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Jamie Madrox – 2000


Interview Transcript:

FLH: Hello?

Madrox: What up!

FLH: What up Man?

Madrox: Whats goin on?

FLH: Nothin Man How bout you?

Madrox: Ahh, Same ol’ Shit, different day.

FLH: That sucks. I’m FaYgoLuVeR.

Madrox: What’s That?

FLH: I’m FaYgoLuVeR

Madrox: Ahh, whats up dawg? I’m Jamie Madrox. Pleasure to meet ya muthafacko!

FLH: Fuck yeah man.

Madrox: Word Up.

FLH: Hey, I’m gonna let JugglaFaygo get to the interview

Madrox: Aight.

FLH: We got some music in the background and shit man. It’s fresh.

Madrox: Aight Word!

Madrox: So what are you guys gonna retype it or are you guys just gonna play it as an audio track?

FLH: We got the audio and then we’re gonna do a type-out.

Madrox: Ah Fresh as hell!

FLH: Fuck Yeah

FLH: First off, Whats new with you and how’s life treating you?

Madrox: Uhh…what’s new with me, lets see…workin on Black Majick, ummm, recording the REAL Dark Lotus album. And what’s life like? The HOTLINE, DAILY. That’s what it’s like. Puttin it down on the hotline. And for anybody that don’t know, that’s 313-438-2812: The Twiztid Serial Killin’ Hotline MuthaFacko!

FLH: I check that shit out everyday my friend.

Madrox: A lot of Juggalos do, you know what I’m sayin? That’s why we do it. That’s why we put forth the extra effort daily.

FLH: Hell Yeah.

Madrox: You know what I’m sayin’?

FLH: Knowin’ It.

Madrox: Juggalos too.

FLH: Fuck Yeah!

Madrox: Word.

FLH: So what did you like to do as a kid? Where did you grow up?

Madrox: I grew up on the East Side of Detroit on a street called Tacoma. As a kid, what did I like to do? I liked to, uhh, collect G.I. Joe figures, and Transformers, and dress up like Batman and run around the house annoyin’ my muthafuckin parents.

FLH: YEAH! Hell Yeah!

Madrox: So that’s what I did. But you know how that goes.

FLH: So what was your favorite cereal as a kid?

Madrox: Lucky Charms MuthaFacko!

FLH: Hell Yeah!

Madrox: Word Like, hey they got Lucky Charms, uhh…like little like gummy…you know how they do like for little kids, the little gummy characters or whatever?

FLH: Yeah.

Madrox: They got that shit for Lucky Charms. I just copped some today at the mufuckin Meiers…I’m bout to eat dem mufuckas tonight!

FLH: Aww for real? Hell yeah!

Madrox: I’ll let everybody know what they taste like and if they keepin it true for Lucky Charms.

FLH: Speakin of Lucky Charms man what’s your favorite Marshmallow shape?

Madrox: The 4-leaf clover motherfucker cuz that’s the closest thing to a pot leaf in the muthafuckin box!

FLH: (laughs) and it’s green right?

Madrox: Right!

FLH: Yeah!

Madrox: I always got love for the Greeny Green!

FLH: That’s Right!

Madrox: Right.

FLH: Ok…well we got about a million people emailin us this question…how the fuck do you get your hair like it is and how does it stay like that?

Madrox: Uhh…you have to mummify your hair with rubber bands and you just fuckin put it in real tight and yank it til your fuckin hair’s about to rip outta your head and just coat it all the way to the end with rubber bands until it stands up on its own.

FLH: Hell Yeah.

Madrox: And if it’s fallin, go back to the bottom and redo it with rubber bands and it will stand back up again.

FLH: Aight sweet. On Mostasteless: the Album, whose idea was it to remake and remix the ICP track from way back when: “First Day Out”?

Madrox: It was a collaboration of Violent J and Twiztid. We all sat down and were like ‘It would be an honor to remake an ICP classic’. And we started kickin around ideas of what we could do and “First Day Out” just clicked. You know what I’m sayin? Everybody got this big ass smile on their face you know what I’m sayin? And the next thing you know it was the shit.

FLH: That’s tight, it’s a great song.

Madrox: Hey thanks man. The Original is a great song and we hope we paid homage to the Wicked Clownz MuthaFucka!

