March 25, 2017
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Upcoming Releases

Skitzo – “Black Wolf”

Pre-order for $10.00 + S&H at  Black Wolf Apology (ft. D Killa) Respect (ft. Razakel) Finally Home (ft. Bake Lo) Drummer Boy (ft. Bukshot) That Life

Liquid Assassin & Geno Cultshit – “4/5/1994”

Tracklist: 1. Change 2. Rest My Case 3. Turmoil 4. Run Away 5. Masked Up 6. Flip The Script 7. Torn 8. Keep Moving 9.

Boondox – “The Murder”

Boondox makes his Majik Ninja debut with his long anticipated album THE MURDER!! Boondox brings his authentic and diverse sound harder and more wicked than

Michigan Militia (Saint Sinna & Menacide) – “First Blood”

Menacide and Saint Sinna joins forces to form Michigan Militia. This highly anticipated album was thought to be lost forever but has since been recovered

Bankrupt – “Vapor Trails”

Pre-order this album today for $11.00: Joyride Smoke and Fly ft Jellyroll and David Ray Picture This Fog Lights My Mind Won’t Work ft Twisted

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