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What up ya’ll? I’d like to welcome you to another exciting episode of “Pope’s Underground Spotlight!!!.” Where we take some time out of our busy schedules to dig deep into the underground and uncover an up and comming artist! I’ma drop an interview, some pics, and a free mp3 download for each featured artists. Lets look at this as a way for the Juggalos to broaden their horizons and check out some new shit, and for some fresh ass new artists to spread the word about what they got goin on. For this edition we’re heading all the way from Moscow, Russia to Denver, Colorado to kick it with the originator or gore-hop, Scum! From his roots in Death-Metal to his new style of Gore-Hop, Scum and the rest of Lyrikal Snuff Productions have been tearing up the Denver scene for years now. So hit up the freshness below where you’ll find a full on interview, some links, a pic, and a free mp3. Also, give the pic below a click to visit his official myspace for more info and tracks. So read on and get schooled by Scum!

Faygoluvers:so first off, tell us about Scum. i.e. where yer from, how long you been in the game, anything else we should know, etc.

SCUM: I am from Moscow, Russia but Ive been living in Denver for the last 10 years of my life. Been doing rap since 1999 and been putting out music (started off doing death metal) since 1996. Aside from my solo and group projects I also got a label that I run with some of the sickest motherfuckas in the CO underground putting shit out – Big Borey, Fiasco, Qrem Dela Qrem, True Killah. All of them do different shit from gangsta rap to fight shit to some horrorcore but its all fam, we work as a team!

Faygoluvers:What kind of projects have you worked on in the past?

SCUM: Did 3 albums with Down Syndrome (metal) Did a duo project called LnG which put out one album before breaking up. Did a few other group projects…Denver Lowlifes, Underground Cult. Put out 3 solo CD’s with a new one coming out June 1st Did a CD with 4H….Sicktanick, Ressurecor, Preacher X and myself, we put out a limited edition EP last year thats all sold out. Working on a Hate Magnet album with Sicktanick mixing some wicked shit with industrial/death metal type shit…

Faygoluvers:Whats currently in your cd player?

SCUM: Insane Poetry “Faith In Chaos”, When There’s No More Room In Hell Comp, Fiasco” Kill Tha Show”, 2 Clipz “Shit From The Gutta”, KGP “The Ungod”, Phatso, DCK, KillMusick Comp, a lot of shit…Im a music junkie…if I dont have nothing new to listen to for a week I go insane!

Faygoluvers:Who have you worked with in the past and who do you wanna work with in the future?

SCUM: As far as tracks, Ive done shit with KGP, Bloodshot, Insane Poetry, Sicktanick, Ressurrector, Neurotic….fuck, at least 50 artists Ive collabed with over the years. As far as shows Ive done shit with ABK, Project Born, Blooshot, Insane Poetry, Trajedy, Mental Ward, GMac, Grave Plott, Woodpile, all of SKR…same thing, the list goes on, we did 25 shows last year, we’re shooting for 30-35 this year….a lot of people we work with!

Faygoluvers:Every artists has good stories from the road, tell us one.

SCUM: Hmmm…..there was a lot of funny shit cracking on the road….WI is some of the most hospitable motherfuckas out there, the first show I ever did out there I flew out to so I had no weed and was stressin like a motherfucka. During my last song I took a break and hollered out “Who’s gonna get me high after this?!”….well as soon as I got off the stage there were like 25-30 ninjas all with their own bags trying to smoke a lowlife up, I dont remember much after that but them motherfuckas got love out there…. Lets see, the first CO ABK show we did and ended up chasing some motherfucka swinging a knife at us trying to hit him with a brick in 5 Points….. Cops sweating us in TX for moshing labeling all of us as “gnagmembers” and trying to arrest our tour manager…. Being lost in IL and running out of money for tollways….everything is a fucking toll out there Getting so drunk at Reno that I lost over $100 in penny slots….free drinks is a motherfucka Shit there’s always somethin cracking on the road!

Faygoluvers:quickly tell us where the whole “gorehop” idea came from and what exactly is “gorehop?”

SCUM: Well, it goes back to trying to book shows years ago and ending up on all these pro knowlege, positive messege type o shows cause our manager would book us as a hip hop act and then being banned from those venues for offending people so we came up with “GOREHOP” as a term that would best describe my shit….I dont do a lot of “devil”or “dark themed” shit like a lot of horrorcore artists…its all gore…lyrical butchershop type o shit

Faygoluvers:What lable are you signed with, if any, and tell us about them.

