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Well, look at that Fam we are back again once again with another quick turn around here on the Underground Spotlight! Yeah, it seems like it’s becoming a habit or something. Anyway, I’m Johnny O. and I am here once again with a brand new interview for all of the Faygoluvers family and beyond. On this edition, we get a chance to talk with the newly formed duo Tha Roka and Sin Rip; RazoR.

The Suicide Lab productions artists have done the solo thing well, but as a team is where they truly shine. We’ll discuss their latest album (Which you can click here to read the review of), their work with the LSP crew, what it’s been like to work as a duo and so much more.

So, let’s get to it… and don’t forget to check out the review for “All Hail the RazoR.” Amazing debut album.

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Johnny O: Before we talk about RazoR itself, can each of you introduce yourselves the the Faygoluvers family?

RazoR: Sup yall it’s Tha Roka and Sin Rip of RazoR

Johnny OSo, what was it that brought both of you together to form the duo known as RazoR?

Tha Roka: We met through live shows we were both performing live in the chicago underground scene, at the time we were in seperate rap group’s but always respected and admired each others style and skills and ended up doing a ton of shows together and became brothers over the years. This one time we did a collab together called wicked ones and once we did that song the bond became stronger we was so surprised how well we sounded together. Then a few years past by, Sin Rip had a falling out with his current rap group, dropped out, called me afterwards and said he wanted to join the Suicide Lab family so of course I was excited and jumped at the chance and shortly after that we decided to make the group now known today as RazoR

Johnny O: How has the collaboration been, as opposed to working as a solo artist?

RazoR: The solo albums are fun but it has nothing on the collaboration it has been really great we are so diffrent in style and flow and we love it because we bring the best and craziest out of eachother which ends up spilling over the beats in such a wicked and original style that sometimes we even surprise ourselfs how great the songs turn out in the end so its hella fun for us to collaborate.

Tha Roka

Johnny O: Do you see RazoR continuing permanently or is this more of a side project?

RazoR: We see this as a permanent thing, this is what our people like the most from us they love RazoR and so do we and with that being said its RazoR till we die.

Johnny O: Just recently the debut album, “All Hail the RazoR,” was released  how has the reaction been for the album?

RazoR: The reaction has been great, we have some of the greatest fans alive. They love the album, so its amazing to hear the good reviews and people letting us know what there favorite songs were off the album. We cant wait till more people find out about us and the album reaches the 4 corners of the map so we can all share the love for our madness together.

Johnny O: You’ve been fortunate enough to work some big underground artists, such as the Lyrikal Snuff Productionz crew. How has it been to have the support of a label that’s so well known in our scene?

RazoR: LSP is in our opinion one of the greatest labels around today. It is an honor to work with them and all their talent. It’s an inspiration to us all and we have been blessed to have them on our side as family along this journey.. #lspmidwest

Johnny O: I’ve personally never been to the Chicago area, what’s the music scene like out there? Do you find it a difficult place for artists like yourselves?

RazoR: You gotta come visit its an amazing city, unfortunately with our dark horrorcore style of music its hard to find shows and people who support that kind of music out here. So, for us its a bit harder to find a show that fits us. We have had the pleasure of working and knowing some great promoters such as UG promotions, windy city music & smoke em records. It’s because of them that the music scene is very much alive in’s just not pointed toward our style of music so we are a little more picky with our choice of shows nowadays and choose ones that will benefit RazoR best.

Johnny O: I know the album just released, but is there anything else currently in the works for either of you?

RazoR: We are looking to shoot our first music video off the album “All Hail the RazoR” (once again, check out the review here) soon, I hope before the years out. Plus, we have officially begun production on the next RazoR album so we are going to take our time and get this one ready for maybe a release in 2017 or early 2018. We will also be doing a Suicide Lab collab EP coming soon as well so its going to be a busy year for us.

Johnny O: Speaking of the new album, where are fans able to snag a copy?

RazoR: They are able to buy a hard copy of the album at and for all our digital psycho’s out there the album is now up for digital downloads at all major sites as well such as: cdbaby, iTunes, Spotify etc.. etc..


Johnny O: Can you tell us how you feel the material on the new RazoR album compares to your respective previous solo works?

RazoR: In our opinion it is its own monster. The solo projects were great but mainly based off one persons perspective of art. When you take 2 psycho’s with 2 crazy approaches and ideas and toss them into a blender of horror based production the result is bloody and beautiful and shows how lovely the dark can be in all its goriness.

Johnny O: So, how’s the atmosphere within the Suicide Lab Productions camp? It certainly (especially based on this release) seems like a label to keep an eye on, how has the experience for the both of you been?

RazoR: We love it. We have total control of all our music and that’s how it should be. When you have that control and freedom to do whatever you like on your album the result is usualy a great one and our fellow label mates are 100% supportive and got our backs so we are happy to be here.

Johnny O: Where can the fan find out more about RazoR, Suicide Lab Productions and the rest of the crew?

RazoR: The fans can visit us at:



and dont forget to visit to check out all the latest news on the suicide lab and its artists.

Johnny O: If things to go down this path, where do you see RazoR at in the next five years or so?

RazoR: We see RazoR as a major player in the underground scene, we are laying the foundation for bigger and better things to come so stay tuned.

Johnny O: Who really influenced you over the years?

RazoR: We have a ton influences from Scum, Insane Poetry, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Wu Tang Clan, Brotha Lynch, King Gordy, Jedi Mind Tricks, Twisted, Slick Rick, NWA, etc. and the list goes on and on. If it wasnt for them we wouldn’t be making music today.


Johnny O: Besides influences, who were your biggest inspirations? The ones that kept you going strong and determined?

RazoR: Our families and friends keep us fighting and pushing us forward. Because of them we are closer to our goal then ever before..and for that we thank you all.

Johnny O: And who would we currently find you listening to?

RazoR: We are currently listening to LSP, Strange Music, Majik Ninja Ent.

Johnny O: You’ve already had some great colloborations with Smallz One, Dieabolik, Scum and many others, but if you could reach out to any artist who would you love to work with?

RazoR: Brotha Lynch Hung, King Gordy & Doomsday production.

Johnny O: So, this is my least favorite part… we’ve reached the end of another Underground Spotlight interview. How about you guys close us out on a positive note with some shout outs?

RazoR: We wanna give a huge shout out to the LSP family, UG family, WCM family, SLP family, Smoke em records family and of course the Faygoluvers family…& special thank you for all the support : Starr, Frank jack, Monster, Amanda and every artist, homie and supporter who has been there for us we appreciate you all. We know this is the end of the interview but its just the begining of our journey and RazoR has just begun the madness and is here to stay..till next we meet homies.
#allhailtheRazoR #lspmidwest


And there you have it, another great interview in the books. I want to thank everyone in the Suicide Lab Productions crew for everything. A special thank you to RazoR themselves, Tha Roka and Sin Rip. Damn, what a beast of a debut album. I’ll plug it again, go read the review for “All Hail the RazoR.” If you liked what you heard, read or saw here be sure to support the SLP crew and head on over the their store. No matter what, make sure to keep an eye on RazoR, Tha Roka, Sin Rip and everyone over at Suicide Lab Productions.

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.



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