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McNastee – 2002

Faygoluvers: where did the name McNastee come from?

McNastee: I got it in high school…someone called me a “filthy mcnasty,” i later learned it was from an episode of the fresh prince

McNastee: word

McNastee: will smith for life

Faygoluvers: if you became famous, what’s the first thing you would buy with your new found money?

McNastee: a decent car that’ll actually get me where i need to go

McNastee: what would you buy?

Faygoluvers: a blow up doll, ive never had one of them

McNastee: we bought my friend a blow up sheep for his birthday

McNastee: it’s like that here in Oklahoma

Faygoluvers: ha ha

Faygoluvers: how do you record? Do you go to a professional studio?

McNastee: not yet. I use a shure KSM32 run through a board into a hard disk recording system (a.k.a. personal computer). I will however being hitting up a couple different studios in the near future for the next LP.

Faygoluvers: speaking of your next release, what will the name of it is. And who do you have in line to be recording with you?

McNastee: I’ll have an EP ready for October called “Pieces of a Broken Man,” and after that I’m planning an LP for Early 2003. I’ve got my current rogue’s gallery of guests slated Wise Guy of the Practice, MK of Full Scale Riot, Sal and a few other local folks. I’ve talked to a couple notables in the underground, and a couple big suprises…I need to kind of keep them on the hush.

Faygoluvers: that’s phat, ill be sure to buy one

McNastee: you better, because if you don’t, my hermit crabs might starve

Faygoluvers: i will

Faygoluvers: what was the FIRST song you have done? Was it ever released on the Internet or CD?

McNastee: rap or otherwise?

Faygoluvers: both

McNastee: the first song I ever wrote was with the Doozers and it was called “Cache Girls” It was never released on the internet but did float around on tapes at local shows. It was on a tape with a cover of LL Cool J’s “Mama said knock you out.” The first rap song I ever recorded was called “Lower Class Life” and it was recorded over Xzibit’s “paparazzi” beat and had my friend Brandon’s girlfriend singing the hook. It was recorded on a tascam cassette 4 track…it has never been released on the Internet and two people have a copy of it…and if it ever leaks…i know who did it.

Faygoluvers: when you get big i bet them song will be a Must Have

McNastee: don’t be surprised if i don’t put the Doozers anthology out, just for shits and giggles. The studio album is actually very good and was slated to be released on an eastcoast punk label. But the demise of the band, meant the demise of the deal.

McNastee: as for the early rap stuff…it can stay buried.

Faygoluvers:we’ll see in time

Faygoluvers: recently you have been to the gathering of the juggalos. You have done the MC Contest and came in second. How was your experience there, and what is your thoughts in coming in 2nd?

McNastee: In all honesty, I was beginning to question my place in making music. If I didn’t come away with something there, I was ready to hang up my headphones. But God seems to have a funny way of telling you that you’re doing okay. When I had lost all hope, a string of freak occurrences put me on that stage and the rest is history. All three finalists were very good and seasoned performers. I’m happy for V-Sinizter, he’s been on this road for nine years, and I’ve only been in the rap game for a little over a year and a half. I would’ve been proud if any of the three of us would’ve taken it. Second place just means I’ll have to try harder next time, or maybe God was saying, “hey, it’s not your turn yet.” Ya know? Being up on that stage in the arena was everything I hoped it would be, to have people chant your name is the greatest feeling i have ever felt. The gathering was one of the greatest weekends, if not the greatest, I’ve ever had. I met a lot of cool people and got to reunite with others I hadn’t seen in a whole year.

Faygoluvers: i hear you gave a shout out to FLH

McNastee: it’s in the video on their site. I figured I had five minutes in the prelims to give my all. So, why not thank the people that support what you do, and FLH and Scottie D especially have been there since day one.

Faygoluvers: that’s the shit. Self-promotion, sorry. What did 2nd place give you as a prize?

McNastee: i get to record a song in Psychopathic Records’ Lotus Pod Studio. Rob just called me today to work out the details, I’ll be going into the studio the day after Hallowicked.

Faygoluvers: nice

Faygoluvers: lets move on to your present CDs. why was Delusions of Grandure put out of print?

Faygoluvers: i mean, why is it out of print

McNastee: it’s not reflective of the sound or quality of music that I’m currently producing. Simple as that.

McNastee: Which is why two tracks appear on Trisk…they were re-recorded because i felt they were strong songs.

Faygoluvers: nice, TV Rots Your Brain has to be one of my favorite songs

Faygoluvers: how’s it feel to know that a song you have done to appear on the new Mastamind CD?

McNastee: very cool…although, i don’t know the status of the CD yet

McNastee: it’s a comp presented by Mastamind to clear up any confusion

Faygoluvers: sorry about that, I’m not in tune with that.

