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BAILZ - "Tear Ya Head Off" BAILZ - "Dumb Shit"

FLH: Bailz, First and foremost thanks for taking the time to do the interview right off the bat let me ask how and when did you first get into rapping?

BAILZ: I been rapping since i was little , i remember being on my grandmas porch watchin my older cousin rap and thats what really inspired me to do what im doin now. he died in 95 and that shit hit me hard . after that rap was all around me so everything fell in its place .

FLH: Since the release of the Government Cheese mixtapes your buzz grew tremendously on the underground, tell us how you hooked up with DJ Clay and what it was like working with Madrox on the let em bleed mixtape?

BAILZ: clays been my nigga for a while , he had his studio back in the day and i was recording in it, after a while we got tight and been down with each other ever since and madrox is a beast and i got mad respect for him i love his energy in the studio and would most def do another track with him.

FLH: Tell us about the CRIME RATE project you have coming out

BAILZ: CRIME RATE will be out JUNE 12 ,2012 and it  is just true life , theres a lot of fucked up shit goin on in my hood and im just being the voice of the streets , its a huge mixtape project that i been workin on for the last year aand throughout tha whole mufucka im tellin you what the 10 o’clock news dont tell you. all i can really say though is JUST LISTEN FOR YOURSELF!! you’ll see.

FLH: Is there any future plans for more live shows or a tour especially after CRIME RATE is released?

BAILZ: I’m out here grindin , tryin to hop on every show i can get on , niggas aint gonna know you if they dont see you and i want my name in everybodys ear so yea expect to see a lot of me.

FLH: Will you be performing at the gathering this year?

BAILZ: i want to , i guess time will tell

FLH: Are there any artists that you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to, underground or mainstream?

BAILZ: MGK , Juicy J, TECH, and MEEK MILL, i fucks wit them niggas !

FLH: Can we expect more visuals from BAILZ?

BAILZ: fuck yea, 2012 is the year of “how come i keep seeing this nigga” , expect everything you want outta ya boy cause aint no sleep its all work baby!

FLH: Who works on the production on your music?

BAILZ: I fuks with anybody that can make a certified banger  , i look at it this way , if the beat is bangin than it must be for ME ! but predominantly its the A.R squad . cause cant nobody fuck with them.

FLH: Are we going to get a full length album release from Bailz by the end of the year?

BAILZ: fa sho , fa sho , the album “BACK AGAINST THE WALL” is in the making as i tell you these words , no date yet but expect the release date this year .

FLH: Where can people reach out to say whaddup and inquire about verses?

BAILZ: oh, ok , ima kick the outlets right now…. www.armedrobberyent.comtwitter.com/bailzofficialfacebook.com/bailzofficial are the outlets and  [email protected] is the email .

FLH: Bailz, thanks for hookin up with faygoluvers for this exclusive interview!

BAILZ: ayyy yall showed the love since the beginning so ima show it back !





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