FLH: You just made it like a thousand times fresher man.

Madrox: Thank you very much, I appreciate that.

FLH: Ok this is from a ninja, DeadBodyMan from Massachusettes, who asks During the instore tour when the Jeckel Brothers was released, you guys rode to the instore in like a cell made from plastic. What was it like in there seein all the Juggalos as you rolled by?

Madrox: It was kind of a mixture of, ummm, Aww fuck i’m tryin to find the word for it. BOREDOM was one of them…At that point in our, whatever you wanna call it, career or whatever, we weren’t very popular amongst the Juggalos. Like let’s say 2 out of every 4 people would actually know who we were, and the other 2 thought we were just like the Ape Boy…just another ninja in the showcase. You know what I mean?

FLH: Yeah.

Madrox: So the people who did know who we were like “Come on man, you gotta sign this, you gotta sign that.” And we were all fresh in restraints, in straight jackets, so we couldn’t sign shit so that was kind of a bummer on that aspect. But other than that, it was the shit though because we got to see everybody.

FLH: That IS tight. Ok this is from another ninja. DeadMulch (?) from Minnesota asks: You said that you’ve noticed a lot of sites that have been questioning Dark Lotus about the message that’s behind it. Some say it’s just magic, Some say it’s more than that, and some even say it’s about God. He would like to know what you feel about that, and what, if there is, is the message?

Madrox: Well, the only think i can tell you…I can’t speak for every member of the Lotus Pod…but I can speak for my own personal self and I would say my interpretation of what the Dark Lotus album…the message behind it is…hmmm. Don’t take for granted what you got…and that’s Family. Because regardless of how bad things can get in life, No matter how fucked up…

Madrox: The latter portion of the tracks are more or less a Release for Juggalos. You know what I’m sayin? You get just angry and pissed and you just pop on “Headache” and you’re just like FUCK YEAH I feel so much better!

FLH: Hell yeah that’s like one of the best songs on there. They’re all fresh!

Madrox: The album is like medication for the criminally insane. That’s what the fuck it is.

FLH: Yup, that’s right.

Madrox: That’s what I get out of it. That’s my outtake on the MuthaFacko!

FLH: Knowin it.

Madrox: Alright.

FLH: What was your favorite Psychopathic concert that you were a part of so far?

Madrox: That would have to be, ummmm, OH SHIT! It’s a toss-up. It’s definitely a toss-up between the last Hallowicked when we got to wear the Batman costumes onstage.

FLH: That was fresh!

Madrox: That without a doubt goes down in my history books.

FLH: Yeah, you guys came out with a smile ear-to-ear…that was the shit!

Madrox: Well it was because of the fact that we wanted to do it, but we didn’t know if people were gonna think it was stupid, but we were like Fuck That! We’re Juggalos too, it’s Halloween, and we’re dressin up in this mufucka just like every other Juggalo in the muthafuckin audience. Know what I’m sayin? So you know what I mean…that was flavor for me, I thought that was the shit. And also this year’s Gathering was off tha Heezy fo Sheezy! The bein a part of it and that was a landmark in Juggalo History with the first appearance of Dark Lotus…you know what I’m sayin? It’s like an even tie between the two of them.

FLH: That’s tight. Your Batman story at Twiztid.com is the shit, first off. And can we expect you to add any Mad Flava to the comic by adding any pictures?

Madrox: Umm…you’re referring to the comic book…

FLH: That you’re writing on Twiztid.com

Madrox: What I do is when I write a chapter, I do like a quick little sketch just as like some sort of a visual…and a lot of the time, the people that go to Twiztid.com…a lotta computers aren’t able to get, I believe it’s called FLASH…i’m not too hip on this computer shit.

FLH: Is there any more rare shit by like you and Monoxide from way back in the day that you can maybe compile another Cryptic Collection? Or is it pretty much all set?

Madrox: Well, I’ll speculate if I must and I’ll speculate and say that you can always expect a Cryptic Collection album. Know what I mean? Because in between the periods of releasing a national album and other flavor that we do, there’s always songs that don’t actually make the cut, different takes of songs, and different shit like that. And Juggalos like to hear that…know what I’m sayin? So we’re more than happy to bring it for them. You know what I mean?

