October 2, 2023
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Its time for Episode 4 of the “Underground Spotlight!!!.” Where we take some time out of our busy schedules to dig deep into the underground and uncover an up and comming artist! I’ma drop an interview for each featured artist. Lets look at this as a way for the Juggalos to broaden their horizons and check out some new shit, and for some fresh ass new artists to spread the word about what they got goin on. For our fourth installment we’re going to Virginia Beach to kick it with that crazy mother fucker Loco. Ya’ll know him from the recent “Virginia Beach Cops” song and the scandal that ensued. But you also might recognize him from his three full legth albums, a bunch of collabs, and a ton of shows hes done in the VA beach area. So hit up the freshness below where you’ll find a full on interview.

Faygoluvers: So first off, tell us about Loco. i.e. where yer from, how long you been in the game, etc.

Loco: Grew up in Southern Cali, now reppin the streets of Virginia Beach, VA! I’ve been writin rhymes since about the age of 14! Started off writin raps about bitches in school and how I wanted to kill em, police were always contacted because my rhymes were that fresh back then, and mutha fuckas actually thought I was going to act on it! So ever since then I been rhymin, but didn’t really get on the mic till I was bout 18! I started with a group called “Addicted Addicts” we did a couple of tracks here and there, we had a little buzz going, but we had alot of issues and argument within the group, so we kind of just left it alone! But I didn’t want to put the mic down, I just started doing solo tracks, got me a Myspace Music Page, everybody felt my shit, they was down! But what really blew me up was the song I did called “I’m a Juggalo!” I just wanted to represent for the Juggalos, because thats in my blood, and it was pretty much on from there….

Faygoluvers: What kind of projects have you worked on in the past?

Loco: I have done 2 DJ Albums under “DJ Loco” which you can find on my page! I’ve worked on the D.I.E. Halloween LP 2006, I’ve done a few Collabos on mixtapes & albums! And January 23 I released my Full Length debut album called “Here I Come”!

Faygoluvers: Whats currently in your cd player?

Loco: Shit… I think Cypress Hill – Till Death Do Us Part! Thats a dope ass fuckin album!

Faygoluvers: Who have you worked with in the past and who do you wanna work with in the future?

Loco: I’ve worked with The Real Chaos, Formhell2hide, Side Effect, Hickz, Methotical & Chaotik of “Stitchez”, Hoodhiker, Mystary & Deep Pocketz! But in the future.. I’d like to work with names like DZK, Tech, Twiztid, Lil’ Wyte, Mike E. Clark, Killa C & Marz just to name a few!

Faygoluvers: Every artists has good stories from the road, tell us one.

Loco: Shit.. kickin it with Tech N9ne in Norfolk after we opened up his show! Thats a crazy ass mutha fucka straight up haha! And he really do be talkin all quick like that (but he was on hella E at the time) haha! But naw just kickin it wit him was one of the dopest moments for me! And after we got off stage he was right there on the side stage waitin for us to come off, and he told us “That was incredible!, Ya’ll woke me up, SO i had to come see for myself what all this noise was about” So him tellin me & the rest of my crew that was on of the dopest moments I’ve ever had!

Faygoluvers: quickly tell us the whole “Virginia Beach Cop” story. where the song came from, what happened, etc.?

Loco: FUCK VIRGINIA BEACH COPS!!!!! I hate police, I hate the V.B.P.D. and I wanted to let THEM know, and I just wanted to represent for everybody in Virginia Beach with this song, and EVERYBODY felt it! Well when I dropped my album in January, “Virginia Beach Cops” is one of the songs I put up on my MYSPACE MUSIC ACCOUNT to promote the album! Well about a month into it, I get a call when I’m at work, and my homie tells me that i’m in the Front Page of the “Virginian Pilot” (our local newspaper) and their talkin shit on me, and the song! Then I come home that day, turn on the TV and im on the Channel 3, and Channel 13 News! I have radio stations hittin me up, it was just fuckin crazy man!!! They sent out an alert to every Virginia Beach Police Officer warning them about me like I was out to kill them sons of bitches or something! But nothing happend with it really, “Freedom of Speech” saved my ass thank god! But all it did was make me famous in my city!!! haha

Faygoluvers: What label are you signed with, if any, and tell us about them.

Loco: Dark iLLushun Entertainemt (D.I.E.) An Independent Label! Thats my fam.. they looked out for me in a lot of ways! We ghetto as hell, but we do what we do to put out dope ass music! Label includes The Real Chaos, Formhell2hide, O.D., and Hoodhiker! I think Chaos just finished his upcoming album called “Hands Down”, which is gonna be a 2 Disc Album with I think almost 40 songs on it, with alot of underground names like Woodpile, H8trid, Kryptik, Killa C, Methotical, Lewn, etc… F2H is about done with their debut album called “Monstro City”! Hoodhiker is working on his Album called “Southern Comfort”, Side Effect workin on their album – “Dont work well with others”…. We just stay busy doing music!….

