February 23, 2017
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The Kevin Gill Show Episode 116 Featuring Shelly Martinez

Our homie KG Kevin Gill has released the latest episode of his long running podcast, The Kevin Gill Show. Episode 116 features the second part

Gorilla Voltage interviewed on Australia’s “The Underground” podcast!

Our homies from The Underground Podcast, which as you probably already know is hosted by Ned & Fitz out of Australia, just released their latest podcast featuring

Noisey: Are Bees Juggalos? Science Says Yes (“Whoop Whoop”)!

It all started when researchers from Nottingham Trent University in the UK discovered a long-term trends in the honeybee ‘whooping signal.’ Basically the discovered that bees literally go “Whoop!

Kung Fu Vampire Added To Canadian Juggalo Day Line Up; Releases New Music Video

It was just announced via HipHopDx that Kung Fu Vampire has been added to the upcoming Juggalo Weekend in Canada. Kung Fu Vampire will be performing

My Brother’s Keeper Address Psychopathic Records Rumors on The Faygoluvers Podcast

It’s episode lucky #13 of The Faygoluvers Podcast, homies! On this episode, we talk with MBK, My Brother’s Keeper. These ninjas have been touring and

Politicize Interviewed On Detroit Unplugged Radio

We got hit up by Politicize letting us know that he was recently interviewed on Detroit Unplugged Radio. I personally have not had the chance

New THIS WEEKEND ONLY Shirts From Twiztid Shop Released

Twiztid Shop has released another batch of THIS WEEKEND ONLY shirts.  Here are the links: Monoxide Chainsmoker Weekend Only LONG SLEEVE Monoxide Chainsmoker Weekend Only

Traders Crypt Juggalo Weekend Sale & Free Mixtape!

Ninja’s be rollin’ out all the deals on Juggalo Weekend! Right now over at TradersCrypt.com they’ve got a deal where you get 17% cash back

Get A “Come On Let’s Get High/Bagz” 7in Vinyl With VIP Package to Twiztid’s 42O Show

Twiztid has revealed what the “Come On Let’s Get High/Bagz” 7in Vinyl looks like on Twitter. The only way to purchase a copy of this

The Kevin Gill Show Episode 115 Featuring Dave Miranda (Part 2)

Our homie KG Kevin Gill has released the latest episode of his long running podcast, The Kevin Gill Show. Episode 115 features the second part

J -Webb Discusses the Juggalo March with theguardian.com

Amber Jamieson recently published the article After the Women’s March: six mass US demonstrations to join this spring on theguardian.com. One of the demonstrations Amber discusses

The Mack Cast interviews Indy Wrestler Teddy Goodz

Our homies from The Mack Cast hit us up about their latest episode in which they interview an indy wrestler named Teddy Goodz!  They speak to him

Twiztid Participating in a Reddit AMA Tomorrow

Everyone’s favorite demented duo, Twiztid will be participating in a Reddit AMA tomorrow, February 10th. Mono and Madrox will be answering your questions live starting

Questions needed for UnderRated (formerly of Potluck) Exclusive Faygoluvers Interview

Our interviewer Chad Carsten is seeking questions for his upcoming interview with former Potluck member, UnderRated. To submit a question, just simply post the question

Monoxide Addresses Recent Drama With Statement on Facebook

Earlier tonight, Monoxide posted a lengthy statement on Twiztid‘s official Facebook page. Instead of posting a highlight of what he wrote, I have posted the

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