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ILL E. Gal – 3/23/08

Brotha Biggumz: Well first off I wanna thank ya for doing this interview. I know how busy you gotta be.

ill e. gal: Thank you for having me!

Brotha Biggumz: My pleasure Ill E Gal.

Brotha Biggumz: Why don’t you tell the Juggalos out there trying to break through into the music biz how you got your start?

ill e. gal: welp! It has been a long and winding road thus far…but basically I felt such a strong connection to the music I was into (ICP, Twiztid, HOK shit like that) It really inspired me to start writing again.

ill e. gal: I also felt like there were no females for me to look up to.

Brotha Biggumz: I feel you on that. Seems like any chick that has a lick of talent gets scooped by the main stream and turned into a puppet. What do you mean by start writing again?

ill e. gal: You’re so right…. I have been writing poetry since I was in the 2nd grade. I had always excelled at writing and things like that. I kinda fell off during my high school years….

ill e. gal: I was too busy gettin fucked up all the time! LOL but seriously.

ill e. gal: It took a weird twist of fate for me to get back into writing.

Brotha Biggumz: What happened that you decided to pick up the pen again?

ill e. gal: I had what I later found out was anxiety disorder, bad panic attacks, I felt like I was loosing my mind.

ill e. gal: At the time I was heavy into Psychopathic and they really inspired me because I could relate to what they were saying.

ill e. gal: I would sit there and write how I was feeling, and if you can imagine it was some pretty dark stuff.

Brotha Biggumz: I bet.

ill e. gal: It was the only thing that made me feel better.

Brotha Biggumz: Yeah. You’ve come pretty far in the industry on your own. Opening for Blaze on the last tour, the second stage at the Gathering. When can we except the next studio project dropping?

ill e. gal: Hell yeah man shits been great, a steady incline every year…I am working on my long awaited solo album now and I hope to god I can have it out this year.

Brotha Biggumz: Last year at the Gathering I saw you had a hype-man wit you. Who was that and is he still wit ya since you moved to Cali?

ill e. gal: The mystery hype man is my boy Professor Fresh, you may know him as a member of Ruthless from Loonatix Productions out of Minnesota.

ill e. gal: He is not currently with me in Cali.

Brotha Biggumz: Word.

ill e. gal: However we are working on a project together called “Imagine”

Brotha Biggumz: Very Nice.

ill e. gal: Hopefully he will continue to be my hype man as well.

Brotha Biggumz: We hope so too. Is there any romantic involvement going on there-wink wink-

ill e. gal: HAHAHA! Good question!

ill e. gal: I just think me and him work really well together, we have the same drive and focus and he has helped me learn alot!

ill e. gal: And what’s better then a guy/girl rap duo? If it’s done right that is…

Brotha Biggumz: Definitely. You guys got awesome on stage chemistry.

ill e. gal: I’m glad you see that.

Brotha Biggumz: you can’t miss it. That’s the sign of a group/performer with true talent.

ill e. gal: Well thank you. Hopefully this year will be great for the both of us.

Brotha Biggumz: Why did you move from New England where you an established fan base to the other side of the country?

ill e. gal:  HAHA good question!

ill e. gal: I originally moved from New England and went to Minnesota for about 3 years. I established fan bases in both, which was amazing to me.

Brotha Biggumz: yea that’s the shit!

ill e. gal: that’s why I felt it was time for me to branch out to the West Coast.

Brotha Biggumz: how’s it going out there? You getting the same love you did in Minnesota and N.E.?

ill e. gal: yeah I mean it’s been great so far! There’s alot of love out here for me and my music.

Brotha Biggumz: How often have you been shows since you got there?

ill e. gal:  well the blaze shows were amazing…and my first time playing in Cali.

Brotha Biggumz: That must have been a real ego bust right there.

ill e. gal: Ego boost?

Brotha Biggumz: yea…HAHAHAH!

Brotha Biggumz: I’m high fuck you!

ill e. gal:  ahahahaha! Honestly, it was more like a dream come true to finally get to open up a Psy show and to play in Cali

Brotha Biggumz: Would consider yourself an approachable person? Like for say if some fan saw you on the street.

ill e. gal: hell yeah I would! I LOVE my fans! I try to never come off like I’m too cool or too busy. I wanna meet people and take pics and all that fun stuff!

Brotha Biggumz: And speaking of fans I got some questions for ya if that’s cool?

ill e. gal: Of course

Brotha Biggumz: Well Bridget from Boise Idaho wants to know how long it takes do your hair?

ill e. gal: haha! Good question Hun! In the beginning it took me forever and so many trip to the salon…I said fuck that!

ill e. gal:  Now I got it down pretty much to a science

Brotha Biggumz: That’s raw.

ill e. gal:  It’s more like a pain in the ass! Haha

Brotha Biggumz: But a very nice look for ya. Alot of white chicks try it and can’t pull it off.

Brotha Biggumz: Mike from Milwaukee, WI wants ta know what would be doing with your life it you weren’t doing the music shit

ill e. gal:  Well Mike, I hate to say this but probably porn! Hahaha!

ill e. gal:  kidding… kinda….

Brotha Biggumz: I’d buy it.

ill e. gal:  It just sucks I know I could be making way more money in that industry but I have morals so I doubt I could ever go through with it LOL

Brotha Biggumz: Probably if the money’s right but that’s something for another interview.

ill e. gal:  But seriously, I’d be involved in music some way shape or form…I eat sleep and breathe music.

Brotha Biggumz: Josh from Portland OR wants ta know if you could make your “Dream Team” group who would be in it?

ill e. gal:  Dream Team huh? Well Josh if you mean like a super group that I would like to be a member of then I guess I would have to say: ill e. gal, Professor Fresh, Monoxide, Adrock from the Beastie Boys, and Judge D.

Brotha Biggumz: Now that’s a hell of a super group right there.

ill e. gal:  Yeah pretty much makes me cream my pants just thinking about it.

Brotha Biggumz: HAHA! Go get yourself a paper towel and calm down.

ill e. gal:  HAHA!

Brotha Biggumz: Well that looks to be about all the time we got? How can the fam and fans out there stay up to date on what’s going on with ILL E Gal?

ill e. gal:  word make sure you hit me up on the space send me a message and shit I try to respond to everyone so do it! Now!

ill e. gal:  Hopefully I’ll be seeing y’all at the Gathering again this year!

Brotha Biggumz: Once again thank you for your time to do this interview and we definitely look forward to hearing from you soon.

ill e. gal: Hell yeah thanks guys! I got mad love for Faygoluvers!

Brotha Biggumz: And Faygoluvers got nothing but love for ILL E GAL.

ill e. gal:  yay! Xo peace!

Interviewer: Brotha Biggumz

Interview Date:03/23/08



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