September 28, 2023
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Team Bad Decision

Sup juggalos and juggalettes and all those fucking snowmen out there! It’s your frozen buddy BeZerk here to bring you some Minnesota flavor to the Underground Spotlight. Now, being from Minnesota myself, I obviously am always looking for Minnesota freshness that would please the juggalos, so why not with another Tunnel Runner, or well a band that has a Tunnel Runner on it.

Coming out of the capital of Minnesnowta, Team Bad Decision features Mereness (of Playaz Lounge Crew) and Miss Tress. Together, they fuck shit up and rock some bomb ass shows. With both being good solo artists, TBD is a group that is talented to say the very least. So juggalos, without further ado, here is none other than Minnesota’s very own (much love from the 218 to the 612), TEAM BAD DECISION!!!


Interview for: Team Bad Decision
Members: Miss Tress & Mereness (from PLC)
Real Names: Kristen & Josh
From: St. Paul, MN
Rolls With: Unsigned


Faygoluvers: Why do you guys rap?

Mereness: Well, it started off fun, then it turned into a lifestyle, which then, turned into a passion. There came a time where I felt like I mastered “rap.” Just like when you master any kind of “art,” and, I feel like I’m at the point where I’m artistically free with my rap style. So, now it’s more enjoyable in approach of ‘what can I do this time?’ or ‘what can I mold this into?’ Rap gives me the opportunity to channel my energy in a positive way.

Tress: I rap because first off, its fun, but also it’s a way to channel my creativity… it’s sort of like therapy. It’s a way for me to just let loose, be free, be angry, be happy, and feel important all at the same time.

Faygoluvers: Why did you guys choose the name Team Bad Decision?

Mereness: It started out as a nickname amongst our closest friends. I was always joked to be ‘The President.’ I think I took the crown when I decided to chuck a lawn chair (a few times, I’m told) at a hot dog vendor at the Gathering of the Juggalos one year, or maybe it was when we broke into a closed hotel pool in downtown Detroit with a posse of 40+, or maybe it was when… well, you get the picture.

Tress: Yeah, when we all went out it was pure craziness…. We assemble the crew, and just go nuts – like there’s no rules… Screamin shit, throwing shit, chanting shit…. So, the name ‘Team Bad Decision’ just sorta stuck.

Faygoluvers: Who are some of your influences?

Mereness: I’m influenced by all kinds of people. It’s different at different stages in your life. When I was young, I was mostly influenced by rock n roll and a touch of gangsta rap that my brother would dub for me on cassette tapes. As I got older, I got more into the underground scene in music, such as Tech N9ne, ICP, 3-6 Mafia, Outkast, and others. Plus, through it all, I’ve always been slightly influenced by mainstream music, mostly because it’s thrown right in your face, but also because it’s so catchy, and usually musically fresh.

Tress: I am also influenced by different people from different times in my life. People, especially musicians, tend to come and go in waves. Believe it or not, I used to be really into Punk and Pop-Punk music… I was even in a punk band in high school… ha ha. I enjoyed bands like Rancid, Blink-182, Green Day, and others at the time. I am also influenced by a variety of artists, from Beastie Boys, to NWA, to Metallica, to Lil Kim, and even Timberland, and Aaliyah. Once I got into more local and underground music, I enjoyed Tech N9ne, 3-6 Mafia, and all sorts of other local musicians. But, I was always influenced the most by Psychopathic Artists like Twiztid, ICP, Esham, and ABK. I think it’s because those artists made me feel like I could do this, too… like ‘hey, they’re having fun and doing the damn thing, I want to do that.” That’s my biggest influence… is just personal drive.

Faygoluvers: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

Mereness: Moon Mist

Tress: Rock & Rye and Orange

Faygoluvers: This is a random question, but it’s been snowing so much balls up here, I had to ask. What do you think about Minnesota weather?

Mereness: I like the winter time. I just wished it lasted from the beginning of December to the end of December. Ha ha Gotta have snow for Christmas.

Tress: Ya know, I really love the fact that we get all four seasons up here. Summer is my fav. Minnesota summers are so awesome… I love to go camping, beach bummin on the lake, fishing, hiking, biking, and being outside with out a damn coat on….. Autumn is so gorgeous… but it’s also the most unpredictable. Just like the last few weeks in November – we had sunny and 75 degree weather one week, then 2 feet of snow the next day, then back to 80 degrees, then it’s raining, and back to another foot of snow. It’s crazy. Winter, to me, is hell on earth. I am not a fan of the cold. The snow is pretty to look at, and it’s nice to have for the holidays, but that’s about all its good for in my opinion. I especially hate that life continues even when we have a big snow fall. I wish the state would have snow days – we could have 6 feet of snow within an hour, and everyone still has to go to school, go to work, and drive in it… it’s ridiculous! Crazy MN weather! LOL

Faygoluvers: Who have you guys worked with?

Mereness: I’ve worked with Eyedea (Rest In Peace), Liquid Assassin, and Potluck, plus many other respected underground artists.

Tress: I’ve worked with underground artists, but never released anything. I got to work with Liquid Assassin, and had the pleasure of getting feedback from Eyedea (RIP), and P.O.S. But, I’ve mostly just worked with local underground artists.

Faygoluvers: Who would you guys like to work with in the future?

Mereness: Anybody I respect who’s down with what we’re doin. As you’ll learn quick, we don’t discriminate.

Tress: I’ve always wanted to do a track with 3-6 Mafia. Gangsta Boo is also close to the top of my list. I think Mac Lethal would be cool. I got to meet and jam with Eyedea (RIP), but never got to do a track, and unfortunately that can’t happen anymore. But, I’m really not picky…. I have the same views as Mereness, just anyone I respect who’s down for the cause.

Faygoluvers: Who have ya’ll opened for?

TBD: We’ve opened for Tech N9ne, Vanilla Ice, Potluck, 2 Live Crew, Haystak, Twiztid, ICP, Lil Wyte, Rehab, P.O.S., King Gordy, DMX – but he didn’t show, but we still played, ha ha… that’s a long story! We’ve played many Gatherings…. and, that’s about it!

Faygoluvers: Alright, your group has a mixtape coming up. What’s it called, and what can the juggalos expect?

TBD: It’s called “Team Bad Decision – Project Mayhem the Mix tape”

Mereness: The thing with this whole ‘Team Bad Decision’ movement for us (Tress & I) is to enlighten and offer an opportunity for people in our lives. Being that we’ve been in the scene for so many years, we’ve gained many friends who share the same passions we have, but just can’t seem to pull it together, and that’s where we come in.

Tress: Yeah, this project we’ve put together is to showcase other up and coming artists. Mereness and I are the fore-front, and the mixtape will feature an eclectic mix of rappers. The sound will be ranging from horrorcore, to club music, to gangsta rap, and of course hype-hop.

Faygoluvers: When and where are you’re next couple of shows?

TBD: When: December 30th
Where: Station 4, St. Paul, Minnesota
Featuring: TipZ

When: January 15th
Where: Robert’s Nightclub, Moundsview, Minnesota

Faygoluvers: Shout outs?

TBD: Shout out to our homies Saint, Pockets, Dubz, TipZ, Joey Wayne, As Is, and Goose for helpin us get this movement movin’. Team Bad Decision Assemble!


Miss Tress:



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