September 22, 2023
12 Guests and Online

Fresh Tracks

North Side Ninjaz – “Skin Rip” [Produced by Necrowpharaoh]

Produced by Necrowpharaoh

Bass Head Music – “Push Back”

Tex The Unfamous – “Still Got the Skillz” (w/ Hazmat)

Kottonmouth Kings – “Sacrifice” (featuring Tech N9ne)

T.O.N.E-z – “T.O.N.E-ZILLA”

Download the entire T.O.N.E-ZILLA mixtape for FREE by clicking Right Here!

Obliviously Deranged Duo – “A Wonderful Day”

Prescription RX – “She’s Hooked”

The Neighborhood Crazies – “Cut Too Deep” (featuring MARS)

Americaz Mozt Haunted – “Fightin’ Wordz”

Infinite Stylez – “Sociopath”

DJ Paul & Insane Clown Posse – “Go And Kill”

Sozay & the Kottonmouth Kings – “Stoners New Year”

Potluck – “Stoners In Humboldt”

You can stream the track right here at Faygoluvers, but you can download it Right Here!

Irv Da Phenom and Potluck – “Marijuana”

Dirty Grim featuring Mista Creepz and Obnoxiouz – “MaxPAYNE”