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Mark Deez

Sup Juggalos and Juggalettes and freak bitches out there that should be sucking my nuts. BeZerk the wicked freak weirdo bringing you another fresh fucking fantastic artist for your listening pleasure. When it comes to underground, it’s the only thing I listen to. Literally. Why, some may ask? First off, I’m a juggalo and I learned from Twiztid. I sold my soul to the underground.

Secondly, I like people that are intelligent. People who can adapt and change up to different styles. I get sick about hearing how much money, bitches, and pussy ass weed you got (because I know who’s a real toker and who’s just a bitch). 90% of the mainstream rappers have even worse vocabulary than me, and certainly don’t have the comprehension to know what they are even fucking say. They just go on and type in a word.

Now with that being said, I like intelligent rappers, and here’s one of them. Mark Deez has done a shit ton of shit with my favorite rapper Canibus (yes it is possible to like someone outside of Psychopathic. I only say this because there’s quite a bit of a conflict with juggalos lately, and it’s internal). He also kicks it with Lord Lhus and Snowgoons, both of which I have been following for years. Mark should be going across the ocean with Snowgoons next year. Lord Lhus just got back from touring Europe with Snowgoons and a few other cats, and Mark was there for Lord Lhus’s welcoming party.

So, I’m going to stop my rambling and ranting and let you all check out this fresh cat from Georgia. Download the fucking tracks, they are fresh as fuck. I personally sampled them, and like I said, they are fresh…


Interview for: Mark Deez
Members: Mark Dodaro
From: Augusta, GA
Rolls With: Grindhouse Gang, iLL-Legit Records, Mr. Untouchable Music, Snowgoons, Raw Substance


Faygoluvers: Why do you rap?

Mark Deez: First off I don’t rap. I emcee. Haha. There’s a difference. You hear rappers on the radio, you know, the cats with no skills, they’re the rappers. The emcees are the talented and innovative artists. So, I categorize myself as an emcee first and foremost. When I go platinum or some shit, then you can call me a rapper.

Faygoluvers: Why did you pick the name Mark Deez?

Mark Deez: It’s basically a play on my last name and was somewhat of a nickname that stuck over the years, so I just ran with it. It caught on so much that to this day some people think it’s my real name, haha, so I just kept it. Also I thought it was pretty witty if you add words to it, like “Mark Deez Words!” etc haha.

Faygoluvers: Who are some of your inspirations?

Mark Deez: GOD, Canibus, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Jim Morrison, 2Pac, Patrick Ewing, the fraternal brotherhood of Hip-Hop culture, and the fans who give me my motivation, amongst many other factors – family & friends.

Faygoluvers: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

Mark Deez: Haha, I honestly don’t drink much Faygo at all. I had some of it before though, the grape was pretty good. They don’t sell it around here, and I have no idea where to buy it haha send me some.

Faygoluvers: What makes you unique from other artists?

Mark Deez: My mindset. I believe in this industry you have to be maintained and humbled, but stay confident and concise. My mission is to bring back boom-bap stylized production and the lyricism that the frontlines of generalized hip-hop are missing. When we can get back to the innovation, intelligence, and initialization of conceptualized and formulaic music, then we can have the renaissance we’re due to have. The artists want it, the true hip hop heads want it, but the general public is unaware as to what hip-hop is, so its my mission to enlighten them.

Faygoluvers: On your most recent album you did a track with Canibus. Who else have you worked with?

Mark Deez: I’ve actually done several tracks with Canibus, and I’m featured on his upcoming album, Lyrical Law, which will be out sometime in 2011. I’ve worked with a vast amount of underground lyricists such as Kool G Rap, Ras Kass, Reef The Lost Cauze, King Syze, Block McCloud, King Magnetic, Craig G, Main Flow, Stricklin of EMC, K-Rino, Snowgoons, Sicknature, and numerous others, its a long list, so if I missed anybody – my bad – I’ve done the majority of this work in the past 2 years, so my mind gets a bit flustered sometimes.

Faygoluvers: Who have you opened for?

Mark Deez: I’ve opened for Cage, Snowgoons, Nassau Chainsaw, and numerous others while also sharing stages with acts like Savage Brothers, Lord Lhus, Wyze Mindz, Planet X, Jukstapose, Kosha Dillz, Kyle Rapps, and dozens of others, mostly with my group Grindhouse Gang (myself, Dr. iLL, and Powder)

Faygoluvers: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Mark Deez: I really want to work with Prince Po. He is mostly known for his work with Organized Konfusion, but his solo work is just absolutely brilliant material, so I’m looking forward to getting some work done with him in the near future. As far as other artists I’d like to do some work with Killah Priest, Tech N9ne, Vakill, Ill Bill, Sha Stimuli, Vinnie Paz, RA The Rugged Man, and I really wanted to work with Killa Sha before he passed away – REST IN PEACE SHA – I had actually talked to him about doing a track and nothing materialized, so it was really bittersweet for me to hear that he passed on, because I was a fan of his work.

Faygoluvers: You just released an album. What’s next on your agenda?

Mark Deez: This year alone I’ve released 3 albums. One in January (Cycle of Struggle), one in July (The Oracle), and now Bootstrap Theory coming on November 2nd. So after this project releases, I’ll be putting all of my focus on collaborative projects. We’ve got Grindhouse Gang’s debut album in the works (a lot of big names on this, but I don’t wanna speak too soon!). We’ve got militia of emcees, which is basically finished, just needs to get revamped a little bit, but I’m sure you’ll see that in 201. It’s a huge compilation project with artists from all over the planet, representing hip-hop to the fullest. There’s also a secret project I’m working on I can’t really shed any light on, but let’s just say its going to be a really fresh project! I’m in the midst of working on a collabo album with one of my best friends, Young B, we started out in music together, so its great to link back up and do something for the nostalgic effect. Also Powder will be dropping an EP on my label sometime in 2011, and we also have a project coming out called Boom Bap Saints. So honestly while I’m promoting albums, I’m working on new albums, and also doing collaborative features for a decent fee as well.

Faygoluvers: When and where are your next couple of gigs?

Mark Deez: No shows scheduled right now. I just want to get as much work done in the studio as possible, and bang out all of these projects and get them released. Usually we do shows every month or so, but they’re mostly spur of the moment things, just whenever we feel like rocking. There’s no solidified tour scheduled right now, but I plan on heading to Europe in 2011 (hopefully with Snowgoons). So, we’ll see how that pans out and whats to come, but I’m definitely working towards heading overseas for a bit to expand my horizons. I’ve got a lot of friends over there, so it’d be nice to build with them.

Faygoluvers: Shout outs?

Mark Deez: Shoutouts to you guys for having me on here, I appreciate the time and I’m always willing to do an interview! Shoutouts to Grindhouse Gang – Dr. iLL & Powder. Shoutouts to all of my friends & family in Augusta! 2011 we’re taking over! Peace

Mark Deez @ Myspace
Mark Deez @ ReverbNation
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