April 24, 2017
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Full Texas Frightmare Weekend Schedule Revealed!

For those of you Dallas/Fort Worth Juggalos who are into the horror scene, the 12th Annual Texas Frightmare Weekend is on its way back to Dallas!  It’s goin’ down on May 5, 6, 7, features a TON of your favorite horror movie actors and directors, free screenings of upcoming horror movies, seminars, and more!

Some of the guests this year include the cast of Bates Motel, the cast of Rob Zombie’s “31”, Danny Lloyd from “The Shining, Malcolm McDowell from “A Clockwork Orange” and “Halloween”, Wilford Brimley, STING, Ric Flair, and a TON more!  See the entire guest list here: http://www.texasfrightmareweekend.com/guests/

The complete schedule of events has been finalized as well!  We’re talking everything from horror panels, live podcasts, “Scaryoke”, a VIP party, movie screenings, and lots more!  See those details here: http://www.texasfrightmareweekend.com/schedule/

Some of your homies from both Faygoluvers and True Juggalo Family will be on the scene covering everything, so be on the lookout for us!



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