August 21, 2017
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Upcoming Releases

¡MAYDAY! – “Search Party”

Been feeling like you’re Stuck On An Island? Well, have no fear because the Search Party has arrived! Bringing their unique brand of music from

MARS – “Glockcoma”

The new MARS album GLOCKCOMA will be released on July 28th on all digital outlets, and you can pick it up on the Glockcoma Tour

Chop Shop – “God Bless the New World Order Vol. 1: Gassed Up”

It seems America is no longer in control of it’s own county.  The New World Order has positioned it’s Illuminati Media Manipulation across the television

HooNoz – “Lost Verses 5: Level Of Maturity”

Harvey Finch Enterprise (HFE) recording artist, HooNoz (who knows), has hit up FaygoLuvers to drop his track list, cover art and release date for his

Joey Outsider – “Day Dreams & Nightmares”

Album commercial: Purchase for $7.99 here: Joey goes to Hell After Party See you Bleed No Sympathy Main Attraction Cujoe ft. Cloud9 BSOMN Dismember

Jay Villain – “Stand Up or Be Forgotten”

Pick up one of Three different pre-order packages here: Track List: Mass On Em Riding (ft. Razakel) Bust (ft. Bennu) Play With Fire (ft.

Madchild – The Darkest Hour

Here is the tracklist: 1 Write It Down 2 Imaginary Tears 3 Body Bag (feat. Domo Genesis & Oh No) 4 Broken Record 5 Green

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