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Open Minded

Sup juggalos and juggalettes and open minded hippies a like. It’s your boy BeZerk once again bringing you more fucking freshness for your eye balls to read. Continuing with my segment from the Hopsin show (in Minnesota) on April 8th, I’d like to bring to juggalos attention some dope ass shit right out of Minnesota.

At the Wicked Winter Ball, I was introduced to Open Minded Productions, and Phat Boi was cool enough to hook me and my boy D2 a free album and even a sweet ass poster (autographed of coarse). I took the CD home and reviewed it, and was stunned by the new freshness that I could call Open Minded.

Last little story before I let ya’ll just go into the interview. The Hopsin show was an 18 and older show. My boy Ray forgot his ID back at the hotel (Ray is actually older than me), and the hotel was about a half an hour away. Now we are at the show, and pretty much fucked. Then Phat Boi came around. I told him that my boy forgot his ID, and like David fuckin Blaine, my homie got in. Just figured I’d share.

So juggalos, check out some juggalo music, made for juggalos, by juggalos. Juggalos.


Interview for: Open Minded
Members: Phat Boi Phresh, MIKilla, Hatchet Monkey
Real Names: Drake, Mike, Jake
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rolls With: Open Minded Productions (OMP), SICFUX Ent., SelfMade Inc.,Rugged Shit Records


Faygoluvers: Where did you guys come up with the name Open Minded and each members stage name?

Phat Boi: Well me personally, was always that fat kid that people always shit on and hated for being THAT fat kid, and I was always being called fat boy, so it kinda stuck. Now, I’m just rockin it proudly! Can’t hate yourself for what you are!

MIKilla: It’s a combination of my first and last name (Mike Kellermann), and Open Minded just fit our personalities.

Monkey: I became Monkey ‘cuz I’m always jumpin around, climbin over shit, and always being hyper as shit all the time… but originated from me throwin hatchets at my homies from a tree, but shit sticks…

Faygoluvers: Who do you guys consider as an inspiration?

Phat Boi: Life, music, family, MARIJUANA, shows and juggalos!

MIKilla: I concur with Phat Boi lol.

Monkey: Can’t be said better than that, but I have to add mushrooms 8) !

Faygoluvers: What’s each member’s favorite Faygo flavor?

Phat Boi: Life, music, family, MARIJUANA, shows and juggalos!

MIKilla: I concur with Phat Boi lol.

Monkey: Can’t be said better than that, but I have to add mushrooms 8) !

Faygoluvers: What’s your favorite Faygo flavor?

Phat Boi: Orange all day! NOTHING is more classic than orange soda.

MIKilla: Grape all day son.

Monkey: Me and Phats gots the Orange on lock!!

Faygoluvers: How long you guys been doing music for?

Phat Boi: Well I used to just kick it at the spot and make beats on my free time, and that was when I was like 14-15. I didn’t start rapping until like 16. So 9 yrs.

MIKilla: Started writing back in middle school, and finally met up with people who actually recorded at the time. That was like 2005. Been keepin it wicked since

Monkey: I played the cello in elementary school, but that was 2 years shortly lived. I didn’t start makin anything of my own ’til 2007 with MIKillas encouragement. So here we are.

Faygoluvers: How long have you guys known each other for?

Phat Boi: Well, I actually met the Other Mike (Bullet for ya Brain) at a mini gathering at the Minnespta State Fair, and that was in like 2004 or some shit, but we would kick it and smoke and what not. He hooked me up with this college that was down the street from his work. I knew he was a rapper ‘n shit, and had liked his newest cd he had dropped at the time (UNnursable Rhymes) and was interested in working with them. So, he talked to his dude (MIKilla), and we set a date and we all cliqued up and talked. I dropped this track Doomsday (which is a 5 min song with no hooks or breaks) in 2 takes, and it’s been on ever since!

MIKilla: Uummm well, it started off with my homies Keith and Wes as Hallow Point Underground. At the time we signed, Bullet for ya Brain made a few cds, and collected a fan base, also started working with other artist, including: Hatchet Monkey, Mr.E, Munchboxxx, Jaekast, then later we met up with Phat Boi, and that was that. Here we are today.

Monkey: I met MIKilla at a fireworks display with some other ninjas, and then again at his 1st show in ’06. Started kickin with him a couple weeks later, and I met up wit Phatty in ’08, which made me step up my game, but these are my brothers including Munchboxxx and ain’t nobody closer.

Faygoluvers: This one is for PhatBoi, at the Hopsin show, you had a clown hat on and what appeared to be pink hair. What do you want to tell the juggalos about that?

Phat Boi: The Juggalos? That love that shit! I get mad love for that clown hat! And the hair always changes. NOW the REST of the world,. . . .Well the rest of the world can pretty much eat a dick lol, but some others like it, it makes em giggle and what not. MOST are all “Hmm what the fuck is that fat guy doin with that little hat on,” but it fits my personality almost to a T. It really is a symbol that its cool to be yourself and just live life regardless of what some tight ass people think or say, and that at the end of the day you can only be who you are.

