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Marz – 2001

FLH: I listened to your CD, what gives you the drive to produce.

MARZ: What gives me the drive? I have no idea… you know what I’m saying? It’s just something I do. It’s just something that I’ve done from the time I was a little kid, you know what I mean. I just love music, and I would just do it. What gave me the drive to do it myself was that fact that everybody, you know, I worked with, it either didn’t click or they weren’t as dedicated you know what I mean? So I would end up doing it myself anyway. So I just at one point just said fuck well then I’m just going to do it myself.

FLH: What would you describe your music as, horrorcore, rock, what category do you think it falls under?

MARZ: I think it… I don’t think its horrorcore or rock. It’s uh…its almost like punk rap or it’s like industrial hip-hop or something. You know what I mean? But it’s definitely not just rap but it’s not industrial. It’s some weird ground, like punk rap.

FLH: We all know you are on the Bizaar Bizzar tour, so what does it feel like performing in front of hundreds of juggalos?

MARZ: It’s the bomb man, I love that crowd, you know? It’s funny because we take shit for granted. And I’ll give you an example you know playing in front of, playing every night everybody going crazy and shit, it was awesome. And then in between we did this show in Las Vegas, during that tour, we did a show opening up for Snoop Dogg. And uh, like that crowd, I love Snoop and all that, but that crowd was fucking just lame dog. They just stood there, you know what I’m saying, like looking proper and shit, ya know, wearing pretty clothes. So, It was the bomb man, every night I loved it, I love it when the audience goes crazy, when the crowd is gets into it. I hate it when they just fucking look at you, cuz they don’t want to break a sweat or something.

FLH: Oh by the way, this isn’t in the interview, but are you going to be on the Twiztid tour now?

MARZ: Well, we where supposed to do the Twiztid Tour, but the Bizzar Bizaar tour had gotten extended because we missed a couple of dates, so we had to add them to the end of the tour. So, the scheduling was all fucked up, and by the time we would’ve ended up on the Twiztid tour we would have only got to do a couple of dates with them, so we didn’t do it.

FLH: Awe damn, because I’m going the 30th and I thought you where going to be there.

MARZ: Yeah, I know it, it got totally fucked up. I mean, it’s all good and shit, but the scheduling didn’t work out.

FLH: Now, we were talking about touring before, do you have any plans to tour with any artists for Psychopathic other than the Dark Lotus tour?

MARZ: For right now that’s our plan, what we are going to do, is we are going to do the Gathering. Then we are going to do an instore tour, you know, all of us from Dark Lotus. And then we do the Dark Lotus tour. As far as right now that is all I got planned for the year. You know, besides writing. I’ve been writing new material

FLH: We all know Dark Lotus is supposed to be different from than every other Psychopathic CD. So what are the differences?

MARZ: Well, I think one of the main differences is the fact that we did real spells in a lot of the songs, you know what I’m saying. Like real shit, not just talking about it, like it’s the actually spells. So it’s weird. When you listen to this stuff you can feel that there is something going on. It’s hard to explain but when you hear it, it just feels like there is little rumblings happening in the under world.

FLH: You said earlier that at the Gathering you are going to be doing the Dark Lotus set, will Marz be performing individually at the Gathering?

MARZ: Yeah, yeah we are scheduled to play also as Marz.

FLH: How did it feel when Psychopathic asked you to be a part of the long awaited Dark Lotus.

MARZ: It felt great man, you know, and it just happened, you know what I mean? It wasn’t planned out, we just clicked. I had gone down to Detroit. We did a song called “Fuck Dem”. And uh… after we did it, after I had got done doing the vocals. J was like look man, you got to be on this Dark Lotus thing with us, and we just did it, you know what I mean. It felt great, because it was totally different than what I had ever done before, you know what I mean. The way we all collaborated together it was just a lot of energy and a lot of vibe in the room, so it was just the bomb.

FLH: We all know Psychopathic has a shit load of merchandise. What is your future plans with merchandise?

MARZ: Definitely going to get some merchandise on the go, we just took all new pictures. Because, you know, I don’t know if you saw us play before, but I had a band. I had put a band together to do the live show. We don’t have a band any more so, we are kind of working… it’s a constantly evolving thing, you know. I did… and reason why, is because I had done the record alone, I didn’t have a band. So to do it live I didn’t know how to translate it live. So, the first thing I tried to do was put together a band. I didn’t think that worked very well. So now we are kind of doing it more like a hip-hop show. I think it’s gonna. I’m going to keep experimenting until I land somewhere in the middle with something I am comfortable with.

FLH: Are you going to be featured in ICP’s new movie coming out entitled “Big Money Rustlas”?

MARZ: Yeah, we have talked about it so we’ll see. We definitely have talked about it. Hopefully… I mean, the main difficulty with everything is our scheduling, like I said about the Twiztid tour. ICP are my boys and I am down to do what ever with them. It’s always a question of scheduling, you know what I mean?

FLH: Are you going to ever do a CD on Psychopathic, or are you going to stay with E-Magine.

