November 28, 2022
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Freshness Friday Music Flavor Featuring Ouija Macc, Combichrist, Jarren Benton, Scum, Intrinzik, DJ Muggs, & More!!

What up fellow music supporters?! A whole lot of fresh music has dropped today and we here at just wanted to spread more music all across the underground! So here we go!

The current kings of modern industrial metal music are known worldwide as Combichrist! And their new single “Not My Enemy” may leave head bangers battered and bruised but feeling more alive than ever!  Nuff said!

Horror hip-hop shock rockers Oh! The Horror  have decided to embrace their softer side by bringing forth experimental  pop-punk rock sounds inside their new track “Dead Inside” proves this band has mad talent! Shout out to Twiztid for signing them to Majik Ninja Entertainment’s “Welcome to the Underground”!

Baby E and Ouija Macc have dropped one hell of an emotional  atomic bomb of a record on top of the underground! We’re talking about their damn catchy experimental hip-hop record (that still meshes with that wicket shit we adore!) “We Never Forgot”. Congrats to both Baby E and Ouija Macc for debuting at number 11 inside Apple Music’s top 15 music charts with  “We Never Forgot”! Click on the album image above to support! 

Get some raw hip-hop you can relate to in your life! We’re talking about Jaren Benton’s new cold banger “Dear God” featuring Locksmith & Oba Rowland. Hot damn is it fresh! Peep it below!

Famz and the HooliganZ are always dropping mad music heat! Their latest record is the double album “The 2 & The 6” and it contains 26 bangers!

From FamZ and the HooliganZ Across Social Media:

album site promo.jpg

“The 26 song double album is finally out everywhere, so now its your turn!
Go find it, bump it 26 times and share it until you crack your phone screen!” Support at these links here:
Xtra Overdoze (New York) and Detroit producer Foul Mouth team up again for the chopper flow track “The Plague” and its pure hip-hop fire! With that being said, you can watch the official Nobe Inf Gang lyric video for “The Plague” below!

No photo description available.

Intrinzik’s “Welcome to the Underground” debut record “Lasers And Poison” flawlessly meshes heavy metal and punk rock over political awareness rhyme schemes that are bound to have numerous circle pits emerge inside your own home due the musical intensity that’s deep within “Lasers & Poison”.  The INT and Twiztid collabo is on point too! Click on the album art above to support! 

Scum - Dying World Chronicles: Grey Skiez | RAPPERSE.COM

As promised! The gore father legend that is Scum has unleashed the first album inside his “Dying World Chroniclez” trilogy “Grey Skiez”! And holy shit! This must be Scum’s most intense record to date! Of course you’ll have to bump it on blast yourself to decide that But wow, instant gore-hop chills up my spine! Click on the album art above to support!

 DJ MUGGS & ROME STREETZ new LP DEATH & THE MAGICIAN will take listeners inside a DeLorean time warp back to the early days of the 1990’s hip-hop sounds with its well crafted production that’s blended with that classic NYC lyricalness we crave! Only 300 copies of the vinyl for “DEATH & THE MAGICIAN” will be pressed at this authentic Soul Assassins link here:


Craving some raw Juggalo flavor? Then peep this brand new track by Shade “Handed Down Hatchet Gear”?! It’s bumping!




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