May 23, 2017
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The R.O.C. Discusses “Digital Voodoo,” MNE and Hidden Messages in Songs on The Faygoluvers Podcast

Welcome to episode #19 of The Faygoluvers Podcast. On this episode we have our homie The R.O.C. of Majik Ninja Entertainment! The R.O.C. and I

City council proposing to limit Lost Lakes Amphitheater concerts

A rather unsurprising piece of news has surfaced out of Oklahoma.  Lacey Lett from KFOR is reporting that Councilman John Pettis has purposed some major

Tech N9ne speaks to ChildsPlayNinja about MNE/Psychopathic/Strange Music

Today we’ve received some emails from a few of our readers concerning a couple of new YouTube video blogs that were posted by ChildsPlayNinja.  In

The Kevin Gill Show Episode 124: WrestleCon SuperShow and 125 featuring Rocky Romero

Our homie KG Kevin Gill has released the latest episodes of his long running podcast, The Kevin Gill Show. Episode 124 is the WrestleCon SuperShow.

Ill E. Gal/Razakel Beef & Body Bag Syndikate on Replicon Radio LIVE Tonight

Those ninjas over at Replicon Radio are gonna be on their grind tonight with another episode for that ass. Last week, those ninjas spoke with

Kissing Candice Announce Some Shows in June

Kissing Candice has announced a mini tour that will be happening in the beginning of June. Kissing Candice will be joined by Call It Home

“Famous Monsters” are coming to Dallas, TX!

Ninjas, when you think of Famous Monsters a lot of names come to mind. It could be anything like The Creature from The Black Lagoon,

Adlib discusses “Primitive Tomorrow,” Rebel Hippies, Prefered Smoking Methods and Inspirations on The Faygoluvers Podcast

It’s time for another episode of MY favorite podcast, The Faygoluvers Podcast. It’s episode #18 and we have that ninja Adlib on the show! Adlib

Faygoluvers Exclusive Interview with Sadistik

According to XXL Magazine, Sadistik‘s been called “The Cigarette Burn Rap King.” It makes sense because Sadistik is not just another rapper, he’s an artist

Mars to make a Cameo Appearance on “Love Kills” Tonight!

That ninja Mars will be making a cameo appearance on the second episode of the TV show “Love Kills” airing on the Investigation Discovery channel. As I’m

Details Announced For FHR’s Pre-Gathering Kick Off Party

FlopHouse Records has announced a Pre-Gathering Kick Off Party. This party will feature a stacked lineup of performers include Lo Key, Alla Xul Elu (A.X.E.),

Nova Rockafeller’s Boyfriend, Tom MacDonald, Addresses recent Controversy with Violent J

I’m not sure if many of you Juggalos were aware (I know I wasn’t) that there has been some controversial shit making it’s way around

The Kevin Gill Show Episode 123 Featuring Luster The Legend from Reno Scum

Our homie KG Kevin Gill has released the latest episode of his long running podcast, The Kevin Gill Show. Episode 123 features KG interviewing Luster

Juggalette Sues The Insane Clown Posse but Still Remains Down

A Juggalette recently got the bone at an ICP stop in Dallas. Apparently she was standing off to the side of the crowd to avoid

Kung Fu Vampire discusses Tech N9ne, Juggalos, MNE, “Come Dawn,” Record Labels and more on The Faygoluvers Podcast

It’s episode #17 of The Faygoluvers Podcast and we have our homie Kung Fu Vampire on the show! What a perfect way to celebrate the

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