March 3, 2024
9 Guests and Online


Blaze Ya Dead Homie – 1 Less G Deluxe G Edition

Blaze – Colton Grundy Yellow Jersey

Twiztid: Toxic Terror

Polaroid 22 (Cracked Tiles)

This is the font used all around Zug Izland’s Cracked Tiles booklet and CD.

Music Hall (Shangri La)

This is the font used all around ICP’s The Wraith: Shangri-la booklet and CD. Very classic and well designed fonts.

Crackhouse Medium (Slam TV)

This font is used for the Juggalo Championshit Wrestling (JCW) SLAM TV shows. Episodes of Slam TV can be viewed at

Psychopathic Dingbats Vol. 1

This font is similar to the dingbat font, but contains variations of logos, Hatchet Men, and other goodies in into the font.

Psychopathic Dingbats Vol. 2

This is an update of Psychopathic Dingbats Vol #1, it’s updated with more logos and cleaner images. Similar to the dingbat font as well.

Dark Crystal (Mirror Mirror)

This is the font used on all the covers and cd booklets for Twiztid’s “Mirror Mirror” album.

Batmos (Mans Myth/Mutant)

This is the font used for the Twiztid logo on their Man’s Myth and Mutant albums.

Faygoluvers (Old Faygoluvers Logo)

This is the font created to match the old logo created by DLZ. The resemblance is pretty close.

Erotokritos (Eye Of The Storm)

This font was used on the cover of the Insane Clown Posse EP, “Eye of the Storm”.

Cocaine Sans (End Of Days)

This font was used on Twiztid’s “End Of Days” tour flyer.

Morpheus (Dark Lotus & Morton’s List)

This is the font used on the Dark Lotus album “Tales from the Lotus Pod” and various items from the game “Morton’s List”.

Dogma (Blood In Blood Out)

This font was used on the album cover of AMB’s “Blood In Blood Out” LP.