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Madecipha (Round 2)

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Welcome back once again to the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight, where we take an in depth look at some of the underground’s finest and most underrated. This time we’ve got a special edition, not just because it’s the holiday season, but because Connecticut’s own Madecipha is back to join us again. There’s been a lot going on in his world lately, from new album’s television, conventions, specimens and so much more. This man just continues to grow as an artist in any direction he feels passionate about.

While we will definitely get into all of the above and more, it’s important to note that their has been a bit of controversy in the Spider Bite Records world. There has been a lot shake ups and relationships put in the grave.

Johnny O: It’s been a while since we had a chance to sit down and check out the latest in the world of Madecipha and Spider Bite Records. We have a lo to cover and we will get to it all, but before we get in to some recent events let’s go back a ways.

You were a part of a group called UFO, how did that project come about and how was the over all experience? You even played the Gathering, how was the experience there? I did hear you gusy ran in to some difficulties.

Madecipha: It was cool. It was an idea homie was tossing around for a while and when the time was right became a focus of ours.Later she joined us while we were recording and had some songs done. The GOTJ went well other than times got pushed back and all of that stuff, mainly because the dudes running it were not really paying attention and other rappers ran amuck with long drawn out songs. Overall the experience was ok I guess. I thought the behind the scenes shit that happened was kinda wack but I am pleased with our performance that you can see on youtube by searching Unlimited Future Objectives gathering

JO: Now since this group is officially over, I think we should address the elephant looming in the room. You recently had a falling out with someone and before we get into details, I was wondering how long you had known this person before things fell about?

Madecipha: About 15 years. We battled each other at a Twiztid concert crowd way back when and during my early 2004-2005 Modifi Sci days he was cool to me and Luminol and thus beginning a working relationship and friendship. There are a few times we stopped talking, but it never had reached the levels it is currently at.

JO: Before things went south, what was your relationship with this person and their affiliates like?

Madecipha: Ya dude has helped me in many ways and I will always be appreciative of that. I go out of my way for people as well, even recently giving him stage props I spent several hundred dollars on.She was cool for the most part. They fueded at times  as well. It was a weird love/ hate relationship between the 3 of us and our producer but he was the first one to make it public and take shots and go on a mission if you will to try to get people to not like me.

JO: So, let’s get to the situation at hand and get it out of the way. In your eyes, from your perspective, can you break it down for us what happened to cause this fallout?

Madecipha: I have all sorts of evidence and this and that and I can sit here and try to vindacate myself and do this back and forth nonsense but I have been thinking about it and I really just dont care. Im gonna take the high road and just walk away from it. I have made tremendous amounts of progress as an artist and a human being and as much as i thought the diss was uncalled for and a little hurtful Im not like all obsessed about it. I technically didnt even hear the song, i just know what he says in it.My focus was on making Macabre Mentality the best it could possibilly be without any outside distractions or interference and I think I did a damn good job of doing that. I know he has made several attempts to keep this thing going by making videos about me and stuff like that. I usually find out about them afterwards. But there was no disses about him or anyone in his crew on this record and I have moved on and will continue to get my tracks out there. For the most part this was just a local beef and most people really aren’t that concerned with it. Myself included

JO: Throughout this whole thing, you’ve managed to stay composed and calm, but how do you feel the other half of this situation handled themselves?  

Madecipha: I think it was a bad look on his end. very unprofessional to just keep going on and on about me and trying to rally up people to hate me when I am keeping no tabs on him whatsoever. I swear on my life itself I am not interested in this whole situation. Without Goliath David would have never become king, he would have stayed a shepherd boy. Judas was a key player in Christianity becoming the religion that it is. Sometimes we are tested and people betray us and try to defeat us and there are several things we can do. Yes,deep down I have evidence for days and screen shots from people that would make me come out smelling like roses in this situation. It would appease my human nature. But When in powerful situation such as I am now it is the people who get the upper hand and show mercy on those who have wronged them that please God.That is more important to me on my spiritual journey than returning fire to please my ego. This dude was my friend for 15 years. He has done some pretty nice things for me that I will always appreciate. He has also done some shitty things to people in the past and I have never once made them public or really talked about them at all. I never would. I’m more or less the type of dude to knock on your door and sit down and talk to you about it rather than being and internet tuff guy. I walk the walk and lately with everything I have been speaking on I want to at least show that I do back up what I say and I am a stand up guy with plenty of character and blessings coming my way. If you got a laugh out of the song then cool. I earned a lot of respect of many fans by the way I handled it and people even brought it to my attention that the basis of  “Crying Ponds” was to make me look like a little cry baby when in fact that’s not the case.Quite vice versa. We just didn’t agree on things at times but I’m not the one stalking his facebook page.