FLH: That’s tight. OK at N.A.W. after Hallowicked 1996, when House of Krazees was chillin in a crowd as I.S.I. Allstars, did you ever think that one day you would be a part of Psychopathic Records?

Madrox: OK…uhhh…I’m confused because Woah wait, maybe you’re confused. OK lemme clear it up. I.S.I. was Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Monoxide Child, and Jamie Madrox. That was I.S.I. When we were in House of Krazees, and we were at the Hallowicked show and we performed, did we ever imagine that we were gonna be a part of Psychopathic Records? NO, but we felt like ummm…we felt very welcome in the atmosphere. If that makes any sense. And I’ll never take that for granted. Know what i’m sayin?

FLH: Yeah, gotcha. So whats up with you and the green hat? You mention it in “85 Bucks an Hour”, in Cryptic Collection 2, and Big Stank is wearin one in Big Money Hustlas.

Madrox: OK, the green hat was an inside joke between ICP and Twiztid. In the first pressing of Mostasteless era, we had got into a fight at the Waffle House in Greenfield, Indiana…I believe is the place that it went down. The whole fight started over me wearin’ a lime green hat. I was sittin there at the table with Shaggy and a couple of guys from the crew or whatever, and everybody was scattered out. They were like “OK, OK”. And before I knew it, the shit hit the fan and their jaws were flyin everywhere and it was all because of my green fuckin hat. So that’s how it went down and it was a personal joke of ours. We all spent the night at R5 which is a jail cell, a holding tank, and everybody cracked lots of jokes and shit about the green hat. “If it wasn’t for your fuckin green hat we wouldn’t be here right now!” and all that. It was pretty fresh. We got the “Greenfield Hospitality” from the police and we signed lots of autographs and they took our fingerprints and it was really fun.

FLH: Damn! Ummm…this is another one from a Juggalo. Jamirio from Faggot-ass Farmington Hills asks: If complete anarchy and chaos broke out due to a giant asteroid hurdling towards the earth, what would you do with your few days left before the asteroid blew this fuckin dirtball up?

Madrox: What would I do in my few days left? Ummm…I would probably do a lot of Fuckin’, I would probably try to get all the bustin’ of the nuts possible the last two days that I had to live, eat as much Lucky Charms as I could possibly eat, consume as much Peach Faygo and all the Faygo flavors that I could get my hands on before all the fuckin looters loot the stores, and probably crack open my G.I. Joe collection and play with them one last time for old time kid’s sake.

FLH: No Smokin’?

Madrox: Oh of course! Well Yeah!

FLH: There ya go!

Madrox: That’s a Understood ya know? That’s a given. I’m smokin’ when i’m fuckin’, I’m smokin’ when I’m drinkin’, I’m smokin’ when I’m eatin’ cereal, and I’m smokin when I’m with my boyz.

FLH: That’s what I’m sayin’

Madrox: Fuck Yeah! If a comet was hurdling toward the earth I think that a lot of the budhouses would be a little dry for a few days cuz they would probably be smokin’ tryin to calm their own damn nerves.

FLH: That’s right, That’s Right!

Madrox: It would be next to impossible to find a sack but luckily I sit on on ounce all the time.

FLH: (laughs) Yup!

Madrox: Fuck Yeah!

FLH: This isn’t a question for you, it’s for your homey Lil’ Shank. We are wondering if and when a solo album is gonna drop.

Madrox: Aight, well on behalf of Lil’ Shank I will say that there was an album that was started, but it only got about 4 to 5 tracks deep. Some of the tracks were altered and added additional lyrics by other Ryda members that came out on the Dumpin’ album. Like, umm….i’m tryin to think [sings] Where My niggas that’s puttin’ it down? That was supposed to be on Lil’ Shank’s solo album. There was a few songs you know what I mean? So some of them already got out to the ears of the Juggalos. Some if it didn’t, and you might even see something like that on a Cryptic Collection. That’s my speculation. You might see a Lil Shank solo, I don’t know.

FLH: That’d be the shit!

Madrox: But yeah, one way or another, all the unbefore heard type shit will get into the ears of the Juggalos if I have my hand in the way MuthaFacko.

FLH: OK That’s tight. Aight here we go. This is from another Juggalo. DarkCarnieJuggalo from Texas asks: Do you plan on dropping anymore horrorcore-type shit like you did back in the day like old school Mr. Bones?

