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Nuttin Nyce

Welcome to Episode Number Three of the “Underground Spotlight!!!.” Where we take some time out of our busy schedules to dig deep into the underground and uncover an up and comming artist! I’ma drop an interview for each featured artist. Lets look at this as a way for the Juggalos to broaden their horizons and check out some new shit, and for some fresh ass new artists to spread the word about what they got goin on. For our third installment we head on down to St. Louis and spend a lil time with HellHouse Entertainment and one of their featured artists Nuttin Nyce. Ya’ll know him from the Gathering and the million collabs that hes done with some of the underground’s finest! So hit up the freshness below where you’ll find a full on interview!

Faygoluvers: So first off, tell us about Nuttin Nyce. i.e. where yer from, how long you been in the game, etc.

Nuttin Nyce: Wuz good Pope? You wanna know a lil about Nyce? I got the scoop fresh out the box on it. Ha. Anyway, to start off, I was born and raised in St. Louis. I have been rapping seriously since early 2005. I’ve always had an interest in music and been involved in the performance or creation of it since around 1994. A group from South St Louis named the Wet Grimlinz inspired me to begin rapping seriously in summer 2005. Its been like a dream ever since then.

Faygoluvers: What kind of projects have you worked on in the past?

Nuttin Nyce: When I first began to rap, I was solo. I never really came out with anything, I just experimented with rapping to beats and writing tracks. Then I joined up with a buddy of mine, Kaotix, and we formed the Lucid Maniax. Things didn’t work out too well, we only did one song together and then disbanded. Then I joined up with HellHouse Entertainment and began my solo career again and took it to a whole new level.

Faygoluvers: Whats currently in your cd player?

Nuttin Nyce: Well, in my car I switch between Kottonmouth Kings “No. 7” and Tech N9ne “Everready the Religion.” At home I have “Postmortem” from a group called Rottin in the stereo.

Faygoluvers: Who have you worked with in the past and who do you wanna work with in the future?

Nuttin Nyce: I’ve worked with a lot of artists in the past 2 years. PREACH, Murda Chops, and B SkanDaLus (all former Wet Grimlinz), Mars (“Demon Thugz” track on Not Your Common Evil), Project Born, Insane D, Toxic Trip, No Cash Productions, J Fre$H, HaVok, Hellsent, Mistah Creepy, and Devious tha DreamSella. In the future, I would like to work with: Playaz Lounge Crew, Twiztid, Mike E. Clark, Razakel, Doomsday Productions, MaddHouse Clique, Krayzie Bone, Chamillionaire, Tech n9ne, Intrinzik, and Jason Porter. But for real, anyone willing to do something with me, I’d love to be a part of it.

Faygoluvers: Every artists has good stories from the road, tell us one.

Nuttin Nyce: I’d have to say Midwest Distress 2006 in Chicago. That was pretty interesting. We had about 15 guys in one hotel room tryin to mess with WebTV. I schooled them all on the native tounge of “crazy talk.” We met a lot of cool artists there like Big Sick, Midwest Assassins (who were the shit), ViceVersa, Magnum99, and Insane D. It was a long day in a fucking barn, but it was hella tight.

Faygoluvers: If someone asked you to describe your music, what would you tell them?

Nuttin Nyce: I’d have to tell them the same thing every other artist says…..Its different. I mean, I get down to more of a rock/metal hiphop feel. There is a lot of energy in the music. It also is very ANTI everything, but murder, drugs, sex. I like to keep it pretty dark, but there is a shot of light here and there. Also, you will find me working with many styles of rap/hiphop on my collaborations. I’ll mess with a wicked shit rapper one one track and then turn around and have a more mainstream bling and cash artist on another track. I like to keep it interesting.

Faygoluvers: What label are you signed with, if any, and tell us about them.

Nuttin Nyce: I’m with HellHouse Entertainment. We are currently 6 artists deep. Demonic and Muerte form the group Hellsent ( J Killa, J Rok, and Grace form the MaddHouse Clique ( And then there is myself ( All of the artists on HellHouse Entertainment come from different backgrounds and experiences. Each of the artists bring a new dimension to the label.

Faygoluvers: Whats yer drink of choice?

Nuttin Nyce: I’d have to say Jagermeister. But then there is always my friend Tequila. I also love the beer, such as Colt 45, Mickeys, Corona and Budweiser products.

Faygoluvers: Whats yer favorite city/venue to play in?

Nuttin Nyce: I haven’t ventured much out of the St. Louis area as far as performances go. But I will tell you that I like this little place outside of St Louis called The Pit. It’s in Wentzville, MO. The guy that runs that joint is pretty cool and knows what he’s doin with a club. I also like performing at this place in Collinsville, IL called Lil Peeps. Yea, shit has been good there too.

Faygoluvers: Who have you performed with in the past?