Faygoluvers: Whats yer drink of choice?

Loco: Corona ALL day EVERYDAY!

Faygoluvers: Whats yer favorite city/venue to play in?

Loco: I LOVED playing The Norva in Norfolk, VA! (But I’m banned from playing there, since all this media coverage on me happend, our local newspaper contacted the owner of the norva and pretty much asked him how in the fuck they would let somebody like me play there when i “threaten” our police officers! So the owner said, he would never let music like that play in his venue, and he would never let me play there again! (He’s a BITCH!)

Faygoluvers: Briefly tell us about your “juggalo” experience.

Loco: Let me just say I’m real glad I found the whole “Juggalo Scene” about 8 years ago! Theres nothing like Juggalo Love, and thats some real shit! We’re the biggest underground force that exist! Thats why I had to make the song “I’m a Juggalo” know I mean? They’ve been down with me from day 1, and i’ma be down with them!I had to represent, because that shits in my blood, and i’ll be a Juggalo till the day I die!

Faygoluvers: What makes Loco different from the billion other artists out there?

Loco: I say WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT! I dont hold ANYTHING back!

Faygoluvers: Where can people learn more about you and check out your music?

Loco: You can read my bio, and download my album from my NEW MYSPACE PAGE: myspace.com/locounderground

Faygoluvers: Rant time, you get 20 sentences to say whatever the hell you want. GO!

Loco: FUCK VIRGINIA BEACH COPS!!!!!!!!! Fuck Channel 3 News, Fuck Channel 13 News, Fuck the BITCH who wrote that article on me in the Virginian Pilot!! (All you did was make me famous BITCH!) Fuck myspace for deleteing my page last week! Now all my Plays that I EARNED are gone you fuckin cock smoking testical massagers! Fuck that COP that did that song called “Loco Sucks” and I KNOW it was a cop!! Because it was all about the “Virginia Beach Cops” song I did, and trying to shut it down! YOU FUCKIN PUSSY!!!!!!! FUCK YOU! Fuck McDONALDS!!! They said the god damn McRib is BACK.. I went there… NO FUCKIN McRib!!!! WHAT THE FUCK? Fuck Ho’s!!!! Cocaine is one HELL of a drug! I DRINK WAYYYYYY TOO FUCKIN MUCH, If a bitch wants to get with me, i swear to god im gonna start checking I.D’s, and I hope Donald Trump gets his head fuckin head shaved!

Faygoluvers: What do you think of the current state of the “industry?”

Loco: It seems like nowadays ANYBODY can get a song on the radio, or a video on BET! When half these rappers are whack as fuck, and rap about the same god damn shit! Money, Ice, and Cars!!! Like that “White Tee” Shirt? are you fuckin kiddin me? “I eat in my white tee, nut in my white tee, shit in my white tee”.. that shit made the fuckin radio? are you shittin me? Gimme some actual Talent, gimme a real mutha fucka were I can say.. damn.. this mutha fucka really is the shit! Thats why I keep my shit in the Underground! Theres a LOT of talent and actual GOOD MUSIC in the Underground!

Faygoluvers: Favorite movie?

Loco: 187, (starring Samuel L. Jackson!) thats the dopest movie I’ve ever seen! Favorite comedy movie would have to be “Dont be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood” I will never get sick of that movie haha!

Faygoluvers: Softball style chicks or gymnists?

Loco: Gymnists!!! Flexible and can bend anyway… (well… then again softball bitches obviously know somethin about a stick and balls!)

Faygoluvers: what music did you grow up on?

Loco: Mack 10! That was the first rap “tape” ive ever heard, and I bumped his first solo everyday when i walked to my elementary school! And I lived in Cali.. back then, so it was mostly Mack 10 & 2Pac!

Faygoluvers: Compare yourself to one established artist.

Loco: Cant even do it…. You Tell ME!

Faygoluvers: best free porn site?

Loco: shiiiit… come one now!!! www.yourfilehost.com thought you knew?

Faygoluvers: You tryin to plat at GOTJ?

Loco: hell mutha fuckin yea im tryin to play the gathering! thats the biggest stage of em all! thats like performing at Madison Square Garden to me ya know?

Faygoluvers: Last but not least, whats next?

Loco: Well….. I just started working on my new album which is gonna be called……….. (Naw.. I Wont Tell You Yet!!!) But workin on my New Shit, got a few collabos on the way, tryin to book some shows for the summer time! Just tryin to stay busy, and keep that Underground Eastside Loco Shit in Effect! But whats really next…. is a nice cold Corona! Holla at ya boy!

Thanks to Loco for droppin in and hookin us up with some info. Make sure ya’ll stop by and check out his Official Myspace for more tracks, pics, album info, and upcomming releases. And make sure to stay tuned to Faygoluvers.net for any all info on Loco. He’s the freakin man, a perfect example of underground heart and talent. Don’t let the man keep you down and FUCK VIRGINIA BEACH COPS! man i love that track. anyways, check back next week for more freshness!




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