June 14, 2024
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FLH Mixtape 4 – A Faygoluvers Christmas

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The 4th in our FLH Mixtape series is a Holiday themed album! We got some big collabos here including The R.O.C., UnderRated of Potluck, Killa C, ClaAs, Project Born, and more!

  1. Intro
  2. Something In The Air (T.O.N.E-z & Loco)
  3. Kris Kringle Killer (F. Dux)
  4. The Naughty List (Kid Crusher)
  5. Merry Xmas Bitch (6Ninjahs w/ J Reno & Trilla)
  6. DJ Clay Drop
  7. Dashing Threw Deezz Hoez (T.O.N.E-z & Delusional)
  8. Sometimes I Don’t Like Myself (The R.O.C. & Killa C)
  9. Blood In the Snow (Grewsum & Kombine)
  10. Light Session (Hitman & Underrated)
  11. Stole Xmas (Project Born, Deadwalkers, & Tha Jokaz)
  12. Nightmare Before Xmas (ClaAs & Soundness of Mind)
  13. Bonus Track – I Killed Santa (T.O.S. & Big Ian)


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