Nuttin Nyce: Hellsent, MaddHouse Clique, Devious tha DreamSella, Mistah Creepy, HaVok, Project Born, Afroman, Rehab, Boondox, Trip C, Wet Grimlinz, J Fre$H, Jelly Joe, Gutter Entertainment, Da Hol 9, Ruka Puff, Tempature, Costlofobic, Freakz R Us, and many more.

Faygoluvers: What makes Nuttin Nyce different from the billion other artists out there?

Nuttin Nyce: I don’t try to act like I am something I’m not. I don’t try to do the same thing that my influences did with their images and acts. I also try to switch the feelings up in the tracks I do. Some with a more heart felt feel and others a more heart stopping feel. With some of my music, I like to push the extremity of the subject matter, especially with touchy subjects like religion, abortion, sex, and drug references.

Faygoluvers: Where can people learn more about you and check out your music?

Nuttin Nyce: I gotta give em the MySpace homie. and They can also check Faygoluvers news posts for all of my shows. Thank ya’ll for that by the way.

Faygoluvers: Rant time, you get 20 sentences to say whatever the hell you want. GO!

Nuttin Nyce: First off, I love my fans more than I can explain, because if it wasn’t for ya’ll, I couldn’t rock a crowd or get my music to accepting ears. HellHouse Entertainment is where my true muthafuckin boyz and family is at. Much luv to Pope @ Faygoluvers for this interview. To any up and coming artists reading this, don’t quit for anyone, just keep grindin and push your way through any door that may just be open a tiny crack, but, goddamnit its still open, bust through that shit and get yours. Any artist/group out there looking for a collaboration, hit me up. Any artists/groups out there looking to do a show in the St. Louis area, hit me up, we can get something together. Twenty sentences is a lot to just rant when you don’t know what to rant about haha. Shout out to my St Louis Underground rap scene: HaVok, Stogie, PREACH, Freakz R Us, Happy Hill Records, J Fre$H, B SkanDaLus, Lyrical Dre, Strata-G, Murda Chops, STLCreeps, and all the others I forgot, but are just as much a part of this movement as the rest of us. Anyone that’s my MySpace friend knows about my drunken/high rants on the bulletin board. You know you love them. I was in a boy band. Wuz good Jinx, King Flesh, Donut, Julio, Angie, Scarecrow, Mikey, 2 Eleven, Kween Kronik, Queen C, Big Oats, King Fatal, Arson, Ashnuggs, Violent K, DJ Boogie Woo, Kaotix, Big Baby Sweets (SBI representin), Jay, Amanda, and Paul from ICU, Krayzie Shanks, and all the rest of you muthafuckaz that I didn’t forget, I’m just high. How many sentences am I at? Fifteen? Cool. Well shit, seventeen now, so does that ring a bell with you Juggalos? 17? Hell muthafuckin yea! Here’s fuckin twenty: Much muthafuckin luv to anyone that supports underground music!

Faygoluvers: What do you think of the current state of the “industry?”

Nuttin Nyce: The industry right now is pretty tainted. I think the fans out there are going to be surprised in the next few years when the underground scene makes some big noise again. It seems to me that the top dogs are out there looking for the next artist that can sell, which is the true idea of being in the music industry, but they are just using artists for maybe one bangin track or one platinum or multiplatinum album, then they ain’t shit anymore. To me, its an age of one hit wonders.

Faygoluvers: Favorite movie?

Nuttin Nyce: I’m torn between Grandma’s Boy, Unleashed, and Scarface. Oh, and that one movie I made with that chick in the alley…..nevermind, ya’ll don’t even wanna know.

Faygoluvers: Softball style chicks or gymnists?

Nuttin Nyce: You got a tough one there homie. There’s great qualities about each one. If I had to choose though, it would probably be the gymnast style, but there is a lot more I go on, ya feel me?

Faygoluvers: Old school or new school?

Nuttin Nyce: Old school all day.

Faygoluvers: Compare yourself to one established artist.

Nuttin Nyce: That’s a damn hard question to answer. I don’t know of a comparison for real. Not to sound like I think I don’t sound like someone or have had the same experience comin up in the game, but I just don’t know of a good comparison.

Faygoluvers: Best free porn site?

Nuttin Nyce: You can’t beat it……well, yea you can, but different story. Haha

Faygoluvers: Last but not least, whats next?

Nuttin Nyce: Next will be to continue to get my music heard outside the St. Louis area and get some more shows as well. I’m also working on my second album entitled “Demon Thug” and my third album entitled “Psychotic Lullabiez.” There is also a mixtape in the works called “Comin Up” and I am a part of the HellHouse Entertainment Mixtape Volume 2 and another project called “The Forsaken.” That’s on the low low though.

Thanks to Nuttin Nyce for droppin in and hookin us up with some info. Make sure ya’ll stop by and check out his Official Myspace for more tracks, pics, album info, and upcomming releases. And make sure to stay tuned to for any all info on Nuttin Nyce and the rest of HellHouse Entertainment!!! Thanks for readin the “Underground Spotlight” and make sure to check back next week for more freshness!



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