MARZ: Dog, the ramifications of the political shit with records contracts, are so twisted and fucked up, you know what I mean? I would love to, but unfortunately right now I am signed to another label, you know what I’m saying?

FLH: Yeah E-Magine right?

MARZ: Yeah, I mean I was signed to them before I met ICP. I am sure it wouldn’t have been that way if I had met ICP first. But it is, so what we are doing right now is, we are making ways like with the Dark Lotus. Joe and me have talked about doing the Bloody Brothers where I can kind of do both; you know what I mean. Do stuff on Psychopathic and still hold up my obligations on the records contract that I signed with E-Magine.

FLH: Here is my last question before I hand it over to Jeff. What do you think about Rydas.Com?

MARZ: I think Rydas.Com is the bomb, you know. I love it.

FLH: Hey I got a few questions real quick. I want to know what you thought about the Detroit show. The last show on the Bizaar Bizzar show.

MARZ: It was cool man, you know what I really thought was cool about that show? When I stage dived, that stage was so high, I fucked up a bunch of people.

FLH: You landed on Me.

MARZ: And I heard them go fuck you are crazy cuz I landed on their heads and shit.

FLH: Yeah you landed on me!

MARZ: Oh, for real?

FLH: I had like the biggest bump ever. I was on the front row. I was singing everything, cuz not too many people knew it, but my friends from Texas hooked me up with the CD. He bought it, and then I bought it off of him. So I knew pretty much everything. And I am sitting there, these kids from Kalamazoo where going what the fuck? It was pretty sweet.

MARZ: Cool man, cool that is funny as hell.

FLH: Hey have you ever been to Faygoluvers.com?

MARZ: No, I have not.

FLH: You got the check that out man, we are working on a tight section for you.

MARZ: Cool, cool I will. And man I appreciate that so much dog. Like. It’s weird when people do stuff like that. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude.

FLH: How far along did you and Violent J get with the Bloody Brothers, or did you start at all?

MARZ: We started, we got a bunch of tracks, and we started writing. And we where actually, when we were in Detroit, we were going to record one of the songs. The first song. The engineer had gotten food poisoning, so we didn’t get a chance to record it. And since we have been back we both have been doing mad shit. What we decided to do is we are going to take a couple weeks to take care of all our business, you know what I mean, and put it together.

FLH: Do you like Detroit?

MARZ: Yeah man, Detroit is cool as hell.

FLH: I know you have been working at the studios in Detroit, like the Lotus Pod. How is the Detroit music scene different from Chicago?

MARZ: How is, say that… You guys are kind of low so I can’t hear what you are saying.

FLH: We got a speakerphone because we are recording. How is the Detroit music scene different from Chicago?

MARZ: The music scene? I don’t know if I would be able to answer that, you know what I mean?. All I know about the Detroit’s music scene is that I went out a couple times with J, and then ya know, what I hear in the media. But I know about the Chicago’s music scene, which is, it’s got everything we got a little bit of everything. Every style of fucking music is here. There is not a lot of unity you, know what I mean? But, we have every style of music. It’s legendary, Detroit has just got this vibe that they just produce good shit.

FLH: What do you think of Juggalos?

MARZ: I love Juggalos. Are you kidding it’s been nothing but love on tour. It’s been fucking great bro.

FLH: There ain’t no fan base like that I think.

MARZ: Hell no there ain’t.

FLH: Well you already answered our next question so here we go with the next question. Who are your biggest influences?

MARZ: Musically?

FLH: Anyway

MARZ: I would say a lot of my biggest influences are a Kung Fu master. Like Grandmasters because I have been into Kung Fu and Martial Arts since I was little. Alister Crowly (SP?) is another…

FLH: So you would probably whoop my ass right?

MARZ: Aha, nah, not any more it would depend. Those whole things when I first learned how to fight show everybody that I knew how to fight. But, not any more, now I’m cool.

FLH: How do you feel about the legalization of weed?

MARZ: Dog, I could go off on this because… I can’t believe that people, now in this day and age can still tell us what we can do. Whether it’s weed or swearing… on records or what… it’s fucking ridiculous that we still fall for that bullshit. That they can say if it’s illegal. I mean for real, if we really sit down and think about how fucking ridiculous is it that some one else can legislate what we are allowed to do in that way to ourselves. But make something like alcohol and tobacco legal. Fucking ridiculous, it’s so hypocritical, how can you tell somebody what he or she should do? How can I tell you, you shouldn’t get high, you know what I mean? It’s just ridiculous, but we fall for it? You know what I mean? I think the thing is the majority of people are disorganized. If enough people go together and just went “no, fuck you it is legal because we are making it legal, because this is what we want to do”, then it would change. But right now no one has got it organized enough.

FLH: Before me and Jeff and Dominion let you go, do you have any final comments?

MARZ: Just mad love and respect to all the juggalos that came out and saw us, you know?

FLH: Thank you for taking your time to do this, once again.

MARZ: Thank you guys man.

Interviewer: Faygoluvers.net

Interview Date:05/26/05



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