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Jade Jolie – 3/23/08

Brotha Biggumz: Well first of I wanna thank ya for taking the time out of your schedule for doing this interview for Faygoluvers.net

Jade: Hey anything for you guys *wink wink*

Brotha Biggumz: What with Girls of Wolfpac 2 coming out I know you got be mad swamped. But I gotta know something personally. How did you get into the adult film industry?

Jade: Well it’s a crazy story

Brotha Biggumz: I got plenty of time especially for you Jade -wink

Jade: lol

Jade: I was living in Cuba with a priest and a monkey…lol

Brotha Biggumz: lol

Jade: No actually daddy long legs my good friend knew I wanted to get into porn cuz I’m slutty like that. So he sent pics of me to Joanna Angel @ burning angel and she asked if id like to be in her next feature movie called Porny Monster. It’s based off of the movie party monster and me being a fan of drag queens and Michael Alig I totally had to jump at it

Brotha Biggumz: Which is an excellent choice for popping off some knuckle children by the way.

Jade: hehehe thank u I thought so too. My scene was so much fun especially since it was like the third time I’ve ever had a dick in my ass and I got two, not at the same time mind you.

Brotha Biggumz: no that would be a lil too painful I would think.

Jade: Not so much painful, some chicks dig it but more like wow two men r rubbing their dicks together in my ass

Brotha Biggumz: how did you hook up with Daddy Long Legs in the first place?

Jade: I met the legs lol in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio. Wolfpac had just come through after playing the gathering of 04 my girl Jen knew them and introduced me and the rest is retarded history.

Brotha Biggumz: lol

Brotha Biggumz: Do you feel meeting the legs man like a jumping board for your porn career?

Jade: well I had wanted to do porn either way but daddy has really helped my career and I didn’t ask, he’s just cool like that and of course now Wolfpac is putting out porn so it all ties in together. We’re just one big fucked up family

Brotha Biggumz: I know what you mean. He’s one of the coolest nerds you could ever meet lol

Jade: Fo sho, we share a love of star wars

Brotha Biggumz: don’t even get me started on that shit. Fuck a phaser give me a lightsaber

Jade: Why not? Lets get started on this cause I can talk about star wars for hours. Then ill be the girl that talks the most hahaha

Brotha Biggumz: oh shit. Lol. All right well who would you say is your favorite character in star wars?

Jade: lol. Ok I love the Jedi and the Jedi way will always be the right way, but being me, I like the dark side of the force. So id have to say general grievous kicks some serious ass. He reminds me of myself awesome with a light saber but if exert myself too much ill start to cough.

Brotha Biggumz: lol have another cig lol but hell yea. 4 lightsabers at once forget about it.

Jade: yea, right lol

Brotha Biggumz: would you ever wanna do a Star Wars porn if the opportunity came up?

Jade: Omg fuck yea! Come on now who the fuck would turn that down, unless you’re one of the cool kids

Brotha Biggumz: fuck the cool kids. It’s like Shaggy 2 Dope said, “It’s the scrubs who won.”

Jade: hell yea gotta love shaggy

Brotha Biggumz: it’s true too

Jade: it so is

Brotha Biggumz: I heard alot of talk about GOWP 2. Like’s got some out of sight shit on it. Care to elaborate?

Jade: well gow2 is rather interesting like the first. We’re very light hearted when it comes to porn because come on people it is only porn ya know

Brotha Biggumz: hell ya

Jade: we also decided to take shit to the next level as far as craziness went and do a full body suspension and sex

Brotha Biggumz: FUCK YEA

Jade: well u got the “mainstream” porn doing shit like we talked about earlier double anal and a bunch of stuff that’s just not sexy and no one can identify with it really and most of those companies wont hire a girl like me because I have…drumroll please too many tattoos

Brotha Biggumz: yea and it’s been mad played out

Jade: Hahaha. So we go ok you guys think you’re crazy well were just a tad bit crazier than most. Our male talent Hot Rod Mcshafty hangs also. No one has done that yet. Like a big old fuck you to the mainstream bullshit, its like you can’t get away from these “normal” people. Even in porn there’s an underdog so I make the best out of it

Brotha Biggumz: I’ve seen the preview myself off the hook. Literally. Lol who’d you say sex is better with or without suspension

Jade: well it is interesting trying to get into the positions seeing as your arms are sort of restrained. I like sex where I can throw the guy or girl around into different positions, or different places. But suspension sex is like out of this world.

