July 20, 2024
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Officials: No ‘Insane Clown’ trouble at Allegany County Fair.

Hey Homies, If you live in Allegany County, Maryland or the surrounding areas and planned on attending the Allegany County Fair we have some news

Facebook Game “Pot Farm” has gone Juggalo!!

What’s Up Ninjas, Over on Facebook there is a game called “Pot Farm” which seems to have gone Juggalo! Basically there are some quest you

The “That’s Too Far” Podcast!

Some Juggalos named Jamie Brown and Jim Gray have started a show that’s hosted through Soundcloud called the “That’s Too Far” podcast!  They are some OG Juggalos, and have

New and Restocked Faygoluvers T-shirts!

After our last pressing of the new “bottle logo” t-shirts, we quickly sold out of the most popular sizes!  You ninjas loved them, so we

Psychopathic Indians and killer clowns

Hey Homies, Creative Loafing approached SPIN‘s Brandon Soderberg and INDY Week‘s Eric Tullis for a little insight on the subgenre of Horrorcore. In this interview

Sneak Peek of KMK’s NEW STONETOWN GEAR! [FLH Exclusive!]

Are you ninjas ready for some EXCLUSIVE flavor from your homies at Faygoluvers?  Well you’re in luck, because we’ve got it!  The homies from WelcomeToStonetown.com are proud to

Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalos and Phish Fans Explored in New Book.

Hey Homies , awhile back we informed you about a book coming out that explores Juggalos and Phish Fans. Well today the book was released

Fam Nation Chatline has Upcoming Interviews with Kung Fu Vampire and Knothead

Hey homies, Fam Nation Chatline have upcoming interviews with Kung Fu Vampire and Knothead! Its happening during their birthday weekend from June 7th at 7pm

Chad Lesko Fights False Facebook Rape Accusations.

On Facebook there has been a picture of Chad Lesko being shared accusing him of being a rapist. According to the post he is wanted

Juggalos of OkCupid Are Here to Win Over Your Heart (Or Your Soul)

Over at College Humor they recently posted some pictures of juggalos from OKcupid. There pretty much just poking fun at the pictures juggalos posted in

A Gathering of the Juggalos Documentary / Insane Clown Posse Documentary

Hey Homies, Frotcast have started a kickstarter project in order to fund A Gathering of the Juggalos Documentary! The Funding period is from Apr 19,

King of the Indy’s (Indy wrestling tournament) featuring JCW’s 2 Tuff Tony

What’s Up ninjas? Voc Nation is conducting an online independent wrestling tournament, it features the juggalo homie and JCW Heavyweight Champion 2 Tuff Tony! It’s already

Juggalo In New GTA5 Video Game

As a lot of gamers may know, the new Grand Theft Auto V is coming out on September 17, 2013.  Well the homie 5X from Cleveland

Faygoluvers T-shirts (regular and girly) now available!

We gave you a little sneak preview of them on the Faygoluvers Facebook, but now we’ve got a makeshift webstore put together where you can order

Questions for “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall needed for upcoming interview!

We got word from a ninja named Rob that he will be interviewing Scott Hall aka “Razor Ramon” for his site: We Care, Bad Guy!  So he’s looking