January 29, 2022
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New HatchetGear to debut at Hatchet Attacks!

Attention all New Mexico Juggalos, and those of you ninjas and ninjettes planning on making the trek to Farmington for Hatchet Attacks: there has been a big announcement made at InsaneClownPosse.com regarding the plethora of new merch that will be available there!  You read that right…make sure your money’s right when you go to the show, because there will be so much new shit to get your hands on that you’re not gonna know what to do!  Here’s the post:


We have brand new bombs to drop about the highly anticipated HATCHET ATTACKS coming to McGee Park in Farmington, NM on MAY 26th!

You know the drill of what’s goin’ down. It’s going to be the entire Psychopathic roster hittin’ the stage in one fuckin’ night! We’re talking the Insane Clown Posse! Twiztid! Blaze Ya Dead Homie! ABK! Boondox! Mike E. Clark! DJ Clay! Cold 187 AKA Big Hutch! AND there will be wrestling from the JCW Superstars! PLUS MUCH MORE!

But here’s what we just heard. There is going to be a MEGA SHIT TON of new merch debutin’ at Hatchet Attacks! Shit you ain’t never seen before for ALL THE ARTISTS! EVERY LAST ONE! You will be able to scoop this brand new merch even before you can get it on hatchetgear.com! We’re bringin’ luv to the West Coast with EXCLUSIVE freshness!

To get in on this shit plus MUCH MORE, just grab your tickets now from ticketforce.com! Considerin’ all the flavor we’re packin’ into one day, we aren’t surprised that tickets are absolutely flyin’! Don’t delay! Grab yours now!

HATCHET ATTACKS! May 26th at McGee Park in Farmington, NM! BE THERE!




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