Brotha Biggumz: Word. Would it be something you’d wanna do again?

Jade: I’d do it again right now

Brotha Biggumz: lol. You still got the rings in right?

Jade: it’s not a piercing like that they don’t put jewelry in it. I’m sure you could but I don’t feel the need

Brotha Biggumz: how do they do it?

Jade: well Whacks the guy that did it pierced the skin with needles then slid the hooks through

Brotha Biggumz: ahh ok I thought you had rings put in

Jade: nah that would probably annoy the piss out of me

Brotha Biggumz: I could only guess. I ain’t never gonna get pierced. I love tats but no piercing it’s the needle.

Jade: yea some people are like that. Piercing I got hurt less than the ink I have but I will NEVER get my nipples pierced again that shit sucked.

Brotha Biggumz: I love that back work you got.

Jade: aww thanx

Brotha Biggumz: sexy as hell

Brotha Biggumz: why won’t you get your nips done again?

Jade: it hurt so bad I hated it and they take too long to heal but they look sexy though.

Brotha Biggumz: yea they do. Did they hit a nerve?

Jade: no it just hurt. I don’t like my nipples being fucked with in a painful way. I can like twist them, like all the way around, but being pierced forget about it

Brotha Biggumz: only that nice painful way lol

Jade: yea the nice painful way

Brotha Biggumz: Any new projects coming up besides maybe a GOW3?

Jade: well JadeJolie.com is the main focus right now its gonna rule and the GOW series will continue.

Brotha Biggumz: what’s all gonna be on it?

Jade: Well anything and everything I want and I also am going to do what the members want also! Kinky fetish stuff only Jade Jolie style anal sex, lots of chicks, me with lots of chicks and I will have videos and photo sets.

Brotha Biggumz: what you mean? Like a live web cam style?

Jade: I’m open to everything, if you’re going to be paying for a membership I’m gonna give you what you want.

Brotha Biggumz: any thoughts to maybe starting your own company like Jenna?

Jade: well it is early in my career, but I definitely can see that happening

Brotha Biggumz: never hurts to plan ahead I always say

Jade: I’m always gonna like sex and I’m always gonna like to watch other people go at it

Jade: and if people like me enough ill stick around

Brotha Biggumz: Can the Wolfpac fans still except to still see you at live shows?

Jade: fuck yea! That will not change because as much as I love porn, I love LOVE touring with the guys and doing my thing onstage

Brotha Biggumz: good since you’ve become a mainstay at the shows

Jade: I try to be at all the shows and I have so much fun it’s ridiculous!

Brotha Biggumz: wicked shit + Jaeger + fine ass strippers = a awesome time

Jade: and all the awesome people that I’ve met so far and all the even cooler people that smoke me up at the shows

Brotha Biggumz: Would you say you’re an approachable person in real life then? You know how some people get.

Jade: on the tempest release party tour I went to the bathroom and there was a grandma that brought her granddaughter to the show

Brotha Biggumz: nice

Jade: she pulled out a blunt and goes let’s smoke so I’m like fuck yea

Brotha Biggumz: that’s the shit right there

Jade: this granny is smokin a blunt with me! Then she pulls out a vial of coke

Brotha Biggumz: Omg

Jade: and I’m like oh I’m good on that grandma but you’re the shit cuss this is some bomb ass weed. You can’t pay for those experienced

Brotha Biggumz: fuck no you can’t

Jade: now onto the ?. You just asked am I approachable

Brotha Biggumz: lol

Jade: I totally am, most people think by looking at me I’m a bitch and wont talk because I supposedly have a naturally mean look I guess.

Jade: people r always asking me why do u look like your gonna kill someone, but its just my look. I don’t always wanna kill people. But if someone wants to approach me I’m totally cool with that

Brotha Biggumz: not always? Just sometimes?

Jade: just sometimes that’s right

Brotha Biggumz: speaking of fans I got some fan questions for ya if you’re down?

