This album is a lot more personal than my last album “New Breed” which was a more horrorcore album. I went through a ruff couple of years sense then dealing with addiction to Aderall and I talk about that on the song “Fly Away”, to My love for freaky sex on the song “Freaky Bitch”. There’s a little something for everyone from the horror fans to music for the juggalettes to dance to.

BeZerk: Who is featured on the album? Which track is your favorite?

Malaki: Kidcrusher is on it as well as Lo Key and Grewsum. My favorite track is hard to say, that’s kinda like telling someone to pick their favorite child. It all depends on my mood when I put it in. If I am having a ruff day it would be “P.A.I.N,” and if I am feeling aggressive it would be “Get Merced” with Lo Key on it.

BeZerk: What do you have coming up? Any other CDs, mixtapes, music videos, merch, etc coming out?

Malaki: Right now I am working on my group project “HellRazors” with my good friend NNyD. Other than that I am working on a new solo album with an old school feel to the beats, kinda like the old joker cards. Real in your face bass driven beats that I am taking on all of the production for myself. There’s also gonna be a few new shirt designs coming out as well as the return of the video freestyles 1 a month will be released for the next year.

BeZerk: When and where are your next few shows?

Malaki: Currently I am working on booking shows in the New England area and best way to keep updated is through the Facebook page and tickets can be bought when available either through me personally or the same place I sell my music.

Hearse N Hotties

Hearse N Hotties. Click here to go to Malaki’s Big Cartel

Shout outs:

Malaki: All the Juggalos , Lettes , Underground artists and fans alike, my homeboy ATL, my homegirl Twitch , NNyD my HellRazor partner in crime, my masked D.R.K. family  as well as you folks at Faygoluvers



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