Faygoluvers: So you guys opened for the Hopsin show on April 8th, and Wicked Winters Ball in February (which featured Minnesota’s own Liquid Assassin). What other shows have you done?

Phat Boi: Man we’ve played everything from The Gathering to dinky hole-in-the-wall bars in Iowa. We’ve played with/at: The Old Shit Tour (Minnesota), and played the King of Horrorcore Tour with King Gordy, the Nightmarez tour twice; and a 3rd this year april 29th (Chicago) and several other local shows with various artists, plus hosted/put on several headlining shows ourselves.

Faygoluvers: Who have you worked with, and who would you guys like to work with in the future?

Phat Boi: Well we’ve played shows Insane Clown Posse, Axe Murder Boys, Prozak, Liquid Assassin (a few times), DOPESIC, Smoke-N-Mirrors, Bullet for ya Brain, Durbz, Definiton of Dope, King gordy, Lil’ Whyte, PLC, Team Bad Decision, MC Rentz, Prophetic Mindz, SCUM and at one time we played every Monday and Thursday for like 5 months with a lot of other various artist.

Who i’d personally like to work with is: Brother Ali, Dessa, Wu-Tang, Twiztid, PDM (not just Prozak), The Jokerr, Talib Kweli, nas, Korn

MIKilla: Rob Zombie for sure, ’cause a rap rock collab would be epicly sick, KRS-1, any Psychopathic people (again), Kottonmouth Kings (mainly Saint Dog).

Monkey: No lie.. I would work with prolly anybody from Strange Music, Subnoize, or Psychopathic. I do want to work with Hopsin & Swizzz on another show or some tracks either or… but for real, and I’m not kidding either, Weird Al or Alice Cooper. I don’t even know how me and cooper would sound together on a track, but that would be sooo dope!

Faygoluvers: You guys just dropped a fresh album not too long ago called Beyond Good and Evil (2 discs of freshness. Music for juggalos made by juggalos). What else do you have dropping that the juggalos can check?

Open Minded: Well, as far as CDs go, Phat Boi has his mixtape coming out called “King of the Damned Vol.1,” which is fat as fuck! Plus, we are working on Durbz’s Cd “Armageddon List.” Also the two of them are collabing on a cd (no title at this time)

Merch: we have tshirts, hoodies, posters, SOON TO HAVE: g strings, buttons/pins, and beanies

Music Videos: We have a video for “Bitch Fuck You” coming out sometime this year from SICFUX Ent, and Phat Boi has his video for “Die Alone” also coming out this year.

**ALSO** our art guy Jesus is putting together a digital comic called “Freelance” which we are character voices for.
What other shows do you guys have coming up?
Smoke-N-Mirros Cd Relase – April 23rd
The 3rd annual Nightmarez Tour April 28th, 2011
Smokin Minded – May 7th
Wikidleaks – May 28th, 2011
Open Minded and Prozak – June 7th

Faygoluvers: Shout outs?

Phat Boi: i just want to give a shout to my mom for always being there and understanding that sometimes I’mma fuck up. Also to my sister, my cuz cory, to my best homies Kyle, Fuzzy and Squirt, my brothers and staff at OMP (ALL OF YA), Jesus for the sick ass artwork, to Selfmade for workin your ass off! To Chicken Little, Goober, Twat, Max, KC Jones, Justin, Ben, Ashley, Smash n Josh, Shotty, the 909 crew, Wigsplits, Clay, Trixx n Joe Grill, Pun, Tipz and Dae Dae, my 12 block homies, B.C Security,and the rest of my Minnesota fam! Sorry if I missed ya, but you know who you be! My Indiana homies, FATSTUFF AND SARAH STUFF, Nuke, all my D-town homies, my only Candian homie Jackerella, my FL homie Hannah, AND TO ALL OUR FANS WORLDWIDE AND OF COURSE ALL MY JUGGALOS WHETHER YOU LOVE US OR HATE US!

MIKilla: My mom and other family, the fans, the juggalos, the people who take music for what it is and not by popularity, the people who HATE my music (keep hatin!), and anybody who follows their dreams with the utmost passion and pride like us!

Monkey: My mom, dad, Ben, and the rest of my family, JT, MunchBoxxx, Pzychopath J, Maxafuckinmillion, AppleSauce, Nicole, DJ Pre Pay, Lil Pudge and Mike, Baby Jayden, and all the other homies kids, Piggly Wiggly, Buddy, Twat and Imoan, Weside, Smokin Mirrors, Jesus H mutha fuckin boom boom Christ, Bullet, Pun, Tipz and Dae Dae, Josh and Smash, Wiggie(Wigsplitz), Big Chris Security, Shotty, Saltine The Cracker, Mitch and Goober, Sheena, Donnie Roux, INDIANA NINJAS!!! AND EVERYONE ELSE!! FUG IT I LOVE MOST HATE SOME, BUT YA’LL MAKE ME WHO I AM SO THANK YOU FOR THIS RIDE OF A LIFE TIME!!! WHOOOP WHOOOP MUCH LUV I’M OUT

Open Minded @ Facebook
Phat Boi Phresh @ Facebook


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