October 2, 2023
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Shy One

What up ya’ll? I’d like to welcome you to another exciting (and overdue) episode of “Pope’s Underground Spotlight!!!.” Where we take some time out of our busy schedules to dig deep into the underground and uncover an up and comming artist! I’ma drop an interview, some pics, and a free mp3 download for each featured artists. Lets look at this as a way for the Juggalos to broaden their horizons and check out some new shit, and for some fresh ass new artists to spread the word about what they got goin on. For this edition we’re heading down to Corpus Christi, Texas to have a sit down with Shy One! He is an accomplished producer, MC, gotj veteran, graphics designer, and boasts a legendary live show. So hit up the freshness below where you’ll find a full on interview, some links, pics, and some free mp3s. Also, give the pic below a click to visit his official myspace for more info and tracks. So read on and get schooled by Shy One!

Faygoluvers: so first off, tell us about Shy One. i.e. where yer from, how long you been in the game, anything else we should know, etc.

Shy One: Que Pasa, I go by the name of Shy One. Name was given to me back in the day when I was b-boying (breakdancing), yes even though my music is not hip hop the culture is in my blood. I am from the body of christ Corpus Christi, Tx. Deep down south! Been doing this music shit since i was in the 6th grade fuckin with making beats and screwing songs on a karokee machine. Didnt get serious about it till my senior year of high school.

Faygoluvers: What kind of projects have you worked on in the past?

Shy One: I have produced 19 underground albums. 2 Professionally manufactured. 1 Professional Manufactured & distributed (“Where I Stand… I Will Fall”) Which is now out of print and the pyshical copies that are out on the market range from $99-$300+! Think i am playing? Check out Amazon.com and search Shy One.

I have tons of future projects. I actually have like 5 projects i am working on right now at the same time. My next big one is the long awaited album “The Door” which is going to be a great album. It is a long time over due and I am the type of dude that can not rush shit or it will just not come out right. I have to feel it. This music is a passion for me. We are looking to release “The Door” summer 2008. Also will start doing mad shows again.

Faygoluvers: Whats currently in your cd player?


Faygoluvers: Tell us a little bit about the American Riff-Raff camp and other people you have worked with.

Shy One: Man, Riff Raff is the shit man. What it is man is a bunch of underground supporters and not just any type of supporter. RIff Raff was so into it man. At first it was just booking shows and shit. These dudes are so about it man they turned this underground basement into the fuckin underground spot! im serious man when I first walked in that basement I seriously creamed in my pants! Graffiti everywhere with all the underground cats names all over… and not no bullshit tagging it had actually nice pieces on them walls. The Foundation is what it was called and it is just one of those things man where you can never explain it. Just had to be there. But yea they booked mad shows. Got artists down there to perform. Kept the shit real underground man. They have so much passion for the underground. The work they put into it to make things happen. Them buying a whole knew building venue to do shows. Them investing so much money in EVERYTHING it is just amazing the heart that Riff Raff has. I would have not gotten the shit tatted on my elbow man if it didnt mean anything to me. This shit is por vida. But anyways man thats a somewhat brief about RR.

Faygoluvers: Every artists has good stories from the road, tell us one.

Shy One: I honestly would not know where to start. Hell, there are so many things! It is crazy on the road man. I can not even think of where to start.

Faygoluvers: your talents go far beyond being an MC. All your graphics, production, tours, and marketing are self-made. How do you do it?

Shy One: I started out making beats on a shitty little keyboard. Then started to bullshit trying to rap when i was in middle school. Then i started to fuck around with graphics man and shit just all came natural to me. Then started doing video editing. It is a sacrifice and I don’t think the people really know how much some of us underground artist put into it. This is the underground. I was doing mad shows out of state man… ALL FREE GIGS! A couple I did get paid but 98% of the time it was all out of my own pocket just to try and go get my name out and to give people a little something different and original which i feel we are missing a lot lately.

Faygoluvers: Whats yer drink of choice?

Shy One: Lately it has been Bud light. But I am a whiskey dude.

Faygoluvers: Whats yer favorite city/venue to play in?

Shy One: Just about all the places I have played have been the shit! But if i only had to pick one it would be Dallas, Tx.

Faygoluvers: Other than music, what else do you do?

Shy One: I am a single parent. Try and get these bills paid and take care of my son. I also do graphics and shit but all that is on hold due to my graphic/video pc dying.

Faygoluvers: What’s your goal in this game? As in, why do you rap?

Shy One: To me man it is way more then just rap. I don’t consider myself a rapper. More of a musician. I have a lot of passion in what i do… the way things sounds. From playing a beat each instrument all the way through the whole song. It is more to me then just rap. I do this cause it is therapy to me. This is my high.

Faygoluvers: You have a huge horror movie influence. Tell us about it.

Shy One: Hell yea man im all about horror shit. I dig it all man from the silent films, to the foreign flicks, slashers, cheesy, splatters, snuffs, i dig it all man. I got Nosferatu, Phantom of the opera, & Ceaser the sleepwalker tatted on my arm man. I stick to the roots!

Faygoluvers: Where can people learn more about you and check out your music?

Shy One: Best place at the moment is this one rare website that i doubt anybody has even heard of it is called myspace. Myspace.com/ShyOne They can learn a lot about me by actually going to one of my shows and know I am not no underground cat with a big ass ego like some folks. I am very down to earth and no backstage for me. I am out in the crowd and I am usually always in front supporting the other acts.

Faygoluvers: rant time, you get 20 sentences to say whatever the hell you want. GO!