Madrox: Uhhhh…OK uhhh…lemme speculate again…that for the horrorcore needs of the Juggalos, you can expect…this is MY Speculation…Now, you can expect the House of Krazees albums to be repressed by Psychopathic in the year to come. I wanna speculate and say like in the next 4 to 5 months.

FLH: Fuck Yeah!

Madrox: There won’t be any shit in the background while the music’s playin. None of that bullshit. I’m talkin about the real deal shit just like it was released back in the day but released the right way on the muthafuckin Hatchet!


Madrox: That’s Right!

FLH: Some faggot with an Eminem screen name wants to know if Blaze can have babies since he’s dead.

Madrox: Ummm…I don’t know but I’m sure that I can raise the question to Blaze if I can find him. Lemme see if he’s floatin’ around here and see what his take on that is.

FLH: Hell Yeah!

Madrox: Hold on I’m gonna see…BLAZE! BLAZE! A question from a Juggaho with an Eminem screen name wants to know if since you’re dead can you still have babies? I’m not touchin’ your nutsack with a 10 foot pole so i’m askin you the question directly. Tell the Juggalos. [Interview Chops Off, but he says he CAN in fact have babies, but they would be Dead Babies.]

Blaze: Are you talkin to Blaze Ya Dead Homie with Jamie Madrox MuthaFacko?!

FLH: Both of you man, you know what I’m sayin?

Blaze: Are we gonna come out with a Baby Cover MuthaFacko!?

FLH: It’s rumored that it was gonna come out how it was originally printed.

Blaze: I’m gonna give the phone back to Jamie Madrox and he’s gonna fuckin answer your question MuthaFacko!

FLH: Blaze, can you play Phat or Wack with us later man?

Blaze: Phat or Wack with you? Any Time MuthaFacko!

FLH: Yeah!

Blaze: Tight…aight here’s Madrox

Madrox: OK, the baby cover for Twiztid, is it ever gonna come out? Speculation is..uhh…I don’t know but I would say if it would, look for it at the next Gathering in Denver, Colorado muthafacko!

FLH: So it’s in Denver now right?

Madrox: That’s what I’m hearin.

FLH: OK, now we got some questions about the upcoming Twiztid album. First off…have you started production at all on Black Majick?

Madrox: Wait…say the question again.

FLH: Have you started any production of the Black Majick CD?

Madrox: No…actually all of the recording for Black Majick will start when ICP and Blaze go to Canada for a week or 2 weeks. We’re gonna start then. We’re gonna sit down with a clean slate and see what we come up with. And a lot of the shit has changed for that matter too because at first it was supposed to be a lot of old Hair Bands and shit like that and the more we talk about it, we’re talkin about doing original material.

FLH: That’s fresh man.

Madrox: Definitely fresh.

FLH: I cannot wait! OK Do you got any special guests on the album that you want to have?

Madrox: For Black Majick?

FLH: Yeah.

Madrox: Uhhh…the only special guests that it’s a possibility that you may hear would be Violent J or Blaze. Because they’re the only 2 that are really apt to get on the mic and scream and get their WOOF on! Gotta get their rock n’ roll on and Violent J does that very well. And we’ve collaborated on harmonic songs in the past and they sound awesome…so…I would say yeah.

FLH: That’s Fresh! OK one last question before Phat or Wack. Living or dead…is there any artist of any kind that you’d really like to do a song or an album or anything like that with?

Madrox: Say that again now…if we could do a song with anybody who would it be? More or less?

FLH: Yes…Dead or Alive.

Madrox: Oh Dead or Alive, OH SHIT! Aright…well oh Fuck that’s hard to say. There’s been talks…i don’t know how serious they would be…cuz Monoxide is a big fan of E-40. So we’ve been kickin around the idea of possibly gettin him to do a track with us for our new Twiztid album.

FLH: Fresh.

Madrox: I don’t know, you know what I mean? I think it would be the shit to work with a lot of the newer rock n’ roll fuckers that are out there. You know what I mean? Like the fuckers from Linkin Park.

FLH: Yeah

Madrox: They all sound the same, they all wear the fuckin hats backwards right?

FLH: Right!

Madrox: I don’t know, not to dis them or anything. Linkin Park would be the shit to work with cuz that one kid can rap. He’s pretty fresh. And that other kid Chester, he screams his fuckin head off so they’re pretty dope.