Jade: I’m down you know

Brotha Biggumz: I know I know

Jade: I wasn’t aware I was fan worthy

Brotha Biggumz: ok first one

Brotha Biggumz: I went on my Myjuggalospace.com in their lil chatbox and told people if they had questions for Jade Jolie to send em to my email, [email protected] and I got a gang load

Brotha Biggumz: here are some of the good ones.

Jade: wow that’s really cool

Brotha Biggumz: Killa-Thug from Dallas, TX wants to ask if there ever was time on set when you actually said no to a film shoot?

Jade: no because when I go to set I already know who I’m working with and what I’m doing, my agent always runs past offers for me and makes sure its within my limits and what I’m comfortable with

Brotha Biggumz: Maggy from SLC UTAH wants to know if you’re worried about your soul burning in hell for doing porn? LMAO

Jade: hahaha that’s a great question…. The cool thing about that is at least ill have some cool roommates…John Wayne Gacy anyone?

Brotha Biggumz: you know me and Daddy already got a room booked and I know ILL E Gal wants a bed and we got plenty of room.

Brotha Biggumz: I envision Saturday xbox 360 parties with me, Gacy, Brotha Biggumz, and Daddy Longs Legs! Halo mutherfucker!!!!! Besides everyone knows hell has the best pot!

Brotha Biggumz: Heather from Chicago’s South side wants to know if stripping is an excellent stepping stone for the porn industry?

Jade: hmmm well porn and stripping are very different in the whole sex industry vein, but its a good way to get comfortable being naked in front of people every porn girl should know how to be a good stripper in my opinion. You really discover your sex appeal.

Brotha Biggumz: Justin from the Cave-In-Rock, IL wants to know if you would consider going to the bunny ranch for a month?

Jade: as a customer yes, some of those bitches is hot

Brotha Biggumz: I think he meant as a…. Service provder. Lol

Jade: I’m good, nothing against the working girl but umm naaah

Brotha Biggumz: Sheena from Memphis wants to know if you and the rest of Wolfpac would ever consider a porno/music tour

Jade: we’ll consider anything, as long as hot girls are involved, but what is a porno/music tour?

Brotha Biggumz: idk. Lol I don’t write em I just ask em

Jade: the ?’s are fun though.

Brotha Biggumz: I think she meant like with the Tempest Release Party having Music and JCW having like a Porno viewing in between acts

Jade: ooh I don’t know any venue that would be down with that fucking corporate America.

Brotha Biggumz: it sounds like a dope idea though

Jade: it does sound dope

Brotha Biggumz: ok this is one of my favorites. The Richie Rich Slayer from Gnome Alaska wants to know if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Awww.

Jade: I was waiting for that one. I am involved currently with a special lady named Mary Jane we’ve been together for 10 years with no signs of stopping.

Brotha Biggumz: well I’m happy for ya Hun

Jade: lol. She’s a bit of a whore though

Brotha Biggumz: and she’s with you I never would have guessed lol

Jade: well she gets around unfortunately she’s illegal

Brotha Biggumz: huh?

Jade: Mary Jane = pot. I’m single. Lol pot is my girlfriend

Brotha Biggumz: I walked right into that one. I didn’t think I was that fucked up

Jade: hahaha I’m the smart one today.

Brotha Biggumz: Daddy’s never gonna let me live it down. I got out smarted by Jade lol here’s the last one. Kinda cliche’ but I’m interested in your answer

Jade: hahaha

Brotha Biggumz: Nate from CT wants to know what does your family say about you being in porn?

Jade: hahaha

Brotha Biggumz: told you it was cliche

Jade: my mom is cool with it although its not her first choice of careers for me, but my fam is cool and if they don’t accept me I don’t wanna be around them anyway, but some of my fam doesn’t know, and I like to keep it that way

Brotha Biggumz: Alright well before we go you got any contact info so people can know what’s going on with yea

Jade: well right now myspace Myspace.com/JadeJolieXXX and wolfpac.com baby. And keep your perverted eyeballs open for JadeJolie.com

Brotha Biggumz: dope well thank you for talking time once again do let the fam and fans what’s going on with you.

Jade: and thank you for interviewing me, didn’t know anyone wanted to know anything about me so I hope no one is bored to tears reading this lol.

Interviewer: Brotha Biggumz

Interview Date:03/23/08



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