Shy One: 1. I think my hand is broken from a fight last night.
2. I got in a fight cause the dude was eating my sons food.
3. I have turtle head and once I do this IT IS ON!
4. Scottie D is a drunk.
5. I bet people who are reading this don’t even know who the fuck i am.
6. The new album is going to be fuckin tight!
7. Goddamn, i really have to shit.
8. It is hard for me to type with my right hand all fucked up.
9. It was funny seeing Ajay get his mack on at the gathering then completely blowing it by freezing up when the chick was obviously feeling him.
10. Do not know why or how a lot of these mainstream acts get any type of deal.
11. I miss being on the road.
12. I want to try that new pizza dominos has.
13. Should i shit before i eat? or let it build up, eat, then shit so it can join the other shit that is in the shit?
14. My citys beach fuckin stinks.
15. I am a lowlife, so sorry to disappoint you, im the bad seed
16. Everyone should support the underground.
17. What trips me out is that i have this one long nose hair and i fuckin cut it and it grows right back, so i wonder if i let it grow would it be really fuckin long then and just keep growing?
18. i am almost done with these 20 things!
19. I hope people actually check me out after this lol
20. This is the last one.

Faygoluvers: what do you think of the current state of the “industry?”

Shy One: Fuck it man. Have you heard whats on the radio? Industry is bitch man. I mention earlier about my cd running for $300+ on amazon.com. Well lets say that cd sells, i will still only get like 2 bucks from it. bullshit.

Faygoluvers: your live shows have become damn near legendary. What should people know before comming to a Shy one show?

Shy One: Legendary? You really think so man? People should know that i am a real dude and very down to earth. They should know not to be afraid to move around and get wild with me. It was such an awesome feeling man going to do shows out of state and sticking the mic out to the crowed and people singing the chorus. It is awesome man. I can have like 2 people in the crowd and have a fuckin blast. Gotta be prepared to have a good ass time and see something that is real and original.

Faygoluvers: Are there any plans for tour stops in other parts of the country?

Shy One: I would love to go out of the country! If someone where to book me out there I WILL BE THERE!!! ANYWHERE!

Faygoluvers: briefly tell us about your “juggalo” experience.

Shy One: Well, I used to listen to ICP very briefly back in the day when tunnel of love came out. And Great Milenko. I thought ICP was funny as shit. I didnt know what a juggalo was. Later down the road i found out a juggalo was some hardcore icp fans. I had a friend who was all about it in high school my freshman year. But still didnt think much of juggalos since i was not into ICP’s music. I always thought juggalos were just a bunch of fuckin fake ass punks who talked a lot of shit and who ever very closed minded. Well I got booked to do a mini gathering in Oklahoma City. So this was going to be my first time to ever perform in front of a juggalo crowd. And from that show on i gained SO MUCH respect for juggalos and psychopathic! I walked into that show and saw people all painted up, wearing their shirts, all singing their songs, i told myself “THIS IS THE SHIT!” It was amazing to me how Psychopathic had such a hugely strong fanbase and made have so much respect for them and their fans. They showed me so much love like i have never felt before at any show and from that point on my point of view on juggalos did a complete 180. I am very greatful that i do have some juggalo fans that support my music and i hope they can pass my name along to other juggalos.

Faygoluvers: what did you grow up listening to?

Shy One: I grew up listing to a lot of classic rock. Love me some Rush, Led Zeplin, Pink Floyd, Queen. etc.

But with rap music… that memphis devil shit!!! Old school Three 6 Mafia! Ten Wanted Men! Koopsta Knicca! Dj Sound! Frayser Click! i can go on and on. You guys thought yall knew some wicked shit? Do some research and check out some old school memphis shit. Thats the roots. no joke.

Faygoluvers: How was this year’s gathering?

Shy One: I had a fuckin blast man! it was dope as hell meeting you guys! The only thing that was a bummer for me was that the second stage was fuckin HOT! I was really surprised people actually came out and stayed for my set when it was like 105 degrees out! But yea man it was the shit! and i hope i get to play again next year so i can go. I know i am not mainstage material so im not even thinking of mainstage. Bombhouse was BUMPING this past year! bad ass lights! fuckin shade!

Faygoluvers: Last but not least, whats next?

Shy One: I am about to hit send, and tear it up in the toilet!

Thanks a lot man for even taking the time and doing an interview with me. It means a lot to me and i hope people really go and check this out and check out my work. much love and thanks again!

And i know a lot of the people who come to faygoluvers.net have no clue i am so i am posting links to some free shit that you can download and bump!

The Semetary EP

Emotionz Detached (Screwed & Chopped)

Land of Doubt


Faygoluvers: A huge thanks goes out to Shy One for droppin in and hookin us up with some info. I had the pleasure of spending a pretty significant amount of time with him at this years Gotj and let me tell you, he is 100% real. One of the friendliest, most down to earth, funny, crazy, intelligent, artists I’ve ever met. He’s like a juggalo that you kick it with at your camp site, then you turn around and hes signin autographs, then you look again and hes rockin the mainstage. I just wanted to drop a few more plugs for him. Why? Cuz he fucking deserves it and each one of you should learn to be a Shy One fan! Check out the following :

Free Shy One Music Downloads

Shy One on I-Tunes

Shy One Custom Beats and Graphics For Sale

So thanks again to Shy One for stopping through. And as always for any and all Shy One related news keep your eyes glued to Faygoluvers.net, your #1 source for underground news!



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