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What up ya’ll? I’d like to welcome you to another exciting episode of “Pope’s Underground Spotlight!!!.” Where we take some time out of our busy schedules to dig deep into the underground and uncover an up and comming artist! I’ma drop an interview, some pics, and a free mp3 download for each featured artists. Lets look at this as a way for the Juggalos to broaden their horizons and check out some new shit, and for some fresh ass new artists to spread the word about what they got goin on. For this edition we’re gonna sit down with one of the sickest up and comming duos in the underground today. We’re taking a short trip to Virginia to get a lil bit of info from the demented duo known as Stitchez! The group of Methotical and Chaotik have been know in the scene for quite awhile know. They’ve played shows all over the east coast and have built up a huge and impressive catalouge of tracks . So hit up the freshness below where you’ll find a full on interview, some links, a pic, and a free mp3. Also, give the pic below a click to visit their official myspace for more info and tracks. So read on and get schooled by Stitchez!

Faygoluvers: so first off, tell us about Stitchez. i.e. where yer from, how long you been in the game, anything else we should know, etc.

Methotical: richmond va, and we aint in the game. we start the count down when we can quit our jobs and perform for yall everyday of our lives.

Faygoluvers: What kind of projects have you worked on in the past?

Chaotik: Well we released a free EP entitled, “needle & thread” on march 11th, 2006 follwed by our debut album, “Sewn Shut” on March 24th, 2006. We also made a short run album called, “The Gecko Brothers vol 1.” which had alot of hard to find solo stuff, some new solo songs, 2 sewn shut remix’s 2 songs off the new cd were currently working on and a stitchez song just for the album. We’ve done some collabs with artists like H8trid, Loco and Mytstery to name acouple. We were also featured on the compilation cd Wolfpac put out, “When There No More Room in Hell vol. 1”

Faygoluvers: Whats currently in your CD player?

Methotical: to be honest man..no more kings..i love that band..im a big 80’s nerd man and that band fuckin perfect for anybody that loves the 80’s they got songs about karate kid,smurfs, knight rider and all that good shit..and when im not playing that..im playing our new shit thats about it

Chaotik: I’m scatter brain so im constantly swaping shit out my cd player anywhere from Tech N9ne to fuckin’ Old School Limp Bizkit.
who have you worked with in the past and who do you wanna work with in the future?

Methotical: man alot of people. intrinzik,jason porter,h8trid,dranged,804 thugs,all of d.i.e(chaos,form hell to hide,loco,od),stray my hero,robbie rosemont (my fav. artist in va, the dean,d-kapp,c-raig,double e,prime tyme,killa bees,p.o.w,nvbleman,kreeper,hype,c4,hypnossiz..man many many more, i would love to work with my heroes, scarface and ice cube, wanna do sum shit wit lokey,tech n9ne, big krizz and kutt,bizzare (from d12),and muthafuckin monoxide that muthafucka is raw as hell.

Chaotik: We’ve worked with intrinzik, Loco, formhell2hide, chaos, stray, mystery, h8trid, double e, idenity crisis and whole bunch of other artists as solo work. Theres so many artists we wanna work with we couldnt possibly name um all but for acouple names tech n9ne, twiztid, amb and fuck it i wanna get a country singer on a hook! lol

Faygoluvers: Every artists has good stories from the road, tell us one.

Methotical: Cleveland ohio we just finished a show wit marz and lavel..were walking back to the car. a homeless guy comes up to marz. and asked for some money..marz went into his pocket *didnt count it* and just gave him a big ass knot of money. with no hesitation that shit blew me away. i had to tell him..man thats the dopest shit i ever seen ..i had to fuckin thank marz man. it was fuckin amazing that he would do that. oh yeah the same night asteriah was in our hotel room with lavel (shes a tasty dish and im glad she got rid of the hair too)

Faygoluvers: what label are you signed with, if any, and tell us about them.

Methotical: no label, looking point blank.

Chaotik: We are currently on the open market we got our little production company Cut Throat Entertainment though where we sell collaberations through and currently selling beats. Were gonan be sending out demo’s soon someone is bound to pick us up with sound this good there ain’t no way we can lose ya know?

Faygoluvers: Whats yer drink of choice?

Methotical: juice any kind of juice is my drink of choice homie. alcohol jager and gold schlagger

Chaotik: I’m not much of a drinker, but if I’m gonna have a drink its either jager Bombs, Crown or Jack and Coke.

Faygoluvers: Whats yer favorite city/venue to play in?

Methotical: Cleveland at Peabody’s..i love that place its always live. i would love to say va somwhere but its like its a plot against us or sumthin..lol

Faygoluvers: who have you performed with in the past?

Methotical: marz,lavel,asteriah,professor fresh,t.h.c., v sinizter,homicide,Mereness (from PLC),LAWST,psych ward, and kinda with (potluck,critical bill, and tech n9ne. it was like a pre show type thing) and my hero stray..and a whole bunch of va underground cats

Faygoluvers: What makes Stitchez different from the billion other artists out there?

