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Danny Diablo – 11/25/07

Faygoluvers: What was it like for you, and how long to find out what your niche in the “music world”?

Danny Diablo: I was always into music. It started at a young age when my mother used to sing to me and play guitar for me and my brother and sister. I really wanted to do music and be a front man for a group when i saw the movie “Krush Groove”. It was when I saw Run of Run DMC get on the stage and ask the crowd “Who’s house is this?” and then the crowd said “Run’s house!!!” in return. Then he said it his mutha fucken house and then through his mic stand. All I knew was that I wanted to be that!!! The mutha fucken man!!!

Faygoluvers: When making a name for yourself on the NY underground scene what made you want to choose the name “Lord Ezec”?

Danny Diablo: Lord Ezec was my tag name. Ezec is short for Ezekiel and the Lord came after for like a kinda royalty title on the streets… It is my graffitti name back in the days. On the streets everyone new who I was and what I represented.

Faygoluvers: Growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens, can you remember the moment you wanted to fuse Hardcore wit Hip-Hop?

Danny Diablo: I always loved hard music. It was when I heard hardcore music and loved the live shows is when I really got into music. I loved hip hop but the hardcore scene was much more real to me. Much more personal on every level. It was when I did Skarhead that I thought I can mix both of them to the best potential.

Faygoluvers: Around what time was it when you first met Ron (necro), and under what circumstances?

Danny Diablo: I met Necro years ago. We are both Jews and are from the streets of N.Y.C. He reps Brooklyn and I rep Queens. We been boys ever since the first day we shook hands. I got that niggas back no matter what!!!

Faygoluvers: What is it you would say is your driving force to keep on keepin’ on?

Danny Diablo: All the fans that write to me make me feel like I am doing a good job and wanted in this cold world. Sometimes I want to quit and have a normal life. I am a true underground artist and sometimes it can get rough financially so when a fan hits me up and tells me that my music is a positive force in there life then I have a smile… I also do my music 110% just to spite the fucken haters!!!

Faygoluvers: In the two worlds you seem to bring together like the cosmos colliding, who is your most influential group/person on the Hip-hop scene, and the Hardcore Metal scene?

Danny Diablo: I would say Kool G. Rap and the Cromags.

Faygoluvers: When the phone call came from Suburbannoize Records that they wanted to ink up a deal, where did your mind wander to? (Personally and career wise)

Danny Diablo: Well Jamey Jasta hooked the deal up for me. He and Kevin Zinger are boys. I have been working on my Epitaph record for a year now and needed something out for the time being. So I offered Suburban Noize to put out my e.p. “Hardcore 4 Life” which was recorded for LaSalle Records in 2005 for Travis Barker. So they took the e.p. plus 3 songs from my second street c.d and 3 new jams just recorded for Suburban Noize and put it on one c.d.. “Thugcore 4 Life”!!! I was a little new to the Suburban Noize scene so it is cool. It is a great label and the band s are mad cool. The fans are die hard. It is like the hardcore scene cause the fans stay real and up and personal with me. I have made a whole new fan base and they understand what I do!!! My job is to get my music out there and this was a good choice. Good for both of us.

Faygoluvers: When are we going to be able to expect anything from the Jewish Gangsters? (You, necro, and the Riviera regime)

Danny Diablo: When my man Necro has time. We did a song for the new Riviera Regime album and can’t wait to record again. Necro is mad busy and so am I. When we have time I guess. Hopefully next year there will be an album out!!!

Faygoluvers: What’s in store for the shows that you expect to do when you hit the road to start touring whenever that may be?

Danny Diablo: I can do both. For now I will be doing the track act thing. Just me, D.J. Spae and CeeKay. a.k.a the D.M.S. 3 piece. I will be touring Canada soon with Necro and my man Sick Jacken!!! So get ready for the states also in a few months. When the Eptiaph record drops then I will have the full band.

Faygoluvers: Aside from NY, where is it you would say you feel most comfortable or at home, that gets those creative juices flowing to get you to do what you do in the booth?

Danny Diablo: I reside on the Weat Coast now!!! Never thought I would ever live anywhere else then N.Y.C but I came out to California to do music. I go back east all the time so I have best of both worlds. I rep N.Y. and L.A. now. Both scenes are very similar in the hardcore world that I am from. Got a whole family out in L.A. now so it is great. I love the people out here cause they have pride in L.A. like I rep N.Y.D.M.S and Soul Assassins are family now. We are changing music forever!!!

Faygoluvers: On TC4L, on track 10, the DMS track, whos all apart of DMS? and when’s some new shit from y’all coming out double D?

Danny Diablo: D.M.S. stands for Dirty Money Syndicate. We have the best underground artists ever in all types of music. period!!! From tattooing to graffitti, to Hatebreed and Madball. And from MQUE ONE to LaCoka Nostra… We are changing music culture as we know it. The Shotblockers, Black N Blue Productions, Big Left and Hazen Street… We are changing music and starting to change culture as we know it. We bring the streets to the masses in our art. Danny Diablo will be changing music forever. I am gonna bring the streets to the stage so come down to a Danny Diablo show and have a a good time in the pit!!!

Music is for all of us to enjoy and also to let off aggression. You can do both at one of my shows and then go home to your misserable life!!! Ha Ha Ha The reason why people relate to my music and lyrics is because my life is just as wrecked as there’s!!! They understand what I am going through and how I feel. They are real mutha fucken people!!! God bless them.

Interviewer: Whipstick

Interview Date:11/25/07



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