FLH: Yeah, yeah.

Madrox: I don’t know, I mean a lot of people don’t like to say the shit that they like because they think it’s not cool to like that or whatever…I don’t give a fuck. I’m like Fuck Whatever, If I don’t like it, I don’t like it.

FLH: Right. Me too I’m the same way.

Madrox: Right. So i don’t know, it’s kinda hard. I don’t know…as far as a dead person, aww Fuck I’d probably dig up Kurt Cobain, make him put on his dirty shitty pissy sweater and fuckin have him sing a song for me.

FLH: That’s right!

Madrox: Yup.

FLH: Aight, PHAT OR WACK: Memories and Melodies…the music store.

Madrox: It’s called Melodies and Memories right?

FLH: yeah.

Madrox: Uhh…ppppt WAAAAACK!

FLH: YEAH! Mike Tyson: Phat or Wack?

Madrox: Say it again.

FLH: Mike Tyson: the boxer.

Madrox: Mike Tyson: Phat or wack…ummmm, he bit some guy’s ear off in the ring so i’m gonna have to say ppppt WAAAAACK! I think that’s wack. He’s not a fuckin boxer. If that’s the case then fuckin duct tape his wrists and his ankles and let him lay in a ring and let them fuckin maul each other from the neck.

FLH: That’s right!

Madrox: That’s a fuckin match! Then he would be the champion of that. But he sucks.

FLH: Yeah!

Madrox: OK.

FLH: Candy Apple Faygo: Phat or Wack?

Madrox: ppppt WAAAAACK!

FLH: What???

Madrox: It’s Wack, it’s wack strictly for the fact that muthafuckin Insane Clown Cherry Soda did not win because of old fuckin faggy Grandma Apple Faygo. That sucks ass. And the label looks like it’s drawn with a fuckin crayon and the ICP fuckin Faygo packaging, as well as taste was far superior to any fuckin flavor you’ve ever seen.

FLH: Yeah it was. Alright. Killing people: Phat or Wack?

Madrox: Killing people, Phat or Wack?…uhhhh…(coughs) I’m chokin’ to death first of all and I’m thinking…I’m pondering.

FLH: Alright man.

Madrox: (coughs) I’m gonna say Wack.

FLH: Alright.

Madrox: OK and the reason I’m gonna say Wack is because of one thing. If my Juggalos went out and killed somebody, then my Juggalos are gonna be fuckin put in jail.

FLH: That’s Right.

Madrox: And my Juggalos are gonna spend a HELL eternally in Jail for doing something stupid. Now Beatin’ the SHIT outta somebody I’m gonna say is PHAAAAAAT!

FLH: Hell yeah! Knowin’ this!

Madrox: Leave the killing to the professional muthafuckin Twiztid Serial Killers MuthaFacko!

FLH: That’s Right!

Madrox: That’s what I’m gonna say.

FLH: That’s right. Michael Jackson’s return to music: Phat or Wack?

Madrox: OH SHIT, Michael Jackson’s return to music: Phat or Wack? Blaze, you say first, then I’ll say.

BLAZE: You know what? I’m gonna say ppppt…

Madrox: I think Blaze said Wack. I think it’s Phat only for the flavor ninja aspects. One: He’s a walking corpse…ok? It looks like his face is made of Silly Putty and that alone is fresh! B: The fact that he’s still got love for music and no matter how gay or how stale he is, he refuses to stop making music. Even if people don’t buy it…Michael Jackson’s got his own Disney Park where he molests kids all day long!

FLH: (laughs) YEAH! OK now we got a game of like Pick One. Aight?

Madrox: Aight.

FLH: Michael Myers or Jason?

Madrox: Michael Myers or Jason, I’m gonna have to go with Michael Myers, he is the fuckin shit!

FLH: Alright! Adam West or Michael Keaton?

Madrox: …Adam West or Michael Keaton…Adam West hands down. Michael Keaton is Mr. Mom and he sucks.

FLH: Right, Right

Madrox: Word!

FLH: The Simpsons or SouthPark?

Madrox: The Simpsons or SouthPark…ummm…That’s a tough one. South Park obviously because they swear or even they bleep it out to simulate swearing which is the shit because it leaves it to the imagination of what he said.

FLH: Ok.

