December 9, 2022
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Morton’s List Crowdfund Quest to Sumeria Announced

Mortons List

Morton’s List is at it again. It did not seem all that long ago, we were bringing you the details for Quest to the Lost City of Atlantis. Fast forward four and a half years and here we are bringing you the announcement of the launch of Morton’s List A Trip to Someplace Fresh contest winner’s choice of his desired quest. Matt Foy, the winner randomly picked as the contest winner made his choice to make his dream trip to the ancient Sumerian ruins of southern Iraq.

Here in the coming days the crowdfunding campaign to get Matt on his way to complete his quest will go live on Indiegogo. This will not only be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Matt, but it will also be a chance for you to be a part of Mortons List and Dark Carnival game history. To give you a little bit of history of Morton’s List adventures Check it out below:

Crowdfund Quest to Sumeria Iraq backstory

During the December 2012 Morton’s List trip to Guatemala, Karmageddon, on the dawn of the change of the Maya calendar to b’ak’tun, atop a pyramid at Tikal, our Inner Circle rolled the Quest “Find Atlantis.” In 2026, after years of preparation, education, and research we organized KarmAtlantis, Morton’s List trip to Bimini in The Bahamas to SCUBA dive the Atlantis Road. There we rolled 20′ underwater on the Road itself and received the Quest “Wish Fulfilled.”


 Our Inner Circle immediately began working toward fulfilling our own individual greatest wishes in life, beginning immediately with chartering a boat to throw messages in bottles into the gulf stream waters. Upon our return to the US, our Quest evolved into Morton’s List At Trip to Someplace Fresh contest, where entrants submitted the one place on earth they most wished to visit and why. We pledged the support of our Inner Circle to the randomly determined winner, and a crowdfund so the entire Global Inner Circle can come together to join in sending the winner to their dream destination.

Entries ranged from Tennessee for wilderness survival training, to Saarbrucken, Germany to play Morton’s List with a stem cell donor. Two people chose Ireland (one for the castles / the other for the booze), two fantasized of Japan (Godzillas vs. Hello Kitty stores), and the list goes on. The roll to determine the winner was witnessed at the Dark Carnival Games Pavillion at the 2019 Gathering of the Juggalos, and that random winner is Matt Foy of Muncie Indiana. His dream destination was one simple word written on the entry form in gold ink . . . Sumer. We were like, “As in ancient Sumeria?” Yep. We’re pretty great with geography but had to look up exactly which countries those ruins are in. Turns out it’s entirely within southern Iraq. So Iraq it is! It should be noted that of all the entries this is by far the most difficult, expensive, and logistically challenging – moreseo than even the Tibet and Easter Island entries. But with Morton’s List we obey the roll and get the Quest done!


 Our main goal is to raise the $9,000 needed to fly Matt to Iraq for a 7-10 day all-expense paid group tour of a lifetime. If we hit our stretch goals we’ll first upgrade to a private tour focused on Sumerian sites, then send a second, or even third person for free.


 Once the trip is complete, to give back to the Global Inner Circle of Morton’s List enthusiasts and crowdfund supporters by publishing the new book, Rolling Around the World: Atlantis, Sumeria, and Morton’s List. This crowdfund Perk will include the names and quotes of all backers at the $60 level and higher. At the $113 level and up it’ll be signed, at $180+ backers’ get their picture in the book, even an entire page dedicated to their flavor and tactics at $360, the highest tier. The exclusive crowdfund book edition will also include quotations from all the backers in the Dedications pages. Other Perks include the limited edition 2 1/2″ metal and enamel Chaos Crow medallion, postcards sent from Matt while in Iraq, and more. This way everyone can take part in making the trip possible and being part of the published history of Morton’s List.

 And this is just the beginning! Many adventures await as we prepare Matt for this moonshot of a Quest. It’s an adventure of a lifetime that we’re excited and honored to share with the Global Inner Circle.

Be sure to check out the crowdfunded campaign to get Matt to Sumeria 


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