Methotical: were different cause. we mix alot of elements into our music. we can do any kinda song we want and its good, we have different subject matter,we pretty much can do whatt ever we want musicaly..and will do whatt ever we want musically

Chaotik: What makes Stitchez different? Think of the feeling you got when you first heard someone like Twiztid or Tech N9ne, you remember that feeling? The feeling of pure satisfaction and you were just like, “This shit is fuckin ill!.” Well the many of times we have spoken with fans and just random people hearing us for the first time thats the reaction we get. And that shit is fucking powerful when you get that kinda feedback from your fans ya know.

Faygoluvers: what’s your goal in this game? as in, why do you guys rap?

Chaotik: Man I just fuckin’ love music, all music I don’t discriminate and I just wanna be out on the road doin’ shows and constantly pumpin’ out music. Thats what its all about.

Faygoluvers: Where can people learn more about you and check out your music?

Methotical: www.stitchezonline.com and www.myspace.com/stitchezonine

Faygoluvers: Rant time, you get 20 sentences to say whatever the hell you want. GO!

Methotical: if you try to hold us back from shit..its only gonna blow up in your face..you cant stop what cant be stopped you can only hope to contain it..and im to fuckin big to be held down homie..lol our fans aint our best friends or cliques there fans that genuinely like and love our music and choose to buy it and play it..point blank. i don’t fuck under agers thats wrong..i dont smoke weed even tho i probably need it (cause im kinda fucked up in the head..i think ricki lake is sexy..and if i had a kid i would let my son stay with Michale Jackson for the weekend cause he didn’t do it..and i know magic. skittles is the shit. not the candy my cousin fuckas P.O.W IN THIS!!! i wanna sleep dom style!!

Chaotik: what the fuck is up to all the people suporting the Stitchez movement, we love yall on a higher scale than breathing. lol Get ready for Reopened Wounds coming late 2007 even though yall cannot possibly be ready for the devastation his album is going to bring to your ear drums. From what we got so far it is a masterpiece! If your looking for cheap beats, the Cut Throat Beats myspace is finally up with leasing rights at only $15! www.myspace.com/cutthroatbeats. I’d say fuck everybody who aint down with us, but there aint many who ain’t and those that ain’t down with us don’t even matter. M-TOWN!!!

Faygoluvers: what do you think of the current state of the “industry?”

Methotical: FUCKED!!!!

Faygoluvers: Favorite movie?

Methotical: back to the future, and the karate kid

Chaotik: I got so many I can’t even tell ya I just like alot of horror movies and weird movies with lots of shifts and parts that make ya go like, “I had no idea that was gonna happen.”

Faygoluvers: briefly tell us about your “juggalo” experience.

Methotical: 99 i went into the store to buy one of jay-z’s new albums…and beside it was amazing jeckle brothers..i didn’t like icp..all i know is they wrestled and i thought they were wack but something made me pick up that album man..i bought it..and lets say by the end of the week i bought all the rest of the jokers cards that was out at the time..and its been on ever since. and to the fucka that stole my hatchet man charm out of my house..i hope you get raped by your fucking father on your wedding night you bitch!!!!

Chaotik: I first entered the juggalo world around the Twiztid Mirror/rorriM era. I was active in this backyard wrestling federation in school and they got me into it, and they all grew out of the, “Juggalo Life Style” and I’m still here.

Faygoluvers: what music did you grow up on?

Methotical: everything..i remember coming home from school everyday to turn on mtv to watch areosmith shit and bug out like i “I FUCKIN LOVE THIS SHIT”, Paul Simon’s call me all is one of my fav songs of all times its a brilliant song man..mike jackson you name it i played it. then L.L. cool J,N.W.A and the geto boys had a major influence on my musically with my style

Chaotik: man until I was like 11 I was bein raised off of fuckin’ country music and beach boys, lol then I started listening to alot of rock music like korn and limp bizkit. around 97 or so i started listening to rap music like eminem, kid rock etc.

Faygoluvers: best free porn site?

Methotical: www.myfreepaysite.com hands down

Chaotik: www.myfreepaysite.com

Faygoluvers: compare yourself to one established artist.

Methotical: ill say im ice cube,scarface. and monoxide wrapped in one to make a fuckin monster

Chaotik: I can’t even do it man I got alot of influences and what not but I think I got my own style, its just a mixture of all my influences mutated into this monster of a rhymer.

Faygoluvers: Last but not least, whats next?

Methotical: DOMINATION..so i can get rich and buy land for the gathering .lol

Chaotik: Only time can tell whats in store for the future of this group, but know this that it will all be positive actions taking place!

Faygoluvers: Thanks to Stitchez for droppin in and hookin us up with some info. Make sure ya’ll stop by and check out their Official Myspace for more tracks, pics, album info, tour dates and upcomming releases. And make sure to stay tuned to Faygoluvers.net for any and all info on Stitchez! They have a huge show comming up with Kingspade in VA on May 15th so be there! If you need tix hit them up through the myspace. Much love to Stitchez!
















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