Madrox: PHAT!

FLH: Whore Houses or Haunted Houses?

Madrox: Haunted Houses….because you can still fuck in a Haunted House, but in a Whore House, you can’t see a ghost!

FLH: (laughs)

Madrox: Fuck Yeah!

FLH: Destro (?) or Crimson Guard from G.I. Joe?

Madrox: Destro or Crimson Guard…uhhh I’m gonna have to go with the Crimson Guard because they’re a team just like me and Monoxide. When you hit one the other one feels its pain. It’s that fuckin brotherly love Muthafacko!

FLH: What about Star Trek or Star Wars?

Madrox: Star Wars. Star Trek is the shit only because Captain Kirk fucks everything that has a pussy.

FLH: (laughs) Cosmic Pimpin Man!

Madrox: I dig fuckin ninjas named Chewbacca! [Makes Chewie noise] That’s right, that’s what I think. Fresh ass leather jeans ass…

FLH: OK Last question for the FaYgoLuViN’ Juggalos who wanna know: What is your favorite fuckin flavor of FaYgo? Of ALL Time?

Madrox: What is my favorite flavor of FaYgo of all time?

FLH: and Blaze’s.

Madrox: Alright well we’ll have Blaze’s first, I’ll let Blaze say first. What’s your favorite flavor of FaYgo of all time?

Blaze: Alright now, I’ve been through a couple different ones but you know what I’m gonna fuckin go with Rock N’ Rye!

FLH: Yeah! Classic!

Blaze: That is my favorite FaYgo flavor. I have been known to choose RedPop sometimes but I like Rock N’ Rye.

FLH: Hell Yeah!

Blaze: It’s the Shit!

FLH: Knowin’ It!

Blaze: Alright, here’s fuckin Madrox.

FLH: What’s your favorite flavor?

Madrox: I would say it’s a toss-up because, and this solidifies that I was a Juggalo even back in the days when I was 5 and 6 years old, because my fuckin Grandma used to make me fuckin FaYgo floats with like 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with Rock N’ Rye and/or Creme Soda.

FLH: Awww Yeah!

Madrox: Back to the old school on motherfuckers…that was my shit. And my present day favorite is Peach because I like Peaches!

FLH: Yeah that’s right!

Madrox: Cuz they smell like girls and I like…and I like that shit!

FLH: You like that shit…for real.

Madrox: And if you pour some Rum or some Vodka in some Peach FaYgo that’s a real good drink! I’m lookin at it. That’s my favorite, MuthaFackos!

FLH: Hell yeah! Well thanks for takin’ some time off from your busy schedule to chill with us and do an interview

Madrox: Word Up!

FLH: Before we let you go, would you like to spit out any props…any shout outs?

Madrox: Yes, I would. Are you recording?

FLH: Yes.

Madrox: OK I would like to say thank you to FLH.com…


Madrox: …for takin the time to do a muthafuckin interview with me for all Juggalos. And we all got busy schedules so word up to that!

FLH: Yeah.

Madrox: I’d like to say What’s Up to Psychopathic Records…my homies Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Monoxide, muthafuckin Blaze Ya Dead Homie. You know what I’m sayin? Everybody up at Psychopathic Records, the Dark Lotus family, and each and every muthafuckin Juggalo worldwide, dead or alive, that runs with the Hatchet on the daily, I ain’t got nothin but love for you.

FLH: Got nothin but love!

Madrox: Yup!

FLH: Ok, well we’re gonna let you go.

Madrox: Alright.

FLH: Much Clown Luv man!

Madrox: Hey same to you man, Peace!

Computer Outtake

Madrox: You gotta get Cable Modem DUUUUUDE!

FLH: We’ve got a Cable Modem and it’s a piece of shit!

Madrox: I know and it’s fuckin shitty cuz that’s how they are, that’s just technology, it fuckin sucks. It costs a illion dollars to get a fuckin computer and then the motherfucker freezes on you and crashes every 2 minutes.

FLH: Yup. You got that right man.

Madrox: Yeah Blaze has got an old broken Commodore 64 that he keeps callin a laptop…

FLH: (Laughs) yeah he’s got a Macintosh Green Screen.

Madrox: Yeah, it works cuz he can play Frogger on it!

FLH: (laughs)

Interviewer: Faygoluver



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