September 28, 2023
8 Guests and Online And SicFux Ent. Host Toy, Food, Clothing, Book, and Coat Drive at Free SCUM and Insane Poetry Show

Juggalos! Juggalettes! SicFux and do gooders a like. It’s your boy BeZerk, and I have a cool little project for you all to get in on if you can. I’d hope the title pretty much explained it all, but if you are still not clear on what I meant, well here we go…


If you haven’t heard, the SicFux will be hosting a free show with the homies in LSP on Sunday, December 8th, 2013.  The show will be at the venue Big V’s (click it to get venue info) in Saint Paul, MN. Obviously, if you’re not from MN, you can’t really get involved. You can still find your own ways to give back though.

So, if you’re going to be in the area, why don’t you come and check the free show and bring a little something to give back this year. I’m talking about new and used toys, nonperishable food items, new and used clothes, new and used coats, and books that are new or in still good condition. All donations will be given to local charities as a gift from, The SicFux, and the fans who helped make it happen. I will be at the show personally picking up all the donations and then dropping them off. Hopefully my van will fit it all. Hopefully you all won’t be CheapFux and not bring shit either. Let’s try to break an axle on my van lol.


About the show: The show is main evented by SCUM and Insane Poetry with openers like Killa Capone, Man I Axe, Krazy Legs, Mr. Westside, and more. Once again, I can’t stress enough that the event is totally free. The merch isn’t, but hey the ticket is. So come down, enjoy some tunes, and give back for the holiday season. You never know. Maybe you’re good will will be paid back with good karma, and you might have a little more holiday joy in your life. Or be a grinch and live in your own self pity. It’s up to you.

Anyways, I would really like to thank anyone who really does donate. It is very generous of you, and I’m sure the people who receive them will be more then grateful for your good will. I won’t even know who the donations end up going to, but let’s hope they get to some people in need. The holidays can be an extremely tough time on some people, and sometimes some people just need a little help every now and then. Plus, what did Prozak say about the energy we leave behind? (“Positive or negative energy is the only thing we leave behind.“) Maybe if there was more positive energy being put out, there wouldn’t be so much negativity in the world. Just a thought.



Well, that about sums it up. I don’t know anything else to really tell ya’ll. Just please try to help out with this. It’d mean a lot to me to be able to help out like this this year. Stay tuned tomorrow as I announce some news regarding the BeZerk’s BURRR!!! It’s Cold Out Child’s Carhartt Giveaway. Until next time juggalos…. enjoy.


>>“There ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.” I miss and love you Logi. Can’t wait to see you again. <3




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