Faygoluvers: it would of been even better if he did the track with you

McNastee: no doubt…the Mastamind track on the CD is called “Neighborhood Killers” and features Lavel

McNastee: it’s hot. Pick it up

Faygoluvers: after this interview ill be buying a shit load of Cd’s wont i?

McNastee: yes…be sure to get Wicked 4 Eva too from Fallen Entertainment. It features on exclusive song from me, you’ll get nowhere else, called “Contract Killer” and a song I did with an Austrian rapper named P-Emcee called Wantonness…I believe that’s an exclusive too. You can get that Double CD comp from

McNastee: The CD also features the MC contest winner V-Sinizter and the other finalist Rotten…kind of eerie. But yeah…if you want to hear V-Sin, he’s on there too…just to judge if he really could beat me

Faygoluvers: I’m gonna go flat broke because of you. Oh well. Ill buy what i can. How about your influences. What has to be your major influence in the Rap biz?

McNastee: The album that made me want to rap was Dr. Dre’s “the Chronic.” I’d listened to rap but everything seemed so partyish…you had cornball stuff like MC Hammer and Gerardo…C&C Music factory’s dancing buff rapper guy. That album was just so raw.

McNastee: I had Ice Cube’s “Predator” right around the same time. That album hit me hard too.

McNastee: Gerardo was not the guy from C & C…he was a third example…we all know who Gerardo is. “Rico suave”

Faygoluvers: that song influenced us all in some way

McNastee: it influenced me to vomit.

Faygoluvers: ha ha

Faygoluvers: I’m sure many juggalos, and non-juggalos feel your pain

McNastee: I think the world feels the pain that is Gerardo.

Faygoluvers: speaking of that guy, how would you feel if you became just a One Hit Wonder?

McNastee: Most artists go their whole career without a single hit. To have just one is an accomplishment, to maintain that string of hits is either brilliant label promotion and payola type deals or a damn miracle

Faygoluvers: who is on The Practice with you?

McNastee: Wise Guy

McNastee: my friend Eugene

Faygoluvers: when will a CD be released? if it has already been released, what is the name of it?

McNastee: The Practice – Inherit the Mob – 1st week of September

McNastee: Rydas Records

Faygoluvers: Rydas Records, Is your record label?

McNastee: Philip owns Rydas and it will come out and be promoted under their imprint, yes.

Faygoluvers: both The Practice and yourself on there?

McNastee: there will be 11 practice tracks 2 Wise Guy solo tracks and 2 new McNastee tracks. I think 4 songs are downloadable @, BUT those are just demo versions…the re-recorded stuff has the same quality of So Cold Inside

Faygoluvers: nice

Faygoluvers: who makes the beats to all your songs? Or do you collaborate with many different people and make them. In general, how do you get them?

McNastee: I used to do nothing but jack beats off the internet, but I’d always give credit to the producer…they are as much a part of the song process as the lyricist. Now I have a few different producers I work with. I dabble a little bit with beats myself but mostly I get beats from 14:9:3:11 and SyxxXnyne. I’m shopping out for beats too currently…which is why audio has slowed down. I want everything to be absolutely perfect. And perfection takes time and money.

Faygoluvers: so you can call yourself a perfectionist?

McNastee: very much so.

Faygoluvers: we can call you McPerfect

Faygoluvers: no pun intended

McNastee: ha

McNastee: the perfectionism comes from a need to make a good first impression.

Faygoluvers: very true

McNastee: If I don’t grab people right away, i run the risk of never being heard by them again.

Faygoluvers: that’s every up and coming artists fear

McNastee: so take that as the best advice I can ever give you…Don’t put anything out unless it’s the best you know you can do.

Faygoluvers: that is good advice

Faygoluvers: I’m pretty much out of questions. Would you like to comment on anything?

McNastee: I would like to comment on the whole “Dick Rider” comments people may make about any artist or group. I appreciate everything my fans do for me. It’s flattering that a person would take time out of their day to create a website, post a message about a new song, write a letter or email, or make a drawing or tweak a graphic for me. Those people aren’t riding dick, those people have found some kind of common ground with me through the music I make, and it let’s me know that I’m not alone. I feel like I owe the world to these people because otherwise I’d just be another face in the crowd. Hell, I’m a fan of music and I, to this day, do things for the artists I appreciate for free. So yeah…call my fans dick riders if you want, but everything they do, never goes unnoticed by me, I love them for it.

Faygoluvers: i would like to thank you for taking time out of you very busy schedule to do this interview with Faygoluvers Heaven.

McNastee: not a problem…Faygoluvers always comes first, you’ve been down since day one.

Faygoluvers: and Faygoluvers loves McNastee




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