SCUM: LSP…owner, founder, and a proud member of….Lyrikal Snuff Productionz since 2000!

Faygoluvers:Whats yer drink of choice?

SCUM: Jager and red bull

Faygoluvers:Whats yer favorite city/venue to play in?

SCUM: Denver….hometown reprezentin! Either Cervantes Ballroom or Aztlan Theatre…

Faygoluvers:Briefly tell us about your “juggalo” experience.

SCUM: In CO ninjas are the most die hard supporters of the underground horror shit, theres nothing but respect here unless u come at us the wrong way, so its all positive. Ive been at PSY shows in CO since the 90’s and shit keeps getting bigger and bigger…fav joker card…TGM….fav PSY artist….Twiztid (used to be ABK till he left)…fav faygo flava ROOT BEER

Faygoluvers:What makes Scum different from the billion other artists out there?

SCUM: Live energy…come to a show, I almost die on stage every time we perform but we make sure we give them a “show”…multiple languages used on tracks….constant improvement…shit and being down to earth, I am as much of a fan to this scene as I am an artist, I respect everyone who’s doing their part for the geanre to grow and work with a lot of people to get to the top without forgetting the ones who help me along the way like a lot of fucks out there….plus I never pass on an oportunity so any time I can get my shit heared, it will be heared….its not a hobby, its a full time job and then some…

Faygoluvers:Where can people learn more about you and check out your music?

SCUM: www.myspace.com/scumgorehop (for recent tracks and showdates) www.gorehop.com (for older trax and to order CD’s) www.killmusick.com or juggaloforum.net (the main sites I post news and updates on and that carry my shit for sale)

Faygoluvers:Rant time, you get 20 sentences to say whatever the hell you want. GO!

SCUM: Thanks to Pope for doing this interview and supporting the underground wicked shit! Much love to all my LSP killaz: Borey, Fiasco, Qrem Dela Qrem, 7ynch, McFly, B Nasty, True Killah, Void, Sevill, Jiggals, Nici, Jess, Taj, Ivy, Amber, Fourty, Andy, all the killaz I didnt mention….all the people who helped me out along the way….Kap (KGP), I owe you dawg! Cyco and Insane Poetry for showing us nothing but love, all my SKR killaz….2008 is the year of Hate Magnet and we’re gonna do this shit together, all my SK/Xplicit/Primos ninjas who bring the fear into the underground…keep doing your thing, I luv u fucks! All the venues that still allow our shit, thanks! All the online disrtos from KillMusick to Long Range to Redrum Media to I Tunes to CD Baby to Serial Killas to whoever the fuck…thanks for sticking with us and helping us spread the sickness….our merch and CD amnufacturers that werent scared unlike Sony who shut down Violent Verses for artwork reasons (pussies) and keep pressing our shit are tha shit…all the street team killaz, the real soldiers behind us are making it happen….this geanre is growing…fuck the haters….fuck anyone who says this shit is dying…you motherfuckas are just lazy! Do somethin!

Faygoluvers:What do you think of the current state of the “industry?”

SCUM: Its slowly but surely growing and if motherfuckas would spend as much time doing something to make it bigger and better instead of posting shit about how the scene is dead online and beefing amongst each other it would blow the fuck up…and it still will, just might take a bit longer!

Faygoluvers:Favorite movie?

SCUM: Seven

Faygoluvers:lucious curvy well endowed bitches or flexible petite sexy little things?

SCUM: Both…too many beautiful women out to hate on any one kind!

Faygoluvers:what music did you grow up on?

SCUM: Death Metal and Esham

Faygoluvers:best free porn site?

SCUM: www.sickestsites.com

Faygoluvers:Last but not least, whats next?

SCUM: Touring….a few more shows with ABK, GoreFest IN, Fiasco’s CD release, Dinner’s Served release…more shows….more fests….more sickness, peep the myspace for the 411….stay sick and much luv,

Faygoluvers:Thanks to Scum for droppin in and hookin us up with some info. Make sure ya’ll stop by and check out his Official Myspace for more tracks, pics, album info, and upcomming releases. And make sure to stay tuned to Faygoluvers.net for any and all info on SCUM! anyways, check back next week for more freshness!






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