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Isolated Beingz

Sup Juggalos and Juggalettes and underground cats alike. First let me state, I am pretty biased towards Midwest artists. It’s where I’m from. Eat a whole bowl of dicks if you don’t like it. With that being said though, I still have love for all underground rap no matter where it is from. I got a shit ton of music, and other than 2pac and Eazy E, I don’t have anything mainstream.

Out on the east coast, from the home of my favorite football team (the Baltimore Ravens, shout out to Ray Lewis and Ed Reed), we got a duo of two juggalos holding it down for Maryland. They’ve dropped some free wicked shit on their website , which is free shit too. So juggalos, here’s Isolated Beingz


Interview for: Isolated Beingz
Members: Ruthless Rob & 2 Face
Real Names: Robet Paxton Jr. & Justin Queen
From: Baltimore, MD


Faygoluvers: Why do you rap?

Isolated Beingz: It’s a stress reliever. I was a wierd kid. I use to write horror movie scripts when I was young, then I heard ICP around the Milenko Era (of course), and I flipped the script and started rapping. It was fun, it is still fun. I’m a quiet person, but something comes out of me when I hit the stage. Whether it’s in front of 5 homies, or opening up for Twiztid in front of a thousand juggalos, I have fun every time. I ain’t gonna lie, I love to bump our own shit too. All of the horror movies that we’ve watched, feeds our creative sides and gives us awesome concepts. It’s like a horror soundtrack.

Faygoluvers: Where did you guys come up with the name Isolated Beingz? Where did you come up with your stage names?

2 Face: We aren’t really the type to socialize. 2 Face is the one you see isolated in a padded room. Rob is the one you see isolated in a jail cell. The name 2Face comes from how I am two different people. I am a quiet laid back person at first, but when I hit that stage, like I said earlier, I get that energy and it makes me a whole different person.

Ruthless Rob: The name Ruthless was the most vicious stage name I could think of when I started rapping in 2002, and it basically describes me as a person. I added Rob to let motherfuckers know.

Faygoluvers: Who do you guys consider influences?

Isolated Beingz: Edgar Allan Poe , The whole Psychopathic Records and Hatchet House, Tech N9ne, Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper, Rob Zombie, (HED) p.e., Mushroomhead, Dope, La Coka Nostra, Cypress Hill, 3-6 Mafia, Grave Plott, Freddy Krueger, the movie Hatchet, Ted Bundy, Charles Lee Ray, and NaTaS just to name a few.

Faygoluvers: What’s your guys’ favorite Faygo flavor?

2 Face: Blue Moon Mist was my shit! I haven’t seen that shit in years. I drink blue rasberry when I can find it. Ruthless Rob: Ohana Punch lol

Faygoluvers: Who would you guys like to work with in the future?

Isolated Beingz: Damn, I could go on and on about artist I’d like to work with. Our next record we’d like to get a few big names like Lil’ Wyte, Brotha Lynch Hung, Grave Plott, Mastamind, Mars, or Project Born, but we’ll see… money is a big issue. I’d love to rock a track with Axe Murder Boyz, Prozak, or (HED) p.e., too!

Faygoluvers: What’s your guys’ favorite thing about being underground?

Isolated Beingz: Saying whatever the fuck we want, and don’t have to worry about making a censored version for the minors. Also, I like the fact that we can pretty much steal anything we want and cover it… if we really wanted to, just because no one in the mainstream has even heard our name. For example, our latest CD has a classic cover of 90s Grunge Band L7’s, “Shitlist,” and if we were on the mainstream level, we’d need rights to do that. I doubt they will ever come across it. The pay isn’t that great as an underground artist though. LoL.

Faygoluvers: What’s your guys’ favorite thing about the Juggalos?

Isolated Beingz: Half of us juggalos ain’t the cleanest motherfuckers, but we are the most loyal group of fans there ever was, hands down. We get love everytime we go on stage with IB chants and FAMILY chants. It’s a real honor when you get that family chant. That shows the respect they have toward you. I’ve been to 3 Gatherings so far, we even performed the year of ’07, and I always have a great time with the rest of the juggalos. Funny story, someone was trying to start shit with us outside of the Slaughterhouse Tour, and a juggalo walked behind him and choked him out for us. Loyalty!

Faygoluvers: What would you guys consider what makes your group unique?

Isolated Beingz: 2 Face is more into rock, Rob is more into hip hop, and we both have a fascination with horror movies, which makes it tie into an ultimate blend of music. The chemistry is strong between us too… no homo… We represent all that is bad in the world. Our fans “Zombies” (as we call them), know we make music for them “people who don’t matter and are dead to society.” When we rhyme we try to paint a morbid ass picture in your head !!!

Faygoluvers: Do you guys have anything up and coming? Any solo albums, albums, or mixtapes in the works?

Isolated Beingz: Right now, we got a bunch of free shit @ You can get Ruthless Rob’s “City Trash”, and 2Face “A Horror Classic” plus much much more. We just released “Sex, Drugz, & Wicked Shit,” which is our first press released album as Isolated Beingz. We have a Halloween 2010 EP coming out which will be a release full of Halloween tracks from artists featured on the label (Wicked Sindicate) from 2007 thru 2010. You don’t want to miss that. We return in the studio as Isolated Beingz in February to start work on “Wicked Revival 20:12,” and we have a whole lot coming before that. Wicked Sindicate will probably release a few more EPs and Mixtapes along the way. 2 Face starts work on “A Horror Classic 2: The Ultimate Horror Soundtrack” sometime after we drop another IB album, and Ruthless Rob’s anticipated album “Nevermore” will be in the works also in the future!!!

Faygoluvers: When and where is your next show for the juggalos to see you live?

Isolated Beingz: Opening for: Powerman 5000
At: Club Sonar, Baltimore, MD
On: November 12th. Tickets are $18

I hope to see all our Maryland Zombiez there for support!

For tickets goto or call 2Face @ (410)980-2282

When: November 9th 2010
Opening for: Anybody Killa
On: November 12th 2010
At: Club Sonar 407 E. Saratoga St. Baltimore Md , 21202

Faygoluvers: Shout outs?

Isolated Beingz: Dizze Dahmer and the rest of wicked sindicate. Slopp Dirty , Homicydal Maniaxe, Killa C (Fuck the Haters!), Hex, Shy One, my Baltimore Juggalo and Zombiez,(“…If you’re not yet a zombie, let us bite a fucking hole in your head, and show you the way…) ” Club Sonar, and everyone at FaygoLuvers!



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