July 20, 2024
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Fat Kidz Inc.

Sup Juggalos and Juggalettes a killa fat kidz. It’s your boy BeZerk, bringing you another bomb piece to the Underground Spotlight. Boy do I have a treat for you fat kidz out there, because there ain’t enough love for the fat kidz in the mainstream. I know this because I used to be fat, but for some reason, in the past year I lost like 65 pounds doing literally nothing… I don’t like it. It’s cold all the time now.

Anyways, I bring you some bomb shit out of Texas that if you haven’t heard it, you need to tune the fuck in, whether it be YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc. Why? Not only is this next group reppin the fat kidz, but they’re reppin cheeseburgers. I fuckin love cheeseburgers, and I know if you are a phat kid, you do too.

Fat Kidz Inc is a duo consisting of Kryptic (not to be confused of the Kryptic that does stuff with Lewn) and Special G. They spit so much fire when they rap, you would swear they were part dragon. When listening to them on headphones, they have been known to cause them to set ablaze. So who is this dope group? Well read the interview and find out…

Interview for: Fat Kidz Inc
Members: Kryptik, Special G
Real Names: Andrew Foster, Donny Golden
From: Fort Worth, TX
Rolls With: Haltom City Records

Faygoluvers: First question I usually like to ask is, why do you guys rap?

Kryptik: I have always found music as a very effective form of release from stress, and the bullshit that everyone goes through on a daily basis. I have always been a fan of the rap/hip-hop genre, and just found my comfortability with the genre very high, so I rolled with it.

Special G: I actually started out doing metal vocals, I’ve always personally liked all types of music from hip-hop to metal, and after a lot of BS in the metal scene, I tried rapping just jokingly at first. Then I realized I loved doing it, and had a little bit of skill, and started doin mah thing..

Faygoluvers: Second question is always, why did you choose the name Fat Kidz Inc?

Special G: Well, it’s actually not a very interesting story, (though i could have filled ya’ll full of BS). Myself, Kryptik, and a few other homies were sitting around, doin’ our thing (drinkin’, smokin, etc), and after Kryptik left Wykid Psoul, and was doing a solo career thing, and I was doing the Special G thug shit, we just were sittin’ round. The subject just sort of came up in conversation, and we were like yo, we should totally start a fat kid group. Show some fat peeps some fuckin love. Straight up! Throw people cheeseburgers, and show that yo, we all the same, we love food, gettin high, homies, and family. That right there says it all. Fat Kidz, Incorporated.

Faygoluvers: Who are some of your guys’ influences?

Kryptik: Some of my influences include Tech N9ne, my dad, any bitch that has ever treated me like shit, and daily interactions all of which influence my mood, which has a direct influence on my music as well.

Special G: I really have many influences. My click, The Creator, musical influences from Pantera, Corporate Avenger, White Zombie, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Luniz, Cypress Hill, Pycopathic Rydas, Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings, Hatebreed, Black Sabbath, Jackyl, Tupac, dude……………….. I could go on forever….

Faygoluvers: What’s your favorite Faygo flavor?

Kryptik: I would have to say it’s a toss up between Rock n Rye and the Blue Moon Mist.

Special G: I’m gonna say, it’s straight up between Grape, Rock n Rye, and Peach.

Faygoluvers: Who have ya’ll worked with in the past?

Kryptik: I have worked with a couple artists in the past including ClaAs, Shy One, J-Peeda, Cyko of Insane Poetry, and as a group we have done collaborations with U4IK and the Kill Em All Klick, and the one and only Soundness of Mind.

Special G: ^^^^ What he said….

Faygoluvers: Who would ya’ll like to work with in the future?

Kryptik: Current artists we are looking forward to working with include Cloroks, Freddy Grimes, ClaAs, and many more in the near future.

Faygoluvers: You guys just did a show with Twiztid, who else have you gotten to share the stage with?

Kryptik: We have been blessed with the chance to share the stage with Tech N9ne and his crew, E-40, Kung Fu Vampire, Potluck, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, DJ Clay, and Glasses Malone from Cash Money Records.

Special G: Amen. We have been very blessed. I am humbled and amazed everyday with everything, and how far things have come so far with all of this, haha. Kinda random, I know, but it is what it is.

Faygoluvers: What makes you guys unique from other groups or artists out there?

Kryptik: Well, we have a great mix of styles, which does make us very unique. EVER SEEN A BURGER BREAK????? If not, you’re missin out!!!!!!

Special G: I think we have a blend of music, mixed with a ton of realness, a dash of comedy, a pinch of love handles, heartbreak, good times, bad times, family and homies, a squirt of alchohol, a doob of some good 420, and cheeseburgers?? Dont get much better than that.

Faygoluvers: What do you guys have coming up? Any CDs, solo CDs, mixtapes, merch, or music videos in the works?

Kryptik: We are currently working on getting out our full length album entitled ” High Cholesterol,” which will include tracks such as Pullin Out Stops, and Destined For Greatness. As far as merchandise goes, we are always coming up with new ideas for shirts, hats, panties, hoodies, etc. We have plans for a few music videos.

Special G: (Anxiously awaits first real music video haha)

Faygoluvers: When and where are your next couple of shows?

Kryptik: The Twiztid World of Webs Tour was our last scheduled show for the rest of the year. We are pushing to get our album out by the end of the year. Special G: Yes, we plan on having our first debut album out by the first of 2011. We have a few more fresh tracks to lay down, perhaps a collab or two…. and High Cholesterol will be havin ya’ll smackin ya lips and twistin ya hips, Fat Kidz, let’s take over the world.

Faygoluvers: Shout outs?

Special G: The Creator first and foremost, for everything, Our fans, we love ya’ll, for real. All of our friends and family. Our Click HCR for life baby. Our dawgs and fellow label artists who been with us from the start. My homies Faceless and Jigsaw from U4ik. Our homies from Soundness of Mind, V-Tre, and Rip, the World for making me this fuckin way, and for making me stubborn. Satan for pissing me off, and gettin’ in my way enough times to motivate the hell out of me to kick his ass every chance I get. My girl Teri for always being there, and everyone else who’s supported us so far, and show us sooooo much love, it’s nothing but good times to come ya’ll!!

Fat Kidz Inc @ Facebook


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