May 25, 2024
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Tony Sinister

What up Juggalos? It’s Fawlout finally back with another edition of the Underground Spotlight.Today in the spotlight we have Tony Sinister, you’re definitly going to want to strap your wig on tight for this one boys and girls.

Tony Sinister’s Bio: Since he was 14 years old, Tony Sinister has been a part of the rap game. He went from recording off-beat verses on desktop computer microphones to performing shows in front of hundreds. Now 21, the Akron, OH native is aiming to leave an impression on the world. Tony takes a unique style in hip-hop, and mixes horrorcore, gangsta rap, lyrical, real talk and club vibes to create music that is versatile and marketable and accessible to many types of fans.

Interview for: Tony Sinister
From: Akron, Ohio

Faygoluvers: First off, what makes Tony Sinister different from the rest of the underground?

Tony Sinister: Well, in my opinion, Tony Sinister differs from the rest of the underground in a way that is best described by just listening to the music. While it may not be completely groundbreaking and/or a new style, it is definitely top notch in the hardcore rap genre. The biggest difference, I would have to say, is that many underground acts out there today typically do one type of rap, strictly gangsta rap, only club music, only lyrical shit, only real shit, whereas Tony Sinister likes to blend influences and sounds from all of those genres, plus more, into the music, to create a very unique sound that can catch the attention of fans of all types of music.

Faygoluvers: Any notable artists you have worked with? Shows, collaborations, etc.

Tony Sinister: I’ve opened up for tons of bigger named artists. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Twiztid, ABK, Sean Price, Ill Bill, Skatterman & Snug Brim, Lil Flip and Stevie Stone, just to name a few. As far as collaborations, I have worked with Tunnel Runner Jason Porter, Frado tha Hack, Stitchez, Tha Wikid One, Con-Crete, Bloodshot and tons more.

Faygoluvers: What has been your biggest accomplishment as an artist?

Tony Sinister: It’s going to have to be a tie. The first being releasing my first album, Sinister, Inc., and getting that on iTunes and and the like. The second being winning Stevie Stone (of Ruthless Records’) Midwest Explosion contest. Basically, Stevie and his label put out his hit single “Midwest Explosion” that features Tech N9ne, and they left the last 8 bars open, and they asked everyone to record a verse on it and send it in, and Stevie Stone would pick the winner. If you won, you got to be on the remix and you got to perform the song live with Stevie Stone when he came to your town. I won that contest and got to be featured on the Midwest Explosion Remix with Stevie Stone and Tech N9ne. Stevie Stone came through Cleveland on November 7th and we got to rock the remix live at the Cleveland Rockstar. It was a very awesome experience to be sharing the stage with someone accomplished, who actually hand picked your verse to be on his song. It was very surreal.

Faygoluvers: Who are your biggest influences and how have they impacted your music?

Tony Sinister: As far as musically, my biggest influences are Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Run DMC, Eazy-E, NWA, Marilyn Manson, Mushroomhead, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Twista, Yelawolf, Twiztid, The Notorious B.I.G. and much more. I’m from Akron, OH, out here in the Midwest, and that speed rap is very common and it comes from here. So that’s where Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs and Twista influence me, cuz they are from the same area and do the speed rap thing, and they influenced me to bring the speed rap into my music. If you listen to my music you can definitely tell who influences me, if you pay attention.

Faygoluvers: What are your future plans as an artist? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Tony Sinister: Future plans are to keep on this grind I’ve been keeping on. I’ve got a camp out here, Blood Rain Entertainment, and we stay hella busy. Constantly in the studio, doing at the very least, one show a month, mixing and mingling and networking, promoting, etc. It’s a lot of work, but we’re getting closer and closer to our goals, so we’re gona keep it up. We’re gona be releasing a lot of material soon, including my new mixtape “The Midwest Avenger” hosted by The White Rabbit. In 10 years, I hope to be a successful artist and an established businessman with my label.

Faygoluvers: Tell us about your next release?

Tony Sinister: My next release is called “The Midwest Avenger”. It’s hosted by Cleveland, OH DJ, The White Rabbit. It’s a mix of some of my most recent favorite songs of mine, and some new/unreleased material.

Faygoluvers: How did you start rapping?

Tony Sinister: I got into rapping as a way to relieve stress and manage anger. I used to take my anger out in some unhealthy ways, and one day I was introduced to writing. It started out as just frustrations and such, then it turned into songs. Next thing you know, I’m in the studio with local producer, E-Rock and we’re recording my first mixtape. Then, a couple months later, I’m headlining my first show ever.

Faygoluvers: Tell us about your everyday life? What do you do in this crazy ass world?

Tony Sinister: I’m currently unemployed, but I work full time on music. Whether it’s recording/mixing/mastering my own products or the other cats on the label, or if I’m recording other, random people in my studio for cash, I always put 110% into my work. Other than that, I live in Akron, I play video games, I listen to music, I write, I’m interested in computers and I enjoy spending time with my fiancee.

Faygoluvers: What do you think about marijuana prohibition?

Tony Sinister: I’m against the prohibition of marijuana. I’m not exactly sure what I would like to see, because I feel, on one had, it would be awesome to be able to just smoke and get weed without having to worry about the cops or anything bad happening. On the other hand, I don’t want to be able to go into a store and buy a pack of joints, because of all the chemicals I fear would be put into them, just like tobacco.

Faygoluvers: And finally, what is the world coming to?

Tony Sinister: The world is coming to an end. Just watch. Zombies will soon take over the Earth!

Faygoluvers: Shout outs?

Tony Sinister: Before we end this, I’d like to give a couple shout-outs. First, shout-outs to Fawlout for conducting this interview. Next, to for always showing Tony Sinister and Blood Rain Entertainment love, by always supporting and posting our shows and projects. Next, I wana say what’s up to my fiancee Melody, my B.R.E. homies CJ Smallz, Sameran, Hoochie, and Spilla. What’s up to, and everyone over there, like Red Scar, Stone Messiah, Diamond, Toby and the rest of the gang. Shout-outs to Jennith, Steve and the rest of the Cleveland Tech Squad. Shout-outs to the homies Chizzo, Void, Tremendous, AKG, Sick M, Chelsea, Yung One, Rob D, C Dub, Marzz, Big Will, T Killa, Tone from Lost Nation, Ceddie Mac, The White Rabbit, Felonius Punk, E!, Donny, T-Russ, Hieu Da Phat, Tim Sayne, Fuckin’ James, Stevie Stone, P Swap, Blackwell, Zach and the rest of the “The Last 8 Crew” and all of my fans!

Faygoluvers: There you have it fam.Make sure you download Revenge Of The Starkiller and checkout Midwest Avengers when it comes out.Until next time peace and MFL.

Tony Sinister @ ReverbNation
Tony Sinister @ Myspace
Tony Sinister @ Twitter


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