March 24, 2023
14 Guests and Online

FLH Mixtape 1 – Who’s the King of the Underground

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The very first FLH Mixtape! It was put together by both T.O.N.E-z and former FLH staffer Pope! Give it a download and introduce yourself to some flavor!

  1. Who’s The King of the Underground?
  2. Intro
  3. Takin’ Over (Grewsum w/ Kombine)
  4. Not Another Anthem Song (Saint Sinna)
  5. BX Till I Die (Mala Supreme w/ Elus)
  6. Let The Freak Out (D Crisis)
  7. Eastside (Madd Maxxx)
  8. Off Da Head Pt. 4 (T.O.N.E-z)
  9. Underground Gangsta (Loco)
  10. Keep Ya Game Up (Anai)
  11. 2 Sick for the Industry (Skeptyk & Renigade)
  12. Who Gives a Fuck (ODS)
  13. Show Ya Game (Klepto and Deville)
  14. I Got That Funk (Outbreak Monkey)
  15. Cocky Part 4 (T.O.N.E-z)
  16. All American Eyesore (BadDream)
  17. Evolution (Rude Boi)
  18. Infamous (Infamous)
  19. Bonus Track – RAW (Chop Shop)
  20. The Ascending Sampler (Death B4 Dishonor)


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