October 3, 2023
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“25 Years of Twiztid” ‘The Green Book’ Bundles Announced w/ Limited Gold Cassette Tape and Rarities Bonus Disc!

To close out Majik Ninja Entertainment’s “25 Years of Twiztid”. “The Green Book” LP will now also be getting its own special merch bundle too that includes a limited Golden Cassette Tape, a bonus disc of rarities from the Greenbook era, a limited vinyl and more! Grab your own ‘The Green Book” “25 Years of  Twiztid” bundles via the official MNE Merch Store here: https://mnestore.com/

From Majik Ninja Entertainment:


The Final 25 Years of Twiztid Release is “The Green Book” and Pre-Order Bundles Are Available Now!
Make sure to pick up your CD complete with FULL original packaging style, embossed gold o-card and acetate cover removing their face paint and revealing their faces! In addition to the packaging, all CDs include an autographed insert hand-numbered out of 1000 as well as a bonus disc containing rarities from The Green Book Era!!
Every vinyl comes complete with an autographed 12×12″ insert hand-numbered out of 500!
This time around, in addition to the bundles we included with the previous 25 Years of Twiztid releases, we also included Fat Kidz and Nikateen embroidered jersey style hoodie bundles PLUS an ULTRA RARE full color .925 sterling silver charm bundle LIMITED TO 20 IN EXISTENCE!!!




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