JO: After everything, do you have any regrets for the time you spent working together?

Madecipha: No. Everything happens for a reason. I think at the time he was obviously really mad over a misunderstanding and he acted out of emotions. I already forgive him. In my new cd I thanked him and wished him and her nothing but love.I was even happy for him when he got the ICP show and publically wished him well on the show and can prove that. No envy in my heart at all. I try not to act out of emotion and do things like that for this reason. It could have been talked out. It’s like he really has some under lying hate towards me to bring my father into it especially having a daughter who lives out of state that he doesn’t get to see on a daily basis like that. That was kinda the low blow. I’m sure at the time he was fixated on “destroying” me but truth be told I’m the hardest working dude in my scene, I have the most to show for everything, I have books, condoms, and am by far the most interesting dude with a pilot episode of “Ghost Rapper”. I am humbled by all this and very grateful and I am not trying to come off as antagonizing to other artists or being cocky, I am just simply stating I am very blessed in my own way and doing things that no one else is doing or thought of and I am rapidly progressing because of my hard work.He just doesn’t have the power to end my career with a diss song that back fired and made him look like an asshole.One of the last conversations we had together at my studio is about how Stevie Nicks did a song with Tom Petty for Tom’s new album but Jimmy Iovine stepped in and convinced Tom to put it on Stevie’s record and later on it really hurt Tom and he went on to admit he regretted it. Dude will eventually regret it.Mark my words.

JO: Okay, let’s move on to something more positive. You just recently dropped your newest studio album, “Macabre Mentality,” how do you feel it stacks up compared to your previous work?

Madecipha: I only have one collaboration on this album where usually I have a bunch.The vibe is kinda eerie. Id say mid way through Arapnophobia and into All Bets are Off I started calming down the overall crudeness and mixing in like eerie beats with crazy biblical references yet still keeping it on some hood, New Haven Shit. My boy Mustafa Tuck who I’ve been rapping with since 2002 came up to me at my cd release party 2 weeks ago and gave me props and told me that I have created a new style that no one has and am doing things that haven’t been done before. So with that being said this is album number 18 and I am thankful that I was able to figure out a way to do something much different than my previous releases and I think I did a good job on keeping it new and fresh. I like how it turned out

JO: You also just released a video for the track, “Secrets of the Seraphim,” how did the shoot go and how do you think the video turned out?

Madecipha: Usually my videos are done by this dude Shane McLellan. This was filmed by Connor Misset who is actually the cameraman for Intrigue Tv, The company that produced my “Ghost Rapper” Pilot.

My studio is in this old factory that used to make these toys called erector sets in the 50’s. I have the who basement and way on the other end this artist stored these creepy looking trees with all these bloody roots and everything right there. We weren’t totally sure what we were gonna do for the video and it kinda just worked out like that. I see it has been getting some love and again I don’t wanna sound redundant but I am very thankful for everyone showing love to this project.

JO: I noticed that you also work closely with Migs Production a lot, how did that relationship come together and how has it been working together?

Madecipha: We began working  in 2011 through my old homie 5:am. He did one track on my earlier albums. He is great. He has a unique sound. We have an entire album together where he remixed a bunch of my older songs and even have a fresh ep called Cold Blooded. He lives in Canada so we haven’t met yet but I expect him to do great things as a hip hop producer and you will most likely see him making beats for me and the top tier guys without a doubt.

JO: How has the reception for the album been so far? (Review Coming Soon)

Madecipha: Ya I don’t really surround myself with yes men like some artist. I think people dig how I keep managing ways to change it up. I’m not over here trying to tell you that this album is similar to my first album from 2009 and that was a popular album and this will be just like that one.Im not even thinking about my old albums. I think a lot of people get stuck in that box and I try to be always evolving as an artist. when you release as much music as I have after a while you gotta dig deep and really put your thinking boots on about how your gonna go about this. I think I constantly am changing for the better as a person and I still keep that horror and hardcore vibe regardless but as my mental state elevates throughout this journey im on you can see the changes that happen in my beat selection and overall writing. Like  listen to “To whom it may concern”, it was from 2011. It’s suicide themed and I was in a dark place mentally at that point. I couldn’t make an album like that again if I tried. So ya, it’s cool to look at my timeline and see how it all came together. I think people really dig that too. Fans admire my ability to adapt.

JO: I know that you just recently held an album release show, how did everything go?

Madecipha: I got borderline pneumonia or something.I was real sick during my performance. I went to the hospital the next day. I think its cus I went out flyering every night even when it was kinda rainy or very cold . I’m in New Haven,CT and it’s freezing here. But ya I think I planted a lot of seeds with the the flyers and I put the work in for sure. I earned a lot of promoters respect who saw me out there grinding. and the more I do this the more attention will come to me and my camp. It was a shitty time to do a show. No one around here really leaves their house and goes to shows in the cold, let alone on a Thursday. But we still had a decent crowd. It was a new venue and we did better than they wanted which is a good thing. I’m gonna try to plan ahead of a summer birthday show. There are a few videos from the show on youtube you can check out. For being sick with chest pains and not really being able to breathe I think I did a great job. I practiced for 5-6 hours in my studio for a month straight. They were all new songs. 1st show in 2 years.

JO: Now is there anything that you are currently working on at this moment?

Madecipha: I just started writing yesterday. I plan on making an ep with this dude intrikit. Chuck. We met at a few shows and I dig his production style and although it has the choppy mpc vibe that Anthro and Live Evil used earlier in my career his sound is much different than theirs and I think with him signed on I can continue my streak of keeping it fresh. No conventions at the moment but that can change any day.

JO: Since you are much more than just a rapper we have a few more artistic aspects to cover. First, can you tell us about your work with animal specimens and how this came into your life?

Madecipha: I am a well known heavy hitter in the oddities world and I’m know to pop up in spots selling preserved snakes and lizards. Anything like that. I have probably 800 preserved specimens including one of the best collections of turtles on the planet. I have morphs, ones with 2 heads, all sorts of shit. It has become quite the side hustle for me and I do really well and am really respected in the field.This happened when I met scientist Brandon Ballangee and he taught me how to inject dead reptiles with formalin and from there on it snowballed. that was 2006. I since have made a ton of connections and obtains tons of rare animals that died naturally from breeders and I preserve them myself and sell them. you can see some on my website. there is a link.

JO: You’ve also worked on an award winning show, “Ghost Rapper,” can you tell us more about this and what may be to come for the future of the show?

Madecipha: It turned out to be a 50 minute pilot although we filmed and filmed and filmed. When we won the Telly Award it was cool cus the day before I was feeling really discouraged and listening to a sermon by Joel Osteen ( I am a fan, if you don’t like him that’s your opinion but don’t disrespect me) about how you will come out and shine  and how you are a diamond in a mountain of pebbles and soon things will happen. All this positive talk that he is known for really helps me when I’m feeling like it’s game over. The next day when I was in the locker room at Jiu Jitsu Connor the film guy called me and told me I won an award. It wasn’t until I went and got it that I realized how important it was.

JO: If that wasn’t enough, you are also a published author (you can read my book review here), is there any chance of seeing another book come at some point?

Madecipha: Absolutely. I am working on it slowly.

JO: Now with all of this combined, you also spend time selling your work at different conventions. I have to how this goes and what it’s like to have these different Spider Bite Records merch amonst various other aspects of your artistry?

Madecipha: People dig it. I made it work. I was the first dude to sample ghosts. First rapper really ghost hunting and writing books. Only dude who makes a living off of weird and macabre items. plus my raps are unique and different than your average “chop chop” style horrorcore rappers. I’m kind of in a league of my own but I am a humble dude so I really work hard on being a nice guy and helping others and making sure I never get an ego like some of the stars I grew up following.I want to lead by example and show that rappers can be professional and pursue multiple goals and endeavors. I get dudes like Jay- Z have been there done that, but I’m talking to the average Joe in the grind right now.

JO: Before we absolutely call the end of this interview, is there anything that we didn’t get to cover that you’d really like to get out?

Madecipha: Ya. but again I’m gonna take the high road.

JO: Now that we’ve reached an end once again, how about you send us out on that high not with a few shout outs

Madecipha: Just thanks to everyone who is checking out my tracks and not being influenced by hear say and negativity, I respect people who think for themselves and don’t flock together with a bunch of sheep, those are the kind of of fans i want anyways. thanks to everyone who has been continuously supporting me and thanks Johnny O. for taking the time to interview me and talking UFC with me in your down time. Bones Jones next up!. much love


Well, if you’ve ever read any of my interviews, you know this is my least favorite part. I always hate when we have to bring things to an end, but don’t worry I’ve got plenty more lined up for you. So for now, I really want to thank, a man I’m glad to call my friend, Madecipha for taking the time out for this interview. I know we covered a lot and I really appreciate him speaking on such sensitive subjects and of course filling us in on all of the many projects he’s constantly got in the works. As always, if you’ve liked what you heard, saw or read here, be sure to keep an eye on the latest coming soon from Madecipha and Spider Bite Records.

If you’re an artist of any kind and would like to be featured right here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight, you can e-mail directly at [email protected]. Just make sure to use the subject Underground Spotlight or something along those lines. So, until next time…


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