June 26, 2022
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Michigan Underground Emcee Swing Dee Diablo Releases New LP ‘King of Skulls”!

For those who follow the wicked underground hip-hop scene very closely, you may be familiar with the Michigan microphone fiend Swing Dee Diablo! If not, now’s a damn good time to get familiar, mothafackos! Because his brand new LP ‘King of Skulls’ is already splitting wigs across the underworld of hip-hop like a chainsaw wielding serial killer ready to pounce on their next victim during a hiking trip. Here are authentic links to support ‘King of Skulls’ hard copies and digital: https://ffm.to/4emx59d?fbclid=IwAR0MIgBBBpHJNf4AZQLjPJv35PQ0gpS_J8wZcWSLm2dJW2deRkUio2Ayv8w https://thebrimstonelab.com/store




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