May 28, 2022
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FLH Mixtape 2 – Drag Me 2 Hell

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FLH’s follow-up to “Who’s The King of the Underground”! This time, the mixtape was put together by FLH staffer Ale, along with T.O.N.E-z. Download it to get your underground hip hop on!

  1. Intro
  2. Can’t Move (Death B4 Dishonor)
  3. Sick ‘n Sickness (A-X-E)
  4. Just Like Everybody Else (6 Ninjahs)
  5. Numb (Bukkshot)
  6. Want You To Die (Outbreak)
  7. When The Fog Rolls In (The Fallen Son)
  8. Step In The OP (Northside)
  9. Monster Man (Jaymegafone)
  10. Foreplay with a Butcher Knife (Hades)
  11. Night of the Creeps
  12. Death’s Coming For You
  13. Take a Ride (Crazy Camp)
  14. Voices (Malifik)
  15. Skum of the Earth (Ill Logical w/ Psykotik)
  16. Let’s Play (Satur9)
  17. Murder Shit
  18. The Horsemen (Nekro G, Dr. Ed, & VD)
  19. Never Gonna Die (Dirty Charlie)
  20. Somebody Help (Zombie Boyz)
  21. Dr. Satan (Swing Dee Diablo)
  22. I’m That KILLA (Grim Mortality)
  23. Heroes Sampler (T.O.N.E-z & Stir Crazy)


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