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Sup juggalos and juggalettes and axe murderers. It’s the crazy klown BeZerk here to bring you a much anticipated interview (at least for me) for the Underground Spotlight. If you’ve been using Faygoluvers for a little while now, you would have seen ads with this next band I bring to you. I personally own Enigma (paid for it bitches lol) and a T-Shirt (of which I can’t find and it’s pissing me off).

So who is this I speak of. Just a little band out of Algonquin, IL known as ABiCA. I’ve been following their stuff since 2008. When a lot of real underground musicians I first started listening to underground rap have now since dropped out of the game (that includes me too, for those who weren’t aware), ABiCA has stayed strong, even finally releasing their newest album Numb (which I highly recommend and you can get it on iTunes, Amazon, of their Myspace). So after you’re done reading this interview, you got to go out and get yourself a copy of Numb (I can’t because I’ll be too broke putting together a collabo between The Scrubb and a certain Tunnel Runner on this segment). I can promise you though, ABiCA never will let you down, you’ll enjoy the album for sure, and if not, you’re a bitch. So here’s ABiCA juggalos….

Interview for: ABiCA
Members: Tac and Hash
Real Names: Brian, Aaron
From: Algonquin, IL
Rolls With: Independent

Faygoluvers: First question I like to ask is, why do you guys rap?

ABiCA: Simply, it’s what we love to do. It’s complete freedom to say whatever the fuck we want. There are no rules or guidelines in music – just do what you want, however you want and try to make it sound tight. If you listen to us, you know there’s a lot of depth in our songs and that come from shit that each of us has gone through. I think that’s what drew us to it. Obviously, there’s the love for the music itself, laying vocals on a tight beat and producing a song that is your own and will be forever…but another part of it for us is came from some tough times that Tac and I went through. Those feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, or whatever it was, gave us a lot of things we wanted to say, it gave us a reason to want to make a song and let out that frustration, and when people listen to it and say that they can relate, or that it helped them out in one way or another, it’s an awesome feeling. For us, it’s making tracks because of that, or just trying to make the most badass song that we think people will love, whatever it may be about.

Faygoluvers: I usually also ask how did you guys come up with the name ABiCA and your stage names?

ABiCA: There’s no cool answer to that. We started ABiCA like 6-7 years ago, and we couldn’t think of a name for the longest time. It was three members in the band at that time, and I remember getting high and putting our first name initials together – ABC – and tried to sound it out to make a word. I don’t remember how or when we thought of our stage names, Tac and Hash, we just like how it sounds together. Pretty sweet answer right?

Faygoluvers: Who are some of your guys’ inspirations?

ABiCA: We grew up listening to ICP, then Twiztid and Blaze (when they came into Psychopathic). That’s the only music we would listen to in middle and high school. We tend to obsess over music, since that’s what we love. I used to get kicked out of class every week, ‘cuz I refused to take off my hatchet man necklace. Then we branched off to other music along with them, like NIN, Eminem, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Eyedea (RIP) and Abilities. You can tell they influenced us pretty heavily if you listen to our music. We usually hear that we sound like a mix of those bands (with our own unique sound, I don’t want to sound like we rip them off, we do our own style).

Faygoluvers: I always ask, what is your favorite Faygo flavor?

ABiCA: Rock & Rye and Orange.

Faygoluvers: Alright so when you guys first started, you had another member. What happened with CANT? You guys still do stuff with him, right?

ABiCA: Yeah we still work with CANT, that’s one of our best friends. There’s no bad blood between us we just parted ways musically. He’s straight hip/hop, and he’s damn good, that’s one of my favorite rappers. You’ll hear him on all our CD’s, he’s on “My Song” off of Numb.

Faygoluvers: Who else have you worked with?

ABiCA: Honestly, we’re not huge on collabs. We’re still trying to develop our name, and I think bands overuse collabs. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just not what we do. Bands and rappers get pissed at us, ‘cuz we usually turn down collabs, it’s nothing personal though. As of now, we only collab if we respect the artist and REALLY like their style/music.

Faygoluvers: I know you guys have opened for some bigger names. Fill the juggalos in on who?

ABiCA: ICP, Twiztid, Kingspade, (hed)PE, Brokencyde. We got asked to play with Hollywood Undead, but it fell through, that would have been a fun show. There are others, but I can’t think of them right now.

Faygoluvers: You guys just dropped Numb not too long ago. What can you tell the juggalos about the album? Where can they get their copy?

ABiCA: We fucking love this album. We worked on this for 2+ years, and it’s like nothing else out there. I guarantee it. We worked with some extremely talented producers, and put an excruciating amount of time and work on it. I don’t want to say too much about it, because I think it’s something you need to hear to figure out for yourself. I have trouble explaining it to people, because it’s pretty complex. There’s a lot of range in it and the songs and overall theme are very subjective. We did that on purpose because we want people to make this album their’s. I think people will understand when they hear it. I’m telling anyone whose reading this to just get it, give it a try, you won’t be let down. If nothing more you’ll be blown away by the beats, they’re fucking sick. It’s on iTunes, Amazon, or there’s a link on our Myspace to buy a hard copy of the CD.

Faygoluvers: So, what do you guys have coming up in the future? Any solo albums, albums, mixtapes, or more merchandise in the works? (I myself have a ABiCA T-shirt)

ABiCA: We’re trying to get on tour. We’ve been doing local shows and a few out of state ones, but we’d like to get on a bigger tour to get out to all the cities. We’ve just recently started talking about ideas for a new album. Whatever we do, we’re going to try to top ourselves, that’s always been our goal and that’s how we push each other. Oh, also we got a show with Twiztid in a month, so anyone in or around IL hit us up, and we’ll hook it up with tickets.

Faygoluvers: Last question I usually ask is, when and where are your next couple of shows?

ABiCA: December 13th, 2010
Clearwater, West Dundee, IL
Featuring : Twiztid

..Didn’t realize this was the next question. I could delete what I just wrote about Twiztid, but I figure it’ll be good to repeat. Twiztid – Dec 13 – Clearwater, West Dundee IL. We love playing for the juggalos, we get psyched anytime we get on PSY shows. The crowds are crazy, there’s so much energy, and it’s so much easier for an artist to get hype when they can feed off the energy of the crowd. Juggalos are the reason these shows are so memorable and awesome to us.

Faygoluvers: Shout outs?

ABiCA: Everyone who supports us! It means the world to us to have people that listen to us and like what we do. I can’t even say how much we appreciate it. Faygoluvers- I’ve been coming to this site since I first got a computer. Also our manager Kyle Cook, and our producers who helped us out on Numb – Binary Audio, TweakerRay, Unztab Product.

ABiCA @ Myspace
ABiCA @ Facebook


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