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Sup juggalos and juggalettes and magnets around the world. It’s BeZerk here with another Underground Spotlight. I’ve been following Chicago and the surrounding area’s underground rap for like two years now. The first underground rap group I heard was ABiCA, and that was when Myspace was still good. Ever since then, I been keeping my ear on what’s coming out of Chi-town.

In the past year, I’ve searched hard for good people out of Chi-town, and through Facebook I heard of these guys. Coming right outside Chicago, 2nSane has been tearing up stages and slowly been rising. Opening on The Dead 4 Life Tour (Mars, Kung Fu Vampire, and Liquid Assassin [for those who live under a rock, Liquid Assassin is from Grave Plott with Killa C), they’ve already kicked it with some of the best up and comers and long time underground horrorcore favorites. They’ve also worked with The DRP, an up and comer from Wisconsin (filming his first music video in Minneapolis, much love for the 612 juggalos from the 218.) Here is the group 2nSane…

Interview for: 2nSane
Members: Chucky & Paz
Real Names: Chucky (prefers real name not given); Jeremiah Butt (yes, that is my real last name) – Paz
From: Blue Island, IL
Rolls With: 2nSane Records

Faygoluvers: What inspired you guys to rap?

Paz: I’ve always had a passion for the arts in general; as it was born into my DNA. My dad being a musician, and my mom a talented artist, think it was just a matter of time until I realized how I was going to use my creativity to inspire other people. As times in my life got to the point that I wasn’t sure what to do anymore, it became a positive outlet to release my frustration and pain.

Chucky: I too found it as a way of letting go of the bullshit. Being that I was going through a lot of personal issues that I wasn’t able to figure out, the moment I laid it down on paper, nothing else seemed to matter. Having that ability to be able to create something that can effect someone else is why I continue to do what I do.

Faygoluvers: What genre would you consider yourselves?

Paz: I’ll quote Chucky on this one; “Hip Hop, Rock with some melody.” In the general sense, I think, our sound is versatile, and we’ve always worked hard to keep it that way. Our music is music you can relate to. Yeah we do some hyphy tracks and what not, but a majority of it has a message.

Faygoluvers: How did you guys come up with your stage names and 2nSane?

Chucky: The name 2nSane was created by myself and other co-founder MikeyK. At the time we were looking for a name that described the music we were doing, and 2nSane seemed to fit it. It described the world we live in, the thoughts we had, and the music we produced. All in all, 2nSane isn’t just a name it’s more of the lifestyle we live. As for my stage name, well I’ve been getting called Chucky since I can remember, so I just rolled with it.

Paz: Pazzo which is what Paz is short for, took me awhile to come up with. As I’m 50% Sicilian and being raised in a Sicilian and Irish household. I wanted my name to be as me as possible. Pazzo translates to crazy in Italian, the use of the word crazy isn’t so much related to crazy in the mind. It’s more because I’m usually the guy who’s all about the good time and doing random things. Which if you come see us live, being and doing something random is my thing.

Faygoluvers: Who are some of your guys’ inspirations?

2nSane: We have a shared taste in what we think is good music. Of course we always have looked up to the Psychopathic Records, Strange Music and Rhymeslayers as big inspirations in our music, as well is how they’ve been able to market themselves. Then there are the greats like 2Pac, NWA, Biggie, and Easy-E; who have and will also continue to inspire new and old emerging artists for the way which they impacted the hip hop subculture. We have also always have had love for local legend’s Do or Die, Crucial Conflict, and Triple Darkness. Last but not least you have those like Rehab, Disturbed, Sublime, Cypress Hill, and Fort Minor. We could go on for hours for this answer but we’ll just leave it at this.

Faygoluvers: Other than yourselves, what other music do you like?

2nSane: All the artist’s that we stated above as our inspirations of course. We’re pretty broad in our music taste though from Hip Hop, alternative, ska, metal, trance, drum and bass, and even yes, even some R&B. What can we say, we like a lot of music. Now if you asked what we don’t like, we could of made it straight to the point. Let’s just say if you’re not talking anything that’s worth relating to, it’s not something we would like.

Faygoluvers: Who have you worked with?

2nSane: When it comes to shows we’ve worked with a few artists; as we’ve started to branch out into the booking and promotion side of the business. We shared the stage twice for the Kung Fu Vampire Tour this summer with KFV, Liquid Assassin and Mars [on the Dead 4 Life Tour]. We also performed for the Wild In The Streets Tour Chicago stop for DGAF, Mars and The DRP. We recently brought out and offered our ground support services to Intrinzik of UGH for his Chicago edition of Hustlemania, presented by our in house booking and promotions team at UG Promotions. Not to mention, we’ve been rocking crowds with a lot of local talent, which to our homie’s we got ya’ll covered in the shout outs below. Also we’ve been working with Clark Edwards from 98.3WRLR.FM’s Decibel Express as guest co-host’s on a monthly basis.

Faygoluvers: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

Paz: Red Pop

Chucky: Rock & Rye

Faygoluvers: Do you have any solo projects or new albums in the works?

2nSane: We currently are working to finish up our Mixtape, which will include a massive amount of collabs from our extended family (as we like to call our homie’s). As far as solo project’s we don’t tend to do them very often as we feed off of each other’s energy on stage and in the booth.

Faygoluvers: Who would you like to work with in the future?

2nSane: Who wouldn’t we like to work with is the real question. There is so much talent out there to be heard, team up with, and just straight slaughter a track with. It is kind of difficult to choose. We don’t want to sound like everyone else, but as an underground artist most of us want to work with those that we have looked up to. Psychopathic and Strange music artist’s, of course, we would dig getting on a track with. We also show mad love for the people we’ve had the chance to meet along the way, like Liquid Assassin, who is a real chill dude if you get a chance to talk to him. We are pretty open to any and everything. If it’s a good concept, and the artist has talent more than likely we’re down to do something with them.

Faygoluvers: When and where is your next show?

2nSane: Nov.24th 2010 – The Rave – Milwuakee, WI (ALL AGES)
Thanks-Killing with Chucky Styles of DGAF, Hopsin, Snypa, The DRP, and many more!

Nov.28th 2010- Bobby McGee’s – Chicago Ridge , IL (ALL AGES)
Hungry For Hip Hop & Rizzyboi’s Bday Brought To You By UG Promotions

Dec.4th 2010 – The Abbey – Chicago, IL (21+)
HipHop Showcase w/Afton Ent.

Dec.9th 2010 – Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL (17+)
CDW’s Got Talent – Come out and show us some love – trying to win for merch $$$

Dec.12th 2010- Bobby McGee’s – Chicago Ridge, IL (ALL AGES)
Mic Biter All-Stars/ Frankie & Johnnie’s Benefit Show

Dec.17th 2010 – Jungle Joe’s – Berwyn, IL (21+)
Likewise & Truth’s CD Release

Dec.31st 2010- Undisclosed Location
Pazzo’s 4th Annual NYE Blowout w/Gabeo’s NYE Extraveganza

Feb. 2011 – NO SHOWS (Black out mont we will be in the studio finalizing the Mixtape)

March.27th 2011- Venue TBA
Mixtape Release show w/ special guests

Faygoluvers: Shout outs?

2nSane: Alright so here we go, if you thought we missed you, think again. If you know us well enough, you know the one thing we don’t take for granted our those who have been apart of our lives, and those we’ve met along the way.

Chucky: My Mom, Dad and family of course.. and I have to give a personal shout out to MikeyK. Paz: No doubt I’m going to plug my Mom or aka Mz.Booty, as most of those who have met her as shows call her. My cousin’s Jimi and Colleen who have been like a brother and sister; also my grandma.

The 2nSane Family of course all those who ride with us Klim, Lopsided, Sammy Jo aka The Lil Sis, MikeyK Whitey, Maria aka Short Stack, Duda, Terry our homegirl, Mary (our live photographer), and Kammie (our promotional photographer).

Our Extended Family and others:
Homicide (Moppy, Path, Swift, and Oblivious), WutzHisFace, Snapz and Screw E, Talk-Sic (Lil Sic, Silentz, Snypa, Spooky, Intrekit and B-Leave), Skitzofranix, Damienz Dezign, ALL Player, Deadweight, Motormouth, LPGZs, C.Mystic, Swagg Different, Bliss, Frank Millz, Beanzarelly, Spartikus, Domo, Pysco Sick Asylum, Krazy Killaz, Doc Phibes, Seven Sixx, Stereotypes, Soul Division, T.I.M.E, Mr.Green, Dark Half, JReno, Liquid Assassin, Mars, Pack, Commatose In2 Addiction, Cysion M.D, Gabeo, Kenny aka 708, The Rapture, Trudging Tha Struggle, J-Killa, Frankie & Johnnies (Amy, Drew and Aunt Mary), MarkD of Bobby McGee’s, Afton Ent. and J.Beck.


2nSane @ Myspace